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Weekend with Steve n Kelli (Part 2)

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It wasn’t twenty minutes or so before I saw another boat heading towards our location. This boat wasn’t as big as Steve n Kelli’s, but it was still nicer than anything I would ever be able to afford. As it closed in Steve asked me to grab a couple of fenders out of a storage locker. Yes, I really didn’t know what a fender was, but I figured it out pretty quick.

As the boat pulled alongside I could see a young, blond lady inside the main cabin trying to get her bikini top tied back on. Although I could not make out her face, she had one of the most INCREDIBLE asses I have ever seen. Having always been an ass man, I loved this “bubble butt” type of build. You most often see this on a black woman (not being racist, just calling it as I see it) but this young lady had everything I’d ever laid eyes on beat by a mile.

Steve yelled for me to tie off the ropes and ensure the fenders were set right. It was my first experience doing this so I took my time and double checked my work. Not a very hard task, but I did not want any damage caused which the blame could later be pointed at me.

My reward for this mundane task was when I looked up as I tied off the last fender. The blond who I had admired with only a quick glance walked out and helped me tie off the last one. She not only had an incredible ass, she was absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

She smiled at me and said, “I don’t know you, my name is Sara”. At this point I almost forgot what my name was because this beautiful girl had me taken back for a moment. Once I got my name out she finished tying off the knot and walked away.

Other than my wife (yeah I’m bias) this was probably one of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on. She could have been on any cover of a magazine. I’m sure if she ever (or had) posed for Playboy, she would be the “Playmate of Century”. She was just stunningly gorgeous.

Just as I was eyeing Sara walk away from me a guy jumped down from the ladder leading up to the bridge. He didn’t even bother climbing down he just jumped the 10 feet and landed without even breaking stride. I probably would have wound up in the emergency room if I had tried a stunt like that however, young buck appeared he could more than likely do a hell of a lot more than just jump down 10 feet.

This guy was about 6’2” and by the way he looked, he spent every minute of the day in the gym. There was absolutely no fat on him and his muscles almost looked like they were going to pop out of his perfect six pack abs. At his moment I truly regretted letting my gym membership expire or using the equipment I had purchased and left in the basement to collect dust. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

The guy introduced himself as Dave. I said I had already met his wife Sara. He corrected me saying Sara wasn’t his wife. Before I could ask if she was his girlfriend he said, “We’re just know….friends”. I was a little envious and immediately understood by the manner in which he smiled. This guy was apparently “fuck-buddies” with one of the most gorgeous ladies I had ever seen. I guess even when you are drop-dead gorgeous you still need a fuck-buddy from time to time.

Steve came down the ladder and shook Dave’s hand. As they talked I could sense Steve’s demeanor was a little different than it had been all day. At that point I was thinking maybe I had done something wrong. Or since he had finally gotten to fuck my wife, maybe he was ready to drop us off and say…”scratch that one off the bucket list”. As it turns out, I was wrong on both thoughts.

As they were talking I went in to the main cabin to grab a cold beer. The sun was still blazing even though it was nearing 6PM. Kelli and my wife were seated at the bar area and both had put their bikinis back on. When I walked over, my wife grabbed me and gave me a long kiss, lightly smacked my ass and said, “Bad boy”.

The manner in which she said this and her sexy smile told me she was having fun. I kissed her back and whispered in her ear, “I loved watching you”. Even though I had not been “allowed’ to watch the whole thing, what I had seen had turned me on so much I could not wait for her to do it again. When I whispered I couldn’t wait for the next time, she brushed her hand over my cock and said, “We’ll see”.

As I was cracking open a cold beer from my cooler, Sara climbed onto Steve’s boat. She had a sundress kinda thing on over top her bikini and I could not help thinking again…what a beautiful women. I didn’t feel so bad about looking because I had caught my wife eyeing Dave. She and I locked eyes for a moment and she gave me the “what’s a girl supposed to do” look. Although a little jealous at this moment even I understood Dave was built perfectly and I’m sure he could fuck any women he wanted.

