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Their first time....

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It was yet another Saturday, but Trish was excited. Her mother in law was getting the kids, and the night was planned. After dropping off the kids, she headed straight home to get ready for a night she didn't know she was never going to forget....

Trish hopped in the shower and started to relax when the hot water started to trickle down her body. She grabbed her favorite scented soap and lathered up her sponge, washing every crevice. She grabbed her shaver and started to shave her pussy, to be sure that it was nice and soft for when her and her husband got home. The suspense was just killing her thinking how wet she was going to become later. Getting out of the shower she dried herself off and started getting dressed. "The perfect thong" she thought to herself. After putting on her makeup she asked Tom if he was ready yet. She didn't want to be late meeting up w/their friends they had just met. "We want to make a good impression," she told him. They finally arrived at the restaurant and Trish was anxious to meet the couple they had been talking to for so long on the Internet. They seemed to have so much in common already. Not to mention the same interests in sex. Thinking about it made her wet, and the fantasies going through her head weren't helping her at all. "There they are" she said to Tom. Tom could tell that Trish was rather excited. She was a bit red in the face, he could only imagine what she might be thinking. They sat down w/ Beth and Jacob and they seemed to be just as nervous. As Trish talked to Beth all she could think of how Beth must look without her shirt on. Trying to resist, Trish looked at Tom, and he was defiantly eyeing her up too. "The dinner was wonderful" Beth said. "I agree" said Jacob, "what do you two have planned now?" "Nothing" said Tom "my mom has the kids all night" "Trish you have been awfully quiet tonight, what are you thinking?" asked Beth. "Well, we did talk about getting a hotel room, was that still an option?" "Maybe we could find one somewhere, get a few drinks and just hang out" Tom and Jacob just looked at each other. Their eyes where just screaming... Oh yeah!!! After getting to the hotel, Beth and Trish sat on the bed and starting talking, while Tom and Jacob played cards. Every once in awhile you could hear the girls giggle. Tom and Jacob could only imagine what they were talking about. Trish started to mention about a surprise party she had went to, and what she had bought. Beth starting asking questions, and the conversation led to talking about pleasures, and what they liked in bed. Trish could feel her pussy start to drip down her leg. "Would you think of me being to forward if I asked to kiss you" Trish asked. "Not at all" Beth replied. Trish leaned over and started licking Beths lips and kissing her gently. She reached for her breast and started fondling Beth. Beth could feel her pussy begin to throb between her legs. Slowly they removed each others shirts. Beth began to lick her nipples and suck till they were harder then ever. She started kissing every inch and Trish started to moan. Kissing Beth back, Trish began to unzip Beth's pants slowly. She could see how she was wiggling slowly to help her remove them faster. Beth reached over and helped Trish off w/hers. The guys looking over at this cannot believe their eyes. They proceed to watch over their women with a stiff monster just dying to get out of their pants. Trish began to slide her fingers slowly in Beth's sopping wet cunt and tickling her clit w/her tongue. The moans got louder and Tom and Jacob didn't know how much longer they could watch. They grabbed their cocks in their hands and started jerking slowly. Just watching them made it hard not to cum. They decided to join and.....

They approached the women slowly and began to embrace them. Trish slid her fingers into Beth's pulsating pussy while Tom was jabbing Beth's tight ass w/his rock hard snake. Beth sucked on Trish's hard nips and Jacob grabbed his stiff rod and started jerking off. He couldn't stand the tension he needed some pussy now. Jacob got under Beth and gently pushed his cock in her dripping pocket. She began to moan and begged for more. Trish continued to suck on her tits and grabbed her dildo. Within seconds she could feel herself start to climax as her cunt was clinching onto her dildo. She let out a moan and soaked Jacob w/her juices. Tom saw how Trish needed some desperate attention. He moved over to her and pushed his throbbing cock in her ass. He loved pushing is rod into tight spaces. Trish screamed and Beth started to cum. "More More" the screamed. Jacob continued to trust but faster now as he could feel himself start to leak. He pulled out and squirt on Beth's breasts. Beth moved over to Trish and pushed three of her fingers into Trish's pussy. "Harder" she yelled. the screaming made Tom even hotter and he could feel his cock throb faster. He quickly pulled out and jizzimed all over her ass. The men collapsed and the women licked each other clean.

Looking at one another, they knew that this was a night they would never forget, well until next time.

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