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Welcome Aboard

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Welcome Aboard

This is chapter two of “Sailors Delight” posted here at an earlier time….

In this the 2nd adventure of Jill, I will tell you of our night down on the docks celebrating the return of one of our sailor friends.

Wow ! was it hot. Even late in the afternoons it was hot. The breeze off the gulf was bringing the humidity in with it. I had just finished cutting the grass and walked around back to check on Jill. She was working in her flower garden out by the back privacy fence; I stopped on the porch and watched her for a minute, big round straw hat, little fish net tank top and some short shorts, mmm mmm. She looked up and waved so I ducked in and got us a cold drink and headed out her way.

After a long drink she said “ you know Steve’s boat docks here next weekend, They just put in down around Naples and he called and left a message’.

After a quick flash-back to the last time we had gotten together with Steve, (Jill had a sassy kinda smile on her face for three or four days after that) I ask her if she would like to go down to the docks and watch the boats tie up that evening, but before she answered I saw her nodding her head over her shoulders for me to look that way…Ah haha-ha  there was ole Mr. Johnson from next door with his head at the knothole watching us. Mr. Johnson was a retired mailman, whose wife ragged on him a lot, but he and Jill were friends, they “farmed” together in their gardens. Jill smiled at me and with her tits bouncing inside her net top turned facing Mr. Johnson and waved “Hi Ed I’ll stop in latter”

“Jill we’d better go on in before pour ole Ed keels over ” So while we left Ed to ponder his choices in life, we went in to make a few of our own. When I came out of the shower Jill was sitting at the computer looking through some pictures from the night at the cabin with Steve, She was telling me she definitly wanted to go and see the boats tie up and if I was ok with it, could we spend a “special” night with Steve ? Hey a deal is a deal I said,I had never seen Jill so hot as that night, and it had carried over to our sex lives’ at home and I did say we had a deal to do a round two . So hell yea I was up for it. I noticed Jill was getting quite horny as she was looking through the pictures of Steve and I taking turns on her pink large lipped pussy from last time we met. I moved behind her and started to massage her tits, to pull and pinch her nippels, they were nice and puffy now, standing up tall,as I let my towel fall to the floor she turned half way to meet me and took my cock in her hands as she slowly stroked my shaft she cupped my balls wih her off hand and was quickly bringing me to full erection. It was at this point she mentioned a quick trip to get her hair and nails done would be nice…”O yes that would be great !” as my cock head slid half way in across her fat pouty lips, she licked my shaft and slowly circled my head with her mouth she was lubing me up for something new I’d been getting since Steve was with us, Jill was teaching herself to deepthroat… Jill took me half way down then pulled way bac tilted her head and with a couple of small gags she took me to my balls. Pure extacy…after a minute of this Jill pulled back and started to masterbate me and told me that “I really could use a new outfit and shoes” …”O yes you really do need that” I replied as I guided her mouth back down on my cock. Now I was receiving her full attention, my cock and balls both were swelling,I had Jill kneel in front of me as she laid her head back stuck her tounge out and waitted. I stroked my cock with the head resting on her tounge As I started to cum my first shot went across Jill’s tounge and cheek, by the second shot she had me completely swollowed to the base of my cock and was milking me.. After I had finished Jill to climax with her large black dildo, I realised that I had agreed to dinner and drinks at the place of her choosing also ! lmao ! I’ll be damned, Now just to put it all in motion.

The week seemed to fly by, Friday we drove across town to a erotic clothing store. Jill wanted to have something really sexy for Steve when he got off the boat. She picked out a white mini skirt a strapless top with blue and white horizonal stripes and some wide pattern fishnet stockings Jill said the little hottie from the store was “extra helpful” helping her fit her new top in the dressing room and she came out with her nipples clearly showing through her new top. Which seemed to plz Niki the store clerk quite a bit.

Saturday, ah today is the day Jill took the car and promised to return with a new hair style, I headed off to pack the carmera bag and a few other things I didn’t want to miss a chance to shoot another night with Jill and Steve.

We ended up at a trendy tourist spot on the beach to eat, Jill drew quite a few sneaky looks from wishful thinking young men at the bar. Her top dropped down off her shoulders and the neck line plunged toward her belly button Jill had a blast flirtting with and flashing the guys at the next table.

When we arrived down on the dock I found a parking spot so we could see the dock and check out the crowd .Which was thankfuly small just a couple of older retired guys and three or four women who husbands were probaly on borad with Steve.

