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Just Can't Stop Myself

My Husband and I love to role play, here's a story of a naughty experience I had on one of our acts.

We were to meet at a local watering hole and pretend to not know each other and then seduce each other and go home and get nasty. I'm 44 and a grandmother already, redhead of medium build,34c breasts and slender long legs. I need to lose some weight around my tummy but I seem to be attractive to men.( I get lots of attention). I'm a sports nut and can converse and hold my own with any man on any sports topic of the day. This really helps in making guy friends. My Husband is 51 and in great shape which makes him younger than his years. He is a great lover which has kept me faithful for our 5 years of marriage.

I dressed casual, tight little shorts, low cut blouse, and sandals. My husband likes me clean shaven,(he eats better pussy when I'm bare!) so I trimmed all up in anticipation of my pussy being licked and sucked.

A friend of mine dropped me off at the bar at 6pm (our proposed meeting time) and I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. A baseball game was on so I relaxed and started watching it. I noticed a couple of good looking younger guys a couple of seats down from me. They were getting hammered on shots of Patron and were happy drunks. They were tall, muscular, athletic guys in T shits and jeans and were really into the Angel,As ballgame. I started fantasizing about how their naked bodies would look and quickly downed my beer and ordered another. Then I started thinking about some of my sordid past, before my current man.

I was 24, unhappily married to an abusive man and left him. All I had was a beat up Camaro, a few clothes and $100. I called my Brother and he set me up with a place to stay with one of his Wife's girlfriends. It was a crappy trailer in a trailer park but at least I had a bed and a bedroom. I had officially become trailer trash. She ran the trailer park and worked in the little store. Not a very attractive woman(heavy and unkempt) but she was a happy nice person. I knew there wasn't going to be a lot of cool guys cumming around her trailer. I was going to have get my own place soon.

It was a truck stop town in the middle of nowhere so I hooked up a job as a waitress in a beer bbq place. The patrons were 90% men and mostly truckers so tips were pretty good. Still I was needing more cash to save up for a place of my own.

One night a couple of truckers were getting frisky with me (patting my ass ect.) when they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, $100 to give them blowjobs out in their trucks. I was and still am a very horny girl and my pussy started moistening. They weren't the most attractive men but they didn't stink and were nice. So when my shift ended I went out to their trucks where they were waiting for me. Well, I thought they wanted to do it separate from one another but no, they wanted it at the same time! Well, I needed that $100 so I agreed. I had never been with 2 guys at the same time before, boy was I aroused. I had sucked and fucked my boyfriend and another guy at different times on the same day before but nothing like this. Two cocks, how would I handle them.

Into the cab of the truck we went and they pulled their jeans down to expose 2 big ,hard cocks. I was so wet, I so wanted a cock in me. But I wasn't on birth control and had no condoms. The guys wanted my top off so I stripped it off. They started sucking and licking my breasts while I stroked their big hard cocks. Then they pulled my head down (a little roughly I must say) and shoved those beautiful cocks in my face. I licked each one up and down and sucked their balls. They were moaning in pleasure and my confidence grew. I started taking a cock all the way down my throat until I would gag while furiously stroking the other. I alternated back and forth for what seemed like 30 minutes before the first cock came in my mouth.. I licked it clean and went back to work on the other one until it blew a load on my face and in my hair. The other cock was now hard again so I slid it back in my mouth and down my throat. They then pulled my pants off and started finger fucking me. My juices were flowing and they had me lick it off their fingers. They were talking filthy to me making me more and more aroused. I would have sucked off a football team at this point. As I was sucking that first hard cock the other one rose to attention and pulled out a condom, put it on and started fucking me from behind. A cock in my pussy and one in my mouth ,it was heaven! I went wild, fucking and sucking those cocks like there was no tomorrow. The cock in my mouth spurted a nice load down my throat that I drank down like a dirty whore. The cock fucking me was slamming away and I was cumming over and over. After what seemed like a hour he started moaning and pulled out. I tore off the condom and it started squirting on my face until I got my mouth on it, lapping up as much cumm as possible. My fears of not being able to handle 2 cocks at once were gone. As I knelt there licking cumm of my fingers, rubbing my clit, I felt a great sense of accomplishment (as well as feeling like a total slut). They called me little slut, gave me $200, and threw me out of the truck naked with cumm all over me. My clothes followed a few minutes later.

