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Whos Makin Love to Your Old Lady?

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Who's Makin' Love to Your Old Lady?

or A Cuckold's Revenge

Kitty and I have been swingers for several years. We usually go to house parties or meet up with another couple for a night of play. We're empty nesters, so we can host when we want to. Kitty is about 5'7", 160#, brown hair, good chest. I'm 6'0, 220#, reddish hair (including the beard) and reasonably but not exceptionally equipped.

We met a black guy in an outrageous bowling shirt at a party a year or so ago. Kitty enjoyed his company and his cock, which is about an inch longer than mine and a bit thicker. After the party, we invited Tyrone around to the house for a 3some. He was polite, well mannered, and together we could almost keep up with her voracious appetite for fucking and sucking. He often showed up with a bowling ball and gym bag. We've been having regular repeat performances with Tyrone about once a month until...

We were sort of expecting Tyrone, so Kitty was dressed provocatively in a pink babydoll nightie that showed off her fine tits and ass very well. I was in jeans and a tee shirt, my usual uniform. We heard a car pull into the driveway, footsteps, voices and a knock at the door. I opened it to find Tyrone in his bowling regalia along with two other black guys, similarly attired.

Tyrone said to them, "We won the bowling tournament, now I am goin' to give you guys a reward, a fresh white pussy." With that, he pushed passed me and the three of them entered the house. I could smell beer on all of them as they shoved past me.

This was a side of Tyrone that Kitty and I had never seen before. Kitty was standing in the living room as they barged in and circled her. Tyrone said, "what do you think, guys? Does she look like she could use some black cock tonight?" He then turned to me and said, "this is my bowling team, Mickey and Snake. We're going to have a party with your wife. Nobody's gonna get hurt."

I thought about it as the three of them unbuckled their pants and let them fall to the floor. All three had gone commando, so their dicks were out and ready. I could give Mickey a run for his money, and Snake was long but thin. I guessed that's where the nickname came from.

I decided to step in and defuse the situation. I pulled Kitty out from the circle of dicks and took her aside. I said, "I'm pretty sure they're drunk, but they don't seem dangerous. Do you think I should call the cops?"

Kitty replied, "I don't know how they'd handle that, and I sort of like having Ty around once in a while. I'm a big girl, I think I can deal with this." Was there a little gleam in her eye?

Skeptically, I said, "OK, but your safe word is 'ice cream.' If you call down for ice cream, I'll call for help."

"OK." With that, she headed over to Tyrone and said, "Look. I have the pussy, I make the rules. Lose the macho attitude and I'll take care of all three of you." She grabbed him by the cock and headed toward the bedroom. The other two followed like puppies.

I walked over to pick up the pile of pants on the floor. As I did, a wallet and wedding ring fell out of Tyrone's pants pocket. We hadn't probed into his personal situation much, and he never talked about it. But he's MARRIED!!! I couldn't help myself. I checked the pockets in the other pants too.

Each guy had a wedding ring. "Snake" was actually Maurice according to the driver's license in his wallet. All three of them lived in a working class neighborhood a few miles away. What if their wives didn't know how they were celebrating their bowling tournament win?" Could I fink on them? Hmmmm....

I pulled out the white pages. Mickey wasn't listed, but Maurice and Tyrone were. I dialed Tyrone's number.

"Hello. Can I speak to Tyrone?"

"He ain't here," came the reply from a very old-south sounding voice.

"Oh. You wanna know where he is?"


"I'll be there in 10 minutes to tell you." I hung up, grabbed my car keys and left.

Eight minutes later, I knocked on Tyrone's door. "Who dat?" came from the other side of the door.

"I just called you about Tyrone. He's celebrating winning his bowling tournament by screwing my wife with his buddies."

"WHAT?" The door was opened by a black woman in a house coat. In her hand was an automatic, pointed at my groin. "You better not be bullshittin me, white boy."

