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Vail Hot Tub

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I met Liz about 18 months prior to our trip to Vail with her two others girlfriends that she went to college with in New Hampshire. She hadn?t seen Stacy and Jen for over two years. Both are in serious relationships with Ben and Chris respectively and couldn?t make the trip without them. I have heard many stories about Jen and Stacy and was excited to finally meet them. I had seen pictures of Liz, Jen and Stacy in very revealing bikinis by a pool on their trip to Vegas after graduation. Liz wouldn?t tell me much of that trip, although I tried to pry the details. Reflecting on the photos, I was hoping to see all three women the hot tub that evening.

Stacy and Ben now live in Atlanta working at a large corporate computer company. Stacy looked like she took pride in her professional appearance with manicured nails and the make-up so prevalent in the south. Quite the change from the liberal, crunchy college days. Stacy has near jet black hair with a clear alabaster complexion. The combination of Italian /Chinese is beautiful.

Jen met Chris when he offered to carry her beat up sofa to her third floor apartment in South Beach. Jen works as a graphics artist in a predominately gay ad agency. She is spunky with a great sense of humor.

Liz is 27 years old, blonde, with a size 34B perky chest, wash board abs, and shaves everything. When she smiles it lights up the room and her laughter is infectious. She puts people at ease with a few non-verbal jesters. Liz works as an account rep at a marketing company.

I?m 30 years old, software professional. I met Liz at the local rock gym and both take pride in our appearance.

We were the last to arrive at the condo. The four of them were already into the second bottle of wine in the tiny condo. We started to catch up while meeting Ben and Chris. Ben is a very friendly, 35 years old and had a dry sense of humor. He reminded me of Alec Baldwin. Chris was about 28 and had a surf dude look. His casual approach was refreshing. Jen was better looking in person with her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her 5?8? frame held her large breasts well in a tight blue sweater. Stacy was more reserved, but very friendly. I could tell she could be tough if she wanted.

We continued to drink and talk until 11 p.m. We all were a little tipsy when Jen told the group of the packaging she was designing for a new truth or dare type of game. We all were interested. She laughed and pulled out a mock up version. It was called ?Better than Strip Poker?. Stacy grabbed from Jen?s hands and read the instructions out loud.

You spun a dial that had three options: Drink, Truth, Dare. The cards were labeled Advanced and Beginner. Stacy grabbed an Advanced Truth card, looked me square in the eye and asked, ?What is the length of your erect penis?? I was flustered and told her that she would half to see for herself in the hot tub later. The group laughed and said it was a great idea. We all changed into our suits and headed out to the hot tub with several more bottles and the game. Stacy?s suit was a small black bikini that showed her small breasts well and her toned legs looked like they had never had a hair on them. Jen?s yellow thong made me think of baseball not to get hard. Liz?s red one piece with high cut legs made her look like a Baywatch girl. Ben, although older than Chris and I was in better shape. He didn?t have an ounce of flab. Chris was thinner than me, but wasn?t skinny.

