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Vanilla Party, You Say?

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We’ve got friends of all types and this led to an interesting party invite a few years ago. We’ve been open to sex outside of marriage for pretty much our whole marriage, although we play rarely. It’s always a possibility, though. We have quite a few friends who are in the lifestyle but then we also have our vanilla friends. Then there are the others…those who are teetering on the edge between the two. Open minded but just haven’t quite taken that next step. Fantasizing, yet afraid to jump. Some of these are the friends who started this story. We had known Eric and Erin for many years. We had let them in on our little secret a few years before this party and had been questioned extensively since that time. Had a lot of great times, hanging out, and had played a tiny bit…some oral was shared, playing with each other under a table, things like that. Never full swap, though. That was quite a disappointment for us as they are both great looking, sexy creatures. Erin is a tall blonde, slim, with long legs and beautiful DDs. Eric is a little shorter and in great shape from his work in construction. Ann and I are the patient type though, so we could wait! lol So, anyways, my wife, Ann, got a call from Erin and she asked if we’d be able to come to a party they were having in a couple of weeks. It was a week before Halloween, so it was going to be a costume party and they were planning on inviting their wilder friends. We had some plans but could probably work with those and we love the whole Halloween season, costume parties, etc., so we were definitely open to a good party. Erin went on to let us know that she expected us to be dressed in our sluttiest costumes. Eric and her always loved when we pushed the boundaries around their other friends. Guess it just put them on the edge of falling to the dark side and horned them up. lol Anyways we told them that we’d love to slut up their party but that we had some friends that we’d agreed to hang with that day and would have to bring with. We let our friends, Dan and Tina, know about the change of plans and they were in. Dan and Tina were our neighbors from a few doors down. Very fun couple but so far vanilla although our conversations had definitely bordered on slutty. lol Figured they would fit in great because they were a lot like Eric and Erin…vanilla but definitely naughty, not to mention funny as all hell. We spent the next week figuring out our costumes and were ready to go when the party day came. Normally we would be in some kind of matching costumes but we decided to go with myself, Hal, dressed up as a cheerleader and Ann as a witch. I was going quite a bit more on the wild side but Ann didn’t feel as comfortable, knowing that most at the party were not as open as we are. It’s all good though. She was still a pretty slutty witch. lol I told her to just go without any panties since nobody would know that little piece of info. Quick description of the two of us…Ann is a 5’ tall, 105 pound, lifelong athlete. Great ass and legs with small tits and big eraser sized nipples. The costume she was wearing covered up much of that but had a short flowing dress so her legs were on display to great advantage. I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder and martial artist since I was a kid so the cheerleader outfit had elements of showing off and complete ridiculousness. lol Picture Jim Carey playing the female bodybuilder on Living Colour years ago except with actual muscles. Since we lived so close, we picked up Dan and Tina for the party. Dan was dressed as a devil, basically red spandex, horns and his upper body painted red. Dan is more the dad bod type, but is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Tina was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. She is a little thick but nice and curvy and almost as funny as Dan. They are always a great addition to any party! By the time we got to the party, it was already rolling. The house was made up awesome in Halloween decorations and when Erin answered the door, we were a little shocked. She was “dressed” as a tiger. By dressed, what I mean to say is that Eric had spent the day bodypainting her. She did have on a thong which was painted to match the rest of her but that and a pair of heels was it. She laughed at our expressions and said, “I’m planning on making this a night to remember!” I answered, “Well I guess you are!” We introduced Dan and Tina and he, of course, had her laughing within 10 seconds. We went in to find a mix of costumes from straight to slutty. There was a DJ and they had set up a dance floor in one room. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The alcohol had obviously been flowing copiously. lol I had worn the cheerleader outfit before and one of the things I loved about it is that women who have been drinking absolutely cannot resist either slapping my ass or checking for underwear. The skirt is extremely short so I was, for once, wearing underwear…well, a thong. If I wasn’t, my 9-inch cock would have definitely been hanging out. Well, to clarify, I’m a shower. 