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Winter trucking

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Winter Trucking While this is a fictional story but it well could have happened while my wife and I were running long haul over the road in an 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

Before we get into the story I need to tell you a little about the setting. It takes place in the winter of 2003 on I90 between Gillette and Buffalo Wyoming.

At 60 years old Bill is a long haul trucker headed for Seattle Washington with a 40,000 pounds of industrial equipment form the East Coast. Bill has 8 days to get the load there but the customer has asked his company to try and get it there early. Bill and his wife have an open relationship. Meaning they can have sex with others so long as they come home to their true love at the end of the day, night, or trip. Bills wife Jill usually travels with him but has stayed home this trip. Bill drives a Freightliner Century with a 500-hp Detroit engine and pulls a 8-½ foot wide 53-foot long box trailer known in the industry as an interstate trailer or a 102-53.

Paul is a 26-year-old Air Force Aircraft Mechanic head to Seattle WA. for a new duty assignment. He is driving a new Ford Mustang.

Mary is a 20-year-old Air Force computer specialist head for Seattle for her first duty assignment. She is driving a 2-year-old Ford Escape 2 wheel drive.

Paul and Mary know each other from an Air Force school they both attended. They have stayed at home as long as possible to be with family and friends and are now running tight on time to get to their new duty stations.

Carol is a woman in her late forties divorced 6 months. She has quite her job in Chicago and is headed to Tacoma Washington for some time with her family. Her life is in an upheaval and she is not sure what she wants from life. She is driving a 4-year-old Toyota Camery with so so tires. Now the story Winter Trucking part 1 Bill has been following the weather and knows there is a big storm coming in from the West Coast. It is expected to dump a foot or more of snow on the region along with high winds and drifting. Traveling will be bad and Bill is expecting some closing of the interstate. So Bill has fueled up, he has 2 tanks each holding a150 gallon enough to run the truck for a week at ideal. He has stocked up on food and water as well as other under the bunk supplies, just in case he runs into trouble. Bill has good tires on his rig and with a heavy load it goes far better then most 4-wheel drive SUV?s. So Bill is prepared to press on as far as he can go.

Bill has been on the road for a few hours as he passes Gillette Wyoming and is hoping to make the TA (Travel Center of America) truck stop in Spokane Washington. But is afraid the way the weather is he will be doing good to make the truck stop in Billings Montana before he runs out of driving hours. The DOT only allows a trucker to drive 10 hours before he has to take a 10-hour break. As Bill rounds a turn on I 90, it appears the road ahead is blocked. He puts on his flasher and starts to slow as he gets closer he can see 3 cars banged up in the road with no way around them. He stops and gets out to see if he can help.

He finds Carol in her car. She tells him she lost control hit the guardrail and wound up in the middle of the two lanes. She has on a light winter coat and is cold and shaking. She has only been there about ½ hour but is unable to run the car due to the damage. He tells her to head for his rig so she can get warm, but to be careful climbing up steps and to do it like she was going up a ladder.

Bill then goes to Mary?s car. She tells him she did not see Carol in time and she lost control trying to slow down. She hit Carol?s car, spinning around her self and the two cars were then blocking both west bound lanes of the interstate 90. Mary was setting in her car with a wet blanket wrapped around her and her kitten. Her windshield was blown out in the accident and the snow is blowing in all over the front seat of the car. Like Carol she is shacking uncontrollably. So Bill tells her she better get in his truck and warm up as well. She then asked in a sweet voice if she could bring her kitten, saying that he is box trained. So Bill said yes why not, explaining how to get up into the truck.

Paul was standing out in some Air Force cold weather gear. He tells Bill he was the last to get there and he caught the snow bank as he tried to go around the other 2 cars. He tells Bill his car will not run due to the front-end damage. Bell tells him come on we might as well get in my truck as I think we are going to be here a while.

Bill has seen a snowplow headed east just a mile or so out of Gillette but had not seen anyone else on the road so he thought it was probably closed. The western interstate system has many towns with big bar ways to close off the interstate when the weather and road conditions warrant.

Once everyone was in Bill?s truck he got out a pad of paper and had then write down there names and address and where they were headed so he could notify the state police. They all said what? He explained he had a computer that work off a satellite and he would be able to send a note to state police though his company dispatcher. With that Bill sent the massage. Bill then suggested each one take the time and write out what had happened. He said they should date and sign them and he would witness them. He said he thought it might save them some time when the police did arrive. Bill thought that could be a while as the storm was supposed to get worse not better for least the next 24 hours. As they talked Bill could look out see all 3 car were almost completely cover with blowing the snow. Bills computer soon beeped and his dispatcher told him the road was in fact closed. That the Police and road crews would not be clearing it until the storm let up. The road crew had also said that once they stared clearing the road it would take some time to get to Bill?s rig. So unless there was a life threatening emergence they would not be sending any one to help them including snowmobiles. Bell sent back that he had plenty of fuel, food and water, although not stake and eggs he was sure they cold survive. His dispatch said ok send us a note if you need anything. Bill sent back 10-4. He then turned to his guests and explained the situation. Then he and Paul went to the cars to get everything they thought they might need including cloths and kitty litter.

