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White Wedding

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A friend of mine whom I'll name Randy called me up to tell me he was getting married. The bride's parents were rich. The wedding would be held in the back yard at their country estate. It was a small house to them, a mansion to anyone else.

"I wanted you to be my best man -- or woman in this case," Randy explained. "But Missy wouldn't go for it. All I could convince her was for you to be a grooms man. I mean grooms woman."

"You're so whooped," I replied. "I would have loved being the best woman but I will settle for grooms woman. I hope Missy is worth it.

Do I get a tux?"

"Yes, you get a tux. Go by tux rental and get fitted. Just have them bill it to my account."

The wedding was three weeks after the phone call. I went to be fitted for a tux but didn't like the style Randy had for his grooms man. It was all right for a guy but not for a girl like me. I am 4'

11" tall and 89 pounds. I have long bright red hair. I don't have very big breast. Barely an "A" cup. I needed something that fit my style. So I picked out a tux especially for me. The lady that worked the fitting at the tux rental knew the colors in the wedding and helped me coordinate perfectly.

When I showed up at the wedding, well let's just say that jaws hit the floor. I was supposed to be in a black tux like the guys, white shirt, black stripe pants, a cummerbund and black morning coat with tails. What I was in was a white low cut blouse, waistcoat that matched the wedding color (I hate cummerbunds), a very short black mini skirt, black stockings and of course a black tux coat with tails.

Underneath I had on garters and string thong panties but no bra. To top it all off I wore a bow tie choker.

Of course that's what the mother of the bride, Randy's mother, and all the bridesmaids wanted to do: choke me. Randy on the other hand loved it. We had always been crazy and made each other laugh. He just stood there smiling and shaking his head.

"And you wonder why Missy didn't want you as the best man?" Randy finally said. It broke the ice.

Missy wasn't real thrilled, but the wedding went on without a hitch.

It was beautiful as the bridesmaids paraded by followed by Missy in her wedding gown. During the wedding I could feel the eyes of the crowd staring at me. The disapproval of the snobbish women was obvious. The men on the other had didn't disprove at all. Their eyes followed me everywhere.

The reception started following the wedding ceremony and everyone was dancing, everyone except me. I could hear the comments from the women to the men. "I can't believe she would come dressed like that. Don't let me catch you dancing with her."

This got me a little down so I took a stroll around the estate.

After a while I explored the house. It had lots of rooms and doors.

I opened one and found a library. It was full of bookcases to the high ceiling. A large fire place was dark. Leather chairs and couches were arranged in groups about the room. I was looking at the books in the shelves when I realized I wasn't alone. I walked around the end of one of the couches. One of the bridesmaids had the top of her dress down. The father of the bride was without his pants and his dick was bobbing between the large breasts of this girl. She was only a fourth his age and was being tit fucked by him. They stopped when they noticed me.

"Don't mind me," I spoke quickly. "Can I watch?"

"Sure," said******************************************************************







**************************d man's dick sliding between that young girls boobs I would shove my fingers deep into my puss. The old man kept looking at the girl, then at me and back to the girl. It wasn't long before he was shooting his wad all over her round breasts. The stuff was running down her neck towards the couch. He got off of her and she sat up. She had his white goo all over her neck running in different directions.

He ordered, "Go over there and let her clean you up."

The girl immediately got off the couch. She wasn't holding on to her dress and it slid to the floor. She had gone through the whole wedding without wearing one bit of underwear. She strolled over to where I was sitting. Her breasts hung into my face as she bent over.

I eagerly licked up the old man's come. It was salty and sweaty. I licked each boob and up to her neck. When I finished I kissed her, letting her have a taste.

She stepped into her dress and pulled it back up. The old man helped her clasp the back and the two of them strolled out the door.

As they were leaving, two of the other grooms men and the best man came through the door laughing. They had just decorated Randy's car in the driveway: shaving cream and the works. They suddenly stopped laughing when they spotted me. I was still sitting in the chair with my fingers in my cunt. My chin was shiny where I had licked the come off the bridesmaids tits.

The best man popped off, "Well, looky here! Got any of that for me?"

"No," I replied, "but you have something I want."

With that I removed the vest, skirt and blouse. I detached the garters from the stockings and pulled the garters off. When I sat back down, all I had on was those stocking and that damn bow tie. I directed the three guys to line up next to each other. Then I began undoing their pants and pulling out their cocks. I immediately started sucking them down. I beat two of the dicks off as I sucked on the third. Then I switched, rotating between the guys. I myself was really turned on. Any minute a group of wedding guests could come through the door and catch me in just my stockings while going at three large hunks of meat. With each dick going into my mouth I could feel my own body trembling with excitement. Then one right after the other, as if setting off a chain reaction all three dicks started spraying me. The large dicks were pulsing in my hands as streams of come was shooting at my face. I opened my mouth so to catch as much of the sweet goo as I could. It ran down my neck and covered my little tits, which were hard with excitement.

