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Winter Trucking part2

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Winter Trucking part 2 Bill woke next about 10:30 AM hungry and needing to take a leak. He got up took out two ziplock bags and 4 wash cloths He put two washcloths in each bag with enough water to get them both wet. Then he closed the bags and hung them in front of the heater vents. Then he and Carol got out to pee. When they got back in they cuddled with for about 20 min. Bill then got up and passed Carol the ziplock bag taking out a wash cloth. He told her it would have to do to clean up with and he got out a couple small towels. Bill and Carol then got in the front and closed the curtain to get dressed while Paul and Mary cleaned up and got dressed in the sleeper.

Mary opened the curtain say it was so good to at least have something to clean up with. Bill got out bowls and asked everyone what kind of cereal they would like for breakfast. Paul and Mary choose Frosted flacks while Bill had mini shredded wheat. Carol asked if she could just get one of the applesauce?s Bill keep on the truck. Bill also plugged in two mugs that heated off the power plugs and made everyone something to drink. Bill and Paul had coffee, Carol had tea and Mary had hot chocolate. After breakfast Bill asked Carol to clean the cups and bowls and to wipe them out and put them away. He said he was going out side to check the truck and Paul decide to go with him. When they got out side they soon could tell the storm had not let up at all. The snow from the sleeper had slid down on to the hood so Paul and Bill cleared it. They could see the cars were buried in a drift about 6 feet high and they found one about 4 feet high behind the trailer. It was just luck Bill had stopped by a boulder out cropping and that seam to have keep the heft of the drifting snow off the truck. The truck was fine and Bill and Paul got back in side and out of their wet things. Mary asked Bill what he had to kill the time. He told them he had moves, cards, Dominoes, and a small chess set. Paul and Carol decided to play chess while Mary picked out a move to watch. Bill crawled into the bunk ½ watching the move with Mary. He soon fell a sleep. Truckers learn early on to sleep or nap when they can, as they never know when they are going to have to run hard. A little while later Bill woke up to Mary putting her finger over his mouth to stay quite as she began to take all his cloths off. Bill saw she had closed his curtain and he stated exploring her small little body. She was just 4'8? and weighed about 110 pounds tops. But Bill noticed she had a small rounded butt the kind that just begs to be loved and Bill was an ass man from way back. When he was completely undress Mary got undressed her self and snuggled up to him kissing him and rubbing her little tits all over his chest. Then she began to rub and kiss her way down his body. She soon found his cock and it felt wonderful in her mouth as she worked her magic. First she would suck his cock then she would suck his balls and stroke his cock. The she would switch it was not long before Bill was thinking he could not take much more of this. He told Mary so and she said that would be ok he could cum in her mouth but she really wanted to ride him like Carol had. He said ok but he wanted to taste her first. So she slid up his chest holding on to the top bunk so he could taste her. Woow did she taste sweet at first Bill run his tongue up and down her slit stopping at the top to flick it over her little hooded friend. He did this for a while and Mary wiggled and squirmed while Bill slide his tongue into he pussy and she was soon dripping all over him. When she could take no more she slide down and put his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly let her self down on to him. She then began to rock and was soon cumin again and again finally she began to slow down and asked Bill if he had cum. He said no! She then wanted to know what she could do to help. Bill said maybe doggie style, as he loved that position. So Bill climbed out of the bunk and Mary turned side ways and pushed her pussy on to his hard cock. Bill stood up holding on to the top bunk and was eye level with Carol. She and Paul had gotten in that bunk and Carol was facing the front of the truck. Paul was obviously fucking her from be hind. Bill was just not sure if Paul was in her pussy or her ass either way they both seam to be enjoying it. At first Carol did not see him as her eyes were closed but as she flicked them open for a moment she saw him and pushed one of her big tits in to his face. Bill stared sucking on it Carols was soon going wild. Bill knew he could not hold out much longer and told Mary he was going to cum she said that was great she was ready. With that Bill could feel his cum shooting deep into Mary and when she felt it that trigged her orgasm. Bill must have sucked harder on Carol?s breast, as he was cumin as she went over the edge when Mary did and that set Paul off as well. With everyone panting Bill slide down in the bottom bunk as Mary cleaned him up with her tongue and a wash cloth. Bill said, ?Boy you guys are going to be the death of me?. Everyone laughed and Paul and Carol cuddled up in the top bunk and Mary and Bill cuddled up in the bottom. Mary?s kitty even curled up by Bill?s head and went to sleep along with everyone else.

