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Weekend Houseboat Fun!

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Patrick and I were one of four couples renting a houseboat for a long weekend a couple of summers ago. We had swapped wives in the past but not with any one from this group. It was fun to be with friendly people our age out on a lake swimming, relaxing, and laying in the sun. The best part was NO PHONES or KIDS! We agreed to leave one cell phone for family to call in case of emergencies only and we only operate our other cell phones for an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.

We were all excited about being aboard and part of our planning was to have one of the men be ?Captain for a Day? and rotated so that all four men got to be in charge for a day. The girls would fix breakfast in the kitchen and the guys cook supper on the grill located on the aft deck and we just skipped lunch. The rest of the time was spent goofing off. Mary Jane added a little spice by putting up mistletoe just over the back door; she then announced that anyone was game for a kiss if caught under the ?Love Sprig? Thereafter, the house rule was that as people went into or out of the back door any woman would kiss any man and the rule was that you would pass it on.

First evening we put ashore for a small campfire with a cooler full of beer and wine after eating steaks off the grill. It was bonding to have everyone in one place for change. Usually we separated when at someone?s house to find women in the kitchen and the men on the deck or in the den. As we called it a night Shelly came out with, ?It?s a moral imperative and we owe it to ourselves that we all get laid tonight, and I don?t want to hear any excuses in the morning?. We all laughed and went to be with our marching orders to get some sex.

Shelly then stopped under the ?Love Sprig? kissed her hubby John then she turned to kiss my Patrick flicking his lips with her tongue as the kiss broke off. Then he turned to kiss me and I turned to find Kathy?s husband, Mike but when I kissed him on the lips I got a big hug and his tongue in my mouth. It was hot, I liked it and I didn?t resist. As Patrick and I stepped into our cabin area of the boat I looked back to see Shelly back under the Love Sprig, not only giving a very wet kiss to Mary Jane?s husband Jerry but she had her hand on the bulge in his swim trunks. I told Patrick what I saw and he told me that Shelly and Mike were openly swingers for sure and Mike told him that they would try to have an orgy if the rest of the couples would go for it.

Next day the women went up on the top deck (roof) to lie in the sun and soon were all naked to get rid of tan lines. Well, no one was around to see us and no one was going to tell us not to. That night it started to sprinkle rain as the hamburgers went on the grill so we planned to gather on the back porch (aft deck) which had a small table some chairs and an overhang with rails around the edge. We were all still in our swim wear and some of the girls had on cover ups. Kathy who wore a little nothing thong she got out of a magazine was strutting her stuff. She might as well have taken it off because it was so skimpy and her nice firm body was already being ogled by all the men. She positioned herself under the ?Love Sprig? and was planting open mouth kisses on every man coming near the doorway. Jerry got the full treatment from Kathy including a gentle crotch squeeze and then came out on the deck. Shelly noticed the bulge in Jerry?s trunks and reached for a hand full of his penis as she sat with an eye level view. Jerry didn?t protest, but his wife Mary Jane spoke up, ?What are you doing grabbing my husbands cock?? Shelly?s reply included that he looked like he needed some attention and that Mary Jane was welcome to play with John?s cock all she wanted while they were on the boat. We all got quiet. Mary Jane looked to her husband Jerry and asked if that was what this boat trip was all about. Jerry didn?t know what to say but Shelly chimed in and told everyone to calm down but she was looking right at Mary Jane.

?Okay you guys?, Shelly started on her soap box. ?Who here has not had sex on a double date or at a party with someone in the car or same room?? No one spoke up. ?That?s what I thought? Shelly took charge and asked if everyone knew the difference between making love and recreational sex. Then posed a hypothetical question asking the girls to think back to the time they fucked some guy just because he spent a lot of money on a date. The men sat around the conversation as I joined in telling of a double date experience back in high school where another cheerleader and I fucked a couple of basketball players in the same car at the same time. Kathy told of doing ?IT? in a guy?s dorm room and his roommate walked in on them but they kept at it while the roommate jerked himself off in the other bed.

