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Turning the Tables on My Wife and Her Boss

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My wife?s boss was having his wedding in two weeks. I worked in the same company and was the third highest exec, but the difference between my wife?s boss and me was his fifty-two percent ownership of the company. The balance of power wasn?t that great though, because I held patents to the three most profitable pieces of hardware marketed by the company. I?d actually known Ron three years longer than my Julie, wife, and the whole company was close. I guess that means that we had a strong corporate culture. Julie was Ron?s executive assistant. She wasn?t a secretary; she had the secretaries working for her. She made a lot of decisions and provided the organizational backbone for the company. Ron?s wife was an outsider, but I?d met Suzie plenty of times in their two-year courtship.

I?m a foreigner, from England, working in Silicone Valley, and this was the first time I?d ever been close to someone who was getting married. My wife made all the arrangements for the bachelor and the bachelorette parties, and it was decided to host both of them in Las Vegas. There were a lot of people in the company who thought that Suzie was an unsuitable match. It?s funny but the typical trophy wife for a nerdy Silicone Valley type was a fake tittied blonde. Suzie was a neurosurgeon. Of course Ron was a bit of an oddity in the valley too; he was the extrovert problem solver, the money man who could talk with convincing wisdom about things that he really didn?t know shit about. I was happy for Ron to run the company; I?d seen enough failures so that ownership of my own products was what I wanted rather than owning a piece of something that could collapse in a blizzard of paper.

Suzie, everyone thought, was just too serious, too nerdy and no fun. I, on the other hand, knew that she had a different side that explained exactly what Ron saw in her. No, I don?t mean to tell you that I had slept with Suzie; no my knowledge was just from observation of one little incident. We had gone to a concert; I can?t even remember the name of the band, but they were very famous. Ron had begged off at the last minute and Julie, Suzie and I had gone together. We had front row tickets and Suzie was excited about the band. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt; and they were odd too; they were tight around the hips but they were loose around the waist. She was wearing a t-shirt that covered them most of the time. Anyway, the band struck up a song that had the girls standing and chanting. Julie was waving her hands and shouting, and then Suzie did this extraordinary little move with her hips that was so frankly erotic and sexual that I almost didn?t believe it had happened. It was a dip and a circle and her shirt slid up and I saw far down the back of her jeans. She had a tan line from a very thin thong. Her move and her tan line caused me to see Suzie in a completely different light.

Julie booked a good part of the floor of one of the big hotels in Vegas. There were ten of Suzie?s friends and fifteen male friends of Ron, and there were two separate suites where the actual bachelor and bachelorette parties were to be held.

I asked Julie what exactly went on at these parties and she told me that it was an American ritual. It always involved lots of drinking and always had strippers of both sexes. It didn?t sound like anything too wild, but the hotel had a good spa and I booked almost a full day of body treatments; my personal weakness .

I had booked a long body wrap thing and a massage and had a masseuse who was disarmingly cute. Most Vegas spa services are distinguished by the cool attitude of the service providers. I always thought that it was part of the Vegas ethic; the town thrives on the financial misery of others and I guess most of the people who watch it are pretty jaded by it. This girl however was something else, and we started talking a mile a minute. She found out why I was there and halfway through the body wrap she told me that it was really a strange coincidence but she had booked the party. Later I asked if she had spoken directly to the woman who was co-coordinating the party. She said that she had and that it was probably the oddest conversation she had ever had.

I was on the verge of telling her that it was my wife who she had spoken too, but something made me hold my tongue. I laughed and said that knowing our company it couldn?t be that odd. She said that the conversation had only gotten strange when they had checked each other out through mutual acquaintances. I said, ?Tell me.?

?Well the woman, Julie was her name, was really specific about the sexual characteristics of the entertainers. There had to be one male dancer with a cock that measured at least nine inches but no more than eleven who didn?t mind if a guy went down on him, and one dancer who was bi-sexual and who had natural breasts and big pussy lips. Oh yes and there had to be one dancer who liked anal sex. Oh yes and everyone had to have health certificates from a lab she named no more than twenty-four hours old. Of course when she mentioned that each entertainer would be paid twenty thousand dollars I nearly freaked out.?

I swallowed hard, and despite myself, I could feel my cock grow.

Dawn laughed, ?I can see that you?re OK with that.?

I felt embarrassed, but she continued massaging my chest as though the tent in the cotton sheet weren?t there. I said, ?Did you find everyone??

?Well, no. Cock yes, pussy lips and tittles yes, but anal sex fan no. But I phoned her back and she said that if I couldn?t find the anal sex fan that was OK if I could get some G for her.?