When we spotted Steve leaving the boat Jill jumped out and went to meet him, After a breif but excitting welcome home for Steve, Jill posed for a few pics with Steve and some of his friends with the Coast Guard Cutter in the background. All the crewmen with Steve were hugging and copping feels off of Jill. Of course Jill was loving the attention but we were soon all loaded up and on our way. Steve said he could really use a beer and some wind down time to relax from the patrol. At Jill’s suggestion we decided we would stop in the “Open Hatch” a small little “juke joint” the navy and coast guard guys hung out at around the base here.It was a slow night and the barroom was in the shape of a “L” with main bar up front and around the “L” was a couple pool tables. Ah this was perfect, and away we went to the back table so we could have some adult fun while we played a game. After we played a couple I noticed Jill looking at her watch… “In a hurry “ I ask. Jill laughed and said no lets play a couple more. Steve and I had already taken turns flipping Jills mini skirt up on her back and finger fucking her as she took her shots around the table, so we were happy to stay a little longer.

Just as I was gonna make a shot on the 8 ball which woulda cost Jill her top, I saw her jump up smiling and say “Hi Niki you made it !”. And there was Jill’s friend from the clothing store. Niki was a real cutie, not to tall, raven black hair, tight little bubble ass and a huge set of tits!

And she was dressed to show them off too ! She was wearring a mini skirt, some cumfuckme pumps and a micro halter top that showed her cleavage just great. Steve and I traded looks, Jill spoke up and said she invited Niki the other day while she was “helping” her with her new outfit..Niki went over introduced herself and gave Steve a big hug and a pat on the ass and when I got my hug she ever so lightly let her hand slide across my cock ! Boiinngg ! Wow I looked at Jill and she was almost laughing, “Have fun honey”, relax, Niki broke up with her boyfriend six months ago and she hasn’t had a cock since, But right now can the girls play one ?

Steve and I traded looks again … “Hell yea ! by all means ladies “ So as Niki went to rack up the balls Steve moved over beside her to get a better veiw down her top I took a seat at the table behind her and when she leaned out to place the rack her skirt moved up to expose the bottom of her ass cheeks and a smooth shaven pussy with full pink lips …Booiinngg ! all over again She had a pussy like Jills’! man ! I looked to Jill and she was just smiling and walking toward me. She leaned down and whispered “like you said honey a woman with a great pussy and willing to share”… Booiinngggg!!

We ended up with tits and ass all over that pool table ! I got some great pics, Niki showed us how Jills new top had snap on cups that came right off, Jills large C cup tits with those big nipples she has looked fucking great, Jill not to be outdone just untied the neck strap on Nikis’ halter and retied it around under her titties.Niki had large titties. They were fucking nice They hung down on her chest and turned up at the nippils, when she laid on her back they hung toward her sides, big….big, soft titties….

It was time to go. I had a hard on from hell ! Steve already had two quickie blow jobs behind the pool table and he was damn near limping now… So as we left we thanked the bartender and he replied “no… thank you” ! and nodded to a secrurity mirror up in the corner that allowed him to see around the corner.We all laughed and Niki turned red in the face and we headed for the door.

When we loaded up in our SUV the girls jumped in the back seat together, With Steve and I up front in the bucket seats. The girls were not quite drunk, but…. Steve had a good buzz and I was the designated driver …..(slight buzz ) As we headed back down by the docks the girls had there feet up on the back of the front seats and each had a hand in the others pussy.Jill was fucking Niki with her middle finger and Niki had 3 fingers in Jill going in and out slow, Steve had turned in his seat with his dick in his hand masagging up his rather large cock while watching. Just as I heard Jill getting really close She ask if we could pull down by the charter boats and catch our breath some before we went to our house.

So I pulled down to the last dock on the row. I suggested that the girls should walk out on the dock so I could take few pictures of them in there new outfits. Out at the end of the dock we got some great pics of Jill and Niki. Sexy dressed ones and some hot topless ones with the girls right next to a 55 foot Topaz sport fishing boat. As we started to head back in a young man on the Topaz called to us “Hey your Welcome Aboard if you want to shoot some more” Niki and Jill both looked at me and shrugged , “Hell lets try it “ I said .

