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Unlawful First Time Nudist Resort Adventure

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My wife Amy is 30 and I am 31. We are both professional hard-working people who rarely get a chance to take vacations. We are both nudists at home and do not like to wear clothes. Mostly, Amy stays in her panties and I go commando around house - living alone has its advantages. We both are generally shy and like to mind our own business but one weekend, we enjoyed the sunshine, the warm sand and cool water of some of the best beaches of Miami. We took occasional clothes-less few minutes when nobody was near us on the beaches. Our escapades included a few sex sessions in the ocean, Amy giving me blowjobs in the sun and my sucking on her 34-B, perfectly-shaped, cute, pink tits. I had bought a black stretchable bikini for Amy and a Speedo for me for easy access, whenever the circumstances allowed. We met a couple (Sam and Mallory) and had quite a wild time with them. Read details in our first story – Miami Heat (Tags: Swinger, Group, Bisexual). This time we decided to visit a nudist resort and find out how it feels to be naked completely worry free out in the open.

I searched online and found a nice looking nudist resort about 40 minutes away from the city. The website of the resort said that first time visit was free so doubly sweet for us. I wrote them an email and resort manager (Christine) responded with directions to the resort and their phone number. Independence Day weekend, Amy and I packed a few things to eat, a couple of towels, sunscreen, bug spray etc and got ready for our little picnic. We wore our swimsuits under our clothes – just in case we did not feel comfortable going nude. The website said that clothing was optional at the resort except in the pool. No clothes were allowed in the pool. We figured that if we do not feel comfortable we will not go in the pool.

It was a hot day which I thought was perfect for what we were about to do. We drove to the resort and called Christine from the gate. Christine gave us the access code for the main gate and asked us to park at visitors sign and wait for her there. I punched in the code and drove into the resort. On entering the resort we saw a lot of cabins and RVs around. To our amusement, we saw a few people, both men and women standing around a barbecue fire…everyone was nude. This was our first time seeing so many people naked without any inhibitions and it gave us a sense of freedom and adventure. They waved towards us as we drove past them, we waved back at them. We parked our car at the visitors parking and waited for Christine. While waiting I looked around and saw a few more naked people just going around doing everyday stuff (watering plants, jogging etc) but totally naked. I couldn’t wait to get out of my clothes. After a few minutes, I noticed a woman, about 40 years, wearing a pink top and white skirt walking towards us. She had a guy wearing shorts with her. They came to us and introduced themselves as Christine and Richard. Richard was the president of the club and also husband of Christine. They took us on a tour of the club and showed us around. The resort had a pool, a common lounge (with TV and internet), a common kitchen, showers, restrooms, volleyball courts, horse shoe thingy etc. They also reminded us about the no clothes in the pool policy. With tour of about 15 minutes, they left us after telling us to let them know if we had any questions and to relax and enjoy.

We went back to our car and took our bags straight to the pool. There were very few people at the pool. Just a middle aged couple, an elderly gentleman and a young woman in her early thirties, all were completely nude. We grabbed 2 lounging chairs and strip down to our swimsuits – we were wearing them below our clothes. I felt a little hesitant but took my suit off and sat in my chair completely naked. The feeling of light breeze all over the body was great. Amy was a little hesitant but when I told her how she was the odd one out and others were starting to notice she took her swim-suit off and put a towel in her lap. Next, I asked Amy to apply some sunblock on my back and I did the same to her. Of course with all the rubbing, I got a little hard but I did not mind it since it makes me look a little big. I have an average body but because of my height (5 ft 10 inch), I project on a little skinnier side. It works really well for me because I have an average penis (uncut and 7 inch when erect) and if you see an erect 7 inch penis on a very muscular guy it will not seem like much but on me it gives a well-hung look and that usually impresses whoever sees me naked. My semi-erect cock wasn’t 7 inch yet but it looked better than completely flaccid dicks on the other 2 males in the pool. I got up and entered the pool. Amy was left all alone and overcoming her shyness walked hastily towards water and entered it.

