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Toning Up

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Toning Up

We had been married for 15 years and Donna my wife had decided that she had put on too much weight and it was time that she started taking better care of her body and get Toned Up. That was the term she used for dieting and getting a membership at a health club in the city. Our early years we had both done manual labor and been in good shape physically, but we both went back to school and now had professional careers. The result was less physical exercise at work and more mental strain, so we had both put on a few extra pounds, but I thought she looked great. Her breasts were a d-cup, her waist was still a waist, and her ass was nice and round with a well-defined definition in between those luscious cheeks. But I had to agree with her that it would be easier on her knees and feet if she lost fifteen to twenty pounds. In fact the fleeting thought occurred to me that I should consider the same treatment for myself. OK, I would see how it went for her them maybe I would give it a try.

So she joined a health club that one of her co-workers Jan had highly recommended. Jan had been a member for over a year and I?ll have to admit, she looked great. She was always full of energy and confident, vibrant and glowing you might say. I didn?t know Jan very well, but Donna seemed to really like her and couldn?t wait to get started. Of course this meant a complete new wardrobe of workout clothes, spandex tights and shorts, gym bags, towels the usual stuff. But when I saw some of the outfits I was surprised that she would wear these out in public. I could almost wad one whole outfit up in my fist and I don?t have giant hands. But it did have an affect on me, thinking about her in the gym doing leg stretches and crunches with a little thong leotard on, even with the spandex shorts on underneath. Kind of peeked my interest about going myself for the eye candy, but the demands of my work wouldn?t allow it, so I just had to fantasize about her there looking good for someone else.

After a few months, the change in Donna was really starting to show. She had already lost several pounds, but she really was becoming Toned Up. Actually the change was striking. She was more vibrant and outgoing, which helped in her work as she had been promoted over some other employees that she said were more qualified than her. I questioned her about it and she replied by pulling her tank top off and striking a pose, one of the classic body builders poses. She had morphed into a goddess and not only could I see it, she knew it too. She grabbed my shirt and ripped it open, popping the buttons off then went straight for my belt and had my pants around my ankles in a flash. My cock sprang straight out and she had me to the back of her throat in an instant. Her right hand was pumping up and down my pulsing cock, while twisting it and milking the cum out of me. I came in record time; she swallowed every drop, and kept sucking me till I went limp. She jumped up, put her tank top back on, grabbed her gym bag and said I?ll be home late, don?t wait up. And she was gone.

I?m standing there, my flaccid member hanging, pants around my ankles, thinking who was that woman and what did you do with my wife? OK I?m convinced; the health club must be working. Her confidence level was off the charts and that new body! Her waist was smaller, ripples were already forming in her stomach and I?ll swear, her tits even seemed fuller. I didn?t get a chance to see her ass, but it looked tighter and rounder than before. In fact, we hadn?t seen much of each other lately, I?ve been working late or out of town on business and it seems like she spends most of her free time at the club. Its time I became a member too. So I looked in the phone book for the number and couldn?t find it listed under gyms, health club, spa etc. Well maybe she has a card somewhere in her stuff with the number. I found a gym bag in the laundry room and feeling kind of guilty, started going thru it hoping to find out how to contact them without asking her. My rationale was not to mention it and surprise her with the new me, as I could use some rejuvenation too. What I found stopped me dead in my tracks.

In the main compartment along with some sweaty thong leotards were some men?s spandex shorts that seemed to be full of sticky cum. The musky fragrance of pussy was filling the air when I pulled her leotard out and the crotch was still soaked. As I took a quick inventory, I noticed that there weren?t any other items of clothing in the bag. No sports bra or ladies spandex, socks, but instead I found some leather wrist cuffs, blindfold, nipple and clit clamps, and what looked like some sort of cock ring. In one of the zippered side pockets was an envelope that was sealed, a dvd and a sign up a friend membership form with no phone number, just the name of the club and the address.

