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This is Raj and I am about to narrate an incident that happened just a few weeks ago.

As a hobby I am interested in body painting and photography. And often my wife Aarti models for me. I had a plan in mind. And as Aarti was a bit of an exebhishionist she didn't mind.

Aarti is just 28 and in great shape. Her tits a round and firm with the breast size of 34C. She's maintained her figure even after bearing a child a few years back and is still a head turner. As we are used to, we went for a summer trip to Leh Ladakh. I had carried all my equipments for painting as well as photography. We reached Ladakh at six in the morning and spend the majority of it sleeping. As it was cold we were snuggled up to each other. By about noon I stird and my hands rested on her boobs. I immediatly started rubbing her tits causing her to wake up with a moan. After making wild love and taking a hot shower we headed out for lunch and booked a rafting trip a couple of days later. After lunch we hired a bike and went around sight seeing and enjoyen every bit of it. Aarti no doubt was grabbing a lot of attention which both of liked.

Before heading back to the hotel I bought a bottle of Rum. Once back in the room I kissed Aarti passionatley and poured her a glass of Rum to warm her up. After about two glases of it she felt pretty warm and started shedding off the extra clothes. At this point I suggested that she strip fully and I paint on her. As we were in the wild I descided to paint a cheetah on her. God she looked SEXY!!!!

Once the paint jad dried off I told her that for the rest of the vaccation she was my pet and had to obey me. She agreed. After finishing the painting I orderd her to have baath with cold water as wild cheetahs did. After some hesitation and scolding she gave in. After 10 minutes of having baath I commanded her to come naked lie on the bed wet. She obliged but started shivering. I realised and went to her side. Her nipples were rock hard. I started fucking my wild cat like an animal. I can tell that she enjoyed every bit of it. Aftet taking a couple of shots af my cat I ordered room service and comanded her to go receive the order naked. She obliged. The waiter who brought in the food was completely shocked at my cats state. She invited him in which he readly accepeted and came in with his eyes fixed on her. He definatley didn't need a tip now. After dinner we made love again and slept. The next day we had our rafting trip and were supposed to change to thermosuits. As we were sharing the trip with another couple named Harry and Emma from England I told Aarti to change revealing as much as she could without gettin the oters suspicious but still giving them a good look. She did as comanded a noticed both Emma and Harry staring at her with the raft instuctor. I was enjoying every bit off it and so was Aarti.

Once we had set sail on the raft Harry commented on my wifes body art and asked me wo was the painter. I told him it was me who did the painting and congratulared me on a wonderfull job.

After some time when the watter was calm Harry told me that he was a professional photograpoher and would like to take a few pics of Aarti naked in the wild. I was concerned about it being too cold and not having any rum to warm her up. As soon as I told this he brought out a bottele of whiskey out off his waterproof bag along with a cammera.

What I hadn't realise is that the instructor had stopped rowing the raft and was listening to our conversation along with Emma and Aarti.

The instructor who's name was Vikash piped in that he knew some excellent locations and would take us if he would get to join us and be paid, clearly revealing his lust. I looked towards Aarti for an answer to which she replied that I was the master and I should descide. When I was hesistant Harry told that he could even pay my wife a handsome amount of money.

I finally agreed.

As soon as I nodded Vikash took us to the nearest spot and Harry asked Aarti to strip immediatly, as he wanted a lot of shots. When he saw that Aarti was hesistant he marched towards her and almost tore the suit off her. As soon as she got naked he started clicking. After a lot of shots in different locasions he ordered her toi pose seductivly.

All the whiskey had removed her inhibititions and she was posing like a model. Harry the ordered her to start fingering her self which she did. By this time all the rafters were returning back and every one enjoyed the great view of my wife. Only after did she reached a climax by masturbating in open view did Harry call it a day.

After we returned both Harry and Emma joined us for dinner and we certainly enjoyed their company. Harry even appologised if he was rude to her in the starting. All in all we had a good time.

Later on drinks he asked if Aarti would like to pose again the next day, we agreed. Then he said that if I painted Emma in the same way he could get a couple of amazing shots. I was pleased to ofer my services.

When we got to our room I guided Emma to the centre and instead of asking her to strip I did the honours. I enjoyed each and every second of the session and after only about thirty minutes Harry started clicking. And also asked my wife to strip. Aarti started giving seductive posess again and this time Harry claimed that he couldn't controll himself any longer and striped to join the laidies. By the time I was finnishing Harry was about to ejaculate and Aarti was fingering herself.

We all slept in one bed and woke up the next morning to go out for the shoot. We had called the instructor again and asked him to guied us to exotic locations and to our suprise he borught along a friend who he introduced as the driver.

Since both the ladies would as it is grt naked on the spot I told them to shed their clothes right then, and travel naked. They obliged happyly, giving both Vikash and hi friend a sex show.

After taking a couple of shots of the ladies alone Harry asked them to pose together and before we knew thay were making out. All three of us stood watching while Harry kept on clicking.

I saw both Vikash and his friend rubbing their cocks and felt pitty for them. I thought that both the gals could do with some fascial I asked Vikash and his friend to get naked and to shoot their load on our wives. It was simply erotic.

As soon as the gals even touched their raging hard cocks the shot on theris faces. We got a couple of fantastic shots. On the journey back to the hotel both the gals descided to ramain nude so the men had to follow.

When we reached our hotel I was sure that both these girls would get fucked like bitches.

When we went up to the cottage all naked I didn't mind Vikash abd his friend following. Without waisting time I took Emma in my arms and kissed her passionatley. She was quick to respond. From the corner of my eye I saw that Harry was involve with Aarti. Soon I felt a push and saw that Vikash was kissing Emma from behind and Sudip the driver kissing my wife on her neck.

Both the girls were pretty fantastic throught and got fucked multiple time by each man. We stayed in the room for a couple of days and neither Vikash nor sudip left. When ever we ordered room service we even invited the waiters to enjoy our wives.

It was the best vaccatuon I ever had.

We are now looking forward to next encounter with Harry and Emma.

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