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Wedding Fun

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Wedding Fun Hi! Ann here. My husband, Hal, is normally the one to write of our exploits but he wasn’t present at the time of this adventure and only knows what happened second hand. Soooo, it’s my turn.

Hal and I have been married for going on 30 years. He was involved in the lifestyle before we met and turned me to the dark side after we got together. Honestly, it didn’t take much turning, though. lol Over the years we’ve had quite a few pleasurable times with others. One thing that hadn’t happened in all those years was separate play. We always played together just because we enjoy seeing each other have fun. Hal had always told me, though, that he was fine with me playing on my own. He only had two requests… 1) Call him and let him know, 2) pictures and/or video so that he can enjoy my play later. He would always comment about it whenever I was traveling or just going out with the girls. “Remember, Honey, pictures or video.” I’d laugh and head on my way, knowing I would never do it. Well, that’s what I thought, anyways.

So, back to what happened… A family member was getting married. We live 2000 miles away and just couldn’t pull off both of us going, so it was decided that I would go and Hal would be staying home with our fur kids. I got in touch with my BFF, who lives in the town I was headed to, and let her know that I would be coming in. We planned on my staying at her place and she would be going as my +1 to the wedding. Linda doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to go out and party so she was psyched to go.

Let me get back to describing Linda and I… we are both in our 60s. Don’t stop reading at this point! lol Hate to go there but we are definitely not your normal 60-somethings. We have both been training our whole lives. Rarely does anyone guess at our age. I’m 5’ tall and weigh in at 100 pounds. A hard body from years of cardio and weight training, smaller breasts with big nipples. Not bad if I do say so myself. Always get attention when I go out dressed in my normal slut wear. Linda is taller and slim with long legs and nice medium sized boobies. Again, a GILF who garners plenty of attention when she does go out.

Anyways, the time came to go. Hal took me to the airport and left me with his normal, “Remember. Pictures and video!” I laughed, shook my head, and headed to my gate. Had a great flight and arrived at my destination to find Linda waiting. We headed to her place and settled in. I should add that Linda is also married. He’s truly a nice guy but there are issues in their marriage that have led to more of a friend relationship, if you get my meaning.

For the next couple of days, we hung out. Went to a couple of cardio classes. Went out to eat. Went to an area dance club. Got out to the mall to find Linda the right dress for the wedding. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just hanging out after missing each other for months.

Finally, the big day came for the wedding. We had a room at a hotel near to the wedding venue so we headed there and got ourselves together. Linda had bought a dress just for the wedding. We were careful not to let her husband see it, as he is a bit jealous and would not have approved. lol Below the knees but very tight with a low-cut neckline…very sexy! Hal had helped me choose one out of the three that I had narrowed it down to. Very short to show my legs and a cowl neck…not a deep cowl but when I would bend over, it could be interesting for anyone paying attention.

The wedding and the reception were both at the same venue and there was a bus arranged for everyone who was staying at our hotel. It took 5 minutes to get there and we all filed off the bus. On entering there was champagne and wine available for us to start the day. Linda and I each had 2 champagnes before the service along with the rest of the crowd. A lot of family that I hadn’t seen in quite a while were there and we were all catching up on what we had been doing when the call came for us to enter where the service was to take place. A very nice, and short, service. We were then all escorted out to an outside bar and continued the celebration.

The booze was flowing and it was pretty obvious that this was going to be one hell of a party! As we all caught up, I noticed one of the bartenders looked very much like Tom Cruise. I’ve had a thing for TC for a long time. Of course, I know that’s not likely to ever happen but this guy was a pretty good facsimile for me to fantasize about. lol Linda poked me in the ribs as she said, “See something you like?” She had a smirk on her face, telling me she knew exactly what I was thinking. “I think we should do over and get another drink.” She laughed and we walked on over.

