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What a birthday

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Having been together for almost 20 years gifts were getting old at least the gifts we could normally afford were. So the week before my birthday my wife tells me.  My gift to you is that we will go out and do whatever you want, no questions asked and no objections from me. WOOHOO!! I yelled, I bet that she thought I would simply make her mouth attached to my cock all evening long and that would be it.  HAH! fat chance!

She told me that she had already gotten my parents to look after the kids and everything else was up to me.

First up dinner at a special place and then dancing  (she hates dancing) then a night in a hotel. I picked out her outfits for her for while we were out and for in the room later, dyed her hair blonde (just to mess with her). She was to wear a mid thigh black skirt with hot pink panties, a matching shelf bra that made her 40GG breasts stick out even more, black fishnets a very thin silky black cami with matching wrap and a nice flat shoe. Red lipstick was almost a must. We were going out to the most expensive steak house in town, (after calling in a couple of favours to get a table on short notice). I sent her out for a professional ALMOST brazilian wax job the day before.

Birthday arrived and we dropped the kids off at parents place and headed home to get ready. As she stepped out of the shower I let her know that it starts now and that what I want is sex 40 times one for each year I have been around. She looked at me and much as I love you I really dont think you can cum that many times.  I said, I never said I was going to cum 40 times, just 40 sex acts. And this is number one, I grabbed the towel from her, turned her around and slammed my 8 inch cock into her soaking wet  pussy. I fucked her hard and fast grinding her into the sink, bumping her head again the mirror and not a single word of complaint. She came hard pushing back on to my cock after about 2 minutes. I let her calm down, turned her around and ordered her to suck my cock full of her juices. She hesitated at first but then when I reminded her of her promise she agreed and got down on her knees and started licking my cock and balls all over. She started alternating jerking the shaft while licking the head and deep throating me. I let the pleasure continue for about a minute before I pulled her off saying.. heh you are not getting me off that easy but you better get used to the flavor. She just moaned and pushed her lips on to mine tonguing me and forcing as much of my precum into my mouth as possible. I kissed her back just as hard. Told her I loved her and that was numbers 1 and 2. Then I let her go finish getting ready while I shaved.

I came out of the bathroom to see her bent over pulling on the last stocking, the glimpse of hot pink panties was just slightly visible and I grew instantly hard again. She is 5' 3" normally dark (but now dyed blonde) hair that is very deliciously wavy and reaches most the way down her back. She weighs around 190 but most of it is in her very large 40GG breasts and nicely rounded ass. The type of girl that sir mix alot sang about. She rarely wears makeup and does not need to. Her asshole is a delicious pink and her pussy while it can seemingly grow to fit as much as I want in there is also very tight when I am screwing her brains out. She really likes doggie style which is a huge weakness for me because almost as soon as  I get behind that wonderful ass and grab those luscious hips the mere thought of it damn near makes me cum if I want to last any time at all I actually have to fantasize about being with women who are not as hot. Even worse is that finally after all these years she is letting me and sometimes asking for anal sex in that position.

I moaned a low deep moan and let her know just how beautiful she looked. I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply, the amount of cleavage showing was intoxicating, her boobs pressed upwards and forwards did the justice that they deserved. I wondered how I could last the night and my cock wondered to and starting inching upwards along her thigh and just giggled and reached down and gave him a few tugs and said.  Hurry up and get dressed. I went underwear-less with a my nicest dress pants and a black silk dress shirt.

