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Unexpected Sword Play at Ren-Faire

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It had been a long day, but they were all set up now and they could relax. Around them spread out a great pseudo-medieval encampment. Tents of every shape, mostly tall ancient looking designs, but there were a few modern dome tents here and there. Mike and Jenifer Conley had been coming to these events for years, even before they were married. They loved the pageantry, the friendship and the escape from their regular world. Today, and not for the first time, they had brought friends from their regular world, or as the Medievalist called it, the mundane world.

Connie Mathews had been a coworker of Jenifer's for almost two years. They had been the best of friends for at least half of that time. Though Jenifer was nearly five years younger and had very different backgrounds, they had a great time together. In her late-twenties, she was slim and athletic to Jenifer's more common size 12 form. Ren Faires and the love of dressing was one of the few things they had in common. Jenifer had gone with her friend to a couple of faires in the regoin and each time they had a great daylong outing. Mike had met Connie a number of times and found her to be kind-hearted and witty. One thing about Connie that fascinated Jenifer was her sexual lifestyle. She and her boyfriend had lived together since shortly after the two women began working together, but neither she nor her boyfriend were, or had any plan to become monogamous. On a regular basis Mike would hear tales from his wife about Connie getting laid over lunch break with a client or having a tiresome with one of the guys from work and his wife. That wasn't the sum of it, Connie and her husband had been to nude beaches and swinger's parties where they have sex with other people right in front of each other. Mike had noticed how interested his wife was in all this and on several occasions hinted at the question of whether she was envious. As the last year had gone by, Mike had become convinced that indeed his wife was jealous of her friend.

He wasn't sure what he thought about that, but he was glad she had such a good friend. Last month, when Jenifer suggested they invite Connie and her live-in boyfriend to this event, he had not hesitated to endorse the idea. Two weeks ago the four of them met to work out the details. It was at that first meeting that Mike decided he was no fan of Connie's paramour, Brandon. Mike found him full of himself and driven by machismo that seemed to color his every action. Though he'd dropped out of college and went from one sales position to another, Brandon made several times what Mike earned as a professor at the local community college. He thought Brandon wore his feelings of superiority on his sleeve and that rubbed Mike the wrong way.

Despite this, Mike was more than pleased when Brandon offered to drive his big Escalade, as it allowed them to carry everything and still not feel cramped. For his bad points, Brandon was very helpful in setting up their camp and sooner than Mike expected they were able to relax around a big bonfire with friends, talking and drinking homebrewed beer and an amazing honey mead. Well, everyone but Mike. He had committed to teaching some newbies how to fight with a rapier before it got dark. Though the event seemed like any other Ren Faire, this was, in fact a "war" between two kingdoms of a reenactment society. Thus, the prime purpose for the event was combat, individual combat and combat between large "armies".

When he returned to the group, it seemed that Connie and Brandon had become one of the group. Brandon had his arm around Sir Henry's wife with his fingers laying lightly on the mound of cleavage pressing up out of her tight bodice. Jenifer was indeed much more attractive than Sir Henry's wife and had even more cleavage busting out of her bodice, so much so that he expected her nipples to come flowing out at any moment. Mike was even a bit put out that he was showing such attention to another woman rather than his own wife or even Jenifer. To be fair his wife, Connie, was sitting on the lap of Baron DeBrun and in the hour or two before they wondered back to their tent, he was sure he'd seen Connie kiss the Baron on the neck several times.

Mike and Jenifer's tent was not, unlike some of the others, a real canvas medieval tent, but rather it was a 10x15 pop-up gazebo modified with side walls and decorations to look more medieval. They had king sized air matrass that served as a bed, and it was plenty big enough for four, thought the middle two people would be a bit squished. Mike excused himself to the latrines when he thought Connie was getting ready to change.

Finally they shut out the lights. He and Brandon slept on the ends with the women in the middle. Part of him thought it sexy that they were sharing a bed, especially with a couple he knew were not at all concerned about any notions of fidelity.