Jerry stepped out to the rail introduced himself and helpped Niki aboard. He was a surfer looking dude about 6 foot blonde hair had on some beach shorts with a hole in the ass.Steve stepped over and helped Jill aboard and we all headed to the bow. Jerry showed us that from here noone on the dock could see us.I got Jill and Niki out on the bow pulpit to pose for me fully clothed and slowly stripping as we went. Jill had one of Niki’s tit’s out Niki had nice nippiles about the size of a shot glass top Niki pulled Jills’ top over her head and started to lick one breast after the other Jill was pulling on Nikis’ nippiles while Niki sucked on hers. I had them sit on the deck lean back against the rail and spread there legs wide for me each woman spreading out her pussy for me Jill with her pussy lips in the shape of a heart And Niki, her lips when she spread them made a Long oval that spread like a butterflys’ wings,. Niki had big tits and big lips too. When I had the girls naked in the middle of the deck they had scisorred there legs together and were grinding there pussies that’s when Rick called down from the flying bridge “We better shoot the rest inside that flash might draw a crowd out here”. Niki looked at Jerry then looked up at Rick then back to me and Steve. It was our turn to shrug… Jill sat up and said “ We better get inside then” !

As Rick came down the ladder he complimented the ladies and introduced himself he told us that He and Jerry were the crew on this boat that it really belong to a group of OBGYN’s from Atlanta. And at that we all busted out laughing… Rick suggested in the spirit of the owners the ladies should continue the show inside.

Inside the cabin/salon we found a nice over stuffed leather couch and a sturdy wood coffe table and cold air-conditioning Jill led Niki over to the couch and sat her down spread her legs and went right for her pussy face first. Jill was really horny now she was gonna fuck us all it looked like, with or without Niki’s help. Niki ask Jill to turn around in a sixtynine position with Niki on top and now Niki looked like she wanted her full share of what the boys had to offer. Steve moved over to the table sitting close masagging the girls tits and ass cheeks as they slowly sixtynined. Niki hooks Jills legs behind her arms so Jills legs are pointting straight up, Steve moves down and starts to play with Jills asshole . Niki sat up straight and is now sitting on Jill’s face holding her legs up with one hand and jacking Steves dick with the other.Steve has one finger in Jills pussy and one in her ass.

At this point I look around to take this all in. There’s Niki, Jill and Steve on one side, Rick and Jerry have dropped there shorts and are siiting in two arm chairs on the other side of the cabin. Rick was tall lanky over six foot, long hair tied in a ponytail he had his shorts on the deck around his feet and he was masagging a long thin cock about the length of Steve but not as thick. Jerry is completely nude and has a full grown hard on, he’s watching Jill and his cock is fat and swollen he is about eight inchs long and damn near thick as a beer bottle.My dicks been hard since we left the bar but I’m thinking I’m gonna photogragh all this and pick some choice moments to get in line for some pussy too..

Steve tells Jill he’s ready for some “welcome home” pussy! Jill tells Steve she’s ready for some nice fat welcome home cock, Jill has Niki lay back so she can eat her while Steve mounts and fucks her doggie style on the couch. Niki lays back with her head hangging off the end of the couch, Jill climbs in between her legs on her hands and knees with her pussy up for Steve.As I start to move to get a better picture angle Rick motions his head toward the girls… I gotta say, I was kinda caught off guard. We hadn’t planned any of this, I didn’t even know Niki was coming , so I motioned for Rick to hold up a minute, I went around to Niki and she was thinking that I was coming to join in,she reached out and took my cock in her hand and motioned me closer as she took me in her mouth her touch was fantastic, electric, my dick pulsed and stiffened, pre cum came to my tip as she slowly jacked me off I motioned toward our host here on the boat and she smiled and nodded.So I moved aside, Rick and Jerry moved up and offered Niki a cock from either side . which she alternated on left to right sucking them each in turn Jerry held his thick cock up and Niki licked his balls with the tip of her tounge. Steve was fucking Jill’s pussy slowly with a finger in her ass watching as R and J were playing with Niki;s tit’s while she gave them head. Jill still had her face buried in Nikis’ pussy and was startting to breath harder working her way to her first orgasam of the night. Steve noticed and switched his grip. He now had Jill by the hips and was picking up the pace on her pussy Steve is bangging on Jill pretty good now and when she came up off of Niki’s pussy Jerry moved down the couch and feeds Jill his cock to suck. He took her by the head and fed it all in nice and slow and deep. When he hit bottom I heard Jill moan and launch into a powerful orgasm. Which caused Steve to push deep into her and expload his first load of the night in Jill.

Jill sat up and turned to lick Steve clean, She then laid her head on the back of the couch and Steve fed her his cock Jerry moved down to the floor in front of her and spread her legs wide and started to eat her freshly fucked pussy with no holding back.