6 inches soft, 9 inches hard. Since I was at a (kind of) vanilla party, I decided on the thong. That being said, it took all of 3 minutes before an extremely attractive blonde moved up behind me, slapped my ass, and asked if I was wearing anything under the skirt. Woo hoo! Here we go! Ann just shook her head and laughed because we had discussed how long it would take on the way there. Dan and Tina were laughing too, Dan more than Tina just because Tina and I had a bet on how long it would take. I had just won. :D Anyways, I told the young lady that I did have underwear on and I went on to explain why. She, of course, laughed and told me I was lying. I tried to convince her but she firmly believed that I was full of it. I told her, “No, really! I have a big cock and it would hang out.” By now quite a few people were standing around laughing at our shenanigans. I guess the crowd emboldened her so she told me I was full of it and tried to get me to bet on it. Now, remember, this is less than 10 minutes from the time we arrived! lol I tell her no and she starts making a spectacle of punking me so I give in. “Okay, what do you want to bet?” She answers, “If your cock hangs out the bottom of that skirt, I’ll kiss your ass for 30 seconds! When I win, you’ll be kissing mine!” I look around and catch the eye of her man. He does not look really happy about all this and I KNOW that I’m going to win this bet. As a matter of fact, in his mind, if I lose, I’ll be kissing her naked ass for 30 seconds. Either way, his lady is going to be involved in some kind of sexual act. I look back at her, nod towards her man, and tell her, “You might want to ask your man there.” She looks at him, looks back at me, and says he’ll be fine. I don’t believe her but, okay, that’s between them. Like I said, we’ve attracted a crowd in the kitchen, which is as far as I got before all of this busted out People are starting to call for the bet to be decided. Since this is Erin’s friends, I tell her, “Erin, would you do the honors?” She comes over, gets behind me, reaches under my skirt, and starts to slide my thong down my legs. As it clears my cock, I give it a little shake to take out the wrinkles and it drops out of the front of my cheerleader skirt, hanging about 2 inches past the bottom of it. The crowd around us starts hooting and clapping and the young lady starts laughing nervously as she eyes the head of my cock. “Oh, shit, you weren’t bullshitting!” I laugh and tell her, “I tried to talk you out of it.” Erin then tells me to lift my feet and takes the thong all the way off, telling me, “Well, everybody has already seen so you may as well leave these off.” I tell her, “Yes, Ma’am. You’re the party host!” I then turned to the young lady, stuck my hand out, and said, “Hi I’m Hal. I should probably get your name before you kiss my ass.” She hesitated a moment and then took my hand, saying, “Hi, I’m Marie.” I laughed and told her that she didn’t have to pay up. I could tell her man wasn’t happy, but she told me, “No, I pay my bets.” Everyone was still standing there waiting to see what would happen and, sure enough, Marie turned me around, lifted my skirt, and started to kiss my ass. By kiss I mean suck, lick, nibble my ass cheeks. All I was thinking was, “Holy crap, we’ve only been here for 10 or 15 minutes and I’m standing in the kitchen with a crowd watching, getting my ass suckled by a hot stranger, with my cock hanging out for all to see!!!” Not a bad start to the night! Now Ann, being used to my shenanigans and noticing Marie’s man’s scowl, walked up to him and introduced herself. She was at her flirtatious best and he seemed to relax as she talked and held onto his arm. Everyone was still hooting and I should add that Marie did manage to slip her tongue underneath to the back of my balls. Naughty little minx!!! When 30 seconds was up, Marie got to her feet, I smugly thanked her, and then walked over with her to introduce myself to her man. Being the jerk that I am and noticing that Ann had him smiling a little, I made a joke about us doing this backwards. I should have introduced myself to him BEFORE having Marie kiss my butt. He was taken aback for a second but then laughed and introduced himself as Rob. Of course, Dan and Tina were right behind me and added their own off-color jokes to the moment. lol After pointing out that Tina had lost our bet, Ann and I excused ourselves from the 4 of them just so that we could do a walk through, pointing out that Marie hadn’t allowed us to get far from the front door before waylaying me. They laughed, we finished pouring our drinks, and carried on. We caught up to Erin and Eric in the dance room. Ann and I love to dance, so that was the first place we headed after getting our drinks. The DJ was rocking it, so we proceeded to get our dance on. Eric isn’t much of a dancer so Erin joined us. Fortunately