We went outside to the first surprise of the evening for her of a limo.  The driver let her in first, then me. It was one of those newer style jobs that had all sorts of entertainment in  them with very large wide seats that could easily fit a few adults fucking. I let the driver know where we were going and asked him to take a longer route since we did not have to be there for an hour. I started kissing and nibbling my wife's ear snaking my hands across boobs until the nipples were nice and erect. Slowing pulling her massive breasts out of the bra and sucking on the nipples. I moved down to her crotch and nibbled up one leg and down the other, kissing and tonguing her pussy under her panties.  She was still nice and wet from the fucking a few minutes ago as I pulled her panties to the side and licked and fingered her to another orgasm, her moaning out loud and grabbing the back of my hair and forcing my lips and tongue to mash her clit. I knelt up, undid my zipper and pulled her panties to the side again and slipped it all in to my balls in one swift silky motion. I brought her lips to mine and we started a tongue battle literally trying to suck the other persons tongue out of their mouth. I humped my engorged cock into her about 10 times before cumming slamming in real hard and cumming deep in her hot wet cunt. She reached down and massaged my balls milking them as much as she could, humping back and bringing herself to her own small orgasm. I pulled out and let the panties slip back over her cunt and watched as the pink turned to a dark wet pink and some cum leaked out down the sides. I forced my cock into her mouth and made her clean me up FIRST TIME EVER. I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop, and stuck my tongue deep in her mouth tasting our combined juices with her. I sat back and just left myself hanging out. As we got closer to the restaurant. I ordered her to start sucking again.

And she said, no! the driver will see. I said no? excuse me? and she said fine, whatever its you he will see, not me.

She slurped my cock into her mouth and started sucking me, she started humming around my cock and the vibrations were fantastic. I was rock hard and tickling the back of her throat by time we pulled up and the driver opened the back door. A couple that were walking by and wondering who was in the limo happened to glance in and they both clearly saw my wife knelt over me, ass in the air sucking on my cock. I reached back and pulled her dress up more without her noticing, revealing the soaking wet panties and cum leaking down her leg the husband just smiled and gave me the thumbs up. The wife, licked her lips in lust and they turned away to go in. I pulled my wife's skirt back down and told her.. okay you can stop now and put my cock away and she did. (that was now 6). We got out my wife brushing skirt straight and me trying to shift my hardon to not be quite so noticeable. I noticed my wife glancing down at the enormous bulge in the drivers pants, he had to be 10 inches, I was very happy to see he enjoyed the show my wife gave him at my command and the power I had over my wife and through her all these men was intoxicating. Our driver pulled the car away from the door to a close by parking area as we went in.

I followed my wife in and could smell the sex emanating from her it was glorious. The spot I had reserved, was right in the middle of the restaurant, in the most brightly lit place, but with a very small two person table instead of the bigger ones they usually have as my wife realized when she was sitting down, because of her delicious ass the skirt folded and came WAY high up on her leg and was exposing the tops of the fishnet stocking to anyone on either side. She tried squirming to get it covered but it was no good, she was too preoccupied with the sides and totally forgot about how much she was flashing her hot pink soaking wet panties to everyone behind me. I turned and looked and could see many of the men in the room taking a first and then second long glance. I wondered if they could make out the cum on the sides of the panties or if they just assumed they knew what it was. After a few minutes of fidgeting she finally got settled and the host who had seat us realized just how mesmerized he was by her bouncing breasts and shook his head clear and walked away sporting a hardon. I laughed and whispered pointing it out to her and said not nearly as big as the drivers that you were staring at eh? She blushed and said, its your fault for dressing my like a slut. I said correction, dressing you like MY SLUT and smiled at her. We had WAY more service then can be usually expected at a busy time like this as the waiter came by within 5 minutes, the water boy came by, the host came by again to make sure the other two had come by and even the manager had shown up to make sure everything was going good. All barely even glanced at me and spent most of the time staring at my wife magnificent boobs, she was obviously noticing the attention as her nipples were standing at attention and pushing the bra out even more so that with the right angle you could actually see them. Every guy walked away sporting a hardon and I even caught my wife licking her lips while staring after a while as the wine was flowing quite generously and her inhibitions were lowering even more.  The meal was delicious, the soup, salad and main course steaks were perfect sized and perfectly done. I excused myself to go to the washroom after we ordered dessert. I ran into the guy from the couple who caught a glimpse outside and he said. Hey buddy.. whats a limo like that cost anyway?  I told him it was reasonably priced and if you knew the right people you could get it for a real deal. I asked why? Thinking of going out? He laughed and said, heh, the wife has been hornier then hell since we saw you guys and wants to suck and fuck in one. Not part of the plan but right there my plans changed slightly and I said. If you dont mind us watching, you guys have about a 30 minute ride to the other side of town with us to do what you need. I handed him a card to give to the driver and said you have about 20 minutes of our dessert to decide. Be in there before us if you want. I did my business and washed up, leaving the bathroom the couple stormed past me, her discreetly "yelling" I cant believe you said something you are a pervert!

