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Together for Life

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My wife Merrian and I were virgins when we got married. Our first time was strange, but wonderful. When I slipped into her for the first time she was very tight and it took a while to get all the way in. We were both so hot I hardly remember it all except when I got off for our first time. She held on to me tight as she climaxed. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. That was seven years ago. She got a job up the street from us and would bring home a men adult magazines for me as she knew I liked them. She would read the stories and I would look at the pictures. In one of the articles the subject was swinging and interviews with swinging couples and she showed them to me. I said wild do couples really do that? She said well that is what the article says. I asked could you do that. She looked at me and said never thought of it could you? I said it certainly sounds exciting.

A week later we were in bed and she asked if I wanted to do what the article talked about as I had said it sounded exciting. I thought for a minute and finally said well it does sound exciting what do you think? She said I thought so too while reading the stories, but it would be very strange to actually do it. I asked her if we were actually considering it. She smiled and said well we are talking about it right? I realized she wanted me to consider it for both of us. I said well ok yes I find the idea very exciting, but have doubts about you having sex with another man. She said me too. I looked at her and said you want to do this right? She said only if you want to, I would do it for you and yes I am curious what it would be like. So all that meant was she wanted to do it, but wanted me to make the decision. I said ok we can talk more later.

I decided to talk to my best friend Dan. I told him and he said wow my fantasy. I said really? He said yes for a long time I just never had a chance to do it. It takes two willing people and so far no. I said I will tell Merrian and he smiled and said yes Jim that should get a laugh. I thought about it and told Merrian and she was surprised. I realized finding another couple could be tough and strangers as well. I thought more and had an idea that felt strange, but suggested that she could go out with Dan. She and Dan were friends and she liked him. I said at least he is not a stranger.

She said go out with him and? I said do what we have been talking about and we will find a girl for me next. It would be a way of getting started safely. Merrian said wow me and Dan. I will ask him ok and she said are you sure and I said oh no but I will ask him anyway if you are willing. She said ok I am willing if you are. I realized she had just agreed to have sex with my best friend and the idea excited me.

When I told Dan he looked doubtful asking are you ok with this? I said yes that Merrian was also. He said I need to think about it. I said ok let me know. He called me the n ext week asking if I was sure and I said yes and he said it is all I have able to think about all week. I said Merrian to. She is very nervous and excited both. You need to know up till now she has only been with me. He said oh wow. He ok I will. I said great you are the best choice for her first time out. I am excited as well as I am allowed to find a girl for me soon.

I told Merrian and she flushed and said so I am going to do it. I said yes as long as you still want to. The plan was for me to leave for the evening and go out and eat and go to a movie. I would stay away until midnight. They would be alone for 6 hours. Merrian and I talked as she needed to be re-assured that I would still love her and I said yes probably more. Finally she confessed that she was very curious about being with another man as I had been her only man until now. I told her I wanted her to have fun and be as bad a girl as she would like. Merrian is a little thing weighing in at 90 pounds, but with a great figure.

As I drove away I looked in my rear view mirror and seen Dan pulling into our driveway and it got real for me. The one thing he would not know about was I was recording the whole evening from the computer in our living room that appeared to be turned off. At first Merrian had her doubts, but finally agreed. I told her to forget it was on if she could and do not let it inhibit her any. Just have a good time and we would watch it later. Finally she said the idea did intrigue her. Later that night we watched the evening events on our large screen TV plugged into my computer. Merrian had agreed to leave some lights on and stay in the living room.

Dan came into the living room and gave Merrian a hug. Merrian got him a drink and they sat on the Couch talking. He was saying how pretty she looked. She was wearing a colorful top and a short skirt just above her knees. He said Jim is a lucky man and I guess I am going to get lucky as well. Merrian flushed and said I am very nervous and Dan said me too. There was some music playing and he said can we dance and she said sure. They danced for a time to slow music and then a fast dance played. Merrian is a good dancer and they moved around each other moving to the music and Merrian turned around pushing her butt back and Dan moved behind her and put his arms around her as she pushed back against him like she does with me. She was bumping against him and him her.

The song ended with both breathing fast and Merrian was flushed and saying that was fun you are a good dancer. A slow song played and they moved together and Dan reached around her and played with her butt as they danced she gasped and put her arms around his neck and they had their first kiss. She likes having her butt played with. There were more kisses and Merrian was putting everything into the kisses. Dan was rubbing her butt and she moaned softly saying I like that. Dan pulled her in tight pressing her against his cock. Merrian said oh my as it suddenly got real for her. Dan was going to give that to her soon. I heard him say that is for you and she said in a husky voice I know.

