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Train Delays to The Limelight

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Train Delays was a true story and the rest of what happened. This girl I will call her JEN. Well I called and called her but no answer, left messages and no responce so I was going out to The Limelight club and I called and left that message if she wanted to go to the club... and bam she called and said she would love to go clubbin including JEN there are 4 of us drivin to the Limelight in Manhattan we are all dressed jeans nice shirts JEN wears a sexy long black dress with tall heels this woman was so tall . Well I'm dancing with her and we get closer and I start touch her ass and she is moanin and touchin me back I slide my hand in the slit on the side of her dress only to find she didn't have panties on not even a thong or g-string. I'm touchin more and more I get both hands under her dress touching her asshole and feeling her wet pussy she nibbling on my ear so I stick my finger in her wet pussy. Now if you read Train Delays you know she is a squirter so I'm thinking about that. So Igot my middle finger in her pussy she opens her legs and I fix my body so not everyone can see a few people could see but most people didn't care now I go for 2 fingers and shyells in my ear I'm going to cum so I get the 2nd finger in and I'm doing the motion like come here with my 2 fingers and about a minute later my hand is dripping with her cum I don't stop and she lifts her leg up and puts it against the wall I just keep fingering her at this point I am so hard I neede to fuck her and cum.. I tell her this and she says let's go to the bathroom. I can't believe this girl so we go to the bathroom it is packed both men and women so we go to the staircase its dark ther but to many people I'm thinkin I might not get to cum I finally find my friends again and we all start talkin I tell them we want to have sex and JEN asks them to join us they both declined. JEN then tells me she like angie my friends girlfriend and tells me she is BI oh yea so hot... we danced and drank and finally left 3 or so we get in the car to go home and JEN and I are kissing get hot she gets on top of me I open my pants she helping me pull them down my friends are watching she is soaked and I slide right in her pussy and she gasps and squeels I lift up her dress over her head and take it off my friend tommy and angie both turned to look tommy was drivin and turn back around and fixed the mirror to watch JEN's ass JEN was riding me up and down then cirlces as I thrusted up every few seconds. Angie was staring at JEN and tommy was trying to thru the mirror. I starteds to say ride that fat cock jen you know you love it fuck me make me cum JEN is moanin and saying yes .. JEN then leans back right in between tommy and angie and rubs her tits and says touch my tits feel them please, I said touch her tommy and angie don't be afraid so they did JEN was riding my cock in the back seat and having her tits rubbed from the front seat , angies was starting to like it she was biting her lip JEN says we should all fuck right here in the car. Tommy said I'm ready. Angie said pull over. Tommy pulled over at 55 st and JEN got up turned around to face forward and sat right back down on my cock JEN was leaning forward and told angie to undress and was helping her take her shirt off tommy was already pulling his pants off angie went down on tommy and sucked his cock JEN then helps angie get her jeans off JEN licks her fingers and rubs angie but I was not able to see so I leaned forward then turned sideways so I can fuck JEN doggy style in the back seat tommy then turned angie the same direction JEN was and we both fucked them doggy style we gave high5 to each other and fucked them doggy style JEN leans forward to kiss angie and angie turned and said no I don't do that JEN said I eat pussy and cock I'm BI. Angie said I'm not I'm stirtly dickly. JEN said let me eat your pussy while you suck his cock tommy jumped in and said yea come angie suck my cock and angie did I pulled the front passenger seat as far back as it could go angie was sucking tommy cock so good I wish she could do it to me JEN then slide face up under angie and opened her legs angie had a leg on the seat and one on the dashboard and JEN starts licking and sucking angie angie is sucking tommy's cock so I sucked that full 1 inch clit that JEN has that clit actually got hard and a little bigger I was sucking her clit and watching her eat angies pussy I'm ready so I shoved my cock deep in JENs pussy in one thrust and she screamed so I thrust in and out and JEN said I'm cummin and fucked her harder and faster and I said tommy angie look at this JEN started to squirt screaming and moaning and moving like crazy I told angie touch her clit. Feel how big angie looked and tommy pushed her and said go ahead touch her angie did and JEN moaned and squirted all over angies hand and me and the car and I thrusted and fucked JEN harder and harder while angie was rubbing JENs clit tommy was now getting behing angie and was fucking her doggy style I was fucking JEN taking my cock out and ramming it all the way in as hard and deep as I could all of a sudden angie slides 2 fingers in JENs pussy JEN squirts again as I thrusted my cock in with angies 2 fingers already in JENs pussy now angie starts to cum tommy says I'm cummin JENs been cummin I start fuckin like a rabbit and as all these moans and cummin sounds was all I was hearing I started to cum I told JEN. I cummin in your mouth drink it ,,yes yes she yelled I pulled it out angie grabbed my cock JEN lifted her head angie screamed I'm cummin tommy screamed he was cummin angie jerked me off right in JENS mouth I just got the head in her mouth and JEN sucked it all and swallowed it all angie kept jerkin it we all just looked at each other for a few minutes. The sun was out all the windows had fogged we got dressed got out of the car to realized people were walkin past us ... iwe dropped off JEN and I called her many times but she never answered or got back to me .. it was the size of her clit that I will never forget. Tommy still asks me about JEN ... but nothing I wish I would bump into her again...

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