Oh well I thought, no harm to me in trying, we had an exquisite fluffy white thing for dessert it was very sweet and tasted very sinfully loaded in calories, we fed each other like newlyweds and thoroughly enjoyed it all. We paid and left the building to our waiting limo. We got inside and .. the couple was there. The woman nervously drinking a glass of wine and the guy grinning like the Cheshire cat. My wife said umm.. what?  As the driver closed the door I let her know about how they had saw her giving me head earlier and if she didn't mind they would be the in house entertainment on our drive to the club . Of course she could not say no, so a simple sure.. was all she could eek out. The driver slowly pulled away from the curb as the man introduced themselves and I poured a large glass of wine for the wife and me. His wife (Amanda) gulped her wine back as I took it all in, she was maybe 5' 11" red hair that looked to be real and a nicely proportioned breasts about maybe a C cup. VERY long legs and dressed in a very nice white blouse and pants. He was about 6' 6" and very well muscled, if I had to guess I would say he played football. I said, just pretend we are not even here, and I switched off the overhead light above us so make it seem more like we were not.

As our eyes adjusted we noticed Will slowly start nibbling Amanda's ear and lick and nibble his way down her neck, you could see the goose bumps rise on her arms as she melted into his caress.  I reached my arm around my wife and gently rubbed my fingers up and down her neck, playing with her ears a little.

Will reached down and started undoing his wife's blouse, slipping his hand in and massaging her breast, while she had turned and was french kissing him back, forcing her tongue in his mouth and squeezing his ass.

He slowly slipped her shirt off and over her shoulders, exposing her baby blue bra. When he dipped his head down to lick and nip and her cleavage I noticed the goose bumps starting to form on my wife. He undid the clasp on the front of the bra and let it fall off and backwards to join her blouse. Her nipples were pink with a very small aureole and about 2 inches long and very erect. She moaned and pulled Will into her as he bent even further and started sucking them and rubbing them and licking her boobs all over. She reached down and started playing with herself while clenching bill to her chest she turned to stare directly at my wife and I and started cumming. A very low moan turned into a groaning and a shriek before she collapsed backward, never once breaking eye contact with us. She lay there breathing hard for a few seconds before sitting up and wiggling out of her pants to reveal a pair of matching pale blue  thong panties that separated her ass cheeks perfectly.

She pushed Will pack undid his pants and pulled his rapidly hardening cock out of his pants.  It was circumsized about 7 inches long and about double the thickness of mine it looked like a freakin monsters cock it was so thick. The precum was already glistening on the tip as Amanda grasped it in her hand and once again looked directly at us...or as I now realized directly at my wife. She stroked it up and down grasping it very firmly and forcing even more precum out the tip. I notice my wife breathing a little heavier and realized that she had not seen another cock in real life other then mine for close to 20 years. I glanced down at her boobs and the nipples were very erect once again I bent over and started kissing her nibbling my way to her neck, she was breathing heavier and heavier, I cupped her right breast in my hand and worked my way down her chest nibbling and kissing all the way. I undid her bra and pulled it down and popped her tits out,  and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. Amanda and Will both let out a small groan and I turned to see them both drinking us in. Wills cock was very hard and veiny even thicker then when she first pulled it out of his pants, the precum was pouring out the top and we watched as Amanda slowly licked the head, the kissed her way up and down his cock.

