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The swing Life

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When I was 25 I discovered the idea of swinging. I was absolutely intrigued with the idea. I was married and approached my wife at the time and asked her what she thought about the idea. She is Merrian and I and I am Jim. At first she was doubtful, but after reading some of the ads in the magazine she told me it sounded wild and if I wanted to do it she was willing. I was very excited, as we had both been virgins when we got married.

Merrian is petite with long red hair. She is very lovely. We had no idea what we were doing. We put an ad in the magazine and sat back and waited wondering if anyone would respond. To our amazement we got 20 answers. It was a little overwhelming.

What we really wanted was another couple like us, someone with a family and somewhat normal. Most of the responses were from couples a long way away from us, but 2 were from the same town where we lived.

The one ad interested us, as they were new like us. They wrote: We are new at this and want to talk about swinging. We are married with two children and the idea of swapping is new to us as well. We would like to meet you and talk. We are willing to swap. Merrian and I discussed what to do and were we ready to have sex with someone else.

We decided to meet the other couple and decide at that time.

We met them at a local bar. They were Sam and Betty. We got a table in the corner and sat down with our drinks to talk. We were all nervous and excited. Betty was very pretty with long hair and she filled out her top very nicely. Merrian has small boobs and her big boobs intrigued me. Sam was taller than me, and nice looking. I had a moment of doubt about Merrian having sex with someone else, but we had talked about it and that was what we were doing here.

For a while we talked about everything else, but what we were there to talk about. They were very nice people and easy to talk to. The music started and we decided to dance. Sam asked Merrian and I danced with Betty. As we danced we both knew that what this was about was she and I having sex, and Merrian and Sam as well.

After the song ended we returned to the table. Merrian had a slight flush on her face.

I knew what that meant. We never actually mentioned swapping during the evening, but all knew that was the subject in front of us. We all had a nice time and parted with an agreement to meet again soon. We exchanged phone numbers.

Merrian and I talked and she only said that Sam was very nice and she had a good time.

I asked her bluntly if she would have sex with him. Merrian looked at me and said well this is your idea and that is what we have been discussing and yes I would if you want me to with Sam and you with Betty. I said ok.

I called Sam and we talked. Basically we decided to swap wives and I invited them over for dinner the next weekend.

Merrian fixed a nice dinner and talked about what it would be like having sex with someone new. She was getting excited and was very nervous and so was I, but we both decided to plunge ahead and if we did not like it we would not do it again.

Sam and Betty arrived with a bottle of wine and a nervous look about them.

After dinner I lowered the lights and we sat in the living room staring at each other.

We had an above ground pool in the backyard and I suggested we go for a swim and all agreed. It was dark and all you could see was shadows. No one had suits and Sam and Betty were already in the pool when we got there.

We sat together with me next to Betty and Sam next to Merrian. The swap had begun. I felt a leg next to mine and ran my hand up and down and Betty moved a little closer. I looked over and Sam was kissing Merrian and I was a little shocked for a moment and than kissed Betty. And so it went.

I felt her boobs and she gasped and said ummm and we kissed again and I felt a hand on my leg and decided it was time and whispered in her ear ready and she whispered yes. We got out of the pool and went into the house. I was as hard as a rock.

Merrian and Sam stayed in the pool as I left I looked back and Sam was lifting Merrian up on the side of the pool and buried his head between her legs. Merrian loves oral sex, so he got off to a good start.

Merrian and Sam

Merrian told me that when Sam lifted her out of the pool she got real nervous and started to doubt. But when he went down on her she got real turned on and got very wet. He licked and sucked on me and it did not take long before I lost it and climaxed on his face.

He than climbed out of the pool and stood next to me and I looked up and could see he was hard and ready. I plunged ahead and gave him head as he stood there looking down at me watching me suck him. It felt very strange, but I was getting into it and started to relax and was enjoying my self finally.

He got very hard in my mouth and it felt good feeling his cock slip in and out of my mouth. He reached down and picked me up in his arms and placed me on the lounge and I looked up at him standing in front of me knowing what he was about to do to me.

I opened my legs and invited him into me. At that moment I wanted him inside me.

I was so hot I could feel my face was flushed and I was breathing hard. All doubts had left me and I just wanted to have sex with him. He got on his knees and slipped slowly into me. I gasped, as he was a little bigger that you and he went in deep. I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately and climaxed again crying out. He felt so good inside of me.

Now it was his turn and he began to fuck me like a man, hard and fast, grunting and panting as he gave to me.

I gave it up to him and fucked him back and grabbed his butt and pulled him in deeper and he grunted again and exploded inside of me. I was so hot I came again. We stayed that way for a while and out breathing slowed and he finally slipped out of me.

I was still warm and feeling strange about the fact I had enjoyed it all so much.

We got back in the pool and waited for you two to return.

Betty and I.

As we walked away I realized what was really happening and I had given my consent for Merrian to have sex with Sam and she had given me her consent to have sex with Betty. Our lives were about to change forever.

Betty was beautiful naked. Her boobs stood straight out and her nipples were hard. We went into the living room and I reached out and kissed her and pulled her close. My cock was hard and ready. She looked down at my cock and I pressed lightly on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. I almost came right than. Her mouth was hot and she knew what she was doing.

Finally I pulled her up to me again and whispered from behind and she nodded yes smiling and turned around and bent over with her hands on the couch standing.

Her butt was raised in the air with her pussy exposed and ready to be fucked. I bent down and licked her pussy and she gasped yes and than I slipped my cocked into her.

She pushed back against me. We just both fucked each other the way we both knew how.

I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she shuttered and cried out cum and climaxed. I was not far behind as I could feel my cum rising. I kept banging her harder and exploded in her pussy as we both collapsed on the couch together kissing.

We went back to the pool.

We all got out and put clothes on and returned to the living room. Merrian had that I just got fucked look. Her face was still flushed and her hair messed up. Betty looked pretty much the same.

It still was early and we