for me the next song was a bit of a grinder beat and I was immediately sandwiched between the two ladies. This party could not have been going better for me! lol Anyways we spent the next couple of hours wandering through the party, meeting new friends, sowing freakiness in the moments that called for it, dancing and drinking. When I noticed that Tina was at just the right point of drunkenness, I called her over and told her it was time for her to pay up on our bet. The bet was that the loser had to take whatever dare the winner gave them. I had talked to the DJ and set up a good slow sexy song, “Pussy Control”, for this moment. “So, Tina, you’re dare is to slow dance this one with Ann. You have to grind against her and kiss her for the whole of the song.” The group of people around us started laughing and hooting at her, thinking she would fold. Not a chance! She’s a trooper. She went right to it. Ann was already in so they came together and started grinding. Now, I should say she went right to it, staying within the parameters set, without totally giving herself to the moment. Hands around Ann’s waist, legs not intertwined, and mouth closed. Fortunately, Ann was never going to allow that! She slipped her arms around Tina and firmly grabbed her round ass cheeks, slipping her thigh in between Tina’s and grinding her pussy up and down her thigh. Her mouth opened to Tina’s kiss and sucked on her lips before slipping her tongue between and into her mouth. Tina stiffened up for a minute but “Pussy Control” is a long song and Ann knew she had time. Eventually Tina relaxed and returned the kiss while rubbing her hands down over Ann’s ass. They both had short skirts on and Ann slipped her hand under Tina’s skirt to rub her naked ass. Things heated up pretty quickly. I looked around at the crowd to find the various responses. Quite a few were still laughing, hooting, and enjoying the show. Others, however, were totally into what was happening. I looked over at Dan and found him speechless for the first time since I’s known him. He has often mentioned how hot he thought Ann is. This right here was definitely driving him nuts. lol Eric and Erin were enjoying the show but looked over at me and gave me the thumbs up. This is what they expected from us and we were happy to help. Looking back to the ladies, Tina was definitely into it now grinding her pussy against Ann’s thigh and kissing her deeply. The song ended but the girls continued to kiss until I tapped them on the shoulders. “Ummm, ladies the song is over.” Tina looked at me over Ann’s shoulder and tells me, “Who asked you?” Ann backs up, dragging Tina with her, and drops to the couch behind her. Tina drops right next to her and they continue to kiss as the music comes back on and the party continues. Dan Comes around to stand in front of the ladies so that he can watch better and immediately notices that Ann’s skirt had pulled up to her waist and her shaved pussy is bared to the room. He points it out to me and I then hear the guy who Ann had plopped down next to her say, “Hey, Ann, you might want to pull your skirt front down.” I notice it’s Rob from earlier in the night and Marie is on the other side of him. Of course Ann is having way too much fun to pay any attention and ignores him, leaving her wet pussy visible to the rest of the room. Still looking to stir the pot, I tell him, “Hey, Rob, she’s kind of busy. Could you cover it for her?” He looks back at Marie and she urges him to help. Of course I could tell that her skirt had slid all the way up and she was sitting on it. He wasn’t going to be able to pull the skirt down. He did try though. As he was trying, I looked over at Marie, winked, and said, “Hey, Marie, it’s not working. Would you mind if Rob just holds his hand over her pussy?” She winked back as Rob’s head snapped up to look at me and said, “Sure, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do after all.” “Rob, would you mind?” “Ummmm, okay sure.” He tried to put his hand covering the area while holding his hand hovering 6 inches above her slit. Marie leaned over to look and commented, “Honey, everyone can still see. You’re going to have to get closer.” He moves his hand about 3 inches closer at which point somebody from the crowd says, “I can still see it.” Everybody laughed as Marie leaned over again, grabbed his hand and pushed it down until it was pressed firmly over Ann’s pussy as everyone continued to laugh. To make it worse, Ann let out a moan and squirmed to push up against his hand. She later told me it was just because she thought it would be funnier. I think everyone else agreed as they laughed at Rob’s blushing. Knowing that Rob probably would’ve bailed, Marie kept pressure on his hand as Tina and Ann continued to make out. As fun as it was and as much as it was pushing the crowd which Eric and Erin had brought together for this party, I thought it was time to take our little party to another room and asked what the others involved thought. Dan and Tina immediately agreed. Rob and Marie