When he got back to the truck Carol wanted to know how they would be sleeping. Bill said that was up to them he had (two beds) a top and bottom bunk and he would be sleeping in the bottom bunk but there would be room for someone else so long as they did not mind cuddling. Mary spoke right up and said she would sleep with Paul in the top bunk if he could behave. He laughed and said he could if she could. Carol said she would just sleep in the passenger seat. So Bill got out supper, everyone had soup and sandwiches. Bill then put up his front curtain closing off the front windows so not one could see in. Mary asked who was going to be looking in, in this storm and everyone had a good laugh and that seam to break the tension. Bill also showed everyone how to work the curtains, lights and heater in the sleeper and cab. Like most big rigs he had a curtain between the front Cab and the sleeper but Bill?s wife had also made a curtain he could slide across the front of the bottom bunk.

Bill suggested everyone hang their wet clothes up front to dry. He then told everyone he was tired and headed to bed. He said he would be sleeping in his under shorts and hope that would not bother them. But he thought that with a little care no one should get to embarrassed after all they were all adults. He told Carol she could join him if she wanted, it would be a lot more comfortable then the front seat and she could sleep on one side of the blanket and he would sleep on the other if that helped. Bill also told everyone there were extra blankets folded up on the end of both bunks should they need them. With that Bill crawled in the bottom bunk and pulled his curtain closed. (Note most truck bunks are the width of a twin bed but a little longer) Bill took off his pants and shirt and put them at the end of the bed and crawled in. He heard Mary and Paul climbing into the top bunk and they turned off the big over headlight. Carol was setting in the front seat reading with a light on and the curtain between the sleeper and the cab closed. Bill was tired and was soon a sleep. He woke some time later as Carol crawled in with him she still had all her cloths on but she did crawl under the covers and cuddled up to him he put his arm over her asking if that would be ok and she whisper yes. Bill was pretty sure Mary and Paul had worked something out and that they were a sleep from the sounds. He was sure Mary had even taken her kitty up to bed. Carol soon fell a sleep and Bill thought all is well and went off to sleep. Bill woke up a few hours later with the truck rocking and at first he thought it was the wind from the storm and it had been rocking the truck earlier. But this was different. He soon heard Paul whisper for Mary to be quite or they would wake the whole truck up. Bill was then able to make out from the moans that Paul was not being so good or maybe he was LOL. At that point Carol whispered what?s going on? Bill whispered for her to be quiet and just listen. Carol was soon fidgeting as she listened to Paul and Mary having sex in the top bunk. After a little while Paul and Mary quieted down and Bill drifted off to sleep but Carol soon woke him whispering she had to go pee. So Bill told her she would have to go out side and pee beside the truck. He said he need to as well and would help her down so she did not fall. He said he was only going to slip on his coat and boots. As Carol climbed back into the truck Bill hung his coat up took his boots off and went to the bunk. Carol soon joined him but this time she only had on her bra and panties. Carol cuddled up to Bill and soon started running her hands over Bill?s chest and arms. So Bill reached over and pulled her face to his and gave her a little kiss. She returned it but with her tongue half way down his throat. Carol was a full figured woman with DD breast and Bill?s hands were soon under her bra. As he worked her breast she reached down and stared pulling on his cock and it started to respond. Bill then took Carol?s bra off and then reach down and pulled her panties off as well. He put them under her pillow. In the mean time Carol got off Bills under shorts. As Bill started to slide on top of Carol she whispered please go-slow it has been a while. At that Bill flipped her over on top of him and showed her how to hold on to the top bunk so she could be in control. Carol spread her legs and holding on to the top bunk was able to slowly side down on Bill?s cock as he worked her breast. Carol was soon sliding back and forth and then up and down on Bills cock. She was really bouncing and Bill was having all he could do not to cum and still stay in her. She was beginning to moan very loud as she started having orgasm after orgasm. Bill put his hand over her mouth and whispered not so loud. Bill could feel it building in his balls and working it?s way up his cock. He soon shot off deep in Carol?s pussy pushing her over the edge in one last huge Orgasm and she let out a very loud scream. As her orgasm subsided she laid her head on Bill chest. Bill could feel her pussy spasm milking his cock of every last drop of cum. Mary then said in a very loud voice good job Carol and even in the dark Bill could see Carols face turn red as she tried to bury it in his chest. Paul then asked about going to the bathroom and Bill told him out side but to be careful the truck steps were very slippery. Bill then heard Paul and Mary getting down and going out.

Bill fell back a sleep as Carol spooned with him. Bill woke early in the morning to something wet on his cock. Carol had turned around and was head first under the cover sucking Bill?s cock. He thought Woow she must be ready for round two. So he pulled her over to him and buried his tongue in her pussy bringing a surge of energy like sparks flying. Bill was running his tongue up and down Carol?s slit and then he would plunge in and out then he would suck her clit before starting all over again. Carol soon began to flood Bill again and again and he had to get a wash cloth to keep the bed from becoming totally soaked. After Carol had 3 or 4 more orgasm she turned around and whispers to Bill ?put it in?, witch he was more then ready to do. Woow her pussy felt so good and it did not take long before Bill told Carol he was about to cum. She said great she was to. As Bill?s first shoots hit deep in Carol?s pussy it pushed her over the edge and she let go with one big gush as she soaked Bill balls and cock. As they cuddled up and fell a sleep they could hear Paul and Mary at again.

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