“Tom” turned out to be wearing a name tag that said Matt…no problem. He still looked like him. Linda and I ordered a couple more champagnes as we laid it on thick flirting and making sure that my cowl neck was doing its job. Don’t get me wrong, Matt was only about 35-40 and I knew nothing would come of it but I just like playing the game sometimes. lol Matt was busy but we were definitely playing with each other as he worked. In the meantime, Linda had finally noticed that the other bartender was pretty damned hot, too. She was being my wing woman at the time but was giving him the eye for sure. Matt noticed and called his partner over to introduce us to Mike. Turns out they were friends and worked at another club together, taking these jobs on the side.

They got back to work as we nursed another champagne. I should add that champagne has a certain effect on me. Every time I drink it, I get into a bit of a freaky mood. My husband always warns others when I’m drinking it. lol Anyways the call came to enter into the reception hall so we started heading that way. Matt said, “We’ll see you inside ladies.” as we were leaving. I turned and told him, “We’ll look forward to it. Keep the champagne chilled.”

Linda and I went in, found our table, and took a seat. I’d like to tell you about all of the freaky fun we had at the reception but the fact is it was a family wedding. lol My family was everywhere I turned, so had to be on fairly good behavior. Don’t get me wrong. We did have plenty to drink. We did dance the night away. Had a great time but kept myself under control.

Well, except for the serious flirting that was going on every time we went to the bar. THAT was a different story. It got downright nasty at times but we were able to keep the family unaware. Matt and Mike, or M&M as we started calling them, were the ones who received the brunt of our champagne induced naughtiness. Quite a few comments on how M&Ms were edible…and they definitely were! It was getting to the end of the night and a lot of people had already left. The last bus to the hotel was going to be leaving shortly, so we stopped by the bar to say our goodbyes. I leaned over the bar, letting my cowl neck do its work. “Well, our bus is leaving for the hotel, so we’re going to have to say good night. Not really ready to end the night but…” “Oh no! Thanks for keeping our night interesting.” “It was our pleasure. Think Linda and I are going to see how the bar is at the hotel if you’re interested in some dancing…or something.” Laughing, “You are a bad girl! We just might take you up on that after we get done here.” “You know where we’ll be.” Linda was laughing at my brazenness as we walked out. I laughed and told her, “They won’t be coming but still had to throw it out there. They were fun…AND very edible.” She laughed again and we boarded the bus.

When we got to the hotel, we headed upstairs to the room to change out of the dresses. A little too much for the hotel bar. I changed into some tight black stretch pants and a black cowl neck top. Sticking with sexy but not as dressy. Linda switched to some leopard print stretch pants and a black stretchy top. She tried putting on a bra but I talked her out of that real quick. lol We went down to the bar and it really wasn’t too bad for a hotel bar. They were playing some decent music although no dance floor. There was about a dozen people sitting around the place. We found a booth and slipped into it after getting ourselves a drink. Shared some drunken banter and got up to dance right next to the booth for a couple of the good songs. Who needs a dance floor!?! We weren’t paying a lot of attention and just thinking that it was time to head back up to the room, so I kind of jumped when Matt and Mike slid in next to us. “Hey ladies! Did you miss us?” “Actually, we figured you weren’t coming and were just about to head back up to the room. You just caught us!” Smirking, Matt fired back with, “Well we’re okay with that plan!”

I looked over at Linda, who looked a little shocked and unsure about the whole situation, “What do you think?” Linda kind of shrugged, leaving it up to me, so I shoved Matt out of the booth and grabbed him by the hand. “Well, are you guys coming?” Mike and Linda slid out and followed us to the elevator. When it opened, Mike stepped in, turned around, and pulled me in for a kiss. After the initial shock, I reached up and pulled him in deeper, letting our tongues dance. As we broke off, Matt said, “That’s for teasing us all night!” I laughed and looked over at Linda and Mike. They were still a little standoffish and unsure, but Mike had slid his hand around her waist. She hadn’t screamed or anything, so I took that as a good sign.

The elevator opened and we all headed on down the hall to our room. As we entered, I asked if anyone wanted a drink. Linda came over to the bar with me and we mixed up some drinks for the guys and poured ourselves a wine. Linda whispered to me, “Are you really going to do this?” I answered with, “I kind of think I am, but we’ll see.”

