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While the Wife is Away - She Gets Home Early!

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So technically I was supposed to go into work for a while on Saturday. I knew I would likely be the only one so who was I supposed to call? So after fucking Hannah I called one of the other leads and left a voicemail that I wasn't coming in but call me if he thought I needed to come in. He always checks his voicemail during the day even if he isn't there so if he had a problem with it he would call. And he never did!

While I was on the phone my cock had slipped out of Hannah and she was reaching down and taking my cum and licking it off her fingers. She took another dip in and stuck them up to my lips as I was leaving my message and she was also laughing. I'm not sure how much of the "backgroud" noise made it onto the voicemail but??

So I hang up and tell Hannah you are a very bad girl and bad girls need to be punished! She said please don't fuck my ass! As she turned around and pointed it right at my stiffening cock. I said well I may just have to spank that ass of yours first before I fuck it and I gave her a smack. Now our dogs were not too pleased that so far they had not had anything to eat. When I smacked her ass one of our dogs barked which made us laugh and I smacked her again and he barked some more.

So now Mike and Laura are staggering out and Mike says what the hell is going on out here more joking than pissed. I said Hannah here has been bad and needs her ass spanked and fucked! Mike said um?? So why don't I take over while you feed your damn dogs so we can all go back to bed! I said sounds like a plan.

Laura sat on a bar stool, naked, next to Hannah as Mike moved behind her and smacked her ass. His cock was hard and he bent her over the counter and slid right into her tight ass. Laura said better your ass honey than mine! No way I'm going to let someone punish me with their cock in my ass. I said so you really don't like it up the ass? She said no it hurts too much as Hannah moaned I love it. It doesn't hurt and just knowing how bad it is to let a guy fuck me there makes me hot. Laura moved her right hand down to Hannah's clit and slid a couple fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with a couple others and said I like a nice hard cock right here and fingers on my clit. I fed the dogs in record time and moved over to Laura and slid my cock into her as Mike continued to pummel Hannah's ass. We stopped talking and got into fucking and in a few minutes Mike moaned I'm cumming as Laura and Hannah also started to cum. I was not ready by a long shot and continued to pump Laura. Laura said my butts falling asleep and started to push me away so she could stand up. I wasn't sure if she wanted to stop and was pleased when she turned around and leaned over the counter and pulled me by my cock back into her pussy. I fucked her about 10 more minutes while Mike and Hannah watched us and played with each others privates until I blew my load into Laura's pussy. I held it in her and leaned in and kissed her neck and rubbed her tits and told her what a nice fuck she was. I told Mike I hope you realize what a catch you have and he said I sure do! I then pulled out of Laura and Mike immediately went down and started licking her pussy. Laura was still leaning on the counter and really started to cum. In an couple minutes Mike stopped and we all decided we should get cleaned up and go to breakfast.

So while driving to breakfast Julie called and I put her on speaker phone and we all said hello. Mike and Laura introduced themselves and Julie said I can't wait to meet you both. I asked so are you still coming in at 5? She said no I got an early flight out. Gary understood I really wanted to come home to get in on all the fun you guys have been having and I'm actually at the airport waiting for my flight in half an hour so how about picking me up in about 2 hours? I said sure that we were just heading to breakfast and I'll come pick you up right after. I'll meet you at baggage claim. She said great - you guys enjoy breakfast and see you soon! We said bye and Mike was the first to say do you want us to go along? I said sure if you want to. Laura and Hannah said how about if you drop us off at your place after breakfast and we'll get the place made up before you get back from the airport. So we had breakfast, I dropped the ladies off and Mike and I went off to the airport which is only 15 minutes away.

I told him on the way that you will really like Julie. She loves everything so do whatever you want with her. He said great! It's so awesome that we figured out you guys like sex like we do. I said yeah so how did you and Hannah first get it on? He said Laura and Hannah had been secret lovers for a while, maybe a year or so. He had come home from work one day early about 6 months ago and found both of them in bed together and he decided right then he wasn't going to be mad as long as they included him from then on. He said Hannah has always been a joker and she just laughed when he walked in on them saying this isn't what it looks like. He said well looks like you too have been having sex in my bed with my wife! Yes that is what it looks like but before then we had been having sex in the shower, in the spare bedroom, the living room and the kitchen! I just shook my head laughing while taking my clothes off and said well I'm going to have sex with you right now! Hannah rolled onto her stomach and pulled her ass cheeks apart and said please don't fuck my ass is all, at least not without lube! Laura grinned and said I think she's just joking with you as I moved up and spit on her asshole and slid in! I lasted 2 minutes and Hannah said that's all! Laura said my little boy is quite excited as she smacked my cock as I pulled it out of Hannah's ass. Hannah said since you came so fast you have to lick my ass clean and I just bent down and did it! I've been Laura and Hannah's cuck ever since and enjoying every bit of it! I said that's awesome how you three got started!

