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Why We Loved Europe

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Why We Loved Europe

My wife Diane and I were planning a once in a lifetime two week vacation and we had decided on Eastern Europe to see the old cities, the Danube River and our family?s heritage. In the back of my mind I was also fascinated by stories I?d read about some of the adult night clubs in some of these cities. I wouldn?t describe them as strip clubs; they seemed to be classier than the few seedy places I?d visited in the US. Diane had previously refused to visit a strip club with me in fear of being turned off, or by being jealous and threatened by the naked women, and by being seen by someone she knew; visiting a strip club as a favor to me was never in the picture. At 5 foot 4, 130 pounds, with flat tummy and soft dark hair to just below her shoulders and deep blue eyes framed by wispy bangs I always thought her own naked body looked great enough to be onstage!

A couple of weeks before the trip and after some on-line research I broached the subject again with her. Diane, I explained, we?ll be over 3000 miles from home so we won?t run into any one we know, though a little pricey we have the money, and we can leave if you don?t like being there.? I also brought up the fact that over the past several years she had begun to enjoy watching couples-oriented porn to help get us in the mood; the kind of explicit porn with lots of kissing and gentle affection. Slowly and deliberately she contemplated the idea for a minute and agreed look at the on-line material that I had printed and would consider it.

Several days later while having lunch Diane brought it up on her own and declared that, okay, the place looks tasteful and safe and that it might be fun in a naughty sort of way.? Of the three places I found out about she had even narrowed it down to one club located in a city we?d be in near the end of our second week in Europe. The online description showed an address and photos of the interior and several performers, but most of the information was not in English. We both agreed that a week of travel up the Danube, sleeping late and great food will help relax us for exciting nightlife. Though this issue was not a deal breaker for me it was a long time fantasy so I was delighted she agreed to share this.

A new land and weeks away from work and kids was wonderful, most of the time was spent in small towns in the country but the last several days we were enjoying the city and the tour guides were now gone. Diana brought up in a café that yes, she remembered that ?tonight you get your little fantasy fulfilled but don?t expect too much, it could turn out to be boring for me and I am worried I could spoil it for you. And remember, no touching any of the women! At least no touching until we get back to the hotel and then you can touch me all you want!? Giggling together we pulled out the directions when out of the blue we heard behind us ?Diane is that you!? Oh my god, I haven?t seen you for years!? Turning with eyes wide Diane screamed ?Paula!? Oh my god, what are you doing here!? Paula was a woman about Diane?s age that I vaguely recall from our wedding. Paula was pretty too, but taller than Diane and with bigger boobs and auburn hair. Diane had a better sexier smile which had long ago won me over.

After a big hug Paula sat down with us and explained that she had been working and living here for a year, loved the city and had a great new Czech husband. Suddenly Paula went quiet when she got distracted by something on the table; it was the directions to the club! ?Oh shit? Diane muttered as Paula broke out into a huge grin. ?Are you going here!?? Paula asked as she picked up the information before I could hide it. ?Karol, my husband, took me here last winter; this place is HOT! Diane I didn?t know you were a little kinky; good for you?!

Paula, a secure married couple going to s strip club once in their life I would not call being kinky? It?s mostly a favor to Michael here and now I can say I?ve been to one at least once in my life; and the place looks pretty classy and safe.? Paula snorted and laughed a little, ?yes, you could say it is classy?. After a pause she then said with a mischievous smile ?I have a great idea, Karol and I were saying that we should go out tonight and have some fun? so we?ll join you and Michael, and don?t say no! We?ll make sure you get home okay if you, let?s say, have a little too much??

Back at the hotel Diane took Paula?s intrusion into our little private adventure much better than I suspected she would. ?Well, let?s take it in stride; we?ll have our own private interpreter and someone to laugh with. So much for seeing no one we?ll know!? Diane knew that Paula had always had great style with clothes and make up so she went all out to look just as good with an extremely sexy black skirt, a red silk blouse over red lace panties and bra. Her blouse was buttoned low to show several inches of cleavage accented by a faux pearl necklace. With a nice suit sans tie we looked pretty good together. At 8 o?clock Paula and Karol picked us up with their taxi and away we went. Karol seemed like a great down to earth guy, decent looking, and Diane later told me that his accent was rather sexy. Karol and Paula looked to be very much in love and very funny.

