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What's good for the goose ( Part V )

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My lower body was now shaking on my knees for what was about to come. He used my own juices to lubricate my ass as I tried to relax to give him easy access. Ron was gentle as he probed his cock little by little and gave my butt ample time to adjust to his enormous size cock. I could scream it out and stop right than and there, but instead I began to move with his rhythem and pulled him in only deeper to receive the best ass fuck I hed ever in my life. His balls were slapping against my lips and made a loud noise that made me hornier by the minute. I inched over to Julien and Alice and helped her sucking him off. The sheer enjoyment of having this monster meat ramming my asshole and having my husbands cock in my mouth and feel my best girlfriends tongue probe into mine was to much to take and I was about to pass out as Ron gentley slid out of me and left me breathless for a few seconds. I didn't know what to say, as I was about to become even more speechless. I placed myself next to Julien on the couch and lit a cigarette as it helps me calm down. We were all saying how good it felt and we wished we had done this a long time ago. Ron and Alice were sitting on the floor now. Alice leaning on Juliens knee and Ron on mine. Alice took the last zip from her drink and put the glass down and started sucking Julien off again. This was probabely a sign for Ron to scoot me forward and start licking my pussy that by now was aching for an other round. I noticed how the two that served us kept looking at each other while they were orally serving us. Their hands were touching each others bodies and faces. When Alice came up for air she said; Is the truth or dare over yet ? I said what do you mean. She replied I have one for Ron. OK let's have it, LOL. She said she dared Ron to suck off Julien and let him cum in his mouth. I thought I was gonna dieee.

You have to know Julien for that one. He is 100% man and wouldn't even think about having as much as touch a guy, so I thought LOL. I looked in horror at Julien, than looked at Ron, who was smiling, and than looked at Alice who was smiling too, LOL. What did I just miss ? Than Alice said come on Wendy, the guys saw us together, now it's time for us to have some eye candy, because after all, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander and we have have some mighty nice ganders here, wouldn't you say so ? My mouth fell open and all I could do was laugh. I still wouldn't believe it until I saw it. I compossed myself and said, OK Let's have it let's see some show, I am ready, LOL. OK Here is how it works she said, she sucked Juliens cock off a little bit, played and kissed for a few minutes, all the while pulling Ron closer and closer. When his face was over Juliens now hard again cock, she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him while bringing his face closer to Juliens cock which she held in her other hand. When her lips started to touch Juliens cock she told him to open his mouth and softly massaged Juliens Cock into Ron's mouth. For a minute or so sthey both licked and sucked the head and by then she was just jerking him of in Ron's mouth. Ron seem to be doing just fine as Alice stood quietly up and joint me on the other side of the sofa as we watched the boys paint the town red. I was still in awe but sooooooooo turned on seeing my husband getting head from a Guy. I was arroused, puzzeled, wet, cottonmouth etc all of the above. After a few minutes, seeing Ron sucking off Julien I couldn't stand it any more and began Kissing and Fingering Alices wetness. She made cum in no time and I wanted her to cum sooooo bad too. Ron Stood up and told Julien to lay on the floor and told me to get on top of him in a 69 position. He told Alice to go on with sucking Julien of and Ron got behind me. So here we were, LOL I was in a 69 position with Julien, as my best Girlfriend sucked his Cock and her Boyfriend was about to take me from behind. I knew Julien had never done this in his life, or had he ? ! As Ron entered me again from behind, I was so wet, that I could hardley feel it. So he said that he had too much of my cum on his cock and needed to remove some. No tissues, no towels, he Had Julien lick my cum off his cock. I never saw it, because of the position I was in but I knew he went back forward, between my cunt and Juliens mouth. The back and forward rocking motion with Rons cock between my cunt and Juliens mouth was enough to drive me up the wall. When Ron was about to cum he said he was going to shoot his load deep into my pussy and that after that he wanted me to stay facing the same way but come up straight and give his cum to Julien. I thought I was going to loose it by just the thought alone. I have never ever been this turned on in my entire life. Well, Ron Came LOL. He must have saved it up the whole month, because it seemed like he was pouring buckets into me. I was allready dripping before he pulled out of me. I was just afraid I was going to drown poor Julien. But he took it like a trooper and swore he even swallowed a bit. After I dismounted Juliens face my clit brushed his mouth and lips which was enough to give me one more little orgasm, if you can believe that. The moral of the story is, is that we did something that even we never thought of entering into, until it presented itself, and before I married Julien, I have been with men, that allways had the same dull fantasy, yup you guest it: two girls, and although I enjoy being with a woman everytime, wether it is in a three, four or moresome with my husband, because we don't play as singles, in most swing situations, it is never even suggested as to what the participating women like to watch. Just keep in mind, what is good for the goose is good for the Gander.

Wendy and Julien.

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