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We Get Pulled Over For Her Flashing Truckers (1974)

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Was just going through some things and found this diary thing that Sandra did when we were married. I did not know I had them around but this is from her diary and from her view point. We were very young then and just married 4 years and just starting to go crazy.

We used to drive up I-75 from the Sunshine State Parkway to I-10 then over to Biloxi. Along the way I loved getting naked in the car while Steve drove flashing while he drove and passed 18 wheelers. I wore jean miniskirts and tank tops and no bra. We were on I-75 one afternoon late and I had been flashing the truckers a lot and some had rode next to us while I put on the show. It was a problem since the "Smokies" Florida State Patrol was listening to the CB radios (we found out later) of the truckers talking about us in the Chev Vega and a woman playing with toys to show the truckers.

We were riding along and suddenly as we past and exit a FSP came up behind us, blue lights going. He made Steve pull over fast before I could get my shorts on and so as he walked up to the side of the car I just had my tank top on top of me and my skirt on my hips but not on. THere were two in one car for some reason and they pulled us over and one came to my side while the other to Steve's side. The one on my side was watching me so I could not dress and it was obvious I had the clothes on top of me and not on me. Well, the other checked the license and insurence and registration. He asked Steve to step out of the car and then the other oficer asked me to step out too. Well, I sat up in the car and tried to stay covered but was not able to. I got out and the shirt fell and so did the skirt. Finally I let them drop and stood naked in front ofhe trooper. "Got the one that was flashing the truckers." he said and the other brought Steve around and smiled.

"Well, she is flat but she will do." the older trooper said and then they told us to get in the back seat. We did and one had my clothes in front with him. He drove leaving the car on I-75 and we turned off and into a bunch of woods. We went far into them and then stopped. "Get on out here aLady." the one said and I stepped out still naked and not trying to cover up at all. Steve had told me to do what I had to do so we did not go to jail or anything and I had already made up my mind I would do anything at all. Another car puled up and two women got out, "So you got them did ya?" one said and then she was in front of me and pulled my nipples which responded by standing hard up."Well, let's get to it, we don't have all day." the woman said and pulled out a camera. One trooper grabbed me and sat me on the back of the car and spread her legs. Then he took out a good sized cock and without any foreplay shoved it into me. "Oh my god, oh fuck." I was was saying as he worked his way in.He shoved hard and it went in hurting since I was not wet at all. He pushed it in a few times then his cum filled my pussy. It felt great then but he was done and the next one came to me, "On the knees lady." he told me and I did and took him down my throat. I sucked him off and then one woman trooper was there with a dildo. "My turn." she said and bent me ove rbackwards on the hood. She had huge tits and dark nipples and told me to grab her tits and I did.

She shoved the dildo into my ass and sice it had been creamed from getting fucked it went in easy. I was now begging for more and all four were on my body, sucking, fingering and fucking and then one woman ate me out and went over and sucked off Steve. No ticket but they took all our information.

We had a call later after going home and one night 6 troopers came over. Yeah, I was alone and took care of everything. It was great and went on for about a year. Nice times in Florida.

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