Mike had lain there for an hour, unable to sleep. He always found it difficult to sleep in a strange bed. Even the four glasses of honey mead didn't help him sleep. Outside the tent there were fewer and fewer revelers, the sounds of the crickets now were more dominate than sounds of people. It became interesting to him pick out sounds and try to figure out what it was making it. It didn't take too much thinking to realize that sounds that began to emanate from a tent nearby were those of sex. He thought it might be the tent of Baron DeBrun. Now, it wasn't loud, but the occasional moan or giggle that could have been something else, but when the slap, slap, slap of hard fucking began it was obvious. It took longer still to realize there were more than two voices involved.

His pondering on how many and the genders involved were interrupted when Connie, very slowly and quietly began slipping down to the bottom of the bed and onto the carpet that they used to cover the bare ground. No one else seemed to be awake. She untied the tent flap and was gone. He assumed she had gone to pee. He could follow her footsteps as she headed out. Having already been attuned to the activities in the nearby tent, the stop in the action and the muffled voices evidently welcoming someone new..... Connie. At first he thought perhaps she went to ask then to keep their noise down, but after a few squeals and a little laughter the sexual music began again. Brandon's girlfriend had joined in, that was the only explanation. He listened and tried to imagine what Connie was doing, and with whom?

His focus on this erotic dream was disturbed a second time a few minutes later. This time it was Brandon who was slowly moving on the airbed. But he wasn't leaving; he just rolled over to where Connie had been. It was quiet and still for a few minutes. He once again began to focus on the sounds. But something, he couldn't be sure what, got his attention. He was laying with his back to his wife at the edge of the big air mattress. He'd clearly known what was happening when Connie left and Brandon rolled over by the sounds and motion of the bed. There were no sounds initially, only very subtle motions. Perhaps, he thought, Brandon was masturbating. Not too hard to imagine, because he had been resisting the temptation to stroke his hard-on for at least 20 minutes.

Just when Mike had decided that was what was happening, he heard his wife try to repress a moan, but some of the sound escaped her lips. Was it Jenifer masturbating, not Brandon? No, not possible. Sure she masturbated at home all the time, but to do it with her best friend's boyfriend next to her? It just wasn't possible.

There were several rounds of motion behind him, but no words. What was going on? He could just sit up and look, or just roll over. But he didn't. Why? It was now clear to him that both his wife and Brandon were awake, so why not let them know he was awake too. Then he heard his wife whisper very softly "shhh, you'll wake him up." She was clearly talking to Brandon, not him. They were sure he was asleep, but why did they want him to stay asleep.

The next sound was of a couple kissing. His wife was kissing her best friend's boyfriend! Connie was engaged in an orgy in the next tent while his wife kissed her friend's boyfriend! Had they drunk that much of the mead? Perhaps. And perhaps this was all just a drunken dream. Probably.

The kissing went on and on. They were clearly trying to be quite but he was, after all, in the same bed with them. He could not miss the motions of his wife pushing her sweat pants down to the foot of the bed before she rolled back his direction, she wrapped an arm over him and her face touched his shoulders. They were done, she had kissed Brandon, but that was it. But if that were it, why did take off her pants?

The slight pressure of her forehead on his shoulder blade told him they were not done. He knew what was happening. Brandon had put his penis up into his wife. He was fucking his wife! While Jenifer was nearly spooning Mike from behind, Brandon was fully spooning her.

He felt the bed ever so slightly shift as Brandon pressed his cock all the way in his wife. With time a rhythm developed in his fucking. There was no mistaking it, the rhythm of the strokes, though slow and gentle, were transferred directly to him by her arm and forehead as the penis hit bottom inside his wife. Yes, I knew for sure. Brandon was inside his wife, slowly, deliberately fucking his wife. His wife, laying just behind him was enjoying being fucked by another man. It was so much to take in. And, all the while, rather than being hurt or angry, he was aroused. His erect penis screamed to be pleasured.

She adjusted her "sleeping" position. The stroking stopped for a few minutes, then resumed. Mike guessed Brandon had waited to see if Jenifer's movement had wakened him, and when he'd not moved, Brandon resumed stroking into his wife. Jenifer's arm now lay across his waist and her face buried in his mid-back. Again he could feel each time Brandon's penis hit the bottom of his wife's vagina. He could feel her heavy breath on his back, belabored with her arousal. In time, how much Mike did not know, the strokes become harder and faster. They clearly were paying less attention to him than their own pleasure. Jenifer's grip around his waist became tighter. She was getting close.