Zeus. The address was on the trendy side of town near one of the upscale neighborhoods. One of the guys in the front office lives in that part of town and I decided to ask him if he had ever heard of it. The envelop being sealed was going to remain that way, but it felt like it contained pictures and I would love to see what was on them, however, the dvd was open and what would be the harm of taking a look. I mean she may have left them for me to see; well more than likely she planted this for me, knowing that eventually I would snoop and she was right. I decided to take her leotard along to enjoy while viewing the dvd and in no time I was sitting on the end of the bed while the player was reading the disc. The screen came to life and the view was of the inside of the health club. The walls were lined with mirrors; various apparatus were placed so that when one was using them, they could watch themselves in the mirror to use correct form. Apparently the camera was behind one of the mirrors because it wasn?t in view, but the entire room filled the screen. Her leotard was starting to have its affect on my olfactory lobes and I could feel its affect on my groin muscle. I counted six guys working out, all hard bodies, very muscular, all on various pieces of the equipment, lifting huge stacks of weights. Two women were at the far end of the room seated on the floor doing some sort of stretches, with their legs spread eagle, bending over with their faces at the floor. When they stood up, I saw that it was Jan and Donna and they were dressed only in thong leotards with suspender straps, their breasts exposed. My hands were trembling and my breathing was ragged as I clutched the leotard to my face and breathed in her musk. The men working out stopped and watched the two sexy felines approaching them and climb onto two of the devices and start exercising. Jan was laying down on a bench doing a chest workout, while Donna walked up to a machine that she had to reach up and grab a suspended bar like handlebars and start pulling down on it. The guys stood up and surrounded the now sweating women and openly watched them working out. Donna smiled seeing the effect she was having on them, their spandex not hiding the fact that they were becoming aroused. Their bulges were protruding, showing perfect outlines of their hard members. One of them got something from under one of the benches and slipped it onto her wrists and I saw that it was the restraints and she held still as he fastened them on her and hooked her to the bar. Another took her by the waist and lifted her up some and another hooked the bar higher so that her feet were just off the floor. Another brought a bar to the group and strapped it between her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide apart. It was apparent that this was not the first time that this action had occurred as each member seemed to have a part in the play. I finally looked at Jan and she had switched ends of the bench she was on, still on her back with her head hanging over the end of the bench, sucking a very healthy erection, his hand under her spandex, rubbing her pussy.

I am stroking my cock with Donna?s leotard wrapped around my organ, my pre-cum mingling with her pussy juice, and the slick nylon feeling like a soft pussy on my throbbing dick. The players have introduced a blindfold and covered Donna?s eyes with it and I can see that she is breathing hard, when they release the straps of her leotard and let them hang down at her waist. They have formed a tight circle around her now and slowly rotate her, each taking turns sucking and licking her nipples. Nipple clamps come out of the bag and are placed and tightened and I can see her pull up on the bar as she adjusts to the pain surging thru her sensitive nerve endings and going directly to her pussy making her drip with anticipation. Their hands are roaming all over her body and one by one they are coming out of their spandex, all except one that is rubbing his hard cock against her ass in a fucking fashion until he reaches his orgasm, his body shaking as his load oozes thru the thin material and onto her skin. More men are coming into the room, there must be fifteen now, and they are all walking up to Donna, but not making a sound. Her clothing is removed; at first it seemed that they had torn it apart on each side, but then I noticed that Velcro held it together and now my Donna is nude, tied up and blindfolded with a room full of horny men. Her breasts are heaving, her nipples a dark red from the clamps, and I can see that her pussy is dripping juice on the floor, the leotard not there to contain it any longer. Her thighs are slick and the smell of pre-cum; sweat and male musk must be overwhelming her. The first man inside her takes her from behind. He is a large man and his prick slipped inside her effortlessly as he held her hips and fucks her with long slow strokes. Another has taken his place in front of her sucking her hard nipples and rubbing her clit while she is being taken from behind. Number one cums quickly inside her and when his semi hard dick slips out, he is immediately replaced with number two from the front. Sperm now mingling with the copious amount of female jis that has almost reached her knees. A leather paddle is produced and number three reddens her round ass before he takes his position. He scoops up some juice from her thighs with the purple head and starts to tease it into her asshole. Dangling from the apparatus, she is unable to push back or away and they use her, as they will. He is soon buried to the balls in my darlings? ass when number two unloads in her pussy and I fill her uniform with my hot load. Number three erupted in her ass and stands there until she pushes him out along with his seminal fluid, hitting the floor under her suspended body. Four, five and six are next each stretching her open and filling her with their sperm.

