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Three Days On the Water

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Marcia and Glen invited Hal, my husband and I out on the boat for a three-day weekend or fun on the water. Hal and I were overdue for having some time away from work, the house and day to day life. It was to be a time to purge the soul and let our hair down. Swim suits, flip flops, shorts, tee shirts were the order of the day and we stocked up on beer and wine coolers to make the relaxation time an adult get-a-way. Glen was excited to show off their new boat, calling it a vessel. But when we arrived at the dock we saw why, it was huge; in fact, I’d call it a floating house. It had a full kitchen, sleeping quarters, full bathroom and even a shower below deck. It had a flying bridge up top and a long bow for sunning. Hal and Glen went nuts with all the gizmos and features while Marcia and I marveled at the homey amenities. “I wonder what the poor people are doing” I said as we cast off the lines and headed to sea. It was a fast boat, oops vessel, as it cut through the waters and waves with the air in our hair and sun on our smiling faces. Marcia mixed up a pitcher of Margaritas. We toasted the good life on the water. First stop was at a sand bar where we dropped anchor and splashed in the water, floated on blow up rafts and drank Margs. No cares in the world for us. Soon another big ship pulled up to join us, since they knew Glen and Marcia. Hal and I got a tour of their house on the water as well. Tracy with skipper and husband Paul, were in sexy swim wear, gold chains and diamond bobbles. Paul’s speedo was bulging in front which caught Marcia and my eyes. Tracy was being ogled by our husbands. Tracy’s bikini, what little there was of it, kept riding up to give her a camel toe. The men didn’t mind at all. Marcia whispered to me that Tracy and Paul were players. I asked what exactly that meant, which led her to tell me “Wife Swappers”. “And just how do you know that for sure?” I asked. Marcia just smiled, winked and took another sip of her drink. Oh my, I thought to myself. Tracy asked the men to show her around Glen’s new ship. They all obliged her with attention while eyeing of her scantily clad perfect ass and store bought tits. Marcia and I lagged back to chat more about this wife swapping topic. “Give me the low down, Marcia” I challenged her. She quickly said she and Glen got into drinking a little too much with them on weekend and they took advantage of them by playing strip poker, leading to exchanging sexual touching and kissing which turned into partner swapping. “You mean?” is all I got out when she went on with “Yes I fucked Paul that weekend and Glen slept with Tracy”. “So just the once?” I asked. “It was a three-day weekend” Marcia replied quietly. “All weekend?” I asked. “Yep” Marcia admitted. I was astounded but started looking at Paul in a different light. Then I was cautious in having Tracy around my husband. “Should I we worried?” I asked Marcia. “No Paul’s gentle” she replied “In fact he’s a great lay. You’d enjoy it for sure”. I thought she might be leading me to think we were going to have a wife swapping weekend on the water. Then she added “You’ll hate yourself if you don’t do it with Paul. Just look at him, he’s hot”. I knew he was attractive and sexy in his speedo and now knew he was available for playtime. I got Hal’s attention to get him alone on the bow for a private chat. “Did you know that Marcia and Tracy swapped husbands for sex on a weekend like this?” “No, I didn’t but that’s okay with me” he answered. “What if they want to wife swap with us?” I asked. “Do you want to?” Hal asked. I was stunned that he would give me away for sex that easily. Then I thought about how hot Paul and even Glen were looking. “I don’t know” I replied. “Well if you do, just remember that you are going home with me when we leave” Hal stated as he headed back the rear of the ship. I caught Marcia alone while the others were on rafts in the water. “Do you think your friends will want to swap this weekend? And, do you think they’d want Hal and I to participate?” I asked in a very quiet voice. “Let’s find out” she said as she walked to the edge of the deck calling down to the others on the water, “Shall I get a deck of cards out for when you get back on board?” Tracy reached over to take Hal’s arm yelling back “Sure thing, I’m in”. Paul shouted “I’m for it too”. Glen yelled “Heaven help us, another hot weekend with hot swap babes”. Marcia turned to me saying “There’s your answer, we are going to play cards, get naked and get laid”. My temperature raised by several degrees, I gulped a hard swallow and put a leg over the edge to join the others in