The music stopped and they moved over to the couch and Dan reached out and unbuttoned her top slipping his hand inside feeling her up. She moaned oh that feels nice as his hand explored her boobs. She had decided not to wear a bra for the evening. I heard her say oh I am so hot. He dropped his other hand down and moved it up her leg and under her skirt. I could see it moving and Merrian opened her legs to give him room. He was obviously fingering her and she was holding onto to him tight with her head on his shoulder. I could see how she was lost in the moment and enjoying what he was doing to her.

He pulled back and said shall we get undressed and unbuttoned his shirt. Merrian stood watching as he unbuckled his pants dropped to the floor showing a tent in hi shorts. Merrian stared at his crouch and slid her skirt down and off now standing there in her panties only. Dan moved them over to the couch and Merrian lay down looking up at him her face very flushed and her eyes opened wide as he slid his shorts down and off. She gasped as she was face to face with his cock standing straight out. I could see he was much larger than me and I hoped she would be ok. He reached down and slid her panties off exposing her pussy being only the second man to have that honor.

He took one of her hands and placed on his cock and Merrian began to stroke him. He said oh your hands are so soft. She looked up at him and I could see her face had changed and I could see some lust developing on her face. Merrian stroked faster and faster and he called out oh yes beat that thing. He dropped down next to her and she really worked his cock over. Merrian was not nervous anymore. We were lying together and she whispered I was a very bad girl with Dan. In the next scene Dan pulled her down and she opened her mouth and took him in and sucked him. Merrian gives great head as it is one of her favorite things to do. It felt strange watching my wife sucking a different man. He pulled her head up and picked her up and positioned her pussy over his cock and she lowered herself down as he went in gasping oh you are so big you fill me up as he went deep in to her.

I could see how hot she had become and she looked over in the direction of the computer realizing I would be watching her later and said to Dan, for my benefit I am sure, Jim said I could put out for you tonight and she went for a ride on his cock. Suddenly she cried out and went rigid and then shaking all over falling forward kissing him gave it up to him. Her cum lasted a long time as he continued fucking her and making grunting sounds and thrusting upward into her pussy moaned oh yes cum and he got off with her. She jumped off him kissed him grabbed her clothes and said I will be right back and headed for the bathroom. Dan got dressed and I could see the pure lust on his face.

Merrian returned dressed and he said is it time for me to go. And she said oh no Jim will not be back until midnight and it is only 10 o?clock no hurry. She got him a drink and they cuddled up on the couch. Merrian said to him I really enjoyed that and he said you were wonderful. I hope we can do it again sometime and she said me too. Merrian got up and they went over to the bar and she was fixing a drink and he followed her over and got behind her and put his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. She pressed back against him saying wow you are hard again.

He said would you like it again, she flushed and said right here right now and he said yes and she lowered her head and said ok yes. Standing behind her he pushed her skirt up and slipped her panties down and off unzipped his pants pulled out his cock pushed on her back and she bent forward and he slipped into her from behind saying my turn you had yours. Merrian looked over to the computer facing me and I could see just how hot she was as Dan really fucked her hard and fast. I watched her face change as her cum built up. Her eyes were wide open and she was moaning oh yes good, good as he gave it to her.

I could see his face and the pure lust in his eyes as he fucked my wife for the second time. I would always see him differently knowing he had had my wife this way. It was a true fuck. Merrian lost it yelling out oh yes fuck me and gave it up to him again and he yelled out yes give it to me and went rigid and collapsed on her back grunting filling her up for the second time. I later told Dan it was all on video and he said wow I am a porn star and so you seen it all? I said yes.

Merrian looked at me as I turned the TV off and said I was a really bad girl and really got off with him. At that moment I slipped into her and we fucked for the next hour. I said I love you.

I thought my turn next.

Merrian and talked and decided probably my best chance was to pick up some one in a bar and bring her home. So on Saturday nights I went shopping. It took about 3 weeks to make my first attempt and she turned me down flat when I told her my wife would be in the house. a couple of weeks later I got a bite when this lovely lady asked is she ok with it. I said oh yes she had her time with a friend of mine a month ago. We are just doing some exploring. She than asked will she be watching us if I say yes. I said only if you want her too. Her name was June and she was separated for 2 months months from her husband. Finally she said sounds like a wild night and I am due one. Merrian would not know if I scored until I walked in with someone so she was watching TV when we walked into the living room together.