Sara came into the cabin and joined the girls at the bar. Kelli gave her a light hug and introduced my wife. She hugged my wife and said, “This must be your husband….he’s cute”. My wife just laughed and said, “He thinks he is cute”. Kelli reintroduced Sara and I and Sara gave me a quick hug. I have no idea what type of perfume she was wearing, but it was heavenly.

I ran my eyes over Sara one last time before giving my wife a quick kiss and retuning out on deck. Steve and Dave were seated on the back. I had grabbed a couple of beers for them before I left the girls and was welcomed to take a seat. We talked for the next hour or so as the sun started to finally back off.

I will admit even though you could be envious of Dave my opinion changed as we talked. He was not only built like a professional body builder, but was also a very successful attorney who specialized in tax issues. This is how he and Kelli had met and become friends a few years back. So this guy had money, looks and from the comment Kelli had made to my wife as I was getting our third round of beers, he was also very well hung. However, I couldn’t dislike him as he seemed to be extremely personable and very much a down-to-earth type of guy. Something in my experience you don’t find among attorneys.

The rest of the evening was spent with the six of us talking on the rear deck. I kept watching as one after another boat would pull into the cove and anchor. One would be joined up by another and then another. I really could not tell from the distance, but the women I could see were mostly topless.

A very expensive “fast boat” came roaring into the cove and quickly backed down so the wake would not rock the other anchored boats. It started to steer over towards a group of boats about 200 yards from us then changed and came in our direction. As it did Steve leaned over to me and said, “Yeah, the party is about to get real good”.

As the boat came alongside Dave’s and tied up, I kinda understood what Steve was saying. There were three very gorgeous, young ladies all wearing string bikinis and each one was more beautiful than the other. The guy driving the boat was in his mid-thirties. Like Dave, he was also built like a professional body builder.

Steve and I got up to help tie off our new arrival. I could not help staring at the girls onboard and was fighting myself not to allow my very aroused cock to get hard. There were two blonds who could have passed as twins (but weren’t) and a brunette who must have had some Hispanic genes because her jet dark hair and deep complexion were perfect. Ms. Sara still had all them beat in the gorgeous department however, this was turning into one damn fine day.

The girls went below and the guy climbed over to Steve’s boat. I was introduced to Tim. Apparently Steve had already told him about my wife and me coming this weekend. He shook my hand and quickly joked, “Now, where is you beautiful wife”? Steve did the introduction and I could see Susan was a little flustered as she said hello to Tim. (Flustered in the manner in which she was eyeing him over like a piece of meat….the same way she had done to Dave.)

There wasn’t much time for any more conversation as Steve had already called the restaurant to have the pick-up boat come out and take us back for dinner. Steve told me there was an elderly, local guy named Joe who was a waterman. He had “accidentally” come by one day as all the girls were laying out sunbathing naked. Since then he waits for the call and loves coming out to pick everyone up and take you back and forth.

The girls simply put on sundresses over their bikinis and I grabbed the pair of pants and a shirt I had brought. The six of us were jumping onto the pick-up boat and only had to wait a few minutes for Tim and his harem to join us. I had not been introduced yet so I took it upon myself to meet Debbie (blond 1) Kari (blond 2) and Cyndi, the beautiful Hispanic brunette. These girls could not have been any older than 25 or so. None of them weighed more than 110 pounds and like Dave and Tim, must have spent many an hour at the gym. The ride to the restaurant was only 10 minutes or so and I really did not have much time to get to know any of them however, I could tell they were all feeling no pain at this point and must have been drinking on Tim’s boat since they left the dock earlier in the day.

We were seated in a small private room in the back of the restaurant which overlooked the river. Steve had already told the manager the bar was open for his group and he was taking care of everything. I felt a little bad about this but Steve was having none of my objection telling me this was “our weekend”.

Over dinner I got to know Tim and Dave better. It turns out both of them were attorneys and surprise, surprise…work out partners. They had known each other since college and had stayed very close ever since. Unfortunately the three girls Tim brought with him were on the opposite side of the table and really only talked among themselves. This was not the case on the other side of the table where my wife was sitting.