I told Mike that we just happened into it with our friend Bill many years ago while we were still in college. She fell in love with his cock but in love with me. We got married and Bill was my best man. No one knew at the time he was also Julie's lover. On our wedding night Bill fucked Julie more than I did! It was awesome when we got to the hotel Julie was in her wedding dress. I carried our luggage in and before I even got the door closed Bill had Julie's dress up, her panties at her knees, his cock out and he was fucking her standing up against the open door! He did it on purpose to cuck me and I was totally into it. I let them fuck with the door open and some guy staying on our floor walked by and stood watching Bill fuck Julie and I went down and started licking Julie and Bill while the guy watched. I stopped and told the guy I'm the groom and would you like to fuck my bride after my best man finishes. He said absolutely. Bill came a minute later and I licked up his cum. Julie said let's move into the room.

The guy watching stripped and had Julie lay on the bed and he fucked her missionary and came in about 2 minutes. He pulled out and I licked his cock clean and then Bill said OK time for you to leave and showed the guy the door. Bill then took his clothes off while I returned to lick the guy's cum from Julie. Bill then said sorry buddy but not your turn yet and he mounted Julie again. He told me to go sit on the couch and he proceeded to fuck my bride for about 45 minutes. He fucked her missionary, then doggy then slid in her ass and fucked her ass till he came in her. He pulled out and had me lick his cock and her ass clean. Then he said OK you can fuck your bride. Julie had 3 loads from two men, one a total stranger on our wedding night before I got off! And I lasted a minute!

Mike was obviously in distress with a bulge in his pants as we pulled into the airport parking deck. I said and you will get to have my bride in a little bit. He said I've got to think pure thoughts or I'm going to cream my pants! I laughed and said good luck on that! As we were walking into the airport I added that after I came we got dressed into regular clothes and went down to the bar and that night Julie fucked 3 other guys so 5 guys beside's me enjoyed her on our wedding night! First she took two guys from the bar who were in town together on business and they had her put her wedding dress back on and took turns fucking her for about an hour before coming back down to the bar. Bill had met a woman and went with her to her room for a couple hours leaving me just hanging out at the bar by myself for part of the night. When Julie came back down with the two guys she picked up, she came and sat next to me and filled me in on what the guys did to her. The guy next to her was listening and she headed off to our room again with him and they fucked for a little over an hour. She came back with the guy and he said your bride is a real slut and I wish my wife was one tenth as good in bed as your bride. You are damn lucky! I got to spend the next hour with her in bed before Bill came back to the room and had me watch him fuck her. I fell asleep on the couch while they fucked and woke up to Julie sucking my cock. Mike said damn, I'll meet you at luggage claim I have to go jerk off in the men's room! I said have at it. I headed to luggage claim and looked around and saw Julie by carousel 2. I went up and hugged and kissed her. I told her Mike came with me and she had a puzzled look and I said he had to go to the men's room. I leaned in and whispered I filled him in on our wedding night and he had to go jerk off he was so excited! She laughed and said you have to be kidding. In a half hour he can dump his load in my pussy or ass! I said I know! He's young so I'm sure he will have more for you in no time!

Mike appeared then and she said to him, not in a soft tone, so I got you off before you even got to meet me? He blushed and said sorry. She said you will be if you can't get your cock up when we get home. Two guys nearby overheard all this and looked at her and you could tell they were wishing they could fuck her right then and there.