looked at each other, then Marie said, “We’ve talked about it but never done anything. Would it be okay if we came in and just watched?” It was decided and we all wandered back to the guest bedroom. Ann and Tina had their arms still around each other as we entered the room and immediately fell onto the bed, getting back to where they had been. Tina was on her back with Ann laying alongside as they continued to kiss. Dan took a seat on the side of the bed, eyes fixed on the ladies. Rob sat on the lone chair in the room with Marie taking a seat on his lap. Ann was exploring Tina’s body with her hands as they continued a VERY passionate kiss. Her hand slipped down across Tina’s tits and down to her stomach. Tina let out a soft moan and squirmed slightly as Ann’s hand found its way to her pussy mound and started to rub over it. I motioned to Dan and he was totally shocked… in a really good way! As I said earlier, he was wearing spandex pants and they were totally tented by now. “Hey, Dan, would you mind undoing Tina’s top for Ann?” He looked at me crazy for a second and then jumped to it, opening her shirt which was over a red push up bra. Ann’s one hand was under Tina, holding her close and she slipped her hand to the back of Tina’s bra to undo it. Tina arched her back to allow her access and in no time her bra was undone. Tina’s tits popped out of the bottom of the bra, exposing her large areolas and hard nipples. Ann pulled away and the two of them worked to get the shirt and bra out of the way. As Tina lay back down, Ann climbed on top of her using her knee to spread Tina’s legs and slid her hand under the skirt to find that Tina had on no panties. She lifted away long enough to say, “Tina, you dirty girl.” They both laughed and, over my shoulder, I heard Rob and Marie laugh along with them. I looked back to find Marie on her knees between Rob’s legs. His pants were opened and she was sucking his cock as he watched. I looked over at Dan, who I’m not sure if he had blinked since we got to the room. “Hey, Dan, the ladies are kind of busy. Would you mind pulling Ann’s dress up over her head?” Dan has had a crush on Ann for years and here I was asking him to strip her. He looked at me and said, “Are you kidding!?!” “No. Do it.” Ann had heard and lifted her arms up over her head as he leaned over and pulled it up and off of her. Of course, she was wearing no underwear so she was completely naked except for the spiderweb thigh high nylons and boots that completed her witch costume. Dan gave out a little moan at the sight and looked at me with a serious “what the fuck is happening right now” look on his face. lol Ann broke off their kiss and slid down Tina’s body to suck on her hard nipples as she slipped her fingers into Tina’s pussy. Ann had to arch her back and stick her ass up in the air to do so, leaving quite a view from where I was standing. Of course, Dan immediately slid around to get the right angle, too. I looked back to find Rob still in the chair with Marie between his legs but now turned to watch as she stroked his fully erect cock. Earlier Marie had been pretty surprised by the size of my cock but Rob was no slouch. Probably about 7 inches and fairly thick. “Hey guys, you want to pull the chair over closer or something. Much better view over here.” They laughed but they did move the chair over closer and around where they had a good view. Ann continued to slide her mouth down Tina’s body over her stomach and down to her hot wet pussy. The further down her mouth went the more Ann’s ass was lifted into the air, giving us all a hot view of her shaved pussy from behind. Ann has very meaty lips and an extremely large clit. They were evident as they swelled in her excitement. As she ran her tongue up Tina’s slit, Tina grabbed the back of her head and moaned long and loud. Dan let out a little noise too as his wife enjoyed Ann’s mouth. Ann turned her head and sucked Tina’s pussy lips into her mouth gently as she slid her mouth up and down, maintaining the suction. Tina’s breathing was increasing and she was whimpering as she pulled Ann’s head in tight. Ann lightened up to prolong Tina’s pleasure. As we watched, it became pretty obvious to us that Ann was really loving this as her pussy had begun to glisten with her juices. Her clit was swelling out from under the hood. I figured it was time to push the envelope a little more. “Hey, Dan, I think Ann is in need of some attention, don’t you?” “WHAT!?!” “I said that Ann needs somebody to lick her pussy.” His eyes got really big and he froze. As I said earlier, he always has a witticism ready but this had him frozen in the headlights. Ann pulled her head off of Tina’s pussy just long enough to say, “Dan, for fuck’s sake, would you eat my pussy!?! If it’s okay with Tina. I don’t want to drip all over the bed.” From the head of the bed we all heard Tina say, “Anything is okay with me right now!” Ann buried her face back into Tina’s pussy and I pulled Dan over into position. Of course, I was hard as a rock by now, sticking out the front of my cheerleader skirt so I had to back up to make room. I accidently bumped into Rob and Marie as I did so and almost slapped Marie in the face with my cock. They barely seemed to notice though as they watched what was going on. Dan didn’t waste any time once he got started and leaned over to bury his face in Ann’s cunt from behind. Ann let out a moan as he did so and, just by coincidence, Tina thrust her hips up into Ann’s face and let out a long moan. