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Tessa and I started out on a Saturday to Devil?s Hopyard National Forest for some hiking early in the morning hoping to catch some seclusion in the waterfall area. We both wanted to work up a sweat and bask in the cool water for some heavy action totally nude after a good hike.

We started out walking the trail and came prepared with a light snack and then some lunch afterward. The trail was pretty empty for the most part besides the morning walkers with their dogs. We chatted with a few and made our way to the back of the park trying to find the waterfall and succeeded. Tessa?s eye?s lit up when she saw how beautiful it was and we had brought along the camera for some sexy outdoor shots. I had her get on some the rocks and start posing, stripping sexily with that gorgeous body and natural sensual nature she has. After a few shots, I couldn?t wait any longer and joined her by the water. I kissed her long and hard to show her just how horny I was watching her on the rocks and wanting much more. We stripped down and waded into the water, burr, it was cold, but she kept it very hot stroking my slong. Once under the water, we kissed forever and couldn?t get enough of each other right now, feeling the water run over us. I kissed her neck, down her chest, and cupped her breast while suckling her nipples softly. Her hands roamed over my head and body enjoying the wonderful moment in pleasure running over our bodies. I picked her up with my cock between us so she could grind her clit on the base of pole while kissing me still. She was rocking up and down climbing to that peak of passion that sends her to another place of ecstasy. Her orgasm came with a shake combined with the cool water and eroticism of our surroundings and closeness. I sat up on the rock and watched as she began her licking of my body. She sucked on my nipples and kissed my stomach, slowly working her way south to the hand the held my rock hard cock. She stroked me gently and licked the sides sensually, looking up at me and seeing the obvious pleasure that I always enjoyed watching her take me in her mouth. Tessa eased her mouth over me and swallowed my member down to the base methodically massaging with her tongue all the way down. I was in heaven feeling the immense sensations in my tool as she expertly managed my cock. I was nearing my point of no return when I pulled her up to change places. Tessa?s pussy was very sweet and I wanted to lick her for a long time while feeling and watching the water run all over her body. I sent her quickly into quiver with my tongue fucking and licking that delicious quim. Tessa shook and wiggled with intense pleasure as I worked my tongue over her clit continuing the orgasm that had just moments earlier pleasured every cell in her body.

Unbeknownst to us, we had been spied upon by some onlookers. We heard the giggles and quickly noticed them getting closer now. It was some college girls out for a nature walk of their own. Tessa dove into the water as well as I, when they approached and said hello. They urged us to continue, enjoying the action that had preceeded their coming into our general vicinity. We exchanged greetings and watched as they began to undress. There were three of them, Candy, Jane, and Laura; all very beautiful and pert in their thongs and bikini tops. Candy commented at how beautiful Tessa was and she replied in kind a thank you for the compliment. We began some chit chat, us naked and them clad in scanty bikini?s. It was a little uncomfortable and Jane noticed and said would you feel more at ease if we got naked too? I looked at Tessa and she didn?t seem to mind looking at those bodies to much, so we said sure. They all stripped, no hesitation and Laura jumped up to give us a good shot of her lovely body. Then they surprised us with no apprehension at all as Candy and Jane started playing with each other, looking at us while they kissed a little. My eyes widened, as did Tessa?s. We huddled closer and started our own little kissing and hand roaming. Laura came behind Tessa and started massaging her shoulders and I could see her reaction was welcoming. She moved in front of her and I moved slightly away watching the scene unfold. Laura kissed her lips and began to let her hands roam all over Tessa, she didn?t seem to be minding any of this. Tessa wrapped her arms around Laura and really dove into her mouth Their lips intertwined and were going at it, while Jane and Candy were getting into their own action hot and heavy. Candy had laid out Jane on the rocks and was licking her pussy and driving her wild into her first orgasm. I moved behind Tessa and Laura, moving them over to an area we could enjoy each other. Tessa was lain down by Laura so she could savor that pussy of hers, and she was licking her for all she was worth. Candy and Jane had retrieved a blanket and were laying on a flat rock and moved into a 69 with each other, licking each other?s pussies. I could hear them cum, moan, and continue sucking each other off. Tessa was sucking my cock while enjoying Laura?s tongue action on her clit, holding her hair getting ready to cum all over her face. After Tessa?s orgasm, I moved between her legs again and Laura mounted Tessa?s face. Candy had come behind me and started massaging my ass and kissing my back. She moved her tongue to my ass and balls. Jane was switching between Laura?s mouth and Tessa?s tits. We were all engaged in some serious erotica. My ass was being treated to a good tongue bath from Candy, Tessa was enjoying the sweet snatch of Laura, and Jane was enjoying both of them. Candy stroked my cock as she licked my ass, then reached underneath to suck my cock. She was coating my cock with warm saliva and it didn?t take long before I was dumping a massive amount of jizz down her throat which she thirsted for. Tessa made Laura cum all over and she tasted every drop. Jane switched with Laura, while Candy cleaned my cock and traded places with Laura. I put my still rock hard cock in Tessa?s pussy, while Laura and Candy teased her clit and tits as I fucked Tessa. Tessa was now enjoying pussy from Jane and she was getting really worked up. Tessa was massaging her 36D?s and that was driving her wild. She came quickly and I continued to move in and out of that luscious pussy of Tessa?s. The girls brought her to another mind boggling orgasm with their tongue action on that clit. She was so sensitive when I let loose my stream of double action into her love tunnel that she came instantly again. Everyone calmed down and stood around thanking each other for the treats and they went over to the shore. Once there they started their own threesome with us just watching the action. The moans were making me hard again and this time I entered Tessa?s ass as I watched them lick, suck, and fuck each other not far off. Tessa enjoyed the sites too as well as my member stroking her anus in and out. She was playing with her clit while I banged that ass harder wanting to release yet another load. Tessa came again as I did and we kissed and said our good-byes to the girls. They waved and continued without a care in the world for who was around or us leaving. If we had wanted to stay they would have just let us join in again and we left it at that.

Tessa and I drank some water and recovered and laughed about what had just happened. It was fun and exciting to say the least, but we had to get going. What a day at the falls, mmmhhhmm.

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