?What?s that.?

?Oh you are innocent. It?s GHB. You put it in someone?s drink and they don?t remember what?s going on. They become very compliant. I asked her if she was thinking of using it on one of the dancers, and she laughed and told me that no she was thinking of using on someone who might get embarrassed if they knew what was going on.?

Dawn finished with my chest and was working on my legs now. I was busy thinking of the circuitry on my newest project and I could feel myself deflating, but her nails were a little too close. She kept on talking as if nothing were happening, but then she found a muscle up at the top of my thigh that needed work and the backs of her fingers were brushing my balls. She moved the cover and when I looked up she was staring at my cock, but she continued her rubbing, and I could feel pre-cum dripping.

?Am I bothering you?? she said, her voice deepening.

I looked at her, ?No. I?m just wondering where you found the big pussy lips.?

She laughed and lifted her tennis skirt. I cold see built in white panties. She shucked them to the side and said, ?Right here.?

They were big. Her outer lips were plump and her inner lips stuck out from them. Her clit was large too and I could see its head sticking out. I know I groaned. She moved closer so I could smell her sex and see the folds. She moved her hands over her clit and I could see it was wet, but then she moved the panties back and covered my cock.

?Maybe you?ll see more later.?

The evening came soon enough. The two party suites were side by side and the communicating doors were locked. I was in the men?s side of course, but the girl?s part was in the bedroom that we had slept in last night. When the female dancers arrived, five of them, the party seemed to die a little, but Julie had arranged a low stage and the dancers were soon on the stage. Julie was in and out of the room, co-coordinating things. I don?t drink a lot, but everyone else certainly did. The female dancers circulated everywhere, and the lights were low. Dawn turned up and didn?t acknowledge me directly, but after about an hour everyone was pretty loosened up and she came and sat on my lap.

She said, ?Are you curious about who?s supposed to get the G??

?Yeah. I?m wondering whether it?s the bachelor. Maybe she wants to give him a night he won?t remember.?

Dawn looked at me and laughed, ?I like you. You?ve got a weird sense of humor. That?s the girl who co-ordinated the party. She asked me if I?m ready with the G. I?m supposed to put it in a drink and feed it to three people. Can I dance for you??

I said sure and she stripped off her dress. Julie came in while she was taking it off and stopped to look and grin at me. Dawn had a great little California body. Natural c tittles, upturned with dark button nipples. She dragged them down my face and said, ?You know what I?d really like??


?I?d like you to suck them. I mean hard. It?s easier to do what I do if I?m turned on. And you, buddy, with that sense of humor and that funny accent, turn me on.?

I obligingly opened my mouth, and sucked and she told me to bite her. I held on to her nipple as she pulled away just as Julie came close. She watched me almost clinically and disappeared into the next room. Dawn said, ?I don?t think she was really happy. Do you two have a relationship??

I laughed, ?That?s my wife. But don?t tell her you know.?

Dawn said, ?What do I care. I?ve already got the cash.?

With that, she stood back, snapped off her t-back, and sat on one of my hands. ?I know you wanted to touch me this afternoon. You were so respectful that I almost came.?

I felt her folds in my hand and moved my fingers. Her clit was hard and wet and her lips were slippery between my fingers. I moved, so that she stood before me and I pinched and pulled each lip.

?Ah, that?s the way, pull them hard.?

I could cover her clit with them. They were silky and frilly. When I pulled my hand away, she guided it to my mouth and said, ?Suck your fingers.?

She tasted of almonds, roses, and young girl. I could feel my cock making a wet spot. She said, ?I?ll be back later to show you more of what I want.?

She took her dress and threw her t-back at me, stepping into her spandex dress. I looked around. The music was loud but the room lights had been dimmed further and I could see untidy groups of people. I wondered what was going on in the next room. I stepped out the suite door and used my key to go into the next suite. The lights were dim there, but I slipped behind the bar. What amazed me was to see Suzie on the stage, completely naked. Her boobs were natural too, and her pussy lips stuck out almost as far as Dawn?s. In fact, at first, I had though it was Dawn. As I watched, Julie walked up to the edge of the stage, sunk to her knees, and planted her mouth on Suzie?s pussy. I heard cheers from the groups in the chairs surrounding the stage. Now that my eyes were adjusting, I saw two women with their Asses in the air sucking on an enormous cock that belonged to a male dancer who was flat on his back. As I watched, Julie led Suzie over to the guy and with the help of three sets of hands, lowered her onto the tool. The girls slammed her up and down while laughing, and then they sat her back and I could see one of the girls sweep her hair back while leaning forward to take Suzie?s clit in her mouth. Suzie came noisily and shouted ?Switch. Time to switch.?