There were a couple other truckers out in the lot and they came over to see if I was OK. I told them not only was I OK, I was great, I just got fucked! They laughed and started rubbing my wet pussy. I started rubbing their cocks through their jeans making them nice and hard. I was so turned on ,I needed more cock. I asked them what they would give me for a good cock sucking and the response was "it depends on how good you are you dirty girl".I didn't care if they gave me a penny, I wanted to suck more cock .I would of paid them! They both undid their pants as I knelt there with my mouth open. They took turns fucking my mouth while I rubbed my clit until I started cumming again. These cocks were smallish compared to the other two, but nice and hard and I could easily lick their balls while they were all the way down my throat. Back and forth I went, licking ,sucking and stroking until I tasted cumm on one of them.I wanted them to cumm at the same time so I gripped it hard and focused on the other until I felt it ready to blow. I wildly sucked back and forth until they both started squirting their cumm in my open mouth and on my face. Once again this evening I was kneeling, licking cumm off my fingers and rubbing my clit as a couple guys called me filthy names and gave me money. I got $50 from each guy as a parting gift. They told me I was a great cocksucker and hoped to see me again. I had never done a sex act out in public like this before, boy was I a slut! I'm sure other people had seen what I was doing from their trucks or when they drove by.

I gathered myself and dressed. I was turned on beyond what I thought was possible. I also had a weeks pay for doing what I luv to do!

These episodes repeated themselves over and over with different guys for about a year until I had enough saved to move to the coast and get my own place. I had a regular following and made some good friends.

I got a nice apartment and hooked up a job as a box girl at a supermarket. I quickly worked my way up to a well paid checker using my sexual skills on my supervisors as a persuasive tool .My mouth and pussy were being satisfied and were making me money just like a whore.

Despite having a good job I was usually short on cash. Rent was high and I had a new car and car payment with it. I started going out to a couple different bars to meet people and relax. To get free drinks I would flirt like the horny bitch I am and whisper in guys ears "I'll suck you off in your car for a couple drinks". This never failed! On top of it I got my oral fix and a belly full of cumm! I luv a belly full of cumm. I don't know what it is, I just luv the taste of cumm. I made many friends, had a lot of free drinks and sucked a lot of cocks.

Well, after dreaming about my past for a while I must have given off a scent that attracted the young, handsome guys a couple seats down. We started talking about the baseball game and joking around. When they got another round of shots they gave me one. We continued partying together as they moved to either side of me. My freshly shaved pussy was aching for cock. I was sneaking looks at the bulges in their jeans and they were big.

Then I realized it was 7pm and my Husband hadn't showed. Well, in the meantime I thought I'd amuse myself. I was squeezing their biceps comparing them while sneaking feels to their thighs. They were getting frisky and were touching my thighs and breasts. I was soaking my panties with hot pussy juice. Then my cell rang and it was him. He said his car broke down and it was being towed. He'd catch a ride with the tow truck to the house and get my car. He'd be there in an hour and we could start our fun then. I said "that's fine honey, Luv you"and hung up. By now the guys on either side of me were wasted and after 3 shots I was feeling no pain and very horny.