He felt her clearly having an orgasm as her arm transferred her spasms to him. He thought he would ejaculate just from the voyeuristic pleaser he was receiving from his wife's climax.

The first climax was not the end. Brandon kept up his pace. From experience, Mike knew that Jenifer would climax again, and soon. Jenifer and Brandon moved again. This by now they were both far to aroused to think of Mike's presence. He felt the blanket as it was pulled back and Jenifer's body moved more perpendicular to his. Her arm shifted down, and her hand slid under the waist band of Mike's sweats and boxers, and she gripped his erect penis. Did she know he was awake? No, it wasn't possible. She was just acting on instinct. One of her favorite things was to masturbate with one hand and hold is penis with the other. This was just like that, except she wasn't masturbating. Mike didn't move. She couldn't know he was awake. The stoking began again, this time he could hear as well as feel the impact of Brandon's strokes. Mike was sure Brandon was doing his wife in the scissor position, holding her right leg straight up, he was drilling down into Jenifer. She responded quickly and Mike knew a second climax was coming. He felt her grip tighten on his penis. This was all he needed, when she climaxed a second time, his own semen filled his boxers. She didn't seem to notice as her whole body convulsed with a huge orgasm. This was evidently enough for Brandon too, because by the time Jenifer's body finished it's spasms, Brandon was done too.

The tent was still and quite. Someone pulled up the cover. Sleep overtook Mike.


The sun was fully up when the four people in the tent began to stir. Mike's head hurt. At most he was a light social drinker, and that mead had been too much for him. Once fully awake he saw the tent exactly as it has been when they had gone to bed. Connie, next to his wife, was sitting up sipping a diet coke. She was wearing the same long tee-shirt she'd had on when they went to bed. On the far side of the big bed her boyfriend Brandon was doing something with is I-phone. Only Jenifer still slept.

He was sure he hadn't dreamt it. Even with the mead, it was all too real. But? But there was the crusty cum in his boxers. That didn't prove anything. He'd just been dreaming. Jenifer had told him over a year ago that her new best friend from work lived with her boyfriend, but they were not monogamous. Hardly a week went by when Jenifer didn't tell him a story of some new man or woman that Connie had bedded or a swingers party where Connie and Brandon had been in an orgy. Only at that moment, her admitted to himself that part of him was a curious and jealous of them but he'd never had the courage to even admit that to himself before. Surly the memory of his wife fucking Brandon right next to him last night was a dream based on those fantasies. Nothing he could see would suggest otherwise. He found himself disappointed that it had not been real.

Nothing else would seem out of the ordinary as he began to suit up for the day's activities. Nothing except that Connie undressed with him in the tent. Now, she did turn her back to him when she pulled the long tee shirt off and pulled the medieval dress over her head, but neither she nor Brandon seemed to mind that he got a good look at her very nice ass and their side of her tit while she was stripped down to her thong underwear. Brandon was no more modest as he changed into his Tutor era outfit. Once dressed, they left for the "pub" for some breakfast.

Mike began moving around the tent gathering up the parts of his fighting outfit.

"Well, are we going talk about it?" Jenifer asked quietly.

"About what?" Mike answered, standing by the side of the bed, unsure what to say.

"About last night. I know you were not asleep."

Mike did not know what to say, so he said nothing. So, it had been real. Now he had to process what he thought about it. After a few moments of silence she went on "I wouldn't have let him go on if you'd been asleep. You have to know that."

Again he didn't say anything. He didn't know what to think. He'd finally convinced himself it hadn't happened. But now he knew it had. As the now, in the light of day looked at his wife sitting on the air mattress, he imagined how it must of looked with her naked, leg up right and Brandon fucking her like mad.

"I took your silence as approval."

His penis began to stiffen rapidly with the thought. He knew she could not miss the rising tent in his sweats. Perhaps that would be an answer for her.

She did notice. "Your silence and your hard-on last night while he did me gave me the impression that you liked it. Your growing hard-on now says you're not mad."