The club was in an old, quiet part of the city in a large 19th century building. We were greeted at the door and paid the entrance fee; fortunately Paula had made reservations for four, something we had not even thought of doing. The room had tables for about 100 patrons and with a horseshoe shaped stage that stuck out into the audience. The waitresses were topless and all very striking and congenial; Diane pointed out to me that some of the waiters were also topless and very good looking. ?Maybe we don?t have to worry about me being bored after all hon?? At our table near the stage we enjoyed good local wine, appetizers and shared some great conversation with Karol and waited for the show to start. The first dancer was beautiful and a superb performer, nothing like the crude bump and grind that I had only seen in the states. Comparing her performance to strippers I?d seen before was like comparing screwing to making love. Slowly her clothes came off while she made love to the audience, running her hands up her flawless skin, cupping and squeezing her breasts and running her hands through her hair.

Every once in a while I looked over at my wife to check on her and make sure she was comfortable. Surprisingly she was staring intently at the performance; every once in a while she and Paula shared a comment or short conversation with each other and smiled or laughed. What I did not expect was when the dancer ran her hands down over her shaved crotch area several times. Karol leaned over to us and commented that the entertainment can get a bit ?how you say, explicit here.? Diane said that this place was actually really great and the dancer was superb.

When the dancer was finished we enjoyed more wine and laughing. At one point when a waitress was reaching across for an empty glass she leaned over and I am sure deliberately brushed a breast across my face then excused herself with a sexy smile. Diane jealously warned me about the rule against touching the staff! Soon the next performance was to start but this routine involved a statuesque blonde woman and dark well built guy. ?Oooo this should be interesting? Diane whispered in my ear over the music as she grasped and held my hand under the table. I was elated that she was comfortable and enjoying herself and that paring up with Paula and Karol had worked out.

The woman and man on stage were dancing slowly, taking each other?s clothing off in turns. The guy would occasionally pull the blonde to him while running his hands up her legs and over her ass while she ground her pelvis into his crotch. When finally naked I loved it when he stood behind her and ran his hands slowly up and down from her vagina up over her breasts and back down again. The guy?s cock was not long but thick and fully at attention. Diane?s hand drifted to my crotch to take a quick feel of my boner and she commented that I appeared to be enjoying the show. I put my left hand on her thigh and slid it up to her crotch where I could feel the dampness though her panties, ?you seem to be enjoying the show as well? I said to her and we both snickered.

At the end of the third act I got up use the men?s room as a woman in a gown came onto the stage and began speaking to the audience. When I returned I noticed that the women were gone, Karol said that they had gone to the ladies room. Karol listened intently while I told him about the congressman I recognized from news reports that I?d noticed on the other side of the club, the congressman was sitting with a much younger man that had his hand on the congressman?s knee. This got us talking about American politics during the intermission. We were still engrossed in conversation when the techno music and polite applause told us that the next show was starting; oddly Diane and Paula had not returned. After a minute Karol and I were startled out of our discourse by a pair of red panties that hit the side of my head and landed on the table. Looking up I was astounded to see both Paula and Diane up on the stage ten feet away sharing a chrome pole while they swayed to the music! What the hell, I cried to Karol? ?Michael, when you left to the toilet the host on the stage were announcing an amateur strip contest, when the girls got up I had no idea they were planning this, honest, but I am not unhappy!?

Diane and Paula both had huge grins as they swayed back and forth, Diana trying to emulate Paula who appeared to be a more experienced dancer. Diane slowly began unbuttoning her blouse exposing her cleavage and red lace bra. Her eyes vacillated between the audience, Paula and me, but were mostly on me and I got the message that she was stripping and dancing for me! Turning their backs to us they held the pole and bent at the waist and pulled up their skirts exposing their butts. Paula still had on a black G-string, Diane exposed her luscious exposed pussy to the bright lights and rocked her ass in circles, looking over her shoulder she smiled to me while I held her panties up to my nose and enjoyed the scent of her excitement. Diane trimmed her bikini line but we both preferred natural lush pubic hair; her labia lips were peeking out from her dark fur. Paula appeared to have gotten a Brazilian wax. They weren?t as smooth dancers as the professional dancers but I we had no complaints.

Their blouses came off next to applause then after a minute Paula reached behind Diane and unclasped Diane?s bra and with what appeared to be honest shyness my wife crossed her arms for a while holding the bra against her chest. Not till Paula indicated that Diane should unclasp Paula?s bra did Diane pull the bra away and whipped it around her head and tossed it to our table. Her glorious globes swung free; about the size of gr*pefruits they were soft and round, peaked by half dollar size areolas and very sensitive nipples that stood up like little volcanoes when she?s aroused, like they were now. No silicone here, I always preferred natural breasts! After unsnapping Paula?s bra they both stretched their arms up high over their heads like stretching cats which caused their boobs to lift high, Karol and I were enthralled. Paula had larger C-cup breasts that were also obviously all hers and which she squeezed together and massaged as if thrilled at releasing them from uncomfortable confinement. When she released her bun, her auburn hair cascaded down over her shoulders and back to the continuing encouragement of her audience.