the water, but Marcia playfully pushed me in. I came up spitting lake to hear all laughing loudly, including my Hal. I got on a raft but before I got settled Paul and Glen both paddled over to me and each gave me a kiss. I looked to Hal, saw him smile as he said “I guess you want to”. I winked at him. We tied the two vessels together with bumpers and proceeded to have sandwiches from the deli, potato salad, all the fixings for a picnic aboard ship. As we were finishing the meal Tracy was shuffling the deck of cards. “Gather around children, boy girl, boy girl and not next to your spouse” She directed us. We each across the big round table from our better half ad she dealt the first hand. Dressed only in our bathing suits, I thought it wouldn’t take any time at all to have everyone naked. That excited me to another level of erotic taboo behavior we were about to experience. Hal won the first hand with three of a kind. Tracy lost her skimpy top. Her breasts were perfectly shaped by her plastic surgeon. Glen gave a nipple a little suck and kiss, so Hal on the other side of her did likewise. That excited me to see Hal giving attention to another woman. Two hands later my top was off, Paul and Glen each found a nipple, sucked them and kissed each. They were hard and excited to be at the table and it showed. Hal was all smiles. Three more hands and two men were naked as was Marica, who couldn’t hide the fact that she was stroking the men’s cocks on either side of her. I had a man’s hand on each thigh. We were all naked when the next hand was won by Paul who stood, put a foot next to my bare bottom in a wordless request for me to suck him, so I did. I stroked and sucked on his beautiful cock as I grew harder and thicker. When I ceased to return to the game I noticed each of the other men had done likewise and were getting oral. Hal was all smiles and wink at me so I winked back. Next hand was won by Hal who stood facing the other direction for more head. Glen’s cock was mine to suck, so I did. Things calmed down another hand and Tracy won, stood up sat on the table in front of Hal with her legs spread wide. Hal went for he pussy with his talented tongue. I assumed the position with Glen, he dove into my wet love box with a lavish of kisses and licking. Calm returned for another hand but Tracy said “High Card” throwing a card to each of us. Marcia’s ace won, so she got spread eagle in front of Hal. Paul’s oral attention was mine. Tracy pulled Glen up to grab his cock and guide it into her pussy. Marcia and Hal took that as a signal to fuck and Paul mounted me. The table was rocking too much and we were taking the furniture to the limit. Tracy called for “Bunks, people, let’s fuck the one we have and return here when done”. Paul pulled out to lead me to his Captain’s Quarters. I was gently placed in the middle of the bed as Paul resumed intercourse with me. I was barely wrapped around him when Hal and Marcia joined us on the bed. Marcia was on top of my husband as we each were enjoying sex with someone else’s spouse. But we were doing so together. At one point Hal reach my hand and we held them together as we were fucking our partners. Things got seriously active and we each returned with full attention to our playmates. I was getting very excited and was physically meeting each thrust from Paul. I lost it, my orgasm took control of me body and I got loudly into the sex act. Repeating “Oh! Oh! Oh!” over and over must have excited Hal and Marcia as she was calling our “Fuck Me!” over and over again. Hal and Paul each finished, almost together and Marcia and I each had a pussy full of sperm. The men got out of bed but kissed each of us before heading back to top side. Marcia and I laid there together enjoying the post sex moment of sublime content. She asked what I thought of wife swapping. I admitted that I was apprehensive but enjoying it so far. The she said “Paul is a great fuck isn’t he” “Yes “is all I said when she added “Your Hal is great in the sack too” “I know” I replied as we giggled. When we got out of bed to head up top we figured that next she would be with Paul and Hal would be with Tracy and I would be with Glen. On top Tracy ignored the fact that we all got our swim wear on as she remained naked. The men enjoyed that. It was dark so we pulled anchor, relocated near the shore, found some firewood and had a campfire. Tracy had to put on something as it was getting cooler so she donned a sweatshirt. That seemed like a good idea so Marcia and I did likewise, but we only wore the sweatshirt to the campfire. The men paired off with us as Marcia and I suspected. Glen with me Paul with her and Tracy with Hal. It was decided to sleep with them that night and into the next day till