He still had no words. But now his tent stood out plainly. He did not adjust himself to hide it. "I don't know what to say." He finally said.

She took the cue "The fact you came just from hearing me climax from Brandon's fucking me said plenty."

He finally had words "I could feel you cum as well as hear you" he corrected "And..... I should be mad. Shouldn't I? I mean my wife had sex with another man, with me right in the room."

"But you're not" she said calmly. "It turns you on just to talk about it. I can see that by the bulge in your sweats" "No" he said honestly, "I'm not mad, but I should be."

"Says who?"

"Says everyone!" he said louder than he meant. "I should be enraged. I should want to put that sword right through him" Mike said referring to his rapier on the ground.

"But" she said coyly "the only sword you want to use is the one in your pants. You want to have sex with me because I had sex with Brandon, not in spite of it. It was just, what 6 hours ago I was climaxing from his screwing me?" She pulled back the cover. She did not have on her sweat pants or panties. She had never redressed after getting screwed. Mike thought she had, but clearly she had not. "So? Come and do me."

Mike hesitated.

"Come on. I know you want to and I want you to. Sure Brandon's dick felt good in me, but you're my husband."

In a flash he was on her pumping hard. All he could do was imagine that she was still slick with Brandon's semen; imagining what it would have been like to see Brandon's dick moving in an out of his wife. Before he could restrain himself he asked "How big was his dick?"

From under him she said. "He's long, but not thick. I could feel his head hit my cervix."

He was going to cum fast and knew it "How did it feel, getting fucked by Brandon right next to me" She clearly could tell he was into the moment "It was so exciting for him to fuck me knowing you could feel every stroke as I held you. And he went on and on and on. Fucking me and fucking me."

Mike was close.

"And I had the biggest orgasm. While I held your cock and you were spewing jizz into my hand, he was filling my cunt with his jizz.

Mike began to climax.

"And I can't wait to have him fuck me again."

Mike came hard with the words his wife wanted to fuck Brandon again; so hard his thighs hurt from the contractions and three long powerful ropes of semen shot into her.

As the cuddled in the afterglow, the kissed softly. He asked "Was that the first time you'd fucked him. It's OK if you say no."

She kissed him and said "Yes, that was the first time I've fucked him."

He nodded. She asked "Are you disappointed."

"No, not really, but I would have been fine with it." That was only half true, because part of him wanted to know she'd been having threesomes with Connie and Brandon.

"I haven't fucked him, but I have given him a hand job. I wouldn't do more without knowing it was OK with you."

"What happened?" He asked "Well, ask you know Connie has been telling me all these stories about them going to orgies and things. Well, back in December, I while she and I were out Christmas shopping, she was telling me how she and Brandon and been to a swing party that past week. So, you know how we have wondered what things like that are like..."

He answered "Yes" because they had talked a good bit about her friend's sex life.

"So, she offers to show me a video they took of themselves and two other couples a few months before. At first I said no, but she knew that I really wanted to see, so we went to their apartment."

"Why did not tell me about this?" He interrupted.

"Just a second, and I'll get to it. So we go to her place and we drink some wine and watch this video of her and Brandon and her friends. Well, it was the sexist think I'd ever seen. It opened with her giving a woman oral sex. There was my best friend naked on the TV having oral sex with another women. Even before it got to the part where she was fucking the men, I was so wet I thought it would show through my pants. I'm sure I was pretty obviously turned on because she tells me that she masturbates to this video at least once a month. Next thing I know, she's pulling off her pants and begins to masturbate sitting right next to me on the couch."

Her incredulous husband asked and what did you do? "At first I was embarrassed, but as she kept it up and the video moved to her fucking one of the men, it just seemed so natural. And.... well beautiful. I was too timid to join her at first, but well.... after a while I buttoned my jeans and pulled them down just enough to play with myself. "

Her husband asked "So, did you stop there?"

"Well... I know full well she was working up to inviting me to her bedroom when Brandon arrives in the room. I was mortified. He saw me with my pants almost to my knees, masturbating. I was up and made my goodbyes in two seconds flat. That's why I didn't say anything. I was so embarrassed."

"So," he asked, "That was four months ago. You've spent several Saturdays with her since, did you do it again?"