Kelli, Sara and my wife were exchanging beauty secrets and they were grilling my wife on what the best hair products are on the market. They had fired back two shots of whatever the bartender had concocted and were now flying high. I can always tell when my wife is getting drunk because her face starts to get a little flushed and she giggles at just about any comment made. I was happy to see her having so much fun and she really seemed to be enjoying hanging with the girls. I will have to note, all through dinner I caught Steve, Dave and Tim eyeing my wife in the manner in which I knew they all wanted her. Susan did put on a sundress, but her 36 DDDs were still showing the wonderful cleavage of her magnificent tits. I felt a little proud of my girl because all three of these guys were obviously thinking the same thing.

After dinner was over the girls were most definitely feeling no pain. Sara had flashed her tits at the bartender and this led to him making some EXTRA SPECIAL shots. They must have really been special because all three were now laughing their ass off and having a great time. The six of us made our way back to the pick-up boat leaving Tim and his girls behind. I later learned blond 1 and blond 2 had made plans to have their boyfriends pick them up at the restaurant for some other type of outing.

As we rode back my wife pulled me into her and gave me a long passionate kiss. Even though I could taste the alcohol her sweet lips felt incredible and my cock immediately began to get hard. Once we stopped kissing, Sara slide in between us and said, “My turn”. Without any other comment she locked me into a very long deep kiss and forced her tongue into my mouth. My dick was hard with just kissing my wife…..kissing this young gorgeous woman made it rock hard.

When Sara broke away from me I looked at my wife fearing she might be upset. The though vanished as she and Sara locked into a long kiss and rubbed around each other’s waist. This caused Steve, Dave and I to groan as we watched the little show they were putting on.

Kelli must have felt left out because she came up behind my wife and kissed the side of her neck. Susan stopped kissing Sara for a moment and kissed Kelli. The three girls then pulled into each other and locked in a three-way kiss. The sight almost made me cum in my pants, but I had enough sense to whip out my phone to snap off a couple pics. Steve followed my lead while Dave just stood there watching the girls.

As we pulled along the anchored boat Steve slipped our driver a $100 and told him to come back in the morning around 1030 or so. Each one of the girls gave our driver a quick thank you kiss and you could tell by this old guy’s face he was definitely coming back for us in the morning.

The three girls went into the main cabin on Dave’s boat (someplace new) and began pulling out the mixers for whatever drinks they wanted to finish off the night. I was so buzzed at this point I didn’t want anything other than a bottle of water and a place to crash. Apparently, my wife and the girls had other plans which I am very glad to say I did not miss out on.

The girls finished making their drinks and I was cleaning up after them because at this point none of them cared. They were spilling stuff everywhere. They all jumped on the couch and continued with whatever story they had started while they were mixing up what I assumed was one damn strong blender of Margaritas.

Dave sat down next to my wife who was on the far right while Steve pulled a chair over from the table to sit in front of the girls. They were laughing their asses off about something which I’m sure none of them would remember, however I was happy to see my wife having so much fun. I had not heard her do the sexy little giggle she has in so long it almost hurt when she burst out with a very long one. Yep, the girls were on a roll.

Sara stared the ball rolling when she took off her top and threw it over at me. Every inch of this girl was simply gorgeous and her exposed tits only made me want to thank Steve again for inviting me on this trip. Sara’s lead was followed by Kelli who helped my wife pull off her top. As I watched Kelli undress my wife, Dave did a quick one-two and was naked before the girls could finish. His cock was pretty damn big (about my size) and already hard.

I knew what he had on his mind. He had been fucking Sara for the last year and had already been with Kelli several times. He wanted my wife and there was no doubt my wife wanted him. My thoughts were confirmed when Susan reached over and took his cock in her hand as Kelli kissed her.