we had sex and returned to our own spouses. Hal didn’t mind sleeping with Tracy and Glen and I were getting comfortable, and Marcia couldn’t wait to get fucked by Paul. When the flames died, we retired to bunks on board ship. Glen was so very gentle with his snuggling with me. I was ready to get involved with him physically before he was but we kissed and playfully teased each other till falling asleep. Next morning Glen woke with a hard on. I stroked it for a time till he rolled over to get some serious kissing in and we had sex. He was on top then I was when he finished. I was so proud of myself for sexually conquering his sexual desires into a passionate climax for him. Breakfast was delayed since some people slept in. Hal and Tracy came to the main deck next. I had coffee ready by that time and ready for my second cup. Hal sat with me asking “How are you doing with all the new experiences?” “I’m good, and you?” I asked. “Wow” is it what you thought it might be?” he asked. “Better” I replied as I gave him a long soft kiss. Paul showed up last all full of energy as Marcia drug herself to the now breakfast table that we were having sex on the night before. “Your husband is an animal in the morning” Marcia said to Tracy. “Hal fucked me this morning too” she replied. I raised my hand and gave Glen full credit for my morning smile which got a laugh from all. “What’s next?” someone asked. Tracy wanted to go to the beach bar for some live music and dancing. We all agreed and cleaned up by mid-morning to head for the music and fun. We also found shops with Knick Knacks, tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc. The men sat at the bar watching the young women and college girls strut around in very little clothing. We joined up with the men, no one actually with any particular partner just six of us our together. We danced, sang along and drank the afternoon away. Back on board Tracy asked if there was anything anyone wanted to do. My Hal asked if they were up for an orgy. Tracy threw her arm over his shoulder saying “You little sex machine, of course we can have an orgy” Marcia agreed so I raised my hand again and said “Count me in”. Everyone immediately got naked. Hal was between Tracy and Marcia kissing in one direction then the other as they took turns kissing and sucking his cock. I was between Paul and Glen who sat me down to suck on one of them then the other. Glen had a small ejaculation in my mouth so he was spent. But he had a tongue and went to work on my pussy, which I welcomed as I gave more attention to Paul’s beautiful penis. I was hot to trot and wanted to fuck Paul again, telling him so. We excused ourselves to the Captain’s Quarters again but were joined by the others, some who joined in and others just watched. I know Marcia and Tracy were as busy having some kind of sex as I was. Hal and Paul were the center of attention, getting sucked on fucking and each woman for a few minutes then switching. I noticed a I was c=sucking my husband Hal that Paul was busy with Marcia. However, someone was licking my pussy. I looked to find Tracy down on me. It felt good and excited me because I had never tried sex with another woman. She was very adept at licking just hard enough and in the perfect spots. I wanted Paul’s cock even more with the added sensations so I asked him to do me. He got on the bed had me face the same direction on top of his cock as Tracy licked my pussy and he fucked me from below. It was a very short time to my very intense orgasm. I was throbbing from head to toe our of shear sexual bliss. Paul came in me. Tracy paused as I dismounted her husband to lay on my back next to him but Tracy went back down on me to eat my cream pie. She licked and lapped up Pauls’ sperm from my vagina, even fingering some of it out to eat and offered some to Marcia who enjoyed the treat. I didn’t know of anything to say and was worn out completely at that point. Hal soon got next to me but I knew he gave his sperm load to one of the other girls so we had a post sex snuggle. We stayed together on the bed even after the other went back up top. Hal said “I want to fuck you so bad but I’m worn out at this point”. “Me too” I said as I mustered up a kiss for him. Hal and I agreed that that was all the sex we could stand for the weekend. We were glad to hear the other agree to return to their own spouses for the remainder of the time together. We skipped a night once we returned home for having sex. But the next night we were like kids on a honeymoon, thirsty for each other’s love and physical enthusiasm. There was new spark to our relationship and our bedroom fun. A for us and wife swapping……we recommend it highly.

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