I produced the wallet and ring. She said, "Guess not. I'm goin to kick his sorry black ass from here to the bowling alley."

I heard some old Motown music from the living room. I was reminded of the lyrics from an old Johnnie Taylor song from the '60s, "Who's making love to your old lady while you are out making love?" I absentmindedly started to sing it. Loraine, Tyrone's wife, looked at me, then said, "whitey, you think you can handle this?"

She opened the house coat. There was nothing underneath but black skin. She was the epitome of a black BBW, big tits, a thick belly and legs and an ample booty. She grabbed my hardening cock and said, "I guess you can, hon."

She pulled me into the living room and toward the sofa. She sat back and opened her legs. "You gotta lick it before you stick it, hon.'

She had no way of knowing that oral sex was my favorite foreplay, and I'm good at it. the pink gash surrounded by dark flesh looked very appetizing. I said, :Looks tasty. Ever had the tip of a nice soft beard brushed across that clit til you cum?" With that, I sank to my knees and buried my tongue in that tasty snatch. She reacted quickly to the tip of my beard on her clit and started to buck her pussy into my face. I stabbed two fingers into her pussy as I licked and turned them over to make sure they were pushing on her g-spot. She went rigid and came. My face was deluged. I had never done a squirter before.

As soon as she caught her breath, she said, "hon, for a white guy, you really know your way around a pussy. Come get your reward." I stood up and dropped my pants and sorts. I was ready for her. To my surprise, she deep throated me before I could get down between her legs. What a mouth. I think she could have taken the chrome off a trailer hitch. How could Tyrone not enjoy this? I dumped a huge load in her mouth and it disappeared with a gulp.

I was still hard, though. She said, "Come get it, white boy," and spread her legs. My cock was now where my tongue and fingers had been a few minutes ago. I did my best to hold on, but was very excited. Fortunately the blow job took the edge off and I was able to hang on long enough not to embarrass myself. I dumped my second load into her hot pussy.

Loraine got up and said, "Hon, I have an idea. I'll be right back." She disappeared into what looked like the kitchen, and I overheard one side of a conversation. She emerged a few minutes later with a very smug look on her face. She said, "I have the problem in hand. We have a few minutes. Want another shot at my pussy?"

I got down on my knees and cleaned my own cum from her pussy. She was ready for me, and gave me another bath within minutes. I kept going until there was a knock at the door.

Loraine got up on rather shaky legs to answer the door. She threw on her robe and opened it. In came two other black women, whom I guessed were the wives of Mickey and Maurice. Both were wearing thin house dresses. I couldn't tell if there was anything but them underneath.

I was introduced to Latisha, Mickey's wife. Sne was the exact opposite of Loraine, tall and gaunt. She definitely didn't need a bra. She could have been the model for Joe Tex's "woman with the skinny legs and all." The face wasn't bad at all, though.

Maurice's wife, Wanda, was in between. She had a Barbie body with a very skinny waste, big boobs and a booty you could park a Pontiac on. Her face was stunning, sort of a Michelle Obama face. In short, she was SMOKIN!

Loraine told Latisha and Wanda what she had discovered about my oral talents. My cock, getting hard again, was evidence of my other talent. They both looked at Loraine and shucked off their dresses and shoes. Both were bare-ass naked underneath. Latisha was a bit less skinny than I had feared, but Wanda was absolutely gorgeous. Wanda told me to lie down on the rug, but I said I wanted to taste both of them first. They both moved to the sofa and sat with legs spread to my gaze. I got hungry in a hurry.

I moved between Latisha's legs first, reaching my hand over to play with Wanda's furry pussy while I dug into Latisha's fur pie. Latisha's legs wrapped around my head as soon as I touched her clit, pressing me hard into that pussy. She moaned and her clit swelled to the size of my pinky under my tongue. She started dry but got wet in a hurry. Three of my fingers found her g-spot and massaged it. Her come was almost unnoticeable, just a shudder and a few quick pants, but she fell away from my face and collapsed.