Merrian looked up and for a moment had surprised look then smiled stood up and introduced herself to June. June said I find it really strange doing this with you here. Merrian said I felt the same way with what I did. We recorded it if you want to see. June looked at Merrian and asked you want to be here in the room. Merrian said only if it is ok with you. June said well ok it will be the strangest thing I have ever done, but the idea intrigues me so ok with me. Merrian said I will be over in the corner in the shadows. Merrian turned the TV off and turned the lights down and left us alone.

June was a lovely woman nicely shaped and flushed a little as I undressed her with my eyes knowing they would be on the floor soon enough. She made eye contact and said this will be the first time since my separation. I was out looking tonight. It had been long enough. I looked at Merrian sitting in a soft chair her skirt high up over her knees. I thought so that is why she is watching.

I walked up to June and whispered I love women and I will love you and kissed her softly. She whispered I thought you just wanted to fuck me and I chuckled and said oh we will do that too. I kissed her softly again and ran my tongue along her neck and down to her cleavage. She shuttered a little and whispered nice. She stood their quietly as I undressed until she was naked and then myself. I was hard and she looked down at my cock and said nice as I pressed against her boobs. We lay on the couch kissing and she whispered I am so ready please do me now. I slipped into her wet pussy and she moaned oh yes it has been so long. I went deep and held still. I could feel her pussy quivering and she shuttered and whispered cum and gave it up to me for the first time. Only a few minutes had passed. I then really fucked her hard. I was so hard and she was so wet we made noises I was sure Merrian could hear as I moved in and out of her.

I turned her over and she was dr*ped over the end of the couch facing Merrian sitting in her chair as I did her doggie. They could see each other and made eye contact as I gave it to her. Merrian had her skirt hiked up and her hand inside her panties. I slammed into hard and with eye contact with Merrian got off again grunting oh yes give it to me again. I pulled out an lay down on the couch and said out loud go for a ride and she climbed aboard and rode me. I was close and grabbed her butt with both hands and pulling her down tight exploded deep in her pussy squirting over and over again. She made eye contact with me as I got off and her lust got the best of her and falling forward kissing me passionately and got off for her last time moaning oh you are so good. I heard Merrian moaning and Joan and I looked over as she got herself off with us.

Joan asked for the bathroom and grabbed her clothes and headed down the hallway to clean up and Merrian joined me on the couch. She asked are you going to tell her you recorded what you two did. I said I have been thinking I might and offer to erase it if she wants me too. Joan returned dressed, still flushed with a smile on her face and the three of us sat on the couch one each side of me. Joan said I had fun tonight and said thanks Merrian for sharing your husband. It was the wildest thing I have ever done. Merrian said you should know I recorded the whole thing on our computer and will erase it if you want me too. Jim recorded me and his friend too. Joan was quiet for a moment and finally said I guess it is ok, so I could watch what I did, and Merrian said yes if you want. Joan laughed and said wow what a night; Maybe later. I asked if she wanted to watch Merrian in action with my friend Dan and she said sure. So I turned the TV on and I left the two of them watching the recording. Merrian said he was the second man I had ever been with in my life. I should introduce you two he is single.

They sat on the couch watching Merrian and Dan and then Merrian asked want to see you and Jim and Joan laughed and said why not I have done it all tonight. I was sitting at the bar having a drink as they watched making ooh and ah sounds as they watched themselves in action. Joan said we were both very bad girls after the videos ended. I would like to meet Dan he looks like a lot of fun. So I invited her back for a pool party for the next weekend and later invited Dan and he said great I will be there. Joan left a little later and Merrian said she is nice I like her. I said me too.

The next week Merrian said I have something I want to talk to you about. I said sure go for it. She handed me the magazine and pointed out one of the stories. In the story 2 couples traded wives and the two women ended up together in the bed playing with each other as well. I said so you want to do that? She said I think so I got real turned on reading it and wondered what that might be Like, what do you think? I asked you are thinking about you and Joan? She said if she is interested. I said well it is ok with me if that is what you want do you think Joan will? Merrian flushed and said I will have to ask her I guess.

Everyone knew that the pool party could become a sex party as well as that was where we all were at. Joan and Dan hit it off and he and she spent some time in the pool talking and swimming. I heard her laugh a couple of times. She came over to me and sat on my lap and gave me a kiss and said I like him he is very nice. I whispered in her ear are you going to do him. She flushed and said maybe. I said you should. She noticed I had gotten hard with her sitting on my lap and I whispered him first and me later. She laughed and said you bad boy. I said I plan on it. I added Merrian has something to talk to you about. She said ok and walked over to Merrian and they got in the pool and sat talking. I told Dan what they were talking about and he said wow never seen that I hope they do. I said me too.