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Lick my cunt! Oh fuuuuuccckkk! Fuck, fuck, fuuuccckk!” She collapsed back to the bed and was shivering with her orgasm. “Oh fuck, that was incredible!” Dan had stopped what he was doing to watch his wife cum on my wife’s tongue so Ann climbed up Tina’s body to share a kiss with her as they giggled over what had just happened. Ann had her legs spread over Tina’s hips and was still giving us quite the view. It was at that point that I felt a hand slide up my thigh and grab hold of my cock. I turned to see Marie looking up at me. I looked up at Rob and, surprisingly he was smiling and nodding his head to indicate he was alright with it. Marie turned around to face us both as she opened her mouth and slid the head of my cock into it as she continued to stroke Rob’s hard cock. The ladies were still quietly giggling and sharing an intimate moment of post orgasm relaxation. Dan got my attention and was kind of asking what he should do. I pointed at the two pussies staring right at him and told him, “Well get in there!” He didn’t need to be told twice and climbed onto the bed between two sets of thighs and started tonguing Ann’s asshole. She very much enjoys anal, so she immediately pushed back into his face. I also heard her whisper to Tina, “I think Dan’s back.” They both laughed and resumed kissing. I looked down at Rob, sitting next to me, and Marie, kneeling in front of me and asked, “So are you enjoying yourself?” They both laughed and said that they definitely were. “Are you ready for more?” They looked at each other questioningly and seemed to come to an agreement. Rob said, “Yeah, I think we are.” I looked up at the bed and commented on the fact that Dan seemed to be monopolizing the ladies nether regions but there are two ladies mouths open on the other end of the pile. They laughed but they did get up and climb onto the bed. Marie stuck her head in by the ladies and asked, “Is there room for one more here?” Again, there was some giggling as Ann reached out and pulled her into a deep kiss, then turned her towards Tina who also kissed her deeply. I laid myself alongside the action…mostly to supervise. lol Rob had climbed up on the other side of the ladies and had lost his pants along the way. I guess he WAS ready! Marie pointed him out to Tina and Ann and Tina reached out to grab his hard cock saying, “Mmmmm, very nice.” She pulled him closer by his cock and aimed it towards Ann, who slid her mouth down over the head, grabbing the base. She then turned it back towards Tina who sucked it deep into her mouth. Dan was still licking Ann’s cunt and her breathing was coming faster but she tried to stay focused on breaking in the newbies. Ann and Tina now had Rob’s cock between both of their lips and were sliding up and down his shaft. Marie joined in by licking the head of his cock, making it kind of a three-way blow job. It wasn’t long before Rob let out a loud moan and shot a huge load of cum out onto Marie’s face. All three ladies immediately attacked the head of his cock, each trying to get the cum for themselves. Rob was moaning loudly and shivering as the ladies wouldn’t let him have his cock back. Finally, he pulled away hard and yelled out, “NO MORE!” The ladies all started laughing as they kissed all around, sharing the cum load that Rob had just given them. Dan had stopped to watch so Ann looked back over her shoulder and told him, “What are you doing? Get back to work!” The ladies laughed as Dan answered, “Yes, ma’am!” He got back to work. Rob was laid back on the bed, leaned up against the headboard as he recovered. Ann and Tina were kissing as Dan ate Ann’s pussy from behind, and when I looked up towards Marie, she was staring back at me. She spread her legs, smiled, and nodded for me to get closer. I was sitting by her feet, so I leaned down, grabbed her feet, and slid my mouth down over her toes. As my tongue slipped in and out between her toes, she let out a loud gasp. “Oh my God! Oh fuck!” She fell back onto the bed, squirming as I continued to suck her toes. Some ladies are not a fan but it took me all of 2 seconds to realize she was not one of those. She was loving what I was doing and biting down on her hand to keep from screaming out. Eventually she pulled her hand out of her mouth and yelled out, “Oh fuck, that is sooo good! Suck my fucking toes! Oh, fuck yes!!!” She was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as I continued to treat her to her first foot sucking. Ann was breathing faster next to us as Dan licked her cunt and finally let