Bill woke up next about 8pm and it sounded like the storm was letting up a little. Bill sent a massage to dispatch asking what the latest was. They sent him back a note saying it was to stop over night and the road crew and high way patrol were planning on starting to work on opening the road first thing in the morning. Bill put soup on for everyone and got out some chicken and deviled ham for sandwiches. Everyone eat and started talking about what they were going to do when the road was clear. Bill could see no one knew how, they were going to get to Seattle, since all their cars were either totaled or would require extensive repair. Bill said they could ride with him but he would need to let then off at the truck stop in Seattle. They all said that would be great.

After eating and putting things away they all headed to bed Mary climbed in with Paul while Carol slide in with Bill in the raw. She started stroking his cock but Bill told her his solder had died and gone to haven. Carol laughed and said that was ok she had run out of steam as well.

Bill and Carol woke up the next morning starving and ready to eat. As they got up Bill open the curtain covering the windshield to find a beautiful sunny day. After breakfast Bill and Paul went to check things again and to check the cars to make sure there was nothing left in them anyone wanted since they would probably be towed and they might not get to see them again. After a while the computer beeped saying they were in fact working on clearing the road and road crew and Highway patrol thought they might reach Bills truck buy late afternoon or early evening. But it would still probably take 6 to 8 hours after that before the road would be reopen. Bill thought he should take a nap so he could drive later so he went back and got in the bottom bunk. But he could not sleep and keep turning and fidgeting. Soon Carol and Mary came back to the bottom bunk and said ?he need to get some sleep?. He said he was trying but was having a hard time with the good weather and all the excitement of getting going again. With that Carol and Mary looked at each other and closed the curtain to the cab leaving Paul to play solitaire. Mary started kissing Bill as Carol started to remove his cloths he asked what was going on they told him to just relax they were going to help him get some sleep. As Carol pulled his shorts off she started sucking on his cock while Mary took off her cloths setting on his face. Carol soon pulled off her cloths and impaled her self on Bills now rigid cock. As she did so the girls started kissing and hugging like craze and they soon had several orgasms together. Bill was in heaven! But he soon found he was near to loosing his load. He told the girls and they said that was the idea. With that he let fly deep in Carol and they all had one big Orgasm. Bill said he hope Paul did not fell to left out. From the front seat Paul said no it had been his idea for the girls to put Bill to sleep. With that the girls tucked Bill in kissed him and closed his curtain. Bill was soon fast a sleep.

The next thing Bill knew the highway patrol was knocking on the door. So he got up and dressed while the trooper interviewed everyone else. The officer had all ready gotten a ramp trucks to pick up the wrecks and take them back on the west bound lane since the road was still closed to traffic. The trooper then interviewed Bill and thanked him for taking care of everyone. Bill said it had been his pleasure and the officer just gave him a big smile and a wink. The trooper told Bill they would let his dispatch know when the road was open and he could get on his way. With that the officer drove off to catch up with the road crew.

As Bill climbed back into the truck he could smell all the sex that had been taking place and then he knew why the officer had winked at him. Carol and Mary had decide Mary could sleep with Bill tell they had to go and Carol would sleep with Paul. As everyone settled in Bill was sure Paul and Carol were at it again and Bill just shook his head in wonder. With that Mary started sucking his cock and Bill could not believe it, it was getting hard again. Well not real hard but none the less it was standing up. Mary then reached back pulling Bill?s face into her pussy. Bill was soon ready to cum and told Mary so she spun around and drove his cock deep in her pussy and they came together. Bill soon fell a sleep.

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