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Trip to the coast

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My wife and i have been married for a couples years now and have always had a very active sex life. We met in college and have always been trying new and fun things to keep our sex interesting. Since we are in our late twenties we both have very active jobs and don't really have time to take vacations. Finally I suprised Carina with a weekend get away on the East Coast right on the beach. It was nothing too fancy, just a nice hotel room overlooking the ocean.

Our second night there we were dying to go for a walk on the beach at sunset. It was still very hot out so i was just in my bathing suit and Carina was wearing a very tight shirt with a little skirt on. To give you a bit of a background we both workout a lot so we are in pretty good shape. I am around 6ft and 180lbs with brown hair and eyes. Carina is a tiny little thing standing at 5'3 and 105lbs with small but firm breasts, a tight little ass, flat stomach, an always shaven pussy and beautiful brown eyes and hair. With that being said we headed down to the beach for a nice little walk. We had our mixed drinks with us and just enjoyed each other and this relaxing surroundings.

As we were a good half mile down the beach we entered into a residential area that had some of the biggest homes i have ever seen sitting right on the ocean. We were just passing the 5th or 6th house when we heard, "How are you two tonight?". We looked over and saw a couple in their mid thirties sitting on their huge deck having cocktails. I responded with: "Couldn't be happier!". They laughed and asked if we wanted to join them for some drinks as the sun went down. Carina and i are very social people and didn't even hesitate and climbed onto their deck. We introduced ourselves and they said that their names were Heather and Jack. They were a very attractive couple, which is mostly why we agreed to hang out with them. Jack was a little shorter than me and weighed a little less and had the same dark hair and eyes. Heather was gorgeous with her long light brown hair and very large breasts. She was probably 5'5 and weighed nor more than 115lbs. There were both in their bathing suits and Heather was almost falling out of her little bikini.

So we sat down as we drank their liquor and enjoyed their company. They were a very funny couple and a pleasure to be around. It was fun to meet a couple that was very similar to Carina and I. As the hours flew buy you could tell everyone starting to get more and more drunk. Finally after the sun set it started to get a little cold. Out of nowhere Heather says, "Who is ready for the hot tub!" I look up and on the balcony of their master bedroom was a hot tub. This was probably the nicest house i have ever seen. So we packed up our drinks and extra liqour bottles and headed up stairs. I whispered to Carina on our way up if this was okay with her and she gave me a big smile and nodded her head.

We arrived up in their room and they had a huge King Bed over looking their balcony through two huge glass doors. All you could see was the ocean for miles, it was beautiful. As Heather and Jack were getting in i looked over at Carina as she said, "Guys i dont have a suit". Heather laughed and said, "We are all good friends now, wear whats underneath". With out much hesitation we all watched from the hot tub as Carina took off her top showing her sexy lacy bra with her nipples hard and pocking through. I looked back and saw the biggest smiles on Heather and Jack's face. Then Carina slowly pulled down her skirt showing her matching matching thong that was see-through on the front so you could see some of her pussy. She walked over and slid into the hot tub saying "Wow that is much better." Heather laughed and said that she feels like she is wearing too much and undid her bikini top exposing her large C breasts. Within seconds of her dropping her top Carina was grabbing onto my hard 8in cock. Starring at this hot young woman with my wife rubbing my dick was probably the greatest feeling ever. I looked at Carina and told her that she was now wearing too much. We all laughed and without hesitation she unsnapped her bra and through it to the ground. Her firm B breasts were out in the cold with her tiny nipples rock hard. You could tell that Heather was now rubbing Jack's dick faster and faster. The sexual tension was too much and finally Carina just got up and stratled me and kissed me deeply. As she was kissing me she was grinding her pussy on my rock hard dick. It seemed like she was seconds away from an orgasm. I happened to look over her shoulder and i watched as Heather pulled off her bikini bottoms showing her amazing ass. She then leaned forward and pulled off Jacks bathing suit exposing his rock hard dick that was just about 8in as well. I turned Carina around so she could watch and still rub her pussy on my dick as i played with her tits. She looked at me and said that it looked fun so she sat up on the corner of the hot tub on the side where Jack was and asked me to help her with her thong. I got up and slowly pulled off her thong exposing her soaking wet pussy. Her pussy lips were hanging out and throbbing to be fucked. Since i didnt want to be the only one with a suit on i started to take mine off. Carina couldnt wait so she started to rub her clit as she watched Heather suck Jack. Both of them looked over at Carina and watched as she slowly slipped her middle finger deep into her pussy. She let out a little scream and started fingering herself harder and harder. I watched as Heather was reaching between her legs playing with her own pussy. The look on Jacks face looked like he was about to fill Heathers mouth with his hot cum. Finally i leaned over and started to lick Carinas pussy. She started moaning louder and louder. I spread her legs apart and started sticking my tounge deep in her pussy. She wanted more so she turned around and bent over and put one leg on the side of the hot tub. Here her pussy was wide open and in perfect view for all three of us to watch. I moved in and started licking her pussy more and then moved up to her asshole. I started to lick all around her tiny tight little asshole. Then i spread her ass cheeks and buried my tongue in her asshole. She screamed so loud and said she wants more. So i slid two fingers in her pussy while i fucked her ass with my tongue. She kept moaning and moaning unti she told me that she wanted to be fucked. It was really starting to get cold the more we were out of the water, so we decided to finish inside on their huge king size bed.

As I laid on one side of the bed, Carina got between my legs and stared sucking my dick. She wanted it so bad that she was stroking so hard i almost came. Next to us was Jack between Heathers legs licking her shaved pussy over and over until she was constantly moaning. Finally i switched with Carina and laid between her legs. I slowly entered my dick into her throbbing pussy. She let out a deep moan as i felt her pussy tighten around my dick. She reached above her and held onto the headboard as i fucked her harder and harder. She looked over and was watching as Jack bent over Heather and was fucking her from behind. She was holding on to the head board as well as Carina watched his dick slide in and out of her pussy. At that moment i knew that Carina was close. She pulled me closer as i licked my finger and reached around and started to play with her asshole. Her pussy tightened even more as i knew she was ready. She wanted me to cum with her so she reached behind me and slowly stuck her finger in my asshole. We have only done this on a few occasions but everytime i came immediately. I started fucking her harder as we both fucked each others assholes. Within minutes her pussy tighted up around my dick as she let out a loud scream and started cumming on my dick. Shortly after i shot my first load of hot cum into her pussy, which each thrust i continued to fill her pussy with more and more until it started dripping out and onto the bed. We kept fucking for another couple minutes until we had nothing left. At that same moment Heather screamed out that she was cumming. Jacks pulled out when she was done and shot hit hot cum all over her back. More and more as he

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