Meridian and Joan got out of the pool and Merrian pulled me aside and told me Joan said she would have to think about what I wanted to do. She told me her soon to be ex had wanted her to do that to and she had agreed to please him, but had never actually done it and was not sure if she was ready to do it for herself. I said maybe she just needs some time to think about it.

We had lunch and Dan and Joan went into the living room. He whispered something in her ear and she at first shook her head no and then finally nodded a yes. He joined Merrian and I and said we want to watch the videos and I said sure and told him how to set it up on the TV.

The first video they watched was Him and Merrian getting it on. Dan put his arm around her as they watched him fucking Merrian and after a while he pulled her suit down to her waist exposing her boobs. The second video began to play with her fucking me and Dan removed her suit and then his own. He was up and at the ready. He dropped down in front of her as she watched me doing her and went down on her as she spread for him. I could see how hot she had become and was going to give it up to him. Strangers in a strange land. Finally he rose up and slipped into her and she said loud enough for Merrian and I to hear oh you fill me up as he went in deep. Dan fucked her hard and her legs came up and around him and we could hear her moaning saying oh yes give it to me.

After a while he pulled down to the floor and turned her around and with her knees on the floor and her chest on the couch cushions and with her looking over her shoulder with lust in her eyes he went in doggie. He really rode her hard. Joan really lost it then grunting oh I am going to cum and shaking all over gave it up to him. He slammed into her a few more times and grunting as well pulled out and exploding all over her butt and back squirting over and over again. They both collapsed on the floor panting. They lay quiet kissing each other for a time. Finally they put their suits back on and joined us on the patio. They kept making eye contact and I could see something more than just fucking each other had happened between them.

We all took a break so they could recovery. They spent some time in the pool talking and kissing each other. A while later her and Merrian had a chance to talk and Merrian told me that Joan had said yes as Dan wanted her to do Merrian for him. So later that night it would be four in the bed.

We all lay together Merrian with Dan and me with Joan. The girls were in the middle, both looking a little nervous as they were about to be sexual with each other. There first time with anyone. Finally Merrian said I have no idea how to begin. I said a kiss could be a good place. They moved close enough that they could kiss and both leaned forward and had a soft kiss lingering for just a few seconds. Joan said your lips were so soft and her face was flushed from the warm kiss. They kissed again longer this time and moved a little closer together. Merrian hugged Joan pulling her in until their boobs were pressed together. They held on to each other rubbing against each other and then more kisses until Joan offered Merrian her tongue and Merrian moaned and sucked on her tongue in their next kiss.

They got into heavy kissing sucking tongues and pressed together with full body contact. Both were breathing faster. Merrian pulled back a little and said wow I am so hot. Their hands begin to roam over each other the way a man would touch them. Merrian took the lead and her hand wandered down Joan until it was close to her pussy and they made eye contact and Merrian slipped a finger inside and Joan gasped and thrust forward against her finger whispering oh that feels good as she followed and fingered Merrian. They lay pressed against each other kissing more passionately and finger fucking each other both lost in the moment totally into each other. Merrian began to jerk against the finger in her pussy and gasping for breath moaned I am going to cum and shaking gave it up to Joan as Joan fingered her faster and faster. Merrian slipped a second finger into Joan and in a husky voice said now you cum for me and Joan said oh I am so wet and shuttering and jerking got off with Merrian working her pussy over tweaking her clit until Joan moaned loudly getting off and falling back panting. Merrian and Joan lay there both breathing hard, faces flushed and making eye contact. Finally Merrian said I got so hot and Joan said me to as they softly kissed and held each other close. During that kiss I slipped into Joan and went deep and Dan seeing that moved inside Merrian. Dan whispered something to Merrian and she had a startled look for just a moment and whispered something back nodding yes.

Joan gasped as Merrian sucked one of her nipples and slowly moved down licking as she went. Merrian got on her hands and knees in front of Joan and I knew what was next and pulled out of Joan giving Merrian room. As Dan fucked her from behind Merrian lowered her head and licked her first pussy getting her first taste of another woman. Joan looked down at Merrian licking her with lust in her eyes and grabbed my cock and pulled into her mouth. It was a scene right out of a porn video. Joan totally lost it with Merrian. Merrian had to hold her down she came so hard and Merrian gave it up Dan as Joan gave it up to her. Joan pulled me in deep sucking me hard and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat. Dan was the last and grunting pulled out of Merrian exploding all over her butt and Back.

We all fell asleep then all worn out. Joan would eventually get her first taste and Dan and Joan got married a year later. Joan and Merrian got together at times and became very close lovers. In a sense we were a group marriage in a way and two years later we all moved in together and that became our life.

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