out a long moan as she orgasmed on his tongue and fingers. “Oh, fuck yes!” She reached behind her to grab the back of his head and pull it in tight to her ass and pussy as she shivered. I looked over at Dan, and told him, “Hey, buddy, just a heads up. She likes to have a cock stuffed in her right after cumming on a mouth.” He fought her hand off and climbed up to his knees between Ann and Tina’s legs and slowly eased his cock into Ann’s dripping pussy. She moaned out long as he hit bottom and now held him in tight against her, not moving. I turned back to Marie with a satisfied smirk, figuring my work was now complete as far as pushing the party along. I now held her feet up in the air as I kissed my way up her legs. Over her calves, stopping to suck on the backs of her knees alternately, then up the inside of her thighs, nibbling and sucking. Finally after a couple of minutes working my way up, I let her legs down and slowly licked up between the folds of her slit. She had a beautiful pussy and it was dripping by the time I made my way up to it. I circled her clit and slid my tongue back down as she gasped, then back up to softly suck her clit into my mouth. I had just started to flick my tongue on the tip of her clit when she moaned loudly and drove her pussy up into my face. “Oh, fuck yes!!! Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” She was screaming with as loud of an orgasm as I had ever heard! It was fucking great! Ann, who was now being slowly fucked next to us while on all fours over Tina, leaned over and whispered to Marie, “Now you know why I married him.” They both laughed and Marie answered, “Yup, I totally get it!” They kissed and Marie pulled her knees up to her chest opening herself to me, looking at Ann and saying, “Now I need to find out if his cock had anything to do with it.” Ann giggled and turned back to what she was doing. At this point there is a lot going on so much of what I’ll be telling here was told to me later as I was slightly busy myself… With Marie’s invitation, I climbed further up her body and positioned my 9 inches of cock at her opening. Knowing she had just cum, I took the opportunity to tease her some with the head of my cock, rubbing it up and down her wet slit and on her swollen clit. She shivered with each contact but eventually reached down to grab my ass and press herself against me. I slowly slipped the length of my dick into her, allowing her to get accustomed to my girth. As I was entering Marie, Ann without allowing Dan’s cock to exit, threw her one leg back over his head to lay on her back. Rob was back in the game by now and was sucking on Tina’s tits. As Ann climbed off, Rob slid down along Tina, kissing and sucking his way to her pussy and positioning his cock near her face. So, if you’ve been keeping up, you have a pretty good picture of what is now in full motion. It was at this point that I heard a voice from the door. It was Erin saying,” What is with all the noise in here!?!” I looked back to see her, Eric and a few of the other party goers watching from the open door. I could see about 6 or so people. They must have been there for a little while as some were enjoying a bit of foreplay as they watched. Hands on cocks, mouths on titties, etc. “Well, either come in and find out or hold it down while we make some more noise!” It was Ann who had leaned her head out around Dan just enough to answer as he continued to fuck her. Erin laughed and walked in with Eric and quite a few more right behind her. Apparently, I learned later that they had been watching for about 10 minutes, taking turns at the door so everyone could get a view, lol Erin and Eric had obviously invited the right people for what they had in mind. We got back to what we were doing as the others surrounded the bed to get a closer view. Dan was really starting to pound his cock into Ann and they were both breathing faster as he slapped up against her. I was still working slowly, sliding my cock in and out of Marie’s pussy…all the way in, all the way out. Tina was with Rob in the middle and was sucking Rob’s semi hard cock as he was eating her pussy. As I was picking up speed in fucking Marie, I felt a hand cup my ass and a mouth go to the back of my neck. I turned slightly to find Erin there and turned further to find her mouth, sucking her tongue into mine and kissing her deeply as I started to really pound Marie. She had now grabbed on tight to my ass and was pulling me into her and humping back into me as we picked up speed. She urged me on, “C’mon, fuck her hard!” Erin was whispering in my ear, “That’s right. Fuck her good. Give her that big dick. I bet she feels so good right now.” I could feel myself reaching the breaking point between the two of them. I tried to slow down but just then Marie drove her hips up into me again with her second orgasm. “Oh fuuuuuck!!!” She was grinding herself against me as she came and I tried to control myself. Just as she started to relax, I lost control. I pulled my cock out of her and shot my load up over her