"I know she felt bad that I got embarrassed, but the truth is, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever done and you know I was no blushing virgin when we got married. But, to masturbate with my best friend? It's one thing to tell your college roommate about getting laid, it's something entirely different to be there. I mean I could smell her! When, a few days later she tells me that Brandon has asked several times to invite me over to watch them do it in person. My refusal was more a "not now" than a no. It took him joining us for lunch one day and his very persuasive line, to get me to agree. So, the Saturday before Easter, I worked up the courage and found myself sitting on the same couch watching them undress each other" She seemed to end her story. He objected "And? You can't end there."

"OK. They made love and I masturbated watching them. It was amazing to watch my friend make love. Yes, asked me to join several times, but I refused. After a while they took a break and sat, naked, on the couch with me. They both began to touch me."

"Where?" He asked.

"I was dressed. Well mostly. I'd purposely worn a skirt so I was able to do myself without getting undressed. So they just rubbed my shoulders my chest, over my bra and shirt. When he started up my skirt I stopped him at that the first time. And, yes, I've watched them do it twice more. The second time he convinced me to take all my clothes off, and again, they took break and the middle and touched me. But this time I was naked and they touched my breasts and legs, but I didn't let them touch my crotch. But when he took my hand and put it on his penis, I didn't resist. I played with it. Then when they got back on the floor, I held the base while she rode on him, then when he was ready I jacked him off and he sprayed on my tits. " She took a breath and raced on "The third time as two weeks ago, they had a female friend. The girls got me to join in just a little, and I helped by jacking Brandon again. But that's all I did. Well... with Brannon. Connie and Mandy, that was the woman's name, well, she wasn't much more than a girl, she's like a sophomore in college and very pretty, well..... she and I kissed, well made out really, but when she went down on me I stopped her. Well..... I stopped her before I came, but I did stop her, though I wanted her to go on, I stopped her because I wasn't going to cheat on you. That's it, that's all that happened. And yes, I really, really liked it. Is that enough, are you satisfied?"

"So, the other girl ate you out?"

"Yes" she said, somewhat embarrassed. "but like I said I stopped her before I came, though to be honest I really didn't want to."

His penis was already half-hard again. "Quite a story." He said.

In the distance, a trumpet sounded. She pushed on him "You gotta get out of here. If you're going to participate you have to go get checked in."

She was right and he began quickly pulling on his outfit.

Just as he'd gotten his shoes on she asked "So, is it OK? All the stuff I've done?"

He did not have time to discuss this and even if he did he didn't know what he would say. Picking up his sword and mask he did say "Yes. Of course it's OK. It's really, really sexy and I'm glad you told me. But" he took a breath "I don't want Brandon and Connie to know that I know. Especially about last night. He can be a bit of a macho jerk and I'm afraid he'd rub it in my face that he'd fucked my wife."

She smiled. "I'm not sure he would, but I understand. I won't let them know we talked."

"Thanks. I don't know how long this will be. It might be noon before I'm back if they go right to the tournament."

"Good luck." She said, but not letting go she said "and maybe tonight, if will happens again, you will be good with it?"

At the tent door he said "Of course I'm good with it, but I don't know if the pretending I'm asleep will work again unless he's as drunk as he was last night." With that Mike went into the pseudo Medieval world with his mind full of very modern things. Or were these things just a common a thousand years ago?

As he expected, the tournament began right after his equipment check. The first round of the individual Renaissance style fencing (called Rapier combat) went well for Mike. He won two and lost one. He wasn't great with his Spanish style rapier, but he wasn't terrible either.

He'd looked in the crowd for Jenifer or their friends. This was Brandon and Connie's first time at a reenactment event like this. He was sure there were still lots for them to see and do. And, he knew the jousting was starting this morning and that was a popular draw. He had seen Connie a couple of times and then right at the very end he'd seen Brandon, but never did see his wife. That wasn't too surprising, they'd been to many of these events and she usually spent the morning socializing.

He was ready for a rest when he made his way through the variable city of medieval style tents to his own. He was half-way there when he met her. She greeted him with a kiss. A real kiss. An, I'm so ready for sex kiss.

"Wow!" he said with surprise. "What brought that on?"