With no stopping now, Diane and Paula slowly lowered their skirts down over gyrating hips to great applause leaving Diane gloriously stark naked and Paula in her black G-string. Paula?s hips were wide for her height and her legs near flawless. Diane was on the petite side and complained that her hips were too narrow; right now they look like perfection with a dark patch of trimmed pubic hair contrasting with her light skin. If I had thought her to be unexpectedly daring, already what happened next really thrilled me. Diane held the pole while she bent over and turned her magnificent ass to the crowd and started to bounce her body up and down to the music as if the pole she was holding onto was between her legs and not in her hands! Her breasts bounced and swayed, her labia was clearly visible and parted and glistened with moisture under the spotlights. Paula and Diane?s daring appeared to be feeding off each other; Paula stepped out of her thong and lay back on her clothing and parted and closed her knees giving us a great view of her hairless pussy and smiling face. At that point the music ceased and the host came out to thank the first amateurs and to announce the next amateur dancer. Our wives scooped up their clothes and pranced off the stage still naked.

After a few minutes the women came bounding back doubled over laughing. Both had their skirts and blouses back on but Diane was without underwear since I had her panties and bra in my pocket, her blouse was tucked in at the waist but not buttoned closed so we could glimpse the sides of her breasts. She was radiant like she had conquered the world. ?I can?t believe we just did that? exclaimed Diane? ?it was Paula?s idea and I said I would do it if she would also with me? I hope you?re not mad?!?

The only thing I could be upset about is if you did it when I was not here to enjoy it? I replied back!

?We?re sorry we didn?t say anything when we got up but we were afraid you?d give us a hard time if we chickened out?, interjected Paula, ?once we got into it, it was really fun and oh so sexy!? ?Sorry about hitting you with my underwear? interrupted Diane, ?but it was the only way to get your attention, here I was, your wife of eight years up in front of fifty gawkers taking off her clothes and you sit there just talking to another guy? now may I have my panties back?? ?Oh no? I replied, ?someone very special gave them to me and I get to keep them as a special memento!?

?You can have me as a special memento??

?I intend to, and I want both? as I leaned over to kiss her.

I almost spit my drink out all over the table when Paula exclaimed ?And thank god we?re over 3000 miles from home so we won?t run into anyone we know!?

Our conversation was interrupted at that point by the host who began speaking to us in Czech; Karol and Paula translated that she was informing us that all participants in the amateur contest were entitled to either a pass for two to return with free entrance, or access to the special member?s theatre this evening. I told Karol and Paula that since we were leaving soon we wouldn?t be able take advantage of a return visit so perhaps they could have Diane?s free pass. Karol insisted that would be silly, the night was young and perhaps we should see the club for the exclusive members. ?Well, after the escapade ten minutes ago I think we earned it and I think we should go,? piped in Diane, ?Yes I think I earned it!? Paula agreed, so that clinched it.

The club host guided us across the room to a decorative wood door and swiped a card to allow us access up stairs to the private club on the floor above. There were about fifteen tables, about half of them occupied. A beautiful Asian woman guided us through a dark, very posh night club to a horseshoe-shaped low-backed leather booth for four with a low table, whereupon a waitress brought us complimentary champagne and took napkins out of her small apron. Like the waitresses downstairs she was stunning and with small but classic pert breasts; when she turned to leave I noted that unlike the waitresses downstairs she was naked behind her apron, no panties here. The stage was similar to the one below and a handsome couple were affectionately touching each other and removing their each other?s clothing.

?This certainly is much nicer than downstairs? thought Diane out loud, ?but what makes it more exclusive than the club we were just in?. oh my!?? Turning to look at what she was taken aback at, we all saw that the woman on the stage was deep-throating her partner up on the stage while she inserted several fingers into her vagina. Before anyone said anything else I saw Karol staring next over my shoulder and he gestured to discretely look behind us; twenty feet away a woman in a sequined mini-dress was going down on her date while he was unzipping the back of her dress, and none of the waitresses were trying to stop them. ?Oh my god, I think this is a sex club? gasped Diane.

?Geez, Diane? answered Paula, I didn?t mean to drag you into something this kinky!? ?Well, we have enjoyed porn movies, and I guess this is kind of like watching a live X-rated film? I questioned. What do you think Diane?? Looking in deep thought Diane replied ?We are here already, and I presume we?re not obligated to participate. I am willing to stay but on the other hand I bet you?re as horney as I am to get back to our hotel and screw like rabbits! Oh hell, we can stay for a while, after stripping on stage what?s another personal barrier broken?? With that Paula snuggled into Karol and Diane snuggled close to me with my left arm around her shoulders. ?If you see anything you like let me know? I whispered to her, just as a good-looking waiter walked by with her eyes glued to his cock dangling below his apron. ?I meant positions you like, not the waiters!? I clarified.