The dance starts again as the bar is removed from her ankles, she is released from the overhead bar, the clamps come off of her nipples and last the blindfold. Her arms wrap around the neck of a monster as he carries her to a large padded bench and he gently lays her down. It is apparently some sort of massage table as there are openings for the face, breasts, and or cock and balls to be free in. Jan meanwhile is helping herself to some of this grade A beef, as she is strapped to a vibrating table with three cocks in her and apparently having a continuous orgasm. Donna is laying face down on the massage table with ten hands rubbing oil into her muscles while a cock is in her mouth, one in her pussy, one in her ass, one in each hand and both feet are being cock rubbed. When they start cumming again, so do I and I realize that I have been watching this for almost two hours, and I wondered just how long this workout had lasted? I started putting her things away and thought about rinsing my additions to her leotard but decided to leave it. If she wanted me to find this, I should let her know that I did and how much I enjoyed it.

The next morning on my way into the office, I ran into Trent who lives in the area of Zeus and asked him if he had ever heard of it. A funny look came over his face and he asked me what I knew about it. So I told him that my wife was a member and that I would like to join so that I could get Toned Up too. He pulled me over out of earshot of the other employees going to work and in hushed tones started telling me about Zeus. First he was surprised that Donna was a member there as it was by invitation only and a member could only nominate one new candidate per year. There were strict rules that all candidates had to go by and stringent criteria that each one had to meet to be accepted. Security checks, physicals, mandatory birth control (men and women), complete background checks were done and all in secret. The only reason he would tell me any of this is because we had worked together for years and that Donna was part of this. I then popped the question, how do you know so much about the place? I knew before I even asked; he is a member too. My vision started blurring and I could feel my knees going weak and I had to sit down. I knew also that probably more than once he head serviced my mate and I was ignorant of the fact, even though we worked together daily. But as the shock wore off, the arousal began and I felt compelled to be part of this no matter what it took. He asked some very personal questions such as my penis size, vasectomy, how many times I could ejaculate in one evening and so on. Evidently he was satisfied and informed me that he had already nominated someone this year, but he could bring one guest if the guest met the qualifications and apparently I did. He then informed me that he had indeed enjoyed her pleasures many times. My concentration was shot the whole day thinking about attending my mates fuck fest.

Donna was home when I arrived, looking fabulous as she always does these days, dressed in a skimpy little throw with her cute ass showing. I hugged her from behind, rubbing my growing erection against her tight ass. When I ran my hands up her thighs, thru her short cropped pussy mane, over her tight belly, up her ribs and finally cupping her heavy breasts she leaned back full into me laying her head against my neck. I have a surprise for you darling, she moaned. It?s in the bedroom and you can have it now or wait till later, whatever you prefer. I had the picture in my mind of the bodybuilder fucking her from behind with her hands tied over head and her legs in the spreader bar, his body jerking as he shot her full of hot cum. My cock was hard and throbbing, wanting to be inside this warm creature, feeling her pussy muscles clamping down on me, milking my load out of my balls. She took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the bedroom where I could hear porno on the TV speakers, thinking that she had been masturbating before I got home. Candlelight bathed the room with a soft glow as she slowly opened the door and the musky smell of pussy filled my nostrils and my eyes adjusted to the dim light. Tied to the bed was Jan, naked, her arms and legs pointing to the four corners of the bed, a huge double dildo protruding from her swollen pussy, the dvd I had watched last night playing, farther along now and one of the players had the camera, zooming in on the action like a true porno flick. Donna had shed her clothes and was climbing up on the bed, positioning herself on the business end of the phallus that was planted in Jan?s pussy; it already lubed from what I presumed was Donna juice. My clothes hit the floor as I straddled Jan?s head and my face heading for their joined pussies when I noticed the filled out form for Zeus with my information on it between their muscular, tanned thighs. I saw that you received my invitation to the club last night she purred. And your reply in my leotard seemed to be your answer, are you ready to get Toned Up baby? I could only smile and nod my head as my engorged meat disappeared down Jan?s throat and my mouth found their entwined clits. G

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