As the dicks ran dry and started to sag limply, the guys backed away from me and pulled up their pants. They just stood there staring at my naked body covered with their goo.

I heard the door open and some laughter. I saw a look of fear on the faces of the guys. They quickly moved towards the door and left as Randy and his new bride, Missy, came into the library. They wedding reception was gearing down and they were preparing to make their exit for the airport on their honeymoon. Randy had taken off the tails and was looking very handsome and dignified. After all he just married a gold mine. This house was now going to be his. Missy was in her bridal gown. She was gorgeous. It had spaghetti straps down to her large breasts covered in lace. It was a thick lace but if you stared hard enough you could make out just a little pink where her braless nipples were. The lace continued down to her hips where it formed a "V" shape pointing to her pussy in front and her ass in back. The lace had beads of pearl attached, giving it sparkle. The pearls matched the color of the silk that flowed from her hips to the floor.

When they saw me the laughing stopped. Randy wasn't smiling at me this time. Neither was Missy.

"Well, you've been busy having a good time, I see," Missy snapped.

I sat there covered in come, staring back. I didn't bow my head in shame. I showed them a smirk of satisfaction instead.

Missy looked at Randy, who hadn't moved or made a sound. Then she turned to me. She crossed the five or six feet dividing us. I thought I was about to get slapped. Instead she leaned down and kissed me. Opening my mouth, I took her tongue in as she licked the remaining come from my cheeks. She raised up in front of me and took a step back. Crossing her arms she pulled the straps down on her gown, lowering it past her breast. It made a pile at her feet up to her knees.

She was still gorgeous. Her breast wear large and round as melons.

Her nipples were small dark circles and stuck out like sewing bobbins.

She was wearing white lace stockings and a garter. That was all. Her blonde pussy hair was neatly trimmed for a bikini but her tan body showed no lines.

I was stunned by her reaction looking at Randy for some explanation.

He just stood their grinning and undoing his fly. I realized, and shouldn't have been surprised, that Randy would love this women. She was exactly what he needed in a bride.

She walked over and offered her hand to me. I took it and stood up.

We kissed as our bodies came together. Our arms wrapped around each other as if we were long time lovers. The come that covered me now spread to her tits as her warm body slid against my wet chest.

She moved me over and laid me on the couch, not relaxing our embrace.

She continued to explore my mouth with her tongue. Randy took off his clothes and moved up behind Missy. Without hesitation he started feeding his massive dick into her puss. She moaned into my mouth.

The excitement of the moment sent chills through my body and I started to shake. She released my mouth and licked the sticky come from chin and neck as she moved down to take in one of my nipples.

I could see Randy's face now as the sweat began to bead up on his face and chest. He was stroking his dick into Missy at a smooth, even pace. Missy must have been in heaven from the fucking but didn't miss a drop while she licked me clean. I slid up on the couch and she plunged that beautiful face into my wet pussy. When her tongue parted my lips, I went over the edge. The orgasm shook me from my feet to my head. I wanted to scream but was afraid the wedding guest would come running to investigate.

My orgasm caused another domino effect like the chain reaction of the grooms men earlier. Missy suddenly quivered and took one last lick of my cunt. This sent Randy over the top as he filled his new bride with his juices.

After we let the moment subside Missy and Randy started getting dressed in the clothes they had prepared for the honeymoon trip. I just sat there and watched them.

"What are you doing?" Missy asked me. "Get dressed. The plane leaves in an hour."

"So why do I need to get dressed?" I wondered.

"Didn't Randy tell you? He gave me you as a wedding gift. And you're one gift I am not leaving behind."

I jumped up and got dressed, not a bit mad at Randy for giving me away as if he owned me. When we were dressed, we headed out the front of the house where everyone was waiting, along with a limo. Randy tossed the keys of his car to the best man.

"It's a gift to you," he called. "Missy is going to buy me a new one for a wedding gift."

The look on the face of the best man was priceless as he realized that he had trashed his own car and would have to clean it up himself.

"Sorry it's a mess!" Randy laughed, "Got to watch were you park it."

We all three climbed into the limo and it sped off to the airport. I was happy to be the wedding gift to Missy. Then it hit me.

"I don't have any clothes for this trip!" I shouted.

"You wont need them," Randy and Missy responded in unison.

I sat back to enjoying the limo ride. I would call work from the airport to tell them to postpone any appointments. I was taking a spur of the moment vacation. That old saying came to me, as I watched the limo pull away from the house, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." I wasn't a bride or a bridesmaid. I wasn't the grooms woman, I was the brides woman and I was going on a honeymoon.

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