I moved over to Wanda. This I was really going to enjoy! My fingers had done a good job warming her up, and her nether lips protruded almost a half inch. I parted them with my tongue to reveal the little pink pearl within. My beard brushed over it and Wanda stiffened in reaction. Two fingers entered her channel and I couldn't resist pressing one to the bud of her anus. The fingers went in easily, touching the tip of her cervix and causing her to stiffen again. To my surprise, my finger slid easily into her ass to the first knuckle. That caused her to shriek. I thought I had hurt her until she screamed, "do it to me, baby!" I stepped up the pace until she came with an ear-splitting scream.

Loraine, who had been playing idly with my cock and balls while I worked, pulled me back onto the rug and sat on my face. Wanda got up and sat on my upthrust cock, facing Loraine. I couldn't see them kissing, but could hear them. Loraine rode my tongue to another orgasm and deluged my face while Wanda rode my cock. Her pussy fit around it like a velvet glove, and I soon dumped my third load of the session into it. She continued to grind until she screamed through another orgasm.

"OK, let's go get those bastards and teach them a lesson!" said Latisha, who had recovered and slipped into her dress and shoes while we were busy. Loraine and Wanda agreed, and we all pulled ourselves together. We got into my car, with Loraine at the wheel and me in the back seat between Wanda and Latisha. My hands got busy under their dresses while they toyed with my cock through my pants and sucked my earlobes. It was weird, but it had the desired effect by the time we reached my place.

I let the four of us into the house. We settled on the floor in the living room and stripped again. Loraine had downloaded "Who's making love to your old lady" to her I-phone while we drove over and she set it to play at maximum volume in my dock. I lay down on the floor with arms spread, and Loraine took over my cock, facing my feet, while Wanda and Latisha each straddled my upturned fingers. Loraine then yelled at the top of her lungs, "LEROY, YOU BASTARD, GET YOUR SORRY ASS DOWN HERE NOW!"


Latisha surprised us all with how loudly she yelled, "MICKEY, YOU ARE A DEAD MAN IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!"

I heard the bedroom door open and three very surprised black men appeared at the head of the stairs. They sort of slunk down the staircase with their hands over their rapidly shrinking cocks, astonished at what was happening on the living room rug before them. Kitty appeared at the top of the stairs and exclaimed, "You've been busy while I've been upstairs entertaining." I smiled in agreement.

Just then the chorus of "Who's Makin' Love" hit the I-Phone again. Loraine, Latisha and Wanda joined in and sang along, "Who's making love to your old lady While you are out making love?"

If black men could be seen to blush, there were three blushers at the foot of the stairs. Leroy started, "but sweetie..." but he was cut off by Loraine.

She said, "I don't know how long you been up to this shit, but what is good for the gander is good for the goose. This white boy may not have your cock, but he really knows how to use what he got, and I think I'm gonna enjoy a little more of it before you take me home."

Latisha and Wanda chimed in, "Us too!"

A half hour later, I was exhausted, the three wives were satisfied, and the three husbands were cowed and contrite. I'm glad I wasn't going to be in any of those cars on the way home.

As we got ready for bed, Kitty confessed to me that after she took control of the guys, she actually enjoyed the attentions. She especially enjoyed having all three holes filled with cock. Mo's snake was perfect for her ass while Leroy and Mickey took turns in her mouth and pussy.

Strangely, this little tale has a happy ending. The wives decided they had been liberated by the experience, and were going to get some play time of their own. They've been at parties that Kitty and I have attended, and always seem to be the center of attention. Leroy, Mickey and Mo seem to be enjoying a bit more leash too, now that they don't have to hide their activities from the wives. All eight of us get together regularly for full-swap parties, usually featuring our pool or Leroy's hot tub and some great BBQ. Kitty usually ends up with three cocks in her while I'm enjoying Wanda's marvelous pussy and giving mustache rides to Loraine and Latisha.

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