"Because you're so wonderful and I wanted to thank you." She said with bubbles.

"Thank me? For what?" He asked. He supposed it had something to do with what happened last night.

"For this" she said as she pulled up the front of her floor length renaissance dress with one hand and took his right hand with her other and pushed up her leg till it reached her upper thigh. It was wet. She pulled his hand out and put it to his mouth. He assumed she'd been masturbating and he would taste her, but it was different way to salty. "It's Brandon." She said brightly, not even pretending to whisper "It's his cum. It's running down my leg. I didn't clean it up or put on panties so that I could feel it as I walked around, like my little secret, another man's semen oozing out of my pussy. I feel so sexy and wanton."

Mike just stood speechless. So she continued in the same happy voice "You said, it was OK so when he and Connie came back to the tent I asked her if she'd mind if I fucked her boyfriend senseless while you were gone. See, I knew full well Brandon had told her how we had fucked last night and you didn't even know. Of course you did know, but I told her I wanted more while you were out fighting. So, for most of the last couple of hours we've been doing it like mad bunnies."

He still just stood. She took his hand and kept up this lively conversation as they walked around.

"Of course I knew she wouldn't mind, so I just pulled down his pants and began sucking him off while she watched. She ended up staying for quite a while. She didn't even try to join, but she got naked too and masturbated while Brandon and I took turns giving each other oral sex. It was really cool, after he'd gotten me off a couple of times with his mouth I got on top of him. All the while Connie told us what she did last night in the other tent. While I rode Brandon we watched each other and we both came. After a while she left. He came twice. The first time while we were doing it doggie; it was an amazing an glorious orgasm as he fucked me so hard I would have fallen over if he'd let go of my hips. Then I sucked him hard again then he did me even longer the second time before he came again in the scissors position, like he did last night. I think he likes watching his dick go in and out of my pussy. He looks really nice from my angle to in that position, and like he did last night, he did my clit with his fingers while he fucked me. By then I was getting spent and Connie was back to get him for lunch, but still I came harder than I'd expected. Then we got dressed and here I am. "

With the end of her story, they had arrived back at their tent. "I think" she continued "It would be really sexy if you did me right now. It was really good this morning, but I think this will be even kinkier and hotter with my pussy still full of his cum."

With that she pulled her dress up to her waist, lay down on her back and spread her legs. What else could he do? She knew him all too well. She was right, this would be was different than this morning, and like she said it was kinkier and hotter just looking at her. As he dropped his sword and fencing mask to join her on the air mattress, he could see entire vulva was bright red from an intense pounding and her lips were swollen and still open. Her thighs glistens from the fluids that she had intentionally let run down legs. Fluids, which meant the wetness from her pussy that Brandon's sex had brought forth mixed with Brandon's semen.

He was sure she meant for him to mount her right off, but as he looked at her with her legs spread, he was drawn down, face first into her sex. The aroma was strong. He knew what he wanted to do, but was afraid he would back out if he waited. He lowered his head to her crotch, but rather than put his tongue in her, he pressed it to the crease between her mound and her left thigh, then slowly licked the inner thigh. Then, he systematically licked off all the salty, savory flavor that ran from the crease to just a few inches from her knee. She knew what he was doing and she began to talk. "It was only like half an hour ago, Brandon was on top of me, right here. I'd wrapped my legs around him to pull him in deeper. It's been so long since I'd had a man's penis push hard on my cervix like that." She talked low and smooth as he finished her left thigh. "Could you taste him?" She asked when he began to move to the other side.

"Yes" he said.

"I'm glad." she said "This is so sexy, so incredibly sexy. It was great for him to fuck me with you in room last night, and I won't lie, he did an amazing job a little while ago, but this is the best, most memorable part; right here, right now."

He began to work on the right inner thigh. Oddly that side had much less fluid on it so, soon he was circling her smooth mound. She shuddered when he'd found a small enclave of semen around her clit, and again as his tongue moved down from the base of her lips, across the perineum, to her ass.

"He'd wanted to fuck my ass, and I almost let him, but I didn't." She went on "He felt so good in my pussy, I didn't need anything else." He finally had covered her vulva with his mouth and traced the valley between her inner and outer lips. "Oh, yea. That feels good." She said breathlessly "Now, put your tongue inside me, eat the rest of his semen."

