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Weekend Away

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It wasn?t very often but sometimes we liked to get away on ourselves for a weekend. A bit of quiet time away from the kids. Lets start by saying I am Nigel 45, 5 10 and a little overweight not a lot but a little. My wifes name is Lianne 40 5 7 and stunning. She is definetly what you would call a MILF. Her blond hair great body even after three kids and a gorgeous smile.

It was my 45th birthday and so we decided to get away for the weekend and the kids went to the mother in law. We didn?t plan on travelling far and ended up only about an hour from where we live in Antwerp.

Antwerp is quite a nice town with some good shopping. So we left on Friday afternoon and got to the hotel around 1600hrs checked in and went up to the room. It was a pleasant enough room, nice big bed, tv, shower and bath all you need really.

We decided tonight we would go into town for a meal and then see what the evening had planned for us.

We went out and found a little place and had a nice meal with a few glasses of wine. Now normally we are what you call house mice, we prefer to spend our evenings in watching tv and just chilling.

We talked about it and decided that as it was my birthday we would stay out a bit more and ended up in a bar. We had a few drinks and I couldn?t help notice that Lianne was getting a lot of eyes looking at her, and why not she looked stunning in a slinky blue dress, stockings and leather boots.

It was getting late so we decided to leave the bar and head back to the hotel when I suggested going on to a nightclub. Lianne said ok even though we didn?t really go in for that and hailed down a cab. We asked the cab driver if there were any decent clubs around here and he said yes he knew one that we would like.

The taxi took us to the place and said here it is, we paid him thanked him and got out. It looked ok from the outside and said ok lets try it. We went in paid the entrance fee hung our coats up and proceeded into the place.

When we got inside we were pleasantly surprised, it wasn?t at all what I was expecting. There was a long bar on one side with bar stools and a seating area with a few booth type seats as well as normal seating. There was also a resturaunt as well. The dance floor was set down stairs so sitting in the right position you could look down and see everyone dancing.

We found a seat and sat down, I went up to the bar to order the drinks and returned. They actually bring the drinks to the table which was unusually for a nightclub.

The drinks arrived and we sat looking around the place checking it out. We noticed that we were not the only oldies in the place, there seemed to be quite a few other older couples. Mind you there were also a lot off younger couples and the odd splattering of girls and a few group of guys.

We had another drink then I needed to use the toilet. I told Lianne and headed off to find them. When I returned there were more drinks on the table.

Did you order some more I asked Lianne, no she said they were bought for us by the guys over there. I looked over and saw two young guys probably in their mid twenties at the bar. Both were quite well built and fairly good looking.

I got up and went over to thank them. When I returned Lianne said to me well?

I told her they were two british contractors over here on a job at the docks. No why did they buy as a drink she asked. Oh because they think you are stunning and wanted to know if we would like to join them.

Well what do you think she said? I said it was entirely up to you. Lianne then surprised me and got up with her drink and said lets go then.

We walked over to the guys and Lianne introduced herself, we found out their names were Dean and Brian. They suggested we go and sit down. We walked over to one of the booths which was semi circular. Lianne slid in and Brian slid in next to her and then Dean looked at me and I just nodded so he slid in the other side next to Lianne. I sat on the side.

We continued the small talk and got some more drinks in. I noticed Lianne was enjoying the attention and why not. I looked over and noticed that both Brian and Dean had put their hands on each of Liannes legs and were kind of rubbing them.

I could tell by looking at Lianne she was both nervous and excited by the situation. She looked at me and a just gave a big smile. She also knew it turned my on seeing her flirting or getting hit on and the bulge in my pants confirmed that.

As we carried on talking I could see both boys gradually working their hands further and further up her legs. They both disappeared under her dress and I knew they were creeping up towards her pussy. I looked at Liannes face and could see in her eyes she was very horny then a slight sigh came out of her mouth. That told me that they had found her pussy. Damn if only I could see what they were doing to her.

Ok I said its getting late Lianne do you want to go back to the hotel now. Lianne looked at me and said what you and me? I gave her the look as if to say well if you want them to come you only have to say. Lainne then surprised me again by asking them if they wuld like to come back to our hotel for a nightcap.

They both agreed instantly and removed their hands and got up. They both said thy needed to use the toilet first and disappeared. I went up to Lianne and said are you sure about this? Well it is your birthday sweetie and this is what you have always wanted isn?t it? Yes but are you sure. She took my hand and slipped it under her dress to her pussy. I placed my hand on her knickers and they were sopping. Does that answer your question she said.

We got our coats and headed outside. Hailed down a cab and drove back to the hotel. Both guys were complete gentleman in the cab, I got in the front and Lianne got in the back between both of them. We chatted and not once did they touch her as not to embaress her in front of the cab driver. We arrived back at the hotel and headed up to our room. Yet again they didn?t touch her at all in the lift.

Once we got into the room I poured some drinks and sat down in the chair. Lianne was sitting on the bed between both guys. They drunk their drinks then put the glasses down as Lianne finished hers. They then got up and pulled Lianne up to stand taking her glass and setting it down.

They both looked at me and I just nodded giving them the go ahead.

Dean stood in front of Lianne and pulled her to him and started kissing her as Brian moved behind her. I could see Brian unzipping her dress as Dean carried on kissing her. Brian slipped her dress onto her shoulders and then let it fall to the floor.