I sat up leaving my wife's tits out, and she made no move to cover up and we watched mesmerized as Amanda stretched her mouth around Wills massive cock. Slowly up and down she went forcing her mouth all the way down to the base and buried in his pants. We could see her throat contracting around him trying to swallow him whole and heard her gagging on him. It was our turn to let out a simultaneous groan. She kept this up for about 5 minutes up and down and back and forth, licking, sucking swallowing, bathing his cock in her spit all the while whenever not buried right to the limit in his crotch she was staring at my wife. Finally Will pulled Amanda off his cock and she pulled off her underwear to reveal a neatly trimmed red haired bush with some very large lips. I wanted to dive right in and suck on that pussy but instead just licked my lips and pulled my wife closer to me. Will pulled off his pants and undwerwear to reveal he was completely shaved, his proud and large cock jutting out over two massive balls. They were almost absurdly huge, and the viens on his cock were standing out thick and pulsing. He was dripping from Amandas saliva and his precum. My wife's eyes were bulging out of her head drinking in every single detail of his cock. I dont think she even realized that she had reached down and was rubbing her own pussy through her dress and panties.

Amanda bent down and sucked each of Wills big balls while slapping his cock on her face. Then she pushed him down on the seat of the limo turned to face us and put her pussy just over his cock with the head just barely in. But with the car rocking back and forth Will was trying to hold her steady and she was trying to not fall over and her pussy kept slipping off and missing this happened two three times before I whispered to my wife.  Go hold his cock steady for her. she was up in a flash and kneeling in front of them grabbing his super thick cock in her hand, her fingers could not even touch on the other side he was so thick. Amanda said Thanks and slowly lowered herself onto his cock.  My wife kept holding on until Amandas pussy was resting on top her obvious women juices spreading out and over my wifes hand. She went to pull away and Amanda said.. no wait.. keep holding it for me, which my wife was seemingly more then happy to oblige. As Amanda moved up and down slowly at first and then faster and harder she was slamming Will's cock into her and at the same time rubbing her lips all over my wifes hand. After a while my wife started matching Amandas movements and was following her pussy up and down. She was basically jerking Wills massive cock off while he fucked his wife, and I dont know if she realized it or not but she was helping Amanda get there as well with her handing rubbing in there. After about 10 minutes of slamming herself up and down, Amanda started to moan and squeal, she was twisting her nipples and pulling on them and started moving in faster and shorter strokes before she slammed down one final time and let the orgasm rip through her. Will said.. oh shit baby I'm gonna cum.. Amanda jumped off and turned around and commanded Will to cum on her tits, all the while my wife was actually jackin off his huge cock, no pretense of just holding him now, she was fall on bringing another man to orgasm. She reached up and massaged his gigantic balls and that sent him over the edge.  Amanda leaned in closer pushing her ass up in the air, I could see how widely stretched her pussy was, still gaping open, glistening with her juice and a very bright red. Bill started to cum the first shot arched out and up so hard it went over Amandas head and landed on her back the second hit her in the face and the third and fourth shots hit her in the chest and rolled down her tits. All the while my wife was still jerking his cock. She looked like she was hypnotized and the fifth and six spurts just shot out and landed on her arm and hand. Amanda brought her tits to her face and licked the cum off, then leaned down and licked my wifes hand clean before she pulled it away from her and sucked it in. The cum on Amandas back had just completed its trail down her back and slid into her asscheek.

My wife turned around and looked at me, bright red with embarassment.  I said, wow, umm enjoy yourself much? She was trembling all over and I noticed she was breathing real hard. I said, wow.. did you cum just now too?  She nodded her head. I got her to come back over to me and I reached under her dress to feel her panties THEY WERE DRIPPING WET, never before have they been this wet. I pulled my cock out and pushed her panties to the side and fucked her hard and fast for about 2 minutes before her cumming sent me over the edge and I dumped a load of cum deep inside her.