The girls hoisted her off the cock. To my amazement Suzie stood behind Julie and said, ?Your turn, you?re the only one who hasn?t felt this.?

The other two girls jumped up. One of them lifted Julie?s short skirt, ripped off the thong underwear, and sunk two fingers in her pussy.

?She?s creaming,? she shouted. ?Lower that pussy down.?

Julie was laughing as two of the women lifted her behind the knees. It wasn?t much weight; Julie probably weighs 90 pounds. I wondered if her little pussy could fit that cock. I also had a momentary urge to leap out and tell them to stop, but I kept quiet. There was enough light to see the guy holding up his cock as they slid her down. She put her hands on his chest and said, ?Yes god, yes, I?m so full.?

She started moving up and down. Her eyes were closed. I saw Suzie kneel behind her and wondered if she was actually sticking her fingers up Julie?s ass.

?Oh my god, yes, finger my ass, I?m Cumming.? She continued bucking on the cock and I could see that her tight pussy had driven the guy to the edge. He grabbed her hips and I could see him pistoning into her as she shrieked. ?I?m splitting.?

They both finished cumming and Julie stood. One of the girls slid under her and I could see a tongue lapping at her, cleaning the load. ?Got to clean you up, so that hubby doesn?t suspect.?

?Oh I?m just about to fix him so we can start the real party.?

I slipped out the door and went back to the men?s side. The dancers were all fucking men. Ron was in a chair in the corner, eyes glazed. ?You having a good time friend??

?Great. I?m having a great time.? In truth, I was feeling sick to the stomach. Not that it had bothered me to see Julie get fucked, that was a bit of a turn on. I had even fantasized about cleaning her up myself. But I had the feeling that something bad was about to happen. Some of the men had left and I counted six survivors, who were sitting around looking very mellow. Julie came through the door and I saw her talking to Dawn. Julie said, ?OK the party is officially over, so everybody is going to clean up and then the girls are coming over here. Foods on its way. ?

There was a scramble for clothing and everyone seemed to sober up. The hookers left, but I noticed that Dawn stayed. There were knocks at the door and a light buffet rolled in. Dawn came over with a drink and said, ?This is a rum & coke. Guess what. You?re supposed to be the first one to have a drink from my special punch. Have a drink.?

I looked at her and said, ?No thanks. My wife is scaring me?

Dawn smiled and said, ?Listen, I don?t like her. You shouldn?t do this to your mate. So, I haven?t added the G yet. Do you trust me??

I looked at her. Trusting her would be an act of foolishness, but somehow I did. I took the glass and drained a third of it.

She smiled at me and said, ?Good boy. You know I think I could train you.?

She walked away and I saw her head next to the kitchen to get a fresh drink. She headed over to the number two guy in the company, Jack and they engaged in some conversation. He was another non-shareholder and the only guy who actually held more patents than I did. Dawn fed him a third of her drink. Having Julie come up and kiss me on the cheek distracted me. ?Did you have fun??

I laughed, ?Yes a lot.?

?I saw you sucking on her tits. Did you like her tits? I thought you?d go for that big blonde.?

?Actually I didn?t really go for any of them. Dawn?s tits found my mouth of their own accord and I was commanded to suck.?

?Dawn, is it? It?s unusual to remember a hooker?s name you know. I guess she made an impression.?

I said, ?I think I?m feeling a little woozy. I?m going to find a chair. You can snuggle if you like.?

?I?m going to get a bite. I?ll find you in a minute.?

I was surprised to see that the third person that Dawn visited was Suzie, and I was confused when I saw Dawn tipping her drink into Suzie?s mouth. A few minutes later Dawn came and sat in my lap. ?I can only sit for a few minutes because your wife is giving me a dirty look.?

I said, ?Quick, tell me how I should act.?

?Sleepy and as if you can?t remember what?s being said, but its going to be tough to be completely convincing because you?re pupils will still be able to respond normally unless they turn the lights down and no-one notices. Look I can give you a low dose on my finger and then you just have to exaggerate what you?re feeling. I?ll be back in a sec. Just suck my finger when I pass by. ?

?What do you think is going to happen??

?I don?t know what she has planned but obviously the people with the drugs aren?t going to like it.?

She left a minute later, I started slumping in my chair and then a few seconds later I felt a finger at the corner of my mouth, and I tasted a bland oily kind of substance. Julie came and sat in my lap and I started to feel a little strange, so I did what Dawn suggested. When Julie asked if I felt like fucking I said, ?Sure baby.?