One of the guys asked if I'd like to go get high in his truck. I thought to myself this could be trouble but went anyway. What a hunk he was, I couldn't resist. We got in his big Ford crew cab, he loaded a couple bowls, and we got real stoned. My head was spinning, he rubbed my back and I responded. He stroked my breasts and kissed me, I responded. I kept thinking this is wrong (I had not cheated on my husband of 5 years) but the inner slut in me took over! I rubbed his cock through his jeans, it was enormous! My mouth was salivating and my pussy twitching while rubbing his huge cock. I undid his belt and pants, asking if he?d like me to suck his cock. We laughed as I freed his cock and started licking it like a Popsicle. I?ve sucked and fucked hundreds of cocks but this was the largest I?d ever seen. It must have been a good 10 inches or more, thick, and attached to this gorgeous guy. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and tried to get that cock in my mouth,(it was like a baseball bat).I got the head in but it kept growing and getting harder. He grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat telling me ?to get after it you old slut.? That turned me on big time and I worked that cock over, gagging a lot but really enjoying myself. There was saliva all over my face, as I was nearly getting it all the way down my throat, when there was a knock on the door. It was his buddy from the bar wondering where we were, and looking in he saw me deep throating that giant cock as I winked at him. He laughed and said ?have fun guys?, and started back to the bar. I pulled that big cock out of my mouth, rolled down the window, and hollered at him to cumm join us.

There were a couple of girls and a guy out in the lot that overheard me, as my next cock started back to the truck. When he got in I could see them looking my way, checking out my messed up hair,face with saliva all over it and breasts hanging out. They were laughing and cheered us on. The thought of two big,hard,young cocks at my disposal had my pussy on fire. The group out in the lot moved over near our truck so they could see in the windows. I got even more aroused knowing they were going to see me suck a couple of cocks.

I wasted no time getting my to my second cock, tearing off his pants like a wild woman. Out sprung another beauty, hard and thick and a good 8 inches. This one was easy to deep throat after working on that huge one. I alternated back and forth gagging ,choking, stroking, sucking and licking those magnificent cocks with wild abandon oblivious to the group watching outside. I started tasting some pre cumm on my cocks and so wanted a load in my mouth. I felt like I was 24 back at the truck stop!

My massive cock was ready to blow so I gave it my full attention, having both my hands wrapped around it and the head in my mouth. I kept swirling my tongue around it and tugging it with both hands until it blew. I tried to get it all the way down my throat but it was squirting so much cumm in my mouth I couldn?t handle it. I pulled my mouth off it and it shot a good 10 more streams of cumm all over my face, hair and breasts. When it finally stopped I used it to wipe the cumm off me and licked it clean. He laid back with a big smile as his buddy and the group outside cheered.

Now I had a second cock to finish! I swallowed it all the way down and could tell it wouldn?t be long. He was rubbing my pussy through my moist little shorts and I went wild, increasing the speed of the mouth fucking I was getting. Here I was with two gorgeous guys and cocks, having blown one and the other about to erupt down my throat. I was in heaven????? again! I was so aroused and I wanted the cumm out of my cock. I started a slow, steady rhythm deep throating my big cock increasing the speed until it spurted down my throat. I managed to get most of the cumm in my mouth this time. What dribbled out of my mouth, I rubbed on my spent cock and licked clean. My audience erupted in applause and we all laughed.

I suddenly realized I had forgotten about my husband and when I looked out at the group that had watched us, there he was. He wasn?t looking to happy. I was sad. I didn?t want to hurt him, but this is what ruined my other marriages, my infidelity. I had been a good girl for 5 years, that?s real good for me. I got out of the truck to try to talk to him but he just got in my car and left me there. Well, at least I was stranded with two hunks with big cocks!

We gathered ourselves, got dressed and smoked a couple more bowls. The guys asked about my husband and I said it was fine, He let me fuck around. So we went back in the bar and I cleaned up in the ladies room. When I came back the guys had ordered a couple new rounds of patron shots, and we toasted to my oral skills and my husband. They told me he was a lucky guy to have such a slut as his wife. They asked if I did this much and I told them a little about my past. That seemed to get them aroused. They asked if I had taken it up the ass and dp?d. I responded of course, I luv a big cock in my ass and to be airtight is a dream. I wanted to be fucked, damn it!

We continued to party until late in the night when they asked if I?d like to go to their place and fuck! I was totally bombed and that sounded delicious. I rubbed their bulging cocks through their pants and with a big smile said ?lets go?.

To be continued???Part Two

My reward and my Punishment

Luv and Blowjobs

Mrs. Sancho

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