So we head back to our place and Julie is teasing Mike the whole drive back. We get into the house and find Hannah and Laura doing 69 in our bed. So we all strip and join in. Hannah's cell phone rings and it's her Mom, Megan, wanting to know where she is. At Sam and Julie's Hannah says. I couldn't hear her Mom but Hannah said I was at Mike and Laura's for dinner. You stopped by my place? OK I was over a friends house. ... Well if you really have to know I was at Tom's and we had sex all night. Now on the other end of the phone Hannah's sister, Lisa, had picked up and was hearing all this unknown to Hannah and her Mom as we found out later. I know, Hannah said, I'll be over in about an hour to help with sis's birthday tomorrow. There was quite a bit of dead time before Hannah said anything and in that time Julie moaned pretty loud fuck my ass hard Mike, fuck it hard. Now Hannah stopped talking because whe was listening to he Mom lecture her on all the things they had to do before her sisters birthday party. I was pounding her ass and she wanted to come! Hannah stammered I'll be there in an hour. She laughed yes I am having sex with Tom right now. No one is with us we have a porn film on. Now turned out Hannah's sister recognized Julie's voice right away and knew Mike had to be Laura's husband. Hannah's Mom wasn't too dumb either and figured the same thing out instantly. Hannah's Mom hung up and Hannah heard the phone click and dropped her cell onto the bed not realizing her sister was still listening in. Hannah had her head next to the phone and moaned fuck my ass good Sam, give it to me. Hannah's Mom yelled up to her sister that she was going to the store to pick things up for her party and would be back soon and Lisa hung up quickly so she wouldn't get caught listening in on her Mom's and Hannah's call. She said OK I'll just hang out here. Turns out Lisa turned 19 next Wednesday and they were going to have family over to celebrate on Sunday, tomorrow afternoon.

Now Hannah's Mom got in her car and drove straight to our place which is only 5 minutes away and carefully came in the front door. The dogs didn't even respond since they have seen her many times. Hannah's Mom could hear us down the hall and quietly walked down the hall and could watch us in the dresser mirror from the doorway but we couldn't see her. And what she saw was Hannah being fucked doggy style by me and Mike pounding Julie missionary position while Laura was sitting on Julie's face having her pussy licked. I said so I wonder what your Mom would do if she knew what kind of a slut you are? Mike said your Mom is hot - I get hard every time I see her big nipples poke through her blouse and bra. I wonder if she knows how that turns everyone on? Now Hannah's Mom was taking her clothes off in the hall and walked in naked at that and said yes I do know how that turns guys on. Hannah looked over at her Mom and had a shocked look on her face but her Mom just walked over and put her hand on her back and said don't stop I'll join in when I get a chance. Now her Mom is 57, petite, blonde long hair with small breasts but with puffy areola's and nipples that are about half inch long. I bent down and sucked on her right tit. Mike said man Mrs. P you are hot. She walked over to him so he could touch her nipples that he had already complemented. Hannah said I want to watch you do my Mom and moved and stood next to the bed. Her Mom came over and I had her lie down on her back and lifted her legs and slid right in to her wet pussy. Her Mom was moaning as Hannah watched and stroked my balls with her right hand and reached around and played with her Mom's clit with her left hand. Everyone was just watching Megan being fucked, even Julie who had stopped licking Laura and bent her neck up to watch.

Now we never heard her sister come in and the next bit is based on what our friend Bill told us later. Bill was just coming by hoping we were there so he could fuck Julie because Marie said she was going to a study group and wouldn't be back till late. Now Lisa was in the hall watching but we never knew it. Bill was driving up the street and saw Lisa come in the house and he came in a minute later and she never heard him. She was watching us and had undone her pants and dropped them and her panties to the floor and was playing with herself and was about to walk in on us when Bill came up to her and put his finger to her mouth to be quiet and had her follow him to the basement. He said you must be Hannah's sister Lisa and she whispered yes I am. She explained how she heard her Mom and Hannah talking and heard her sister having sex with me and followed her Mom here.

Bill had taken the rest of her and his clothes off and she was fondling his big cock and just staring at it. Bill said so it's your birthday? So have you been with any guys before as he stroked her bare pussy. She said she had started dating a guy for a little while a few months ago and they did oral sex a lot and she let him fuck her with a condom twice in one night. He liked having his cock sucked mainly so that's pretty much all they did except the one night that he fucked her. Bill said so for your birthday present from me how would you like to do something different? She said what do you have in mind? Well Sam and Julie have a sex swing I can set up and how about if I tie you up in it. She said sounds cool.