Niki slid down to the deck on her back, Rick kneeled by her head and let his long cock hang down so she could suck it. Niki pulled off of Rick and looked at me and said “ I want you to come fuck me now plz” She spread her legs wide A perfect split and rolled her hips and pussy up slightly. Wow ! damn she was hot ! Her huge tits were mounds on her chest hangging slightly to the sides, her pussy was wet, shaven and shinnning. I looked to Jill, She was stroking Steve in her hand while Jerry showed no sign of coming up off her pussy Jill said “ she’s waitting honey no since standing in line here I’m gonna be busy for awhile”

All I could think was, Hot Damn, fuck this camera !!. I handed the camera to Rick and eased in between Niki’s fine ass legs as she continued to suck Rick. I had to have a quick taste so I dove down on her bald shinning pussy for a taste,.I spread her lips and licked her from her asshole to her clit, I massaged her whole mound, I spread her juices all around, I finger fucked her ass and pussy, sometime’s both at the same time, but now it was time to fuck Niki. I eased my cock into her, Damn she was tight ! I slowly went deeper and deeper with each stroke Niki had let Rick go and was laid back cooing like a dove, She pulled her feet up to her ass and let her knees spread wide I worked my way up to a good steady pace Her pussy was unbeleiveable I knew I couldn’t last long, Niki was fucking great ! She threw her legs around my back and started to cum telling me to fuck her fast… So I did … which sent me cumming my brains out, right into to her juicy tight pussy As I pulled out, Rick handed me the camera back and moved down between Niki;s legs to try out some of that fine pussy for himself,.Jill motioned for me to move closer, Jerry was licking her clit with his thumb in her pussy and his middle finger in her ass.

Jill leaned out and licked Niki;s sweet juice from my cock When I was clean and hard again, I moved out to get some pics of Jill on the couch with her back arched way up legs spread wide with Jerry finger fucking the shit out of her.After Jerry framed Jill’s pussy up nice for some great shots he asked Jill to filp over on her hands and knees.

Rick now has Niki on her back on the deck with her knees pushed back and is fucking her slow and steady, Steve has knelt over Niki facing Rick with his balls hangging so Niki could kiss and lick’em while he plays with her nipples. Rick is moaning “not yet, not yet” pulls out and stands up to where Jill’s face is. Steve, with Rick out of the way, Just leans forward into a sixtynine with Niki and starts to fuck her mouth while working on her clit with his tounge.Jill has her knees on the arm on the couch restiing on her elbows in the center cushion which causes her to be head down pussy up. Rick is now kneeling in front of her holding her head and inching his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth When Jerry’s mouth finaly came off her ass he moved up with his cock, he spit on Jill’s asshole and worked it around, I heard Jill say “Mmmm” and she spread her knees out more. Jerry ease’s his cockhead up to Jill’s puckered ass and as he just starts to enter her he rubs his dick round and round Jill’s hole.Then with a slow pressure he enters her, Jerry push’s about 2 inch’s of cock into her asshole and pauses begins to massage Jills buttcheeks. Rick is holding Jill’s head as he slowly starts to fuck her mouth Jerry is fucking Jill’s ass with just the front end of his cock. Jill’s eyes rolled back then they closed and she started to moan and between Rick’s strokes shes moaning, “O yea… Oooo… yea, do me boys”

And there was Jill, on her hands and knees in the middle of someones couch on someones boat with a mouthful of dick and a rather fat cock working it’s way deeply into her ass ! Jerry is a paitent man, he knows what he wanted and what he wants is Jill’s asshole…Slowly he is working deeper, Jill has stopped sucking Rick and has her head buried in the sofa moaning O shit O shit !! Jerry’s cock is fat… he is streching Jills ass, His cock is the size of a flashilight, maybe a beer bottle he is using the wettness from Jill’s pussy to lube her ass, He has worked a slow pace till he was more than half way in, Then picking up the pace he started going deeper, Jill is gripping the shit out that sofa telling Jerry “fuck me damn it, fuck me ! “ Rick lifts Jill’s head to cocksucking height re enters her mouth and begins to pump.I went behind Jerry to get some shots of this, this was just to fucking hot !. Jill’s ass hole was a perfect circle stretched tightly around Jerrys fat cock, her pussy lips were swollen and wet. Jerry buried his cock to the balls in Jill and held it there while I got some great porn shots of my wife with a nice fat cock in her ass.As Jerry picked up the pace he didn’t hold back, he fucked Jill hard in the ass till he Jammed her deeply and pulsed several blasts deep in Jills asshole. Rick sat back on the couch and Pulled Jill to him He had her face out and sit with her feet on his thighs and lower her self down till his cock touched her asshole. Jerry turned to Niki who had Steve flat on his back on the deck while she squatted over him taking his fat ten incher at her own depth and pleasure. Now Jerry fed his fat eight to her waitting mouth. Steve began to massage handfuls of Niki’s jumbo size tits, her nipples were puckered and erect, and it was all she could do to fit Jerry in her mouth..