Sara was pulling off the little skirt/shorts thing she had on as Steve pulled his pants down and flipped them to the side. Seeing that everyone else was naked, I dropped my pants and let my now rock hard cock free. I’ve said this a few times, but Sara sliding out of her panties almost made me cum just from watching her. Her perfect, completely shaven pussy was absolutely any man’s wet dream and that incredible ass….oh that incredible ass…this girl was gorgeous!

Sara didn’t waste any time. She spread her legs and Steve immediately started to lick her pussy. Sara leaned to the side to give Steve better access and he moved into the place where she was guiding his head. Watching this beautiful young woman being pleasured was better than any porn movie I have ever seen. She looked so sexy I wanted to jerk off watching her.

Kelli and my wife were taking turns sucking on Dave’s cock. He was standing in front of them with a very big smile. He looked at me and said, “My god….she is incredible”. He rolled his head back as my wife tried to work his entire cock into her mouth as Kelli toyed with his balls running her hand between his legs.

Dave pulled away from my wife’s grasp and knelt in front of her. Susan didn’t waste any time in spreading her legs and allowing Dave to place his face on her sweet, now very wet pussy. She let out a little sigh as Dave kissed around the outer lips and then let out a heavy loud sigh when he began pleasuring her clit.

Kelli pulled my hand and I pretty much figured she wanted the same treatment. She laid back and spread those perfect, tanned legs for me. I got the first up close view of her gorgeous pussy. I have never seen a prettier pussy….even in magazines after they have air brushed the photos. My cock was now rock hard and I slowly kissed my way up Kelli’s legs to taste her sweetness.

It was Steve who gave up first. He stopped going down on Sara and was just positioning himself to start fucking her when Kelli said, “Baby, come here”. Steve looked over, moved off of Sara and lay next to his wife on the couch. In hindsight, this would be called a “Red Flag” moment.

About a minute later I guess Sara was bored because she joined me in the floor kneeling between Kelli’s legs. Sara rubbed my back a few times then almost forced her head in between Kelli’s spread legs to help me service Kelli. The feeling was wonderful having another woman (especially such a beautiful one) running her tongue next to mine as we licked over one of the prettiest pussies I’ve ever seen. Again, don’t tell my wife…..hers is gorgeous too, but Kelli’s was incredible.

Just about this time I heard the familiar sound of my wife crying out in pleasure. Her chant of “Oh fuck….OH Fuck, OHHHHH FUCKKKK”, indicated Dave was about to bring her off with his mouth and what was building would be a great orgasm for her. I was right because she lifted her ass up off the couch, locked her legs and released. This one was almost as intense as the one Kelli had given her earlier today and I’m sure the people who were back at the restaurant probably heard her screams of delight.

OK, my turn. Now I’m on a mission to bring Kelli off just as hard as she had done to my wife earlier today. I inserted two fingers into her and began working in slow circles in the spot which always drives my wife crazy. Kelli may have had another secrete spot, but I was working blindly here and making my best guess. As it turns out I was dead on.

Since I had taken over the pussy licking duties, Sara moved over to my wife and Dave. Dave was laying on my wife’s right waiting for her to recover from her orgasm so Sara moved onto the left. They both started running their hands up and down my wife’s body and I heard Susan just give out a little whimper of satisfaction. She was a happy girl right now and looked so sexy lying between those two.

My full concentration was now on Kelli. I could feel her leg muscle tighten as I worked what I guessed was her magic spot. I alternated between sucking and making slow circles around her clit. The feeling of her smooth legs around my neck was fantastic and I did not want this experience to end any time soon. Kelli had other ideas though.

Kelli had Steve’s cock in her mouth and was trying to blow him while enjoying what I was doing to her. I kept working her little clit and trying to find her “Magic” spot. She released Steve from her mouth and leaned her head back while giving him a few quick tugs on his cock. When she took her hand off his dick Steve began to jerk off while watching me go down on his wife.

