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Winter Trucking Part 3

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Winter trucking part 3 Bill woken next about 6AM with the buzzer going of on his computer meaning he had a massage. As Bill expected it was telling him the road was again open. So Bill dressed and so did Paul. The girls stayed in bed but Bill had them get in the bottom bunk together as that was the only place authorized to have passenger while the truck was moving. It had a net that went over it like a couple of set belts to keeps occupants in bed should the truck wreck. The girls closed the curtain to the front and it soon sounded like the girls were making there own fun.

After a few hours Bill stopped in Billings Montana for fuel. Bill got 2 free showers for fueling more then 100 gallons. So he told everyone if they were willing to double up they could all take showers. So Paul and Mary headed to one while Carol and Bill headed to another. While sex was not part of it Carol and Bill had fun washing each other and the clean feeling was wonderful. They then went and ate before heading back on the road. Bill pulled in to Spokane Washington with 15-min left on his 10-hour (DOT regulated) driving time. He told everyone they would be in Seattle by noon tomorrow. So it looked like that night would be their last together. Bill had grown fond of them all and he a long with everyone else was quite and a little saddened about that, after all they had been through a lot together in the last few days. After eating everyone else headed to the truck while bill call his dispatch to tell them he would be in Seattle by noon so they could arrange his delivery.

When Bill got to the truck he found the curtains up and the lights down low and Mary undressed and in his bed. She told him that she and Carol had talked and decide she would spend ½ the night with Bill and the rest with Paul. So Bill got undressed and crawled in. He soon found Mary kissing and hugging him and she began stroking his cock. She said she would like to ride him one last time. So after Bill liked her pussy and got it all wet and ready she climbed on top and Woow did she ever give him a ride. Bill soon told Mary her pussy sure felt wonderful massaging his cock and he would not last long. Mary said that was fine she was ready and with that Bill blasted deep in her pussy. That pushed Mary over the edge in to one last orgasm with Bill. She collapsed on top of him. As they fell a sleep Mary?s kitten curled up on Bills pillow beside Mary?s head.

Bill woke up a couple hours later as Carol crawled into bed with him. She said she had fun with Paul but it was time to get some sleep. So she spooned with Bell and they were soon a sleep. Bill woke up about 45 min before his alarm was to go off. Finding Carol all warm cuddled up to him he stared thinking of all the fucking they had shared in the last few days and to his surprise his cock began to think about it as well and started to grow. Carol ½ a sleep could feel up against her ass as well. Bill reach around her and stared massaging he beautiful tits with one hand while he played with her ass with the other. It was not long before Carol in a groggy voice whispered please put it in. Bill said what? She said put it in her ass. She liked it and wanted him there for their last time. So Bill got some lube and started to slowly work his way into her tight little ass. She stared having orgasms by the time Bill was in ½ way. After Carol had 5 or 6 orgasm Bill was in all the way and was starting to get a rhythm going. It felt so good but Bill was getting tired and knew he could not last long. He told Carol and said it felt so good. She told him she could feel every vein in his cock and she would cum with him when ever he was ready. Boy Bill was ready and when she told him that he stared to boil and he came. It felt so dam good he was sure every last drop of his blood must be in his cock and he would pass out any minute. After wards he and Carol fell back a sleep with his cock still in her ass.

Bill and everyone else woke up to the alarm and knew it was over. They were all very quite at breakfast. Paul and Mary told him they had called the Air Force base they were sending some one to the truck stop in Seattle to pick them up. Carol had called her sister and she would be waiting at the truck stop when they got there. As they were driving the last few hundred miles Paul and Mary told Bill they had decided they were right for each other and would be getting an apartment together as soon as they could. They made Bill promise when he and his wife were out that way again they would stop and spend the night so they could visit and have some fun. Paul with a smile said he was sure looking forward to some quality time with Bill?s wife Jill. People switched around and Paul and Mary were soon back in the bunk talking and planning what they wanted to do. Carol setting in the front seat with Bill told him she wanted to thank him for everything including showing her how much fun life could be again. He told her with and smile that it had been his pleasure and she said no that it had been their pleasure. She said if he and Jill ever got to Tacoma to give her a call she would sure like to meet Jill and thank her in person for allowing Bill to be such a great guy. Carol said Jill must real be some thing else and Bill said she was for sure and he loved her with all his hart.

As they pulled into the truck stop Bill could see an Air Force truck waiting to pick up Paul and Mary and beside that was a car with a couple people looking like they were waiting for some one. Carol said it was her family. So with lots of kiss and hugs they all departed and Bill headed out to deliver. Bill had made the trip in the 8 days the shipper had allowed. After backing into the dock Bill settled back in the bunk and called Jill to tell her about his adventure.

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