Soon we were laughing as the mood was calmed and simultaneously shifted to become erotic. The women were ding all the talking and the men were quietly hanging on every story. Shelly took center stage again when she suggested that the ladies think about how it would feel to be single and open to fuck any one of the men on board. I was feeling my wine but I also was being honest when I blurted out, ?I?d like to fuck any one of the three guys on board I wouldn?t care who watched us if I wasn?t married? Patrick spoke up and said ?It sounds like my wife would like to be single for tonight, How do the rest of your girls feel?? Shelly looked at Patrick and smiled saying ?What do you say girls, shall we declare open season on men?? Kathy questioned ?And I can have sex with any man without any strings attached?? Mary Jane added ?And no one talks about what happens on this boat??

I stood up saying ?That?s exactly what we mean and it starts right now? I dropped my beach robe off my shoulder to the chair and started removing my bathing suit. Patrick winked at me and stepped up behind Kathy sliding his fingers under her straps and off her thong came. Shelly tugged at Jerry?s trunks and popped his 8 inches into her mouth. John stepped up put one arm around me planted a hot kiss on my lips as I returned the passion and felt his hand run down my tummy to my wet pussy. John then picked me up to carry me inside and I noticed Mary Jane spread out with her bikini bottoms off and Mike face down in her pussy.

John took me to his cabin and laid me on the bed saying ?I wanted to have you like this ever since I saw you in that bathing suit? ?Well come and get it? I replied. We laid together kissing then he trailed kisses down to my nipples then down to my navel then slowly teased me with kisses and little licks around my love spot. He would lightly lick the lips of my pussy and spread them apart with his fingers blowing on. Just as he moved his leg over me to position his hard cock in my face I took it into my mouth. He stopped and told me to do to him what he did to me, I said ?Okay, I?ll try? He licked my wetness slowly and tenderly so returned and licked his cock softly and gently drew my lips over the bulging head of his penis.

Soon I felt his tongue go for my clit and I felt that warm tingle throughout my body that was to become a climax. I let it take control over me and began suck his cock as best I could to give him back what I was feeling. He stopped and said ?I think you?re ready now? as he turned around to get on top of me and enter me with the full length of his manhood. ?OHGAWD? I moaned. His movements in and out of me were met with my pulsating hips to meet each stroke. Then he pushed all the way into me and stopped sending a surge of pleasure through me. ?I?m ready, where do you want it?? he asked. ?Fuck me!? is all I could say. He covered my mouth with his, thrust his tongue into my mouth where I returned with my tongue and hot wet kisses of passion. He pumped his cock into me harder and faster and my body began to tremble with delight then he filled me with his seed. I felt spurts of cum shoot into me as his pumping slowed down but became deeper.

We lay there together and caught our breath. Then he rolled over to me and gently kissed my on the lips and told me I was a wonderful lover. I returned the complement and we got out of bed. He handed me one of his golf shirts to pull on and he stepped into his bathing suit. But before he got it up over what was left of his freshly fucked huskiness I got one last kiss and a little suck on its end. I got just a little bit of cum out of him which I tasted for a second before swallowing.

Slowly we all reached the back porch all satisfied and some feeling a little guilty. Everyone got something to drink as we went past the cooler. Once we were all seated Shelly spoke up, ?Now wasn?t that special!? We all laughed. ?Well let?s see maybe we could do this again tomorrow.? No one said anything. Seeing no objection Shelly started noticing that I was with her John, Mary Jane was with Mike, Patrick was with Kathy and she was with Jerry. She added that it would be only fair that the ladies would pay a booty call to the husband of the lady who just entertained her husband. That meant that Shelly gets My Patrick, Mary Jane gets John, I get Mike and Kathy gets Jerry. Everyone looked at their spouses and then at the next lover that Shelly just proposed. Kathy broke the silence by saying ?I want to snuggle with my husband tonight?. We all agreed that was a good idea, finished our drinks and went to bed.

Next morning Patrick and I were still hugging when we woke. We whispered about what fun it was and that we had found some more potential swing partners. Then we planned to push for Shelly?s idea of swapping again. At breakfast I placed myself close to Mike chest and whispered, ?Do you think that the group would go along with Shelly?s idea?? ?I don?t know why?? he whispered back. ?It would mean that you and I would be together tonight?. Then I walked to the other side of the table and sat down to eat. Mike said something to his wife Kathy who went to whisper to Jerry who said is a loud voice, ?Absolutely Kathy it?s you and I for tonight. If fact Mary Jane and I already talked about her being with John? All laughed as we finished eating as a group with a new common bond and open awareness of our relationships.

Now there are two weekend houseboat trips planned each year with a new couple added each time but the same format every time.

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