I must have hit the right spot, at the right time, with the right pressure because Kelli grabbed my hair and screamed out “OH FUCK ME”! She was shaking and her legs were actually hurting my neck as she squeezed me. I never let up and continued working my fingers in her pussy and sucking that sweet little clit. This was met with Kelli slapping at my head and saying, “Stop….Stop…. STOP”! Mission accomplished! I must admit I felt a little proud of myself because she had just come very hard and loud.

Kelli cupped Steve’s balls and he jerked his cock harder. His muscles tensed up quickly and he knelt over Kelli’s face. Kelli took his cock into her mouth and Steve released his cum into her. As she took her husband’s load into her mouth, I could not resist one last kiss of her beautiful perfect pussy. As I did she ran one of her perfectly tanned, smooth legs over my back and made and approving, “Ummmmm” sound.

Dave was sucking on my wife’s right tit as Sara rubbed around her waist and gave my wife very light gentle kisses. I could tell Susan’s night was not over yet, even though she was probably a little drunk and exhausted from the day. As she brushed her lips over Sara’s I realized I had left my damn phone in my pants. I grabbed it quickly and took a couple of incredibly sexy pics of the three of them.

Steve kinda took me off guard when he said, “We’re hitting it”, meaning he and Kelli were going to bed. Kelli gave me a quick kiss as she and Steve went back over to their boat. In retrospect, Steve had been up for about two days doing a last minute electrical project for a very large company. It was either work your ass off for a couple days or canceling the weekend get-away. When I found out about this I actually felt bad because that night he did look fucking exhausted. However, since he had fucked my wife only a few hours earlier, it kinda balanced out and I really didn’t feel that bad for him….lol.

Dave and Sara were still caressing my wife who was obviously having fun with them doing so. She looked at me and mouthed the words, “I love you”, before closing her eyes and enjoying her service. Dave stopped playing with her tits long enough to ask me, “Is it ok if I fuck your wife”? The sigh my wife let out when he asked answered the question without any doubt. She wanted Dave to fuck her, so I simply nodded my approval…and off to the races he went.

Dave’s cock was very hard and sticking straight out as he positioned himself between my wife’s now spread legs. I could tell by the look on her face she had wanted this moment since she had laid eyes on Dave. Yep, that little jealous felling hit me again and I almost changed my mind about this happening. I’m sure if I had, my wife would have never forgiven me.

Sara toyed with my wife’s tits and the two continued their little light kisses as Dave rubbed his cock along my wife’s pussy lips. This caused her to moan out in a manner which said, “Don’t tease me”, and she moaned out loader in more pleasure as Dave worked the head of his cock inside her.

Sara stopped kissing my wife and knelt on the bed next to her. She grabbed my wife’s tits and began licking her nipples. Sara then pushed that incredible ass in the air and gave me a quick glance back. Her smile and the way she moved her ass back and forth told me all I needed to know. She was inviting me to fuck her…..and my cock was screaming to be inside her.

Dave pushed most of his dick into my wife and she let out a long, “OOOOHHHHH FUCKKKKKK”! He then pushed in further and must have reached the limit because Susan slapped his back and said, “Too much….easy”. Dave did as he was told. He began slowly fucking my wife right in front of me. The earlier session she had with Steve was fantastic however, having a front row seat while this young, muscle bound stud took my wife was a memory I will never forget.

Sara looked back at me with the expression on her face which said, “What you waiting for”? She went back to sucking on my wife’s right breast and I got into position. I had to lower her ass down a little because she had it sticking straight up in the air and a little too high for me get to her pussy in this position. She spread her legs wider and lowered her ass into the perfect spot for me to fuck her while I was standing up.

I had to run my hands over that beautiful ass a few times. Yes it was incredible and so smooth my cock got even harder than it was before. I grabbed my hard cock, rubbed it around her pussy lips and could feel she was sopping wet and ready for me. Just as I was pushing the head inside her sweet pussy she turned to me and said, “I like it hard”. Well yes ma’am, the lady gets what the lady wants. I was going to have to break out my “A” game and fuck lovely Ms. Sara for all I was worth.

