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Visiting Nancy's Parents

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I was going through some old pic and found some of a visit we did at Nancy's parents in North Florida. Nancy had invited Quinn and I up since she and Sherri were going up for Labor Day weekend. I got the time and so did Quinn so we packed up and drove up. Gene and Rhonda (nancy's folks) were in their mid fourties and although not perfectly fit were in good shape. Nancy at that time was 22 so you can do the math. We drove up and Quinn was wearing her usual sundress and thong and no bra so her lovly 40EE titties were swaying as she walked and she had a way to accent her hips so that they got attention. We had to pull over and make elove on the way such was her sexual attraction and she knew she had me anytime she wanted. Well, we got there and Nancy answered the door and took us in, Her did, Gene was dressed casual and he shook my hand and hugged Quinn. Rhonda was wearing a halter top that hid almost nithing and shorts and her figure was almost identical to her daughter's NAncy only she had at least 42DD titties that were trying to escape the top. Sherri was no where to be see but Nancy told me she was busy. I thought nothing of it knowing that Sherri had become the willing slave of Nancy in the past months. We all sat around drinking a few cool beers and talking when Rhonda said, So you don't mind loaning Sherri to Nancy for so long? I was startled a little and Nancy told me, I don't usually hide things from Mom and Dad. WEll, no not really I told her since I had Quinn for as long as Sherri was gone. Quinn cuddled up to my side as she always did when she was getting hot, her legs pressing together to massage her very large clit that swelled very easily. We sat there a while then Rhonda said to Gene, Why not bring Sherri in, she has been disciplined enough don't you think? Yeh, I guess, but She is still not off the hook. Okay, just bring her in. I was shocked when he appeared with her, collar on her neck and a chain attached to it, she was totally naked and her bottom had obviously been spanked recently. Sherri was bad yesterday and she is being punished today Rhonda said matter of factly. Nancy was squirming in her chair. It was then that I noticed a strange devise in the corner and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light it was a sort of large dildo that was attached to a system of pullies or something. Sit her on the machine Rhonda said and turn it on full. Gene did and as it went into her Sherri let out a moan. Now now Rhonda told her with an upraised hand, no noise, understand? YOu remember what happened last time. Yes Mistress Sherri said meekly. Mistress? I thought what have we here? That thought was answered as the machine was turned on and Sherri began moving with it. The large dildo was going in and out slowly and then faster and as her orgasm built she did all she could to make no noice at all. It was plain that she wanted to scream but was not allowed. Nancy had reached under her shorts and was fingering herself, Gene had dropped his pants and a huge cock was being massaged by his hands, precum leaking. Then Rhonda said, Nancy dear, take care of your fathers cock please. Nancy smiledand took her clothes off and dropped to her knees in front of Gene and as she did Gene got to the egde of the chair to make himself reachable. Nancy took him all the way into her mouth and began sucking him slowly at first then faster as his cock stood up hard and ready to cum. Rhonda came over and was now behind Nancy and she was fingering her faster and faster. Nancy was on the edge of orgasm herself and the 3 of them were moaning loud. Sherri had began her next orgasm and was looking worn out on the machine. Quinn had her hands on my crotch and I was playing with her titties, her nipples hard as a litle rocks. Then Gene moaned and his load filled Nancy's mouth...She became hotter as she kissed her mom and the cum was transferred to her mouth. Nancy then mounted her fathers still hard cock and let out a scream as if she had never been impaled before but we knew she had. Quinn and I were undressed and playing with each other when Sherri was commanded to come over and eat Quinn, she crawled over and did just that making Quinn lean back and spread her legs as Sherri dove in and began to eat her to several orgasms, then Rhonda told her to suck me off and she follwoed those orders also. AS Quinn watched Sherri suck me she began masturbating and playing with her own titties and as I had a wonderful cum in Sherris mouth she came also. Then Quinn looked at me, Lets go to bed please. Sure I told her and she asked where we were sleeping. In the guest house Rhonda but first I muct eat that lovely pussy please. Quinn leaned back and spread her beautiful legs again as Rhonda began licking her legs and then her toes and feet as she made Quinn hotter and hotter and had not yet touched her pussy. Finally she began suckinbg her clit and Quinn had a orgasm that shook her body all over...Then another as Rhonda began licking her again. After 3 she said, WEll, see you guys in the morining. And she kissed Quinn and me and we, still naked, got up and went to the guest house which was little more than a bed room with TV and bath. Quinn attacked me and we made love for another 2 hours as th estarts came out. We went out on the back deck naked and looked at them for a while then heard Sherri screaming from the house, Yes, yes, please fuck me, let him fuck me please. Oh yes, This lasted a good hour as Sherri was slave to the 3 of them we guessed. Little did we know that Sherri was serving other needs that night and later we were told of them.


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