As I was shooting Niki I heard Jill say “OOO000ooooo now that’s deep” (she swore latter that Rick was a good inch longer than Steve) When I turned to look Jill was sqatted in Rick’s lap with his cock buried in her ass, her knees were spread wide and her juices and cum were leaking on her inner thigh. Rick was holding her hips helping her keep the rythym of the fuck they were having. I ask Rick to reach around and spread Jill’s pussy lips and hold for some pics. That’s when Jerry walked over and started to massage Jill’s tit’s and pussy Which really got Jill going. I heard her say “do it boys” Jerry knelt in front of her and rubbed his cock around Jill;s pussy. Jill still squatting in Rick’s lap slowed her paced almost to a stop to let Jerry enter that wonderful pussy that she dosen’t mind sharring  With Rick buried deeply in her ass Jerry pushed and entered her pussy As they started to move they lifted Jill up and down so they were both going in and out at the same time Rick reached around to hold Jill’s tit’s as they bounced Jerry was rubbing her clit eith his thumb That’s when Jill started to cum, Moaning “ ahhh ahhhhhh fuck me…. fuck me !” and they did. Soon they changed positions, Rick laid on his back Jill squatted down on him and took him in her pussy then leaned forward for Jerry to get behind her and for the second time that night he entered Jill’s asshole, Steve came over standing close to Jill were she could lean out and take him in her mouth.

Niki was laying back with two fingers playing in her own asshole, rubbing the wettnes from her triple fucked pussy down to her ass, watching as Jill got fucked on the couch. She looked over at me and said “I have something I been saving for you” Niki wanted me to be the first to take her in the ass. I ask Niki to get on her hands and knees I went around her shooting pics of just Niki nude when I shot her from the side her tits were truly like mellons hanging from her body.I put the camera on the tri pod and knelt behind Niki I spread the cheeks of her ass and lined up on her asshole, as I pushed to enter I slide in easly and Niki just purrred, so I pushed all the way in and as I held it there for Niki to “adjust” she started to move, she rocked back and forth and fucked me slow and deep,

The veiw in front of Niki was of Jill on her hands and knees on the couch with Rick still under her making long slow strokes in her wet cumfilled pussy and Steve and Jerry were trading out on Jill’s ass, the one not in her ass was in her mouth, Jill had all her holes full and they had a rotation going When Steve went around for his 2nd shot on Jills asshole he pushed Jill’s ass a little forward and without a word dropped his cock down and slid in beside Rick to double vag Jill’s pussy. Jill let out a mild “sqquueeeeeeaaalllllll”…. And started to hump back into the two cocks that were slowly attacking her pussy. That quickly put Rick over the top He arched up and blasted a huge load deep in Jill. Steve pulled out and sprayed Jills backside and asshole with another sticky load, Jerry just stepped back and blasted Jill squarely in the face with a nice thick white goo, Which led to Jill slidding/meltting down onto the deck beside Niki.

Jill lay on her back with her legs spread out, her pussy lips were gapped wide open and cum was leaking down from her pussy onto her asshole and her ass was leaking cum down on the deck, she had cum on both her tits and her face was all shiny. As she lay there rubbing herself lightly I took Niki by the hips and fucked her hard in the ass, the site of my wife covered in cum was really getting me off, I was making the longest strokes on Niki’s ass I could . All the guys were sitting on the couch just watching the show. Niki’s big tits were swinging in rythem and I couldn’t last no longer so I shoved in deep as I could and unloaded in Niki’s fine ass.

Steve came up from the galley and threw the ladies some damp wash cloths and towels which they used to clean each other up with while the guys with limp and drained dicks offered to help anyway they could. Rick found some of the crew T shirts with the name and picture of the boat on them for the girls, Jerry got us all a much needed drink.

As we sat around making small talk. Still admiring Niki’s wonderful tits Rick told us they were soon to take the boat across to Bimini and Steve let it out that he was being sent to Alaska to watch the fishing fleet for the next season. So after a few last gropes amd smoochs with the ladies we headed for the car.

After we dropped a well fucked Steve at his cabin, Niki told us about her friend that was gonna hook her up with a basketball player from the local jr college, which perked Jill right up “uooo can you get us tickets to a game ? “ Niki laughed and said she was thinking maybe her and Jill could “be” the game  but right now if Jill was up for it she’d love to play a little 2 on 1 with us if we’d take her home with us tonight.

Boooiiiinngggg lol I couldn’t get us home fast enough…..

Watch for Niki and Jill in the locker room next time….

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