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Under Marias Control

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I woke early the next day, sore but very satisified. Jack kissed me goodbye and asked if I were busy. I will be at Maria's all day most likely I told him. Oh, okay. Se you later then and he left. I was getting a shower and suddenly the phone rang. I picked it up, Liz? said the voice on the other end. Yes, this is Liz I said. Liz, this is Joan, I was there yesterday? Yes? I am the redhead but you may not remember. Oh yes, I remember very well, Hi. Hello Liz. Are you busy? Well I was getting a shower so I coule get the Maria's as soon as I could. You are finished then? Yes, Just stepped out I told her. Okay, stop what you are doing, put on a robe or long t-shirt and come to the door. What? You heard me, put on a robe if you have one if not a long t shirt will do but nothing else, come to the door, I am in the car in the drive. But, I began to say. Do as you are told she said, do it now. Then she hung up. I looked around and Jack had a t shirt that was clean in his drawer. I put it on and went to the door. Sure enought there was that beautiful red head I had eaten the day before, fully dressed and the car running. I grabbed my purse and ran to the car, titties bouncing all the way. I got in and she looked me up and down. Perfect she said. Perfect for what? I asked her. For what we have planned for you today. She was driving now, heading out of town, We have some things that you need to do for us. Like what? I asked her. It is not your concern, you will simply do as you are told. We stopped at what looked like a store and she looked at me. Stay here until I tell you to come in. Okay I told her. She went in and was a few min and then came to the door waving me to come in. I got out pulling the t shirt down to cover my hips which was really a lost cause. I walked in and there were three men there, Joan locked the door behind me and told me Take off the shirt. I pulled it off and the men whistled. Nice one this time Joan. Thanks. She is all yours for one hour, enjoy. One took my arm and led me to the back, there was a bed of sorts there. Lay down and open the legs one said. I did and as he pulled his pants off his cock was about 6 inches. I laughed and he looked at me. Suck it he said. I did and he came almost as soon as it went into my mouth. I sat up, next I said. He was larger but still no real threat, he pushed into my pussy, humped a little and unloaded. The third one was about 8 inches. He told me, on your knees, benmd over. He entered my ass and pumped a little. Cum filled my bottom and was dripping out. Joan was in the background, WEll guys you still have a good half hour, she can do more for youy than that. The thrid guy was still half hard, Suck this then Hunny he said. I took him into my mouth and deep throated him, making him moan as the other two watched. His load filled my throat and he sat on the floor. The other two just stared at me sitting there naked. That is it they said, Thanks Joan and they gave her some money. Okay lets go she said throwing my shirt to me. We drove to a cabin and she pulled into a drive that was sheltered from any view. Lay back she told me. I put the seat back and she pulled her blouse up pressing her titties to my face, give them a good sucking Baby. I did just that, no one was trying to make sure I got anything but I did as I was told. Lets get out so you can eat my pussy she said and she stepped out and sat on the hood, I got in front of her and ate her slowly making sure she had several orgasms. She led me to the cabin and told me to sit on the front step. I did, my shirt still in the car. Okay she said after a little, Come on in. I went in and there was Maria and a man that was so good looking I was really staring at him. This is my husband she said. Carl is going to enjoy you while Joan and I go to get a few things. The bulge in his pants told me that he was really going to be a challenge to swallow. He led me to the bed room and began kissing me all over, he found places that I had not had touched and I had several orgasms before he even got serious. Okay baby, now swallow the toy, give me a really nice long sucking as he moved so his hips were next to my face. I took his cock, at least 10 inches and began licking the head slowly, taking hints from his moaning and all as to if he was getting all I was giving him. Take it all in he said then I began slowly swallowing his cock deeper. Then I managed to deep throat it all, Oh yeh, that is the ticket he moaned. Keep that going. after a long time his cum filled my throat and he pushed his cock all the way into my throat till it stopped throbbing. He brought me up to him and kissed me deep, moving between my legs his half hard toy sliding around my legs. His mouth was on my titties, sucking and biting leaveing makrs all over me. Then his cock slipped into my pussy, fully hard again and it filled me up. Oh yes, I moaned, Fuck me, please fuck me. I was going to dear he said and he began slipping in and out slowly. Making sure to fill me up. AS I got close to orgasm he backed off, making me moan, needing to cum. He did this 4 times and then the last time he pounded me hard as I let all my juices go on his cock. He filled me with his cum again and we laid back, me kissing his body all over especially his cock and balls, trying to bring them back to life so I could have it again. Don't worry he said, thee is lots more waiting for you. Tehre is all day and you will be very very busy. I looked at him, what do you mean. Maria and Joan are bring some guests and you will be the main attraction for them all. But I began to say. And it is all on film he said. You are going to film me with a lot of men? Hun, you are already on film he said pointing at two cameras that were running. Soon after Maria and Joan came back. Everyone is on the way, give her a half hour to rest and clean up. I went to the bathroom and came out hearing lots of people talking. I walked out and there were at least 20 people, men and women standing around with drinks and in various stages of undress. I was led to the bed again and then it began. I did not get home that night.

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