So Bill went to the closet in the "fun room" which is what we call our living room in the basement and pulled out the sex swing that we hang from a hook in the ceiling. He had Lisa lie back in it and put her feet in the stirrups first that had velcro straps that I added to tie a person down. He then laid her back and adjusted the head height so his cock lined up to her mouth and had her put her arms into straps that he also velcro'ed her into and that he tied to two other hooks in the ceiling. This left her arms when in a limp position in a horizontal position. Then he went up front and adjusted straps so his cock was lined up to her pussy and slowly slipped into her. She moaned and then he pulled out and knelt in front of her and licked and played with her pussy. He told her how beautiful her pussy lips were and complimented her on having it bare. She said her boyfriend liked her bare and he also shaved himself bare for her and even though she wasn't seeing him anymore she continued to keep it bare because she liked the feel of her silk panties on her bare pussy. He went back to licking and playing with her pussy until she started to cum. Then he got up and re-entered her pussy and began to slow fuck her with his big cock. She was cumming even more as he picked up his speed. She was shaking with a massive orgasm and just held his cock deep in her as she came. Then he pulled out and went up to her head and told her that her sister was a great cock sucker and he was wondering how good she was. She took his cock to the base and swirled her tongue on his cock and he moaned oh you are just as good, as he also stroked her pussy and clit with his left hand! He face fucked her for a few minutes then moved back down and started in on her pussy again. He lasted about 5 minutes and came in her. He said I hope it's all right that I filled you with cum? Lisa said yes I'm on the pill since she had told her Mom that she was having sex with her boyfriend. Bill said cool! So I'm going to go upstairs now and let everyone know you are down here and I'm sure Sam or Mike will be down soon to fuck you some more. She said so far this is my best birthday present! He went up and kissed her and said hang tight birthday girl!

Well Paul walked right in on us naked and now I has on my back and Hannah was sucking my cock and Julie was sitting on my face so I could lick Mike's cum from her pussy. Laura was getting her pussy licked by Megan and Mike was fucking her in the missionary position. Paul walked over and tapped Laura's shoulder and he moved up and said hi Hannah's Mom and stuck his cock in her mouth. He then said so how do you like my cum with Lisa's? Hannah and her Mom's eyes went wide and Hannah said, since Bill wouldn't let Megan release his cock, you just fucked my sister Lisa? Bill said yes she snuck in behind your Mom and I took her downstairs and tied her up in Sam and Julie's sex swing and fucked her good like she wanted. She wants Mike or Sam to go fuck her now. Mike looked at me and said you go first I want to cum in "Mom" first! So I rolled out from under Hannah and Bill went over and put Laura down and slammed into her pussy with his hard cock.

Hannah and Julie followed me down to the basement. It's always exciting to see a woman tied up in our sex swing, helpless and vulnerable but it's even more erotic seeing a 19 year old girl, tied up with cum dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy. We all went up to her and I said Happy Birthday Lisa! She said thanks. We all stroked her body and Hannah said hi sis, so how about if I lick you first? She said please do! So Hannah knelt between her sisters legs and began licking her pussy clean of Bill's cum and I bent over and sucked one of her tits while Julie worked the other. Julie moved up and began tongue kissing her as I moved from one tit to the next. Lisa was moaning and I stood up and Julie switched with me but I put my cock to Lisa's mouth and she sucked me right down. She could swirl her tongue around my cock head then take me to the base. She was an unbelievable cock sucker. I said I've had my cock sucked great but man you are really good. She smiled back at her with her eyes giving me that I'm a slut look. Even though she couldn't use her hands she could control sucking my cock like she had two hands on it. I had to pull out or I would cum too soon. Hannah stood up and said I want to watch Sam fuck you. I moved down and slipped in and Julie and Hannah watched as I pounded away. I lasted only a few minutes and emptied my cum into her young, tight cunt. I moved out and Julie moved in and licked my cum from Lisa's pussy and Hannah came over and took my cock in her mouth to clean me up. I was ticklish and had to have her stop. I bent over and kissed Lisa and said I'll go get Mike so he can fuck you.

Mike, Megan, Bill and Laura were laying next to each other chatting when I came in and Mike and Laura got up and left me and Bill with Megan between us. Her pussy was sticky and swollen from all the fucking she had gotten. We chatted about what they had been doing and I filled Megan in on things we did to Lisa while Bill and I stroked her pussy, tits and nipples. I was soft but enjoyed having her play with my cock while I watched her bring Bill back to life. He can fuck. He rolled her one her side facing me and started fucking her again as Hannah came in and was on her phone. She hung up and said she had called Tom and told him to round up her other two boyfriends and get over here because we had pretty much worn me and Mike out and Paul wouldn't be able keep all of the ladies satisfied by himself! I said looks like we are going to have a long night! And I'm hungry! Chinese anyone? Hannah said food or guys?

More later! My cock is still sore!

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