Sara started making these little “cooing” sounds as I worked my dick inside her. I felt I had hit the back of her pussy and almost ¾ of my dick was inside her. She moaned out when I rocked and moved the head of my cock around inside her. She then pushed back taking my entire dick inside her and whimpered out in what I thought was pain, but when she did it several more times I figured this is really how she likes to get fucked.

I grabbed Sara’s hips and began pounding my cock into her as hard as I could manage. With every thrust she screamed out in pleasure. She was only yelling, “yes., Yes, YES”, over and over again. The only reason I didn’t cum so fast was because her screams reminded me of the old movie “Porky’s” and the scene where the girl in the movie was being fucked in the locker room. Whatever the case, I was thankful not to have blown my wad and I fucked Ms. Sara for all I was worth.

Dave was doing the same to my wife. The two of them screaming out in pleasure must have been heard across the water because Steve and Kelli had left the doors to the main cabin area open. I was in absolute heaven. I was fucking a gorgeous girl who was half my age and watching my beautiful wife get pounded by her new found stud.

Dave groaned out really loud and said, “Oh shit sweetie….I’m sorry”. My wife didn’t miss a beat and wrapped her legs around his waist. I heard her whisper, “It’s mine, give it to me”. This is all it took because Dave pumped into her once more time and released his load inside my sweet wife. It must have been one damn good orgasm because Dave’s muscles looked like they were going to burst as he pumped a few more times into my wife.

In the meantime, I had found Ms. Sara’s special spot and was pounding her with all effort to hit the spot which made her scream out louder. About a minute later I must have really hit the right spot because she screamed out and her pussy contracted around my cock so hard it actually hurt a little. Sara reached between her legs and rubbed her clit rapidly bursting into a very strong orgasm.

I waited for Sara to regain and began slowly fucking her again. I will admit I did not want this to end however I wanted to come so bad I was almost in agony. What did finally put me over the top was when I looked over at my wife and she was staring right in my eyes. She gave me her sexy smile and I just released everything I had into Sara’s pussy. I grabbed her gorgeous ass and pumped into her a few more times and spent everything I had left in me.

I held Sara in the same position for a minute or so until she pulled away from me. Sara reached between her legs. She rubbed her pussy and jokingly said, “You made a mess”. She kissed my wife lightly then locked into a long kiss with her. I looked down and even though I had just blown what I thought was everything I had left in me, my cock was still standing tall as I watched my wife kiss Sara. The two of them looked like the sexiest image you could ever imagine.

Dave slipped his cock out of my wife and said, “Oh, my god…you are a lucky mother fucker”. This caused a little laugher and my agreement with his assessment. Sara and my wife rolled out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Even thought it was smaller than the one on Steve’s boat, both went inside at the same time leaving Dave and I spent and waiting for what may come next.

Dave and I went to his bar area and grabbed a couple bottles of water. I had enough drinks that day and was in no mood for any more alcohol. He repeated his earlier comment by telling me how beautiful my wife was. I fully agreed and admitted to him I had always wanted to watch her with another guy. He told me he hears that a lot and went on to say he has numerous couples who love to have him come over for “dinner”. Dinner my ass, I knew exactly what he was saying.

The girls joined us about 5 minutes later. I could tell my wife was ready for bed because she had those sleepy eyes. After a day of being fucked, drinking and the sun…my girl was worn out. She gave Dave a hug then kissed him very long. As she did this Sara pulled me into her and did the same. I couldn’t help it, my cock was now hard again as I held this gorgeous girl and ran my hands over that magnificent ass.

Sara broke away from our kiss and pulled my wife away from Dave. They hugged and locked into a very long kiss together. Dave said, “Are we going to bed….or going to BED”? They stopped and giggled at his comment and my wife looked at me and said, “Honey, I’m done”.

Thus day one had ended and we made our way back over to Steve’s boat. I only took one quick look at Sara’s incredible ass as I helped Susan climb on board Steve’s boat. Ladies and gentlemen…..Sara’s ass is indescribable. Tomorrow would prove to be even more fun with VERY new experiences for both my wife and I.

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