Mike had sat himself on the loveseat in front of the window and Matt was sitting on the edge of the bed. I brought them their drinks as Linda sat in the easy chair. I flipped off my shoes, took a seat on the bed and swung my legs up, leaning against the headboard. We spent the next ten minutes or so in some general conversation about each other.

As we continued to talk, Matt scooted over closer and began to rub his hand up and down my calf. I smiled and stretched my leg out towards him a bit more. Without missing a beat, he was rubbing my thigh. Nothing overt yet but definitely some covert stimulation. lol Linda and Mike were now in a pretty animated conversation and seemed to be really getting on, so I turned back to Matt. He smiled and slid closer, separating my legs as he leaned in for another kiss. I sucked his tongue into my mouth as he reached up to grab my head and pull me in tighter. I know I moaned with pleasure as I pulled him in tight and wrapped my legs around his waist. He felt so good. Oh fuck! What am I doing!?!

I pushed him away…reluctantly, I might add. “I have something I have to do first.” I reached over to the nightstand, grabbed my phone, and hit the button. Matt was looking at me quizzically as I waited for a response. “Hi Honey. Yeah, it was fun for sure. Very nice wedding…yeah. Hey…” By now, Matt had a surprised look on his face and was trying to pull away. “I’ve got a dilemma. Yeah, I met a hot bartender at the wedding. Looks like Tom Cruise. Yup. Well, anyway, he’s in the room here with me… Yeah, Laura is here too. So, you’ve always said that you were okay with me playing, so I was wondering… Yes, I know. Video and pictures.” I laughed. Partially at the conversation but also at the look on Matt’s face! Lol

“Ummm, he’s between my legs here on the bed. Noooo, we’re still dressed! Okay. Hey Linda, can you take a picture of us?” Linda looked like her head was going to explode at our conversation but got up and took a picture. “Thanks. Send it to Hal. Okay, Honey, it’s on the way. Okay, I will. I’ll call you later. Thanks, I’m thinking I will. Good night. Love you.”

I looked up at Matt and said, “Okay, We’re good!” He laughed and said, “Did that really just happen!?!” I just reached up and pulled him in for another kiss as I grinded my hips up into him. I could feel my pussy starting to leak in anticipation as we continued. I unbuttoned his shirt and finally pulled away to bite at his neck and ears. He moaned and started pulling my shirt up over my head. I raised my arms to help and then pulled his face down to my nipples. He obliged by sucking first one then the other into his mouth, gently nibbling. I glanced over at Linda and Mike to find them talking again, although they were definitely watching the action, so I turned back to the matter at hand. I pulled his shirt off and reached down to rub his cock through his pants. Satisfied that he was definitely interested, I opened his pants and let his hard cock pop free. Not huge but not bad, either. 6 to 7 inches or so. Plenty for me to enjoy...

I rolled him over onto his back and started exploring down his body with my mouth. I stopped at his nipples momentarily to give them a nibble. Down over his stomach, licking and nibbling the whole way, until I grabbed his cock and licked up the underside to the tip. I tasted his precum and we both moaned as I licked it up. I let my mouth engulf his cock and slid halfway down, letting my saliva lubricate his shaft. I began to stroke his cock and looked over towards our voyeurs as I flicked my tongue on the tip.

As I continued to stroke, I said, “Hey could one of you guys come and help me slip out of my pants?” They looked at each other and laughed. “Hey, I’m serious! I’m too busy right now!” Yes, I’m shameless when I’m trying to urge my friends into having a good time! Lol Linda said, “Well, I’m not doing it! You’re going to have to do it, Mike.” “Well, could you get a video for Hal while he does it?” Linda answered, “You are BAD! Okay, I got you.”