And he did. He could not help but imagine how his tongue was where Brandon's cock had been, his lips were on the very spot Brandon's balls has stuck as he'd fucked Jenifer. There was no doubt of the different taste caused by two loads of Brandon's semen. Never in his life had eating out Jenifer been so exciting, not even that first time a decade ago. As if to read his mind she said "It's like we both had sex with him. Like this it's not me having sex with Brandon, it's us having sex with him."

A voice, Connie's voice from behind him said "I agree, it is like that."

A second voice concurred "Yes, it's not like he's the first guy to eat my spunk out of his wife."

Connie agreed "And I never get tired of watching it. I wish you'd go down on me after a guy has filled me, I think it would be so erotic."

"Never going to happen" her boyfriend corrected "I don't do sloppy seconds. I'm a first up to bat kind of guy" Mike hadn't heard them come in. Not surprising given his focus on his wife's pussy, and the fact her thighs were pressing on his ears as her arousal was growing. In the time it took Connie to finish her first comment Mike's mind had run over the different options he had at this moment. He'd already thought about the fact that Brandon felt he was superior, as a man, for fucking his wife and that he would lord it over him if he found out. But he hadn't even considered what would happen if Brandon knew he'd eaten the left over cum in Jenifer. But of course, it was less than 15 minutes ago that he first thought of doing that. This was clearly the worst case scenario. The question was what to do. What would preserve his dignity and give him the ability to look Brandon in the eye. He knew that his wife would wait to see what he would do. Jumping up and looking embarrassed would be the worse option. That would make him look pathetic. So he ruled that out. So he kept focused on his wife's soft inner self until Brandon and Connie had clearly finished their comments as he worked out what to do.

When he decided the right amount of silence had passed, he raised his head from his wife's still red crotch and crawled over her to give her a deep and lasting kiss. Of course he had to take care not to scratch her since he was still in full sword fighting garb and she was bare from the waist down. When he was done kissing her, he said quietly, but loud enough for the other two to hear "Thanks, that was really, really sexy. You always think of the sexiest things to do." By suggesting that it was her idea to have oral sex, he was at once letting his wife know to follow his lead, and making a statement to Brandon and Connie. After he spoke he sat next to his wife and directly addressed their friends. "I guess that's one difference in being married and living together. We share everything. She told me a while back about watching you two have sex, and how much she wanted to find a comfortable way to try opening up our marriage. She wasn't ready for an orgy right off the bat, and this seems to have worked for her, for us." Jenifer agreed "Yea, I hope you don't mind I wasn't ready to just up front say I wanted to feel you inside of me, but I have, since the first time I saw your video's I wanted you to do me."

Brandon, who had looked a bit crestfallen when Mike hadn't been shamed at being caught, eating his semen, brightened up with Jenifer's compliments. "From your half dozen orgasms, I gather you were not disappointed." Brandon said boastfully.

Jenifer, now sitting beside her husband at the edge of the big air mattress. "Not a bit. I was telling Mike before you came in that I hadn't had by cervix battered like that since before he and I met."

"It get that a lot from satisfied women?" He bragged This was exactly what Mike had expected, and wanted to avoid. Jenifer defended him admirably, "You are what? Eight inches long?" Brandon nodded with a smile "Yea, that's like two inches longer than Mike, but he's way thicker. So while you go deep, which I like, he fills me up tight, which I also like. I guess I'd forgotten how much I liked the variety I'd had before Mike and I started dating."

Connie chimed in "I'm with you sister. Every dick is different, and I love each new one I try."

Now Jenifer came to her husband's defense "But I can't believe Brandon won't share in your sex. Getting laid was great, no doubt about it, but it was Mike going down on me that made it ours not mine."

Mike followed up "I'm no homophobe, and, she was right, going down on her was like both of us having sex with you. You might have physically had you dick in her, but it was us, jointly, who had sex with you."

For a moment it seemed Brandon had lost his macho victory. Then his face betrayed an idea. He stepped toward Mike and Jenifer, "If that's true, then why don't you both blow me." and dropped his pants and boxers less than a foot from them. "I'm sure my cock still will taste like your wife as it spent most of the morning inside of her."