stomach onto her tits as I cried out with my own orgasm. “Oh, fuck yes!!!” Each succeeding shot got shorter until the last of my cum shot dripped down onto her pussy. Almost immediately Erin leaned down over Marie and began to lap up my cum. She licked the first off of her tits and Marie grabbed her head to kiss her and share my cum. Erin continued down her body to get it all, returning to kiss Marie and feed her my cum. When she got to what was on Marie’s pussy, she hesitated slightly so I smirked, wiped it up with my finger, and stuck it into Erin’s mouth. She laughed and returned to kiss Marie. I wasn’t totally paying attention but what I didn’t see, Ann filled me in on. As I was fucking Marie, Dan was giving Ann a great fuck. She said he wasn’t very big but was hitting everything just right and she managed to get a couple of orgasms while he fucked her…very rare for her. Anyways as Dan was fucking her and Erin had come around to my side of the bed, Eric had gone around to Ann and Dan’s side. He immediately pulled out his little cock…sorry but he does have a small cock. Honestly, though, Ann is not a size queen and doesn’t mind at all. He walked up by Ann’s head which was hanging back off of the edge of the bed. She immediately opened her mouth and Eric slipped his cock in as Dan continued to pound her wet pussy. They got a pretty good rhythm going. Each time Dan drove into her, it pushed her mouth down onto Eric’s cock. In that position, Ann can get a pretty good amount of cock into her throat and what with Eric being fairly small, he was getting a full deep throat. Dan had wanted Ann ever since we met them and within a few minutes he started breathing hard. Ann could feel his cock pulsing as he got close. Without losing the cock in her mouth, she reached down and pulled Dan tight into her waiting cunt, flexing and unflexing the inside of her pussy. Dan moaned and buried himself all the way into, emptying his load deep into her. He was shaking with his orgasm as Ann continued to milk his cock with the muscles in her pussy. As she had stopped moving, Eric started to pump his dick into her open mouth, gagging her slightly but before she could turn away, Eric also groaned, and shot his load into Ann’s open mouth. Although she wasn’t totally happy with getting gagged, she later told me it was an awesome hot moment, having both of them shoot their loads within seconds of each other into two of her three holes. I can’t really tell you all of what was going on at that point. I hadn’t met everybody but the other party goers who had come in with Eric and Erin were all in various acts of debauchery around the room. We had definitely got to the desired result for this party! All of that aside, I wasn’t done yet as I had Erin close at hand and, as I said earlier, was wearing nothing but paint and panties! She was leaned over feeding Marie my cum by mouth, so I used the moment to slip her panties down off of her. She lifted her knees for me so that I could slip them all the way off. I then slid over on my back and slid my face under her, grabbing her ass and pulling her pussy down onto my face. I set to work, licking that sweet pussy as she let out a moan. She pushed herself up off of Marie and was kneeling, straddling my face. I have always loved this position, looking up the front of her body. Her face looking down at me over her big titties, hands supporting her on the bed. LOVE IT! Her eyes closed and she rocked on my mouth as I found her swollen clit. It didn’t take long before she began to grind her pussy down harder onto my tongue and moan loudly. She finally stiffened and screamed out with her orgasm while delivering a surprise to me. As she came, she squirted her cunt juices down over my face. I’m talking about a full squirt! Soaked me down! Surprised as I was, I was able to hold it together and continue lapping up her juices. She continued to grind until she finally fell off of my face, shaking with the last of her orgasm. After a few seconds, she looked over and said, “Sorry about the shower.” We laughed and I told her it was a bit of a surprise. She said that it doesn’t happen all the time but that this one was especially good. She was surprised, too. lol I looked around to see that the “party” was going great. I also noticed Ann kind of smirking at me and giving me the “our job is done here” look. I nodded and we slipped off the bed to get dressed as we admired our work. We tapped a few people to let them know that we were heading out, quick hugs and we left, Dan and Tina in tow. I then got the distinct pleasure of driving while Ann, Dan, and Tina played in the back seat. I could see little but the moans gave me a pretty good idea of what was happening. It was about a month later when we got a call from Erin and Eric to invite us to another party. Nope we weren’t there to start anything this time. lol This was a smaller party of those who had joined in on the last party. We just love turning new people to the dark side!

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