So, there I was, face down, sucking Matt’s cock while Mike is pulling down my pants, and Linda is recording! LOL Life is good! We were all kind of giggling during all of this just because of the absurdity of it all. Hey, sex is always more fun when you are able to laugh. Mike got my pants off and went for my thong panties. He was laughing as he reached out and used his teeth to pull them down from behind. As they cleared my feet, I turned back to thank him. He gave me a soft slap on the ass, a comedic salute and turned away to find Linda standing right next to him, recording. Before I turned back, I saw him grab the camera out of Linda’s hand, set it on the nightstand, and pull her close to kiss. I was figuratively patting myself on the back as I got back to sucking Matt’s tool.

I climbed up Matt’s body to his mouth and shared a deep kiss as I rolled him over on top of me, wrapping my legs around his hips and digging my heels into his ass cheeks. We both moaned as I ground my pussy against him. His cock was just touching the entrance and I really wanted it in me like right now! Instead, Matt slid down to suck my nipples. I wrapped my hands in his hair and urged him down further. He obliged and nibbled his way down my torso, taking his time. He nibbled and sucked his way down right past my pussy to my inner thighs. A moan of frustration escaped and I could hear and feel him laugh softly, knowing exactly what he was doing. Fucker!!! Lol

As he moved his mouth down my thigh, I turned my head to see Mike and Linda on the other bed. Mike had his back to me and all I could see of Linda was her legs and arms wrapped around him as they kissed. Still had their clothes on but coming along nicely. Just then Matt lifted my leg and sucked my toes into his mouth, sucking and slipping his tongue in and out between them. This drives me nuts! Tickles but also sends a direct jolt straight to my pussy every time. Oh, fuck, yes! My back arches as I let out a loud moan. He is looking straight into my eyes as he continues and I try to match his stare but I throw my head back with the pleasure radiating from his mouth, through my toes, and on to my pussy. I can feel the juices starting to run out of me and reach down to rub them into my clit. Almost as soon as I touch myself, my first orgasm hits me hard! “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Oh, fuuuccckkk!” A flood pours out of me and Matt drops my foot to dive in, catching my juices with his tongue as he rubs it up and down my slit. “Oh fuck, YES! Fuck yes! Oh fuck!!!” My hips are driven up off of the mattress, meeting Matt’s mouth. I’ve got ahold of his hair and I’m humping his face as my orgasm continues to jolt through me. “OH FUUUCK, YES!!!”

As the spasms subside, I lower myself back down to the mattress and open my eyes. My head is turned towards the other bed and my eyes open to see Linda and Mike both turned towards me, with a look of shock on their faces. I start laughing and they laugh back. I look down towards Matt and he’s got a big, proud smile on his face. I should add that his face looks like someone threw a glass of water in it. “Nice work, Matt, but don’t get cocky! You’ve got more to do.” He laughs and I hear Mike and Linda laughing too but they sound like they are laughing around something in their mouths.

I pulled Matt up to kiss me and taste my pussy in his mouth. We allow our tongues to dance and explore each other’s mouths. I pulled my mouth away and whispered in his ear that I needed him to fuck me. Matt pushed himself off of me and reached down for his cock as I reached over and grabbed my phone. I pushed the button to start the camera and as soon as it beeped to let me know it was running, I told Matt, “Put that cock in me!” He smiled into the camera and slowly slid his cock into my wet pussy. “That’s right fuck me good. I want Hal to see me really taking a good fuck. Oh, fuck, yes. That’s so good.”

As Matt started to pump his length into me, I reached over and propped the camera against the lamp, pointing towards us. I also noticed that Linda and Mike were now laying on the other bed and their clothes had begun to come off. Turning back to the matter at hand, I was grinding my hips up to meet his every thrust. He was moaning and I pulled him down to me so that we could kiss as we fucked each other. Damn, he could fuck!!! Each thrust he angled so that he was rubbing against my clit. Felt soooo fucking good! I could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate.

I rolled Matt over and mounted him. Sliding my sopping pussy up and down his shaft, then grinding myself back and forth with him deep inside me. He was playing with my titties as I alternated fucking and grinding his cock. Finally, I couldn’t take any more and grabbed him close as I came again, continuing to grind on his cock. Seconds later he moaned, “Oh, fuck, I’m going to come! I started squeezing his cock with my pussy, milking him, and told him, “Give me your cum, Matt. Fill my pussy.” He moaned and drove himself against me as he shot his cum deep into me. I rode his cock as he pumped himself up against me over and over. Finally, he relaxed and we lay against each other, letting our breathing get back to normal.

