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This is Your Life - A Surprise Visit

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Never in a million years would I have expected what happened to me recently.

It was my 50th birthday and we were going to Reno to ?have some fun?. Tawny (my wife ? 5?7?, straw blonde, 34b+-24-34, lightly tanned to draw you a picture) didn?t try to hide the fact that she was taking me to Reno for some ?playtime?. We try to hit Reno 3 or 4 times a year and always try to find some ?action? at a particular swing club there, so this wasn?t out of the ordinary. Little did I know.

A couple things you got to know: Tawny is the kind of secure and giving woman that tries to see that I have what I want or need at any time. I try to return the favor. The other is that I?d been married twice before, and another serious relationship that lasted about four years.

Back to the story:

We got to Reno and checked into the hotel, had a very nice dinner at a very nice restaurant. So I figured we were about halfway there to getting ALL of my b?day present. I was thinking she had arranged to hook up with a dancer we?d met at the club the year before, which would have been fine with me as Ciel had a very fine body, lithe, supple and a ?10? by anybody?s rating.

Arriving at the club about 10, we?re greeted by the owners we?d come to know fairly casually. It was a Thursday night so there wasn?t much of a crowd, but there was a ?Happy 50th Old-Timer? banner draped across the playroom, also serving as a barrier to the room.

Sure enough Ciel was there, and as soon as we walked in they changed the music to something sexy, she came up to me and gave me a very erotic kiss, and then began to dance, using the ?stripper?s pole?. The bar maid brought us our drinks and then pulled a couple bar stools out in the middle of the floor, closer to the pole so we?d have ?front seats?.

After a couple songs had passed and Ciel had lap-danced me enough to make spaghetti stiffen, I was surprised when someone slipped a blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head.

?Okay, what now you guys??, I rankled. I?m not one much for such games, besides being used to being the ?Top? in all play.

Tawny just said, ?c?mon, play along, for me??

Suddenly I have several hands touching my body, stroking here and there, beginning to remove my clothing. Shirt gone, I?m being pulled gently off the stool and semi-dragged backward toward the playroom as someone pulls off my boots, another is unzipping my pants. By the time we hit the playroom I?ve been stripped naked and all I feel is what must be at least four pairs of hands ? female by the feel of it ? continuing to carry me off to neverland.

Certainly because of local rules, they?ve held off getting overtly sexual with me, but as we pass into the room and over to the couches at least two start fondling my cock and balls, another feeling my ass, another my belly and chest. That had to leave at least two more sets of hands that were leading me on.

I?m finally dragged onto one of the couches, over the upholstered ottoman we?ve become so familiar with in the past. Legs are spread wide and someone drops between my legs and starts licking and sucking at my cock and balls, just teasing so far. Of course they?re rising to the occasion and it?s beginning to feel great. I settle into the couch, but with my head on the couch flat and my back on the ottoman. Hands and breasts are beginning to brush across my legs and stomach. I sense someone crawling onto the couch and before I have time for another thought I have a nicely shave pussy lowered to my face, and I dive in. Whoever?s between my legs is sucking my cock in earnest now, alternating between slow sensual attention to the head, then diving in for deep throat, and settling there while I sink into bliss. Whoever is doing this knows what I like, and is very good at it as well. At 7 ½ inches, and 5 inches around, not all my lovers have found that easy to do.

But, wait a minute, something both feels and smells familiar here. No time to think as I suck and lap at the ever-wettening pussy above me, and try not get too distracted from the blow-job I?m getting below.

I hear moans and sighs and other familiar sounds from all around me, very close, and I can sense only the presence of those who carried me in to the playroom. No new additions.

The one above me receiving the attentions of my tongue starts riding me harder, forcing her pussy harder onto my mouth and tongue. I hear her panting and in a familiar voice I hear Tawny say, ?are you ready to cum baby? Please hurry, I?m going to cum, I want to cum with you?. No need to answer. I?m beginning to do my own bucking harder into the mouth that?s been serving my cock so well. Muffled groans and noises erupt from my mouth, causing vibrations to be added to my active tongue and mouth on Tawny?s pussy. The mouth on my cock has sped up to a frenzied up-down in repeated deep-throating and the moans and slurping sounds from the one between my legs join my own and Tawny?s lusted utterances. In unison I stiffen and arch up into my orgasm, making my benefactor below rise to her feet. Tawny shudders and explodes into a wet orgasm as I stream my cumload down the throat awaiting.

And we all collapse, panting and sighing? truly sated? for the brief moment.

As Tawny pulls away from my face, she removes my blindfold and looks deep into my eyes and says, ?I love you baby, Happy Birthday. I hope you will like your surprise?.

?Hope I WILL like my surprise???? Wasn?t that it??, I say.

?No baby, the party?s just starting, and it?s Old Home Week. Meet the guests.?

<?to be continued>

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