The others noticed us as we were the youngest there. The other young woman had an average body but nice tits (from what I could see when she was in the shallow end of the pool). I noticed that although she looked at us with interest, I did not find anything unusual in the way that she looked at us. I thought, either she is a lesbian or she is totally not into me. The other couple was very friendly and made small talk with us. All three women in the pool were clean shaven. Among men, I was the only one who was shaven clean and uncut. We played around in water, had some food, and had a great time sunning without any tan lines. As the day passed, people started to pour in and pool started to get crowded. There were some good looking people, some very well hung guys and some very shapely women apart from some ordinary looking people. I was pleased to see that there were plenty of guys who were smaller than me (ultimate male insecurity). Some people were friendly, some preferred keeping to themselves. Richard and Christine also came to the pool. This time they were naked. Richard was in good shape, well-endowed and had a cock ring on which made him look even bigger. Christine also was very fit. She had a flat stomach and very shapely legs, narrow waist with good sized boobs with a ring on the left nipple. After some time, an older woman accompanied by a young girl entered pool. Richard introduced them to us as Dawn (older one) and Angela (the younger one). Dawn was VP of the club and was very friendly. Angela was very good looking…second best looking in the pool, after Amy :-) She must have been about 22-23 with a great body. I noticed that she had some meat on the backside…not too much but enough to make it look juicy. One of the reasons I love Amy’s body is that she fills her bikini in all the right places with her 5 ft 6 inches body. Anyway, this girl looked nice and got me interested in her because of the nice proportions of her body. She had a tribal tattoo lines under one of her boobs which looked very nice. She seemed a bit reserved when introduced…maybe because we were the closest in age to each other and didn’t want to seem eager to fraternize with the “younger” people. I didn’t want to seem too eager to score or flirt with a hot young girl, so made an effort not to stare at her - had my sunglasses on though – so was able to look at her enough to appreciate at what I was looking at. Amy noticed her as well and saw me noticing her too. I decided to get out of the pool and sit in my chair – to be able to ogle at her without looking too conspicuous. Amy got out with me and joined me on the chair next to me. Watching Angela play in the water, it did not take much time for me to start getting hard again. Amy noticed what was happening and asked me to cover myself with a towel, if I was going to get fully erect. I repositioned my chair such that others in the pool would not be able to see my cock in full glory. To be doubly sure, I covered it with a towel as well. I was getting very hard watching Angela and had started to pulsate in my towel. Just when I was thinking what to do, I saw Angela coming out of the water. She had to walk across from me to get to her towel. I immediately pulled my towel a little bit and started talking to Amy as if I hadn’t noticed. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Angela noticed my (now free of towel) hard dick, hesitated for a moment but then went to her towel. I took my glasses off and gave her a few looks making sure she knew I was looking at her. She looked back at me a few times as well and I was sure I had something going on there. I told Amy about it. She goaded me to do something about it…Amy liked Angela as well and wanted something to happen. We hadn’t had same passion in a few swing runs as we had in the unexpected adventure in Miami. I got up, wrapped my towel around me and started walking out of the pool area. While walking across Angela, I gave her a definitive look and walked out of pool area. I started walking towards the community bathroom building. The bathroom was halfway on a path between pool and the residential cabins area. It had showers on the outside as well as inside. There were a few mirror sinks and a couple of toilet booths inside. I made sure Angela saw me going there. I went inside, it was empty at the time so I got up on a toilet to look outside the window, towards the pool. I felt like a complete idiot for a few minutes when nothing happened but then I saw Angela get up and walk towards me with her towel in one hand. I started praying that she stops by and not just walk by towards her cabin. My prayers were answered and she entered the bathroom. I had moved to a mirror-sink. She came in and stood on the sink next to me. My cock was already at full mast with pulsations and she noticed that. I started making small talk with her about her name, tattoo etc…she had a slight accent…we talked for about 1 minute and then she said she was going into the inside-shower booth. I went after her to the shower area. She turned the water on and stood with her back towards me. I stepped in with her, with my dick in one hand so as not to poke her with it, I got closer to her ear and asked her if I could join her. She said sure. I let go of my cock and grabbed her shoulders from behind her. I started rubbing her shoulders. With water running down on her, I got closer to her and let my cock settle on her back, pointing upwards and embraced her in my arms. She wrapped her hands backwards around me and grabbed my thighs below my butt. I started rubbing her boobs and made my way down towards her pussy. She grabbed my butt as I started playing with her pussy. She moaned with pleasure as my fingers found way into her meaty pussy. I turned her around and wrapped my one arm around her with the other hand on her pussy. My dick was now poking her on her stomach. She grabbed my cock with one hand and pushed me away a little. She held me with my dick and pushed me in the chest with the other. I reached for her boob but it slipped out of my hand when she squatted down and went for my dick with her mouth. At first she teased me with her lips on the tip of my dick and slowly started to take it in completely. Once