As I came down off of my high, I heard the sounds of sex and turned to see Mike on top of Linda slow fucking her. Linda was moaning and was wrapped around him as he slid in and out of her. Mission accomplished! Didn’t really think she would but I knew that she really needed a good fucking. I lifted my head and whispered into Matt’s ear, “I think they’re enjoying themselves, too.” He turned and watched as I took the opportunity to slide down and clean his cock up, which of course didn’t end there. Lol Between watching the other bed and my “cleaning up”, he was hardening up again in my mouth. I took that moment to smile at the camera and say, “Hi Honey. I’m having a great time.” That got me another one of those “you’re crazy” looks from Matt which, of course, I was hoping for.

When I had him good and hard again, which didn’t take all that much time, I turned over and presented my pussy to him from behind. I love doggie position. It’s rare that I cum from fucking in any other position, although tonight seemed to be an exception. Lol Took about a second for Matt to position himself behind me but he was definitely full of surprises. Instead of sticking his cock in me, he went in face first, licking from clit to butthole. Didn’t really expect a first time to include getting my ass licked but who am I to complain? Lol He definitely had some skills and I was really enjoying what he was doing. As a matter of fact, I have to admit I was loving the hell out of it. As he was licking my ass he inserted first one, then two, and finally three fingers into my dripping pussy. I was going to cum again!!! Oh fuck…again??? Yup, I let out a long moan as I came hard. “Oh, fuck yes! Oh, FUCK! FUCK, OH FUCK!!!”

I collapsed onto the bed, with my ass still up for him to lick. Perfect fucking position and he didn’t hesitate. He climbed up and slid his cock into my pussy. I was still in the aftershocks and shivered as he slid into me. I reached back with one hand to pull his ass against me and hold him still while I finished my orgasm. As we held that position, I heard Linda moan loudly, “Oh God, yes! Oh my God, that’s so good! Oh, yes, fuck me!” Nice! Good job Mike!

Once I stopped shivering, Matt began to slow fuck me…all the way in, all the way out. Nice and slow, giving my pussy a chance to recover. Dude could fuck, for sure! Eventually I started to fuck back into him, moving my hips in circles and grinding back against him. We picked up speed, moving together. So fucking good. I looked back over my shoulder at the camera and smiled that naughty, slutty smile that Hal loves.

When I turned back away from the camera, there was 6 inches of hard cock in my face. Hey, I’m not one to complain. I smiled up at Mike and slid my mouth over his cock, letting Matt’s thrusts drive me up and down the cock in my mouth. I could taste Linda’s pussy on him and I kind of wondered where she went until I realized that someone had just climbed up onto the bed somewhere behind me. Matt jumped a little and I knew she was up to something back there.

I grabbed Mike’s cock and continued stroking it as I looked back to see Linda hugging Matt from behind, biting his neck and scratching down his chest lightly. She was whispering to him, “That’s right, fuck her good. Just remember to save some for me.” I was a little surprised by her. I’ve awakened a freak!!! I turned back to slide my mouth over Mike’s cock again, trying to get deeper with each stroke, until I had more than half in my mouth and was just short of my gag limit. Mike had thrown his head back and reached down to cup the back of my head. “Oh, fuck, that’s great! I’m going to cum!” I reached around to grab the back of his thighs so that he couldn’t back away and went deep, moaning loudly. His balls and cock started to pulse and he shot his load deep down my throat as I tried to swallow every drop. I pretty much succeeded but allowed some to run out of my mouth as I turned to the camera, opened my mouth wide and, then made a show of swallowing the rest of the load. Wiped the last bit on my chin off and put it into my mouth…again, just making a show of it. Hal was going to get quite the video!!!

