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Vacation In Denver

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After I was again almost back to normal (Jean says I have never been normal) Jean said we should go to Denver and drop in on her Mom. A chance to get away for a week or two was sounding good and it was not New Orleans and we had someone that we knew (Jean knew anyway) to stay with. I had spoken to Claire a few times on the phone when she had called to check up on her only child and she seemed to really be nice. You two need to come visit she would always say and Jean would tell her we would. Well the time finally came and we lacked up and caught a flight to Denver. It was mid summer and we wore clothes for the time of year. I liked wearing sun dresses and Jean was always in her shorts and tank tops. My breasts were really sensative for some reason and they stuck out even through the bra I had on and when we got off the plane there was an older version of Jean waiting for us at the gate. She was tanned and really nice looking. 20 years older than her daughter they could have been sisters easily. She hugged Jean tight and then looked at me. "Well, you could have told me she was so beautiful" Claire said to Jean. I blushed and hugged her as she took notice of my erect nipples sticking through my bra. "My my hunny you need to turn off those headlights. Every guy for miles will get blinded." Mom!!! Jean said, don't be so rude!! Sorry Hun she said with a decided southern accent. We got our bags and went to the car and loaded up. Claire drove and seemd to constantly be talking, How were we doing, what had we been up to, could we stay longer and al that kind of thing. Claire kept looking in the mirror at me and smiling. Jean answered Mom's question (I was told to call her Mom also) and we drove on. We pulled into a nice driveway and up to a house set back from the street with a high privacy frnce. We all got out and went in. Claire asked if wanted a drink and Jean told her yes, whatever she felt like fixing and we were going to unpack. Jean led me to a huge bedroom with a bed that was enough to play football on. Like it she said. Yes, very much. I dropped my bags on the bed and we kissed. Is this okay I asked? Oh, oh yeh, Mom knows about us. You are sure? Yeh, it is okay ten she kissed me again. The ties to my sundress came loose as she reached around and undid my bra. Oh god that feels better I sighed and tossed the bra to the bed, it was then that Claire came in with two drinks. Wine coolers and she stood at the door and cleared her throat. Oh, sorry Mom Jean said. She pulled my top back up and tied it back. Claire just smiled and stood there till we took our coolers. Well, I can see that you two are serious...Yes we are Mom Jean said. Good hun, I am glad. We went down and sat around Mom and Jean catching up and I sat sipping coolers the afternoon. We had dinner that Mom fixed and about 10 went to bed after watching a movie downstairs on the widescreen. Mom got up and kissed Jean on the cheek, Night sweetheart she said and walked to me and kissed me on the cheek also but lingered a little. AS she moved away her hand brushed my nipple and she smiled. You two be good now. And she disappeared. Jean looked at me, That is not likely is it she said. What I asked. Being good. Oh I don't know I told her hugging, you are the best lover I have ever known. We kissed on the couch for a while, my top coming down again and her shorts coming off. After an orgasm we got up and began to go to bed and we heard a door close upstairs. I think Mom was watching Jean said. Oh my I told her. It is okay Kean said. She caught when I was a teen ager with a girlfriend once too. We giggled and went upstairs. Our clothes came off right away and we made love, not trying to keep quiet. We slept and I woke to Jean leaving to go somewhere. I will be back in a little she said. Okay and I stayed in bed. She came back, Not up yet lazy she asked me. Oh sorry, you just wore me out last night, that and the flight. Okay, get up and shower. We are going out. We went out and spent a day around Denver her showing me the sights and places she knew so well. We ate lunch at a nice place and had a couple glasses of wine. It seemed that everyone knew Jean and she was happy to be back visiting. She always introduced me as her "Partner" and everyone seemd to be okay with it. AS usual my nipples were active all day, sore when we returned to an emepty house after 6. We had supped and sat on the couch and watched a movie wand waited for Mom. About 9 she still had not returned but called and said she would be later and not to wait up. Jean said there were sounds in the background that sounded like a bar or party so we had more wine and went off to bed. We made love slowly and long that night and Jean told me before we went to sleep she was going out in the morning and I could sleep late or go with me. It was a meeting with someone that she was applying for a job with and it would be an all morning thing beginning at 8am. I told her I would stay if she did not care. Okay she said and we drifted off to sleep. I was dreaming nice things and in fact felt Jean kissing my legs in the dream, her tongue ws working magic and I was soaking wet. My hips were moving trying to get her to come on up to my pussy and I began to open my eyes, the sleep still in them, I looked down and there was a head under the sheets between my legs, slowly working up to my pussy, kissing and biting all the way. Then it reached my pussy and a tongue slipped into me. Oh my god I moaned. I thought I was dream Jean...the licking continued and my orgasm shook the bed. The licking did not stop and I lifted the sheet. Mom smiled up at me. I almost died, I was shocked. That tasted great she said smiling with my juices all over her face. Mom, what are yu doing. Jean is, Jean will, Jean...I could not say anything. Jean already knows Hun she said moving up next to me, naked. She does I asked. Yes Hun, I told her I wanted to make love to you and she said that it was okay if yu did not object. Sorry I did not give you a chance to say no. Her hands seemed to ba all over my bady, nipples being pinched, my hips being massaged, and my mouth being kissed probed by her hungry tongue. She put her tanned 36C breast to my mouth, Do you object? she said. No, I guess not I told her and took her nipple into my mouth. It was sweet and she laide there feeding me first one nipple then the other. Mmmm, Mommy likes the way you suck her titties she said moaning. She turned around her hips next to my face. Here baby she said, Kiss Mommy's tummy. I did licking her navel and then she moved my face to her mound. Now the pussy Hun, eat Mommmy's pussy. I dove in and began giving her what she had given me. She moaned loud and moved over my face so that I was laying on my back my face between her legs and her face teasing me again. Her tongue kept flicking my clit then moving away, I was licking her to make her orgasm and she did twice soaking my face. Then something was vibrating on my clit. Oh yes I moaned. Yes, mm, that is good. Claire brought me through climax after climax for I don't know how long except that we fell asleep in that position and woke to Jean, Well, leave you alone with my sweetheart and you have to seduce her. Claire laughed and sat up, I only ate a little, there is still enough for you she said and Jean laughed, there had better be. Jean had taken off her clothes as she talked and was sitting on the opposite side of the bed, Let me make sure you didn't break anything and she began kissing me. I was turned on again as if sitting there next to "Mom" naked with her daughter making love to me was something that made my pussy begin to orgasm over and over. Soon there were 4 hands and two mouths all over my body and as soon as one orgasm finished another began. Then a dildo went into my pussy. I opened my eyes and Claire had on a nice shaped dildo that was moving into my pussy gently. Oh yes I moaned as Jean was moving her mouth all over me. Claire was on top slipping in and out of me her titties in my face so I could suck her nipples...Oh yes, Suck them Baby she moaned and had an orgasm. She kept up the pace and I orgasmd my pussy almost sucking the dildo into me. It was dark and we all went down to get a late supper, all naked. After we went back to bed, Jean on one side of me and Claire on the other. Now you know why I have such a big bed in the guest room Claire said. I fell asleep with Claire holding my titties and kissing them softly and Jean carressing my hips her fingers slipping in and out of me. I could swear I had several more orgasms that night. We stayed an extra week with Mom. It was wonder ful.

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