As we sat up we had noticed the limo had cum to a stop.  Will and Amanda had gotten dressed and were sitting there watching us. We thanked them and they got out of the car when our driven Al opened the door. My wife and I still panting sitting up said, we will be a few minutes, to which Al said.  I dont blame you, that was fuckin hot. We realized that we never asked him to put the window up and I guess he must have caught most of the show. I caught my wife looking at the huge bulge in his pants again as he walked away.  I said... something about him that catches your eye? She never said anything. I said come on I just watched you jerk another mans cock off and cum while doing it dont you think you can be honest with me?

Fine she said.  I want to see Als cock. I need to see it.

I rang the front and asked Al to come to the back. He opened the door and said yes?  Have a seat Al, my wife has something she wants to ask you.

His eye shot up but he got into the back and sat on the other side where Amanda and Will had just been. He was about 6' 2" well built, blonde hair shaved close and wearing the classic chauffeur uniform including cap. He said. What is it?  I told my wife. So ask him. She bit her lip. And mumbled.. CnIseyrck.  Al said.. sorry, what was that? You are going to have to speak up.

She poured and gulped down a glass of wine.  Can I see your cock please?

Al chuckled.. looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and he said sure.

He unzipped he pants, reached his gloved hand in and slowly pulled out a massive at least 8 inches long soft cock.

My wife blurted out, I mean hard, can I see it hard? I looked at her opened mouth astonished at how brash she was being. Al shrugged his shoulders and started stroking his hand up and down, bring himself to an erection. I told my wife, take off your top and let him see your tits, help him out a little she had her top and bra off in a flash, rolling and pinching her nipples. Al groaned a little and started stroking faster, his cock now a massive rock hard 11 inches with a cock head that was about two inches long all by itself.  Al was stroking himself while staring at Dennae's breasts and licking his lips. The first little precum came out the top of his cock and all of a sudden my wife was on her knees in front of him licking the head.

My draw dropped to the floor.. What the hell? My instantly hard cock told me to shut up and watch.

Dennae started to lick it up and down all over the head. She wrapped both hands around his cock and still had enough room to start sucking the head. She was swallowing alot so I could only assume Al was pumping out precum by the buckets. After about 5 minutes of sucking and slurping on his cock she abruptly stood up. ripped off her dress and panties (leaving the fishnets on) turned around looked me right in the eye and slowly loweered herself on that massive cock.  She got the first 8 inches in no problem but then started to meet the usual limit of where I would reach. She groaned real hard and slowly went up and down, getting more and more in her until she was resting on his balls. Al wrapped his gloved hands around and grabbed her boobs and pulled her down even more and my wife's mouth opened in a silent oh! as she rocketed through and orgasm. She caught her breath, opened her eyes, staring right at me again and started to fuck Al's cock into her over and over, really fast and hard, screaming louder and louder oh god, oh god your cock is so fucking big, stab me with your cock, fuck me, make me cum againnnnnnnnn... and she came again switching from slamming on him to grinding into him.  I ripped my pants off and came closer to her, feverishly jerking my cock off. She opened her eyes again and said... oh fuck yeah, you like that? you like seeing me cum from another cock, my cunt is so full oh fuck yes,, cum on me.. fuck yes... And she was slamming herself up and down on that massive cock again. Al switched from holding her breasts to grabbing her hips and started slamming into her... Dennae was going out of her mind yelling fuck this and fuck that and oh god yes, and Al grunted a couple of times and my wife's eyes flashed open and she said.. oh god yes, he is cumming in me, holy fuck he is cumming hard... I came again, shooting cum all over her tits and she knelt forward catching the last drop and sucking my cock into her mouth while Al continued to pump load after load into her mouth and she came again one final time sucking my cock so hard I thought it was going to fall off and finally collapsing off of Al, A huge stream of cum trailing out of her very widely stretched pussy.

Al got up and was about to leave and I said, just take us home. And thats was that. It was no where near 40 sex acts, but I intend to cash those in another time

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