I guess the show was good for Matt, too. He started to pump harder into my pussy. It wasn’t going to be long. Just then Linda pulled him back out of me. I looked back and she had a firm grip on his cock. She looked down at me and asked, “Do you mind, Ann?” I laughed and said, “Sure! I’ve got another one right here.” Lol She crawled down alongside of me and assumed the same position…ass up, face down. She was giggling at me as Matt moved over and slid his cock into her in one long thrust. Linda moaned around her laughter.

I still had Mike’s cock in my hand and began to absently stroke it as I laid on my side to watch Matt fuck my best friend. It took me a few seconds to realize that the cock in my hand was still rock hard. I looked over at it to confirm what I was feeling and looked up at Mike who kind of smirked and nodded slightly. “Would you care to use this thing or are you just going to stand there, feeling all proud of it?” He laughed and leaned down to kiss me and continued to do so as he climbed between me and our friends, managing to turn himself around AND keep kissing. Pretty impressive!!!

So, I think I mentioned that Matt was quite the kisser. Mike made me forget that. That young man could kiss!!! When he broke our lip lock, I started to complain but he quickly slid down my body and was applying those oral skills on my pussy too fast for me to stop him…and I certainly didn’t want to at that point!!! Holy fuck, he could eat pussy! I call my husband, Hal, the tongue master. He still is but Mike is right there behind him! He started by sucked my labia into his mouth and circling his tongue between and around them as he sucked. Slid his tongue in and out of my soaking pussy. Lightly licked my clit and slid a finger in. He was curling the finger to rub the roof of my hole as he picked up speed and pressure on my clit. It was less than a minute when I squirted with my orgasm. I grabbed the back of his head and drove my hips against his face as he continued eating me. “Oh fuck, yes! Oh fucking suck my pussy! FUCK YES!!! Holy fuck, you can eat pussy!!! OH FUUUUCCCKKK!” Holy shit, that was a great orgasm!

As soon as I let go of his head, he slid up my body, his cock sliding all the way in. I was shivering and trying to get him to stop but he ignored me and started slowly sliding his cock all the way in and all the way out. I was shivering the whole time with the remnants of my orgasm. I could feel my juices mixed with Matt’s load being pushed out. My legs were shaking as Mike lifted them straight up in the air and continued to fuck me. Eventually I stopped shaking and he picked up speed. That orgasm had lasted forever and I could tell I was right on the edge of the next. I looked over at Linda and she was looking back at me smiling. I laughed and turned back to Mike as Matt yelled out with his orgasm, emptying his balls into Linda. Seconds later, Linda was cumming, pumping herself up against Matt violently.

Now I know, it is rare to ever have that perfect timing that two people cum at the same time. It is rare but this night was crazy! Lol As Linda and Matt were still moaning and shivering with their orgasms, I couldn’t hold it anymore. As Mike pounded that cock into me, I started humping back into him, rubbing my clit with one hand and timing our thrusts for as much cock as I could get in me. He moaned loudly and pumped his load into me as I screamed out with my orgasm. My hips and ass were a foot off the mattress and held tight there on his cock. We were barely moving but each shiver from each of us sent a shock into the other. Yup, all four of us had cum within 30 seconds of each other. Only time that has ever happened with me for sure!!!

As I relaxed and slid down off of Mike’s cock, I looked over to check on Linda. She had collapsed flat on the mattress with Matt lying on top of her. She shivered as, I assume, his softening cock slid out of her. I poked her and her eyes opened. She smiled and whispered, “You’re bad.” I laughed and answered, “I know... and now so are you.” She laughed again and rolled out from under Matt. I let my legs lower to the mattress as Mike fell back onto the pillows.

I looked around and said, “Well that was some fun.” We all laughed as we tried to sit up. I sat all the way up and grabbed the camera. Looking into it, I said, “Well, Honey, I hope you enjoy the show. I know I did. Linda leaned into the picture, waved and said, “Your wife is a very bad influence.” I turned to the guys and waved them in. “Say something, guys.” They looked into the camera waved and thanked Hal for allowing them one of the best nights of their lives.

I blew the camera a kiss and said, “I’ll be home in a couple of days. Miss you. Love you. And thanks.”


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