Dean stopped kissing her and moved his hands onto her breasts and started squeezing them through her bra, as he did this Brian undid her bra strap and slipped it off her shoulders. Dean let it fall then had a better access to her breasts and went down and started sucking her nipples. Brian had his hands on her arse and was kneading it and slipping his hands under the waistband.

Brian pulled down her knickers so she was no standing naked inbetween them. Brian started nuzzling her neck and she had her head leaned back on his shoulder. Dean meanwhile stopped sucking her nipples and worked his way down her body so he was kneeling with his face in front of her pussy, Brin took over with her nipples and grabbed them from behind and was squeezing them and now and again twisting her nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Dean moved forward and placed his mouth on Liannes pussy and started sucking her clit and licking her pussy up and down darting his tongue in now and again.

This carried on for awhile and Lianne was really horny and turned on now.

They let her go and pushed her back onto the bed, within seconds they were both stripped and their cocks sprung to life. Both were very well endowed. Dean must have been about 8 inches and quite thick but Brian was at least 10 inches and very thick. I had only seen cocks like his in porn films.

I was now sitting hteir with such a hard on I thought I would burst but I wasn?t going to play with myself. I wanted to see Lianne getting off first then I would play later.

Once undressed Dean went back to Liannes pussy and was eating her out while Brian sat on the bed next to her. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. There was no way she could get a lot of his cock in her mouth but she was going to enjoy sucking him off. Lianne then started sucking him off as Dean carried on sucking and licking her pussy, I could hear how wet she was as Deans slurping noises told me she was dripping.

Lianne then stopped sucking Brian for a second and told Dean Fuck me now. Lianne got up onto her hands and knees and offered her soaking pussy to Dean from behind. Dean placed his cock head at her entrance and slowly pushed it in.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh was all I could her from Lianne as Dean pushed further and further into her until his was fully inside her. oh yes she said please fuck me now. Dean started moving in and out as Lianne told Brian to get in front of her on his knees and she grabbed his cock and started sucking him again.

Wow this was amazing, I had always wanted to see Lianne fucked and finally it was happening. I wasn?t sure if I would feel any jealousy about it but this told me I didn?t and was just so horny watching her.

Dean started fucking her harder and faster and Lianne was actually talking dirty, oh yes that?s it, fuck me, yes that?s the spot. She had to let go off Brians cock to concentrate on the fucking she was getting.

Dean said he was coming and asked where he could come. Lianne said just fill me up I want to feel you r come inside me, this was all it took as Dean grunted and squirted his come deep inside her.

Now quick Brian get inside Lianne said. Dean moved out of the way and Brian replaced him and started pushing his enormous cock into her. Ahhhhhhhhhhh your so big Lianne said oh yes I can feel you filling me up with your monster cock. Brian got himself fully inside Lianne which surprised not just me but also Lianne, once he was in he started moving in and out of her as well. Lianne was pushing back onto him loving the feeling off his cock fully penetrating her.

Yes yes yes was all Lianne could say as Brian fucked her picking up his speed ramming into her like a piston. Ahhhh I am going to com said Lianne don?t stop please don?t stop she said as he got faster and faster. Oh yes that?s it I am coming she said as Brian said so am i. Oh yes said Lianne as she came and as Brian filled her up with his come. They rested for a few minutes and he pulled out as Lianne collapsed on the bed.

She looked over at me and said did you enjoy that? Oh yes I said it was great. Well come over here she said. Brian and Dean were getting up and she said, where are you going? I want all off you inside me.

Lianne told me to get the lube out of the bag and lick her arse. I duly obliged and started licking out her arse which she loves. Then I ut some lube on her arse and put a finger inside her.

Ok she said Dean lie down as she then mounted him letting his now fully erect cock totally fill her up again. Fuck me she said she she moved up and doen on his cock. Then she told Brian to get in front of her and again grabbed his cock and started sucking him off again. She then stopped and said well what are you waiting for.

I got behind her and Dean stopped fucking her and placed my cock at the entrance of her arsehole. I pushed slightly and my cock head entered her. she took a deep breath as it went past her first muscle then pushed a bit deeper and got half in. Lianne told me to stop a minute to catch her breath then she pushed back on me slightly getting more of my cock in her arse then a bit further then a bit more. How much more she said? None I replied I am fully in. Wow he said it doesn?t hurt. Once I was in Dean pushed back inside her pussy and we found a rhythm. As I went in he came out and visa versa. Lianne was moaning inbetween sucking on Brian cock that was now fully in her mouth about half way down.

Oh yes she said oh my that feels fantastic fuck both my holes please fuck me, I am going to come already.

I could feel myself building and so could Dean, it doesn?t take long when you here that dirty talk it just turns you more. I am coming said Dean, me too I said and we both filled her pussy and arse up at the same time.

Don?t stop please she said I am almost there, then she let out a cry YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As she came hard. Brian said he was going to come also and Lianne said on my tits please as he wanked his monster cock and came all over her tits.

We all collapsed totally exhausted.

Brian and Dean got up and got dressed, thanked us for a fantastic night and left.

Lianne was aying on the bed totally knackered and just looked at me. I love you I said, you to she replied Happy Birthday she said, and slipped of into a deep sleep.

The End

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