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a drive and a hole in the wall bar

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We were going for a drive in the country, it was a beautiful day and nothing else to do.Going through this little town my wife noticed a little dive bar and said "lets stop and have a drink". So we did.Walking in there was nobody there but the bartender. A younger guy maybe 23 clean cut looking blonde, he welcomed us in and asked what he could get us. i order us a couple beers as we pulled up a couple bar stools.We made small talk with him and found out his name was bill and he was filling in today for his brother who owned the bar.We then decided to try playing some pool so i said i had to go to the bathroom and then i'd rack them.Kate my wife sat at the bar and continued talking to bill while i did.After the balls were racked i called for kate and she said she had to run to the bathroom first and she'd be right there.She came out and grabbed a pool stick and headed to the end of the table to break. She had on a short little jean skirt and a tank top with her open toed heeled sandals that i love. She looked very hot i mite add.As she bent over the table to break i noticed bills eyes get big with a surpised look on his face. I thoght he must have like the look of kates ass from the view because the table faced him. Kate made the break and made a couple balls . When she came around to make the next shot and bent over in front of me , i see she had no panties on. Now i know why bills eyes got so big.She missed the next shot and turned to hand me the stick and i said hun thats quite a view you gave us. she said shut up and play pool and enjoy as she gave me that sexy wink of hers. I chuckled and went on to run most of the table. Now her turn and not having much of a shot she asked bill if he was any good at pool which he replied yes pretty good. Then kate calls him over and says good help me with this shot would you. Bill practically ran over. He came up from behind kate to help her. She was bent over pressing her ass into his crotch as he wrapped his arms around her to help. And sure as shit she made the shot. I said wow great shot and kate comes back with i couldn't miss with that help and she turn to bill and gave him a big wet kiss to thank him. Then she says to bill thats quite a stick you have there big boy and with that his face turned red .Then kate says don't worry my hubby loves to watch me tease hot guys like you, then turns to me winks and says don't you honey.Bill still red in the face replied well your pretty hot yourself.Bill returned to behind the bar to get us a couple more beers. While he was going kate whispers to me that she is going to blow our minds today and gave me a kiss. All i could manage to say was go for it baby.Bill returned and set down the beers and says these are on the house.With that kate went over and layed on another hot kiss to bill and said thank you hun, as she reached down and rubbed his crotch with her hand , then says to him maybe you should just go lock the door and turn off the lights hun and we can play something besides pool on this table. I never seen a guy move so fast.Bill again returned to a kiss from kate,he then picked her up off her feet and sat her on the table, then dropped to his knees and baried his face in to her pussy. Kate fell back on the table and i went over to her and started making out with her while bill continued licking her thru a couple orgasims.I haven't seen kate this hot in quite some time.She finally pushed bills head away and said fuck my pussy to him which he gladly jump to doing. With that i climb up on the table and release my raging hardon that kate sucks eagerly into her mouth.Trust me ... i have had many many blowjobs from her but the way she is sucking on me i can tell she is some kinda hot .So now bill is really getting into fucking my hot wife and i know from experience she has already had multiple orgasims. He keeps telling her how hot she is and how he loves watching her suck my cock as he fucks her and stuff like that.Kate now is as hot as i have ever seen her , she sits up and pushes me down on the table and climbs on my cock and rides me like never before with bill now standing next to her on the table so that she can suck and lick him clean of her cum. Within a matter of minutes bill and i blow our loads , me in her her soaking wet pussy and bill in her mouth. And kate took his load like a hungry ethiopian .We all collapse with the feeling of the most exciting sex we all have ever had.Shortly after the collapse we decide its time to clean up a bit and have another beer .While sitting sipping on our beers bill had unlocked the door and turned back on the neon lights, the bar was now back open for bussiness.As we sit there savoring the past hour of events a couple guys walk in to the bar and bill introduces us to them. They are friends of his from college , john and joe. they pull up seats at the far end of the bar and bill heads down to serve them their drinks and chat.Kate now turns to me and say honey i'm so horny i could take all four of you guys right now.WOW. This just blows my mind and all i could say to her is " oh really?". She continues , well you know how you always tell me you want me to be slutty sometimes, well this is sometimes. I can't believe i'm hearing my wife say this but i'm sure likeing it. I tell her "well hun we have all nite go for it".Next thing i know she gets up walks down to where john and joe are and steps inbetween them and puts her arms around them.I'm not sure what she said to them but she turn to me and said honey you better go lock that door and hit the lights again for bill.I get up and do what i'm told thinking wow i can't believe this.As i turn back towards the bar there bent over sucking on john and joes cock is my hot sexy wife with bill dropping his pants ready to enter kate's waiting pussy.I just stood there for a few minutes and watched my horny slutty wife enjoying the company of three hot college guys. It was just amazing, i never new my wife to be so hot. I walked over and joined in,we did it everyway possible that four guys a hot wife and a few bar stools could do it. Just when i thought it couldn't get any better it sure did.It was a cumfest. I know john and joe came three times, bill and i another two and kate god knows how many orgasims she had.After all said and done we had a couple more drinks, thanked them all for a great time and headed home.It was one o'clock when we walked in this bar and now its eight o'clock when we leave. As we are driving home kate says gee hun i'm not sure what came over me but i had to have that, maybe its those new pills i started taking to boost my labido. I chuckle and say don't ever stop taking them. Since that drive its been so incredible , every time i get within ten feet of kate i have to do her. She laughs and says those pills work for both of us i guess.

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