His penis was fully erect. Mike wondered if he was always hard. As Jenifer had said, it was long and on the thin side. What she hadn't said was that it was perfectly straight, not even the slightest curve. This was the closest Mike had ever been to another man's penis. He could refuse, but he didn't want to. He was very aroused and this was indeed just a different form of what he had been doing when the others had interrupted. He had been imagining the penis that had delivered the semen into his wife's vagina, now it was inches from his face.

Jenifer must have known what was in his mind, for she reached up and took the balls in one hand and the base of the penis in the other. She looked up "Now Brandon, don't try to face fuck him like you did me. I've had years of dick sucking and you almost choked me." She pulled the shaft down to line up with her husband' mouth. "Here I'll let you go first because I've already tasted myself on this dick today."

He didn't hesitate, but put one hand over his wife's and took the head and the first inch if shaft right into his mouth. He closed his lips around the penis and licked the tip with his tongue. He was sucking a dick. He'd never told anyone, not even Jenifer, that sometimes while watching a blow job on porn, he'd imagined what it would be like to give a guy head. Now he was doing it. He rapidly began to stroke in and out. He knew exactly what to do. He had more confidence in what felt good with this than he'd ever had with eating pussy. And a sharp groan of pleasure from Brandon indicated he was right in his instincts. For the first few minutes it did indeed have the faint taste of his wife, but that soon faded except when he took it as deep as he could.

All too soon his wife was pushing him away saying "My turn".

He reluctantly let go and sat back. His eyes had been closed for at least five minutes, perhaps ten, as he sucked Brandon. He was surprised when his eyes opened that Connie was sitting beside his wife, clad only in her thong. His wife wasted no time in swallowing the penis before her. In a day of amazing firsts, watching his wife suck Brandon's cock was just one more amazing high point. Her lips wrapped tight around his shaft, one hand on the base and the other gripping is bare ass. In the high watching his wife giving head, it took him several minutes to take in the sight of nearly nude Connie. She was thin with smallish tits and prominent pink nipples that stood out a good half inch. The sight of a this woman nibbling his wife's neck with her hand up Jenifer's skirt would have been enough for a year a fantasies a mere eighteen hours ago, but here it took him a while to even notice.

Jenifer looked up and met his eyes "You did great sucking cock. Are you sure this is your first time.?"

"Yea, I'm sure" Brandon chimed in "You're a natural. Damn, if you ever get an urge to suck dick, just give me a call. I'm not gay, but I do like a good head job."

Jenifer stopped and looked up "Are you saying I'm not good at this?" Brandon guided her back down on him "Not saying that at all. I just assumed, from what you said, you two are an inseparable team. I meant, when you two want to suck dick together, mine is always available. " Jenifer went back to sucking, Mike watched.

In distance a trumpet sounded.

"I have 15 minutes to get to the combat field." He said.

His wife took one last deep draw on Brandon, taking all but the last inch into her mouth, held it, then ended the blow job. "Thanks, Connie" she said to her friend "We appreciate the use of your husband's dick."

Connie answered by pulling Jenifer's face to hers and kissing her deep and long. Mike could see his wife responding positively and their tongues mingled for longer than he'd expected before Jenifer pulled away.

"Oh, that was nice" she told her friend "but I really want to go watch Mike. I can't just lay in here and have sex all day."

Brandon asked "And why not?"

"We could do that back home. I want to watch my husband fight today."

Connie laughed "Since you've already seen him suck dick today."

Brandon chime in "I'm going to take you up on that offer to lay around fucking all day at home."

Jenifer ignored his comment and said to Connie "I have indeed seen him suck dick, and I doubt not I'll see it again before we all go to sleep tonight. But, now were off to the tourney field." Jenifer said.

Mike knew full well she was right.

Mike and Jenifer left the tent together, but not before she said "And Connie, I do expect you'll stay in our tent tonight. You better make good on the promise your kiss and... and your very nice rubbing my pussy made for introducing me to Sapphic sex made just now."

"Oh I will."

With that they headed for the lists.

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