Julie didn?t waste any time and was on the floor in front of me, my cock out, sucking like a pro. I saw that Dawn was on her knees sucking Jack and that Ron had Suzie upended in a chair and was feasting on her pussy. I don?t know how she did it but within a few minutes were all in the center of the floor. Someone had brought out blankets and pillows. Suzy, Jack and I were naked, and soon everyone else was too. Jack and Suzy?s eyes seemed completely out of focus. They seemed to be enjoying the sex, but it was as if they weren?t there. Julie had my cock locked in her pussy, and was stroking it upwards, but she wasn?t trying to make me cum. After I minute I rolled my head to the side and she said, ?Dawn mount him.?

I felt a different weight and looked above me. I saw Dawn?s eyes and then felt her wet lips lay over my cock. She leaned close and said, ?I?m going to fuck you like a whore but I want you to know that I really want you.?

Her hand guided me up and then I was inside and she was leaning over me her breath in my ear, giving me soft directions. ?Push it up, to the side, finger my clit, pull my lips, suck my nipples, bite me, bite me.? I did it all and put my hands on her hips, slamming into her pussy. I could feel those big lips slide and crush against me. When she would move down so my cock pressed hard against her upper wall I could feel her clit against my pubic bone. She started Cumming and I was going to be right after he when I heard my wife say, ?Switch.?

I felt her pull off my cock which was so swollen it was aching. The air-conditioned air blew cold against it, but then I saw arms guiding Suzy and felt another pussy lowered onto me. This was different, but the lips were big too. I moved around, felt nipples against m mouth, opened, and sucked. In a few minutes I could feel Suzy start to shake and then she was Cumming hard and so was I, Cumming like a fountain into her. She moaned and fell to the side, her mouth in a smile, but she wasn?t really there. Her eyes were unfocused. Somewhere I heard cameras clicking and then Jack was between her legs, and her legs were up around her ears and they were both cumming. I looked up in time to see Dawn?s pussy lowering onto my face and I heard Julie?s voice. ?Her cunt is just like Suzy?s, get a close up.? I could see Suzy?s face above mine looking down, and then she started commanding me and I sucked her lips into my mouth, feeling her hard big clit on my nose. She started grinding it and I stuck my tongue deep inside.

?Look how good he?s eating her? I heard Julie say. ?I need to take some of this stuff home with me.? There was laughter in the room. I felt Suzy cumming against my mouth and drank her juice. She finished and leaned down close to my ear. ?Just want you to know I didn?t fuck anyone else all evening.?

I looked to the side and Suzie was getting pounded again, but by one of the men who weren?t on the company payroll. She was grunting, but I didn?t think she came. Two more guys had her after that. It was Jack?s turn again and she straddled him, but then I was led behind her and Julie fed my hard cock up against her butt. I slid in and felt Suzy sigh and then the three of us were moving together. I looked down to see Jack?s balls supporting mine and felt him swell up. Seconds later I joined him in emptying ourselves into Suzy.

We were left alone after that. I could hear voices in the bedroom.

I looked over at Jack and Suzie. Suzie opened an eye and winked at me.

?Dawn told me too. I know Julie had given me some stuff earlier, but it had started to wear off. But I liked fucking you anyway. You two fuck like demons.?

She rolled closer to me. ?What should we do??

We were in darkness and I felt her hand on my chest. I moved my fingers across a hard nipple. ?I don?t know why did they do this.?

?Only thing I can think of it blackmail later. Maybe it would invalidate our pre-nup. I don?t know why they would involve you and Jack.?

I heard Jack?s whispered voice. ?It?s the morals clause in our contract. If we?re guilty of any moral turpitude then they get to use our patents payment free for five years.?

Suzy chuckled. ?It seems awfully silly. Listen to them fucking in there.?

We could hear moans from the next bedroom. ?I guess Julie must be Ron?s fuck buddy. I suspected it but now I guess we know.?

I looked at her, ?Does this mean the wedding?s off?


She said, ?I don?t know. I kind of liked fucking both of you. Could be a fair swap you know.?

I felt her hand moved down my stomach and then she shifted and her mouth was moving on me. I saw Jack shift between her legs and saw him lapping at her lips.

She looked up, ?I?m full of jizz, Jack.?

?Umm, I know? he said.

We all came again, quietly. There was still noise from the next bedroom, but then Dawn walked out. She had a camera in her hand.

Se came over to us. ?Want to take some pictures?? she said. ?I wiped out your pics and then I put a little something special in their drinks, so I don?t think they?ll mind if you take a picture of Ron up your wife?s ass.?

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