We started to pass the box of cards around. I asked Jen a Beginner question, ?When and where was your first orgasm??. She blushed and admitted that it was when she borrowed Stacy?s vibrator the second week in college while she was out. She apologized to Stacy. The laughter rolled off the deck. I was sure we would have the property manager at the door any second with all the noise we were making. Liz then grabbed a card and asked Ben, ?How many people have you had??. Ben confidently responded, ?Less than 50.? At that point, Stacy pointed out that the men were avoiding the questions and we should move onto ?Dares?. Chris pulled out a ?Dare? card and looked to Stacy ?Trade pants with the person to your right.? I looked at Liz, she said I had better not back out. I stood up and announced that I would solve my question and the dare with one move. Stacy already had her small bottoms hanging off her finger. I dropped my pants and to release my half erect 8 1/2? cock. Stacy politely asked me to to stretch out her bikini and remain naked. I told Stacy that was fine, but she had to remain bottomless as well. Liz started to caress my now rock hard cock under the water. By now we were on the fifth bottle of wine when Jen read the next ?Dare? card, ?Pick any two people to kiss each other for a ten count.? She chose Liz and Ben. I gave her the nod. Ben and Liz stood in the center and started with a small kiss and by the end they were in a deep kiss. We all cheered them on to really kiss. I could tell Liz was blushed and that Ben had a tent growing in his suit. She sat back down and really grabbed my cock. I slid my hand under her suit and cupped her pussy. Her inner labia were fully engorged and I knew she was hot. She leaned back and quietly bucked against my hand. Ben took the next ?Dare? card, ?Sit on the lap to the person to your left for one minute.? He choose Stacy. Being that we were both nude I was hesitant, but before I could object, she had lowered her self onto my lap with my rock hard cock pressing to her back. I could feel her pussy was shaved. She laid back against my chest. My hand was still on Liz?s pussy while my other hand was on the inside of Stacy?s thigh. Stacy didn?t mention my hard cock. Liz then asked her how she liked the back massage. Stacy said is felt delightful. Jen then mentioned she had a sore back. We all laughed but soon she was leaning against Chris?s stomach. Stacy then pulled a dare while still sitting on my lap. ?Show everyone in the room your tan lines, all of them.? She pointed to Jen. She stood and did a slow strip tease to reveal a blonde landing strip and large areola on her breasts. Stacy then slid off my lap and nuzzled into Ben. I read the next card, ?Show the person directly across from you something they have never seen.? I obviously chose Liz. She stood up and pulled the sholder straps off and stepped out of her suit. Ben obviously hadn?t seen Liz naked before. We all applauded. Liz sat down on my lap with my cock between her legs. She moved back and forth on my cock ever so slowly not to be detected. She read the next card, ?Give a one minute hug to someone you haven?t met.? She chose Chris and Stacy. Stacy stood without her bottoms on where I got a full view of her swollen clit protruding from her fully waxed pussy. Chris fully embraced her. His cock was poking from the top of his shorts by the end. It was at least 7? long and very thick. I was wondering how long and how far this game was going to go. By now, I had positioned my cock at the entrance of Liz. She slid back and I tried not to make a face of the intense pleasure. She let out a slight moan. Chris read ?Illustrate your favorite sex position with another person in the room for a ten count.? He then blurted, ?Looks like it is already in progress.? Liz boldly stood up and said that is not her favorite position. She sat on the edge of the tub and pulled me to her. I then slid my cock into her and proceeded to fuck her in front of her two good friends and two complete strangers. It was incredibly difficult not to cum in her the first two strokes. She rocked violently until the ten count became a minute. Nobody seemed to want to call it time. When I turned around, I was surprised to see Stacy leaning back as Ben licked her pussy. She was biting her lower lip. Jen was sucking Chris?s cock. By now, the game had done it?s job. I continued to fuck Liz, but she was getting cold so she got on her knees as I took her from behind. The sight and sound was amazing. Liz?s face was inches from Ben?s waist and Stacy?s cunt. When Ben turned to change places with Stacy, it touched Liz?s mouth. She kissed his cock then swallowed the 6? but incredibly thick purple cock. He looked surprised but didn?t object. Stacy then came over to me and started to rub Liz?s clit under the water. I could tell Liz was very close to cuming so I held off until Stacy also grabbed my balls. I exploded in Liz at the same time she started to cum. I have never come in front of a crowd and it turned me on immensely as my balls tightened in Stacy?s hand and filled Liz with my juice. A few seconds later, Ben shot onto Liz?s face and mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. Meanwhile, Chris and Jen were fucking under the water with Jen?s back to Chris? chest. Stacy felt left out, so when Jen turned doggy style she started to eat Stacy. It obviously wasn?t the first time for these two. Ben caressed Liz?s breasts while I sucked on Stacy?s small erect nipples. Stacy came first, then Jen, and when Chris finally came in Jen?s pussy he pulled her hips out of the water. I could see some of his cum spill from her wet hole. For the next ten minutes we all laughed as we cuddled with our girlfriends.

By now it was almost 1:00 a.m. and there was a foot of new powder for the next day. Jen and I went to pull out the couch to get some sleep. As we cuddled we looked into each other?s eye and made love. It lasted at least an hour and we didn?t care how much noise we made. Privacy was no longer a problem.

The skiing the next day was the best I had ever had. It matched the previous night.

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