Upon the stage the guy was now laying on a his back and the woman straddled his body facing the audience, sliding her crotch up and down the man?s chest while seductively slurping his trouser snake. When she lifter her pelvis and slowly lowered herself on his penis Diane squeezed my hand and held it tight perhaps almost as if she was imagining herself up there. After feeble attempts at carrying on conversation the four of us eventually just quietly stared.

After ten minutes another couple took their place on the stage and the waitress poured us more champagne. I whispered to Diane to look left over Paula?s shoulder to see a woman with her dress up to her waist bouncing up and down on a man?s lap while her top was pulled down exposing small breasts. While Diane stared at the couple I could not resist reaching my right hand into her unbuttoned blouse and gently kneading her breast, rather than stopping me she placed her hand over mine. Over several minutes I became confident and went from breast to breast so that her blouse was opened and her tits became exposed for all interested to enjoy as well.

Paula and Karol appeared also to be losing themselves to the moment and were kissing, oblivious to us next to them. Cupping her face in my hands I kissed my wife passionately and travelled down her neck nibbling and tasting her; when I got to her breasts and alternately began sucking on her nipples she gasped and cried softly ?Oh my god, what are you doing!? but made no effort to stop me, instead she caressed my head and shoulders. I had never felt so turned on. I kissed my way down over her tummy and knelt on the carpeted floor and began kissing her legs while inching her skirt up her thighs. ?Michael, we?re not at home!? she whispered with eyes shut as I began kissing her soft pubic area and inhaled her musky aroma. ?Mmmm, don?t stop? she exhaled when I parted her legs and softly licked her vagina; she slid down lower on the soft leather seat and parted her thighs wider to allow me better access to her sensitive clit while I more aggressively made love to her sensitive areas. After several minutes of this my wife grabbed my head and pushed it into her while she shuddered and gasped in what I recognized as a spectacular orgasm.

Recovering, Diane pulled me up and hugged briefly till she pushed herself away and slid down and proceeded to unbuckle my pants and pull them off with my shoes advising me that now it was my turn; with a hungry look and lick of her lips she returned my affection by diving down on my stiff penis. At this time it was apparent that neither of us cared where we were, all we wanted was to touch each other in raw sex. Diane was incredible as she sucked my testicles, nibbled my inner thighs and deep throated while her dark hair was tussled and sexily hanging down her face.

Before I could come Diane stopped and slowly stood up, mischievously smiling while she helped me take off my shirt. Looking me in the eyes and then at my erection she dropped her blouse to the floor behind her, then unsnapped her skirt and let it drop till she was presented in her glorious nakedness except for the white pearl necklace. I steadied her fine hips as my wife knelt onto the seat on either side of my legs and slowly and deliberately guided her wet box down onto my tool. For about 15 seconds she sat still with my cock deep within her while we both relished the sensation, then she began to slowly rise and then grind her pelvis down into me. My mouth began alternating from one soft breast and hard nipple to the next as she bounced up and down on my cock, her moans and soft cries and slapping sound of our bodies meeting coming faster and faster. How could I not come with all this physical and visual stimulation, I had a glorious orgasm but did not break stride and kept at it, kissing hard and biting her neck.

Looking off to my left I could see Paula, naked and sweating, sitting on Karol?s lap and grinding her hips down onto her husband?s cock as she watched Diane and me! Paula had superb tits that swayed as she bounced on her husband's cock. Paula smiled and knowing I was watching made her even more aggressive. Karol reached his hand over her tits and down her belly and began rubbing her clit causing Paula to raise and splay her legs so he had easy access to rub her beautiful fully exposed clit. Karol's left hand grasped a succulent breast and pinched the nipple hard sending Paula over the edge with a grunt and squeal!

Changing positions I had Diane get up on the seat with her magnificent ass before me and I plunged back into her pussy from behind; alternating between holding her hips and cupping my wife?s breasts and tweaking her nipples as we pounded away in. ?Harder dam it? she cried, fuck me harder! The harder I pounded, Diane?s tits bounced and swung and her right hand rubbed her clit and felt my penis plunging in and sliding out of her. I could see, at a table behind ours, two semi-nude couples, watching us! Then Diane cried out and stiffened with another orgasm which set me off and I came deep inside her. We collapsed to the seat panting and feeling like we were glowing. A waitress stopped to offer hot towels for the four of us to clean up with prior refreshing our drinks. For a while we did not bother to dress but just laughed and talked about what happened. Paula invited us back to their apartment where we all shared a bed and had some slow passionate sex together and heading for well-earned sleep. The wonderful memories will live with us and our marriage is stronger.

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