completely in her mouth, she went after my dick like a hungry warrior. She started deep throating and sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I was worried that I will cum so I asked her to stand up. This time I went down and lifted her one leg and put it over my shoulder. She leaned back a little and was now standing with her back against the wall. I licked her clit with my tongue making her moan with pleasure. I parted the lips of her pussy with my tongue and fucked her with it. She started making noises. I kept going at it for about a minute or so until she started spasming and pulling my hair. I got up and turned her face towards the wall. She pushed her ass out towards me. I took my dick in my hand and helped it through her meaty ass cheeks towards her wet pussy. As I pushed it inside her, she gave out a loud cry, I immediately covered her mouth with my hand because we were in a nudist place not a swinger club and it was unlawful to have sex in open. If anyone knew what we were doing, the resort people would have reprimanded us for obscenity. She started sucking my fingers as I got into a rhythm of pushing my dick in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes of this, I started to get to verge of cumming. She sensed the tension in my dick and clenched her ass to make it tighter around my dick as I was fucking her. I exploded in her pussy with all my might. She stopped moving as my cum started to ooze out of the side of her pussy. I gently kept fucking her till my dick became limp. I pulled it out covered in both our juices. She went down again on me and started to clean my dick. The whole episode since she entered the bathroom, took about 12-15 minutes and Amy was still at pool. I knew that she would have understood what was happening. Indeed, as Angela was cleaning me up, the door to the bathroom opened and Amy entered. At first Angela got a little startled and looked towards me to look for any signs of trouble but seeing a smile on my face she immediately understood that Amy was in on it. She had stopped sucking me by now. Amy came in towards us and asked how come I was limp. I said we were getting started for the second time. She went down and took my dick from Angela’s hand and put it in her mouth. I started to feel myself hardening again as Amy knew what to do with my dick in her mouth…years of experience has taught her what I like best. I asked both of them to stand up. Amy wasn’t going to wait for anyone’s instructions. She grabbed Angela’s hand and pulled her towards her. Amy hugged Angela and kissed her on her neck. Angela was a bit surprised but didn’t resist. Amy went further and planted a kiss on Angela’s lips. Angela too started kissing Amy. Now my dick was back to its hardest self. I grabbed a butt cheek of both of them as they were standing next to each other kissing intently. Suddenly Richard entered the bathroom and saw them kissing. He also looked at my hard dick and understood what was going on. He started to tell us how it was wrong to break the rules of the resort when Angela asked him if he wanted to join us. The thought of joining us made gave a little blood flow towards his dick and it started to swell a little. Angela told him to join us if he wanted to otherwise just leave us alone and started kissing Amy again. Richard stepped towards us as his dick started to gain some real length and girth. I have to admit, his cock was easily an inch and half bigger than mine and it looked really good with the metal ring. For a second, I made a mental note of buying one for myself for the next time. Richard went on the other side of the girls and stood right next to them. Amy saw him standing there, reached out to grab his cock and pulled my cock with the other hand. She pulled both of us with our cocks. Angela also stopped kissing Amy and started playing with balls of both Richard and I. They both pushed Richard and me together. As our cocks touched, I felt a certain spark. Richard didn’t seem offended or anything and I had previous experience with Sam so we were quite comfortable with what was going on. I pulled Richard’s cock with my hand and started stroking it. He started doing the same to me. He then went down and took my dick in his mouth. Angela positioned herself behind me and started flicking my asshole with her tongue. Amy went behind Richard and lay herself down on the floor below Richard and started to lick his asshole and the area between his balls and asshole. I was in 7th heaven with Angela and Richard working me up. We kept going at each other in this position for a few minutes till I exploded in Richard’s mouth. Given that it was my second cum in 20 minutes, I immediately went limp. Richard was still hard as a pole. He cleaned me with his tongue and stood up. Now it was my turn to return the favor. Amy asked Richard to lie down on the floor and positioned herself on his mouth. I grabbed his cock and pulled it in my mouth. I gagged a little but took his whole 8.5 inches down my throat. Angela positioned her pussy in front of Amy’s mouth. Now, I was sucking Richard, who was lying down on the floor. Amy was sitting on Richard’s face as Richard was tongue fucking her and Angela was getting her clit sucked by Amy. I sucked Richard hard until he came in my mouth. Angela came and started slurping Richard’s dick to make him harder again. All this time, Amy was getting her pussy eaten by Richard and moaning with pleasure. When she saw Richard’s dick getting hard again, she got up and positioned her pussy on top of his dick. She let him enter her slowly. Angela and I stepped aside and just stood on the side holding each other in arms and watched Richard and Amy completely engulfed in ecstasy. Amy started riding his cock faster and faster until both of them came at the same time and their juices started flowing out of her pussy. We all got into the shower and cleaned ourselves. Angela and Richard invited us to their respective cabins. We told them that we would join them in a few minutes and went back to the pool to pick our bags. We had a decision to make…whether to go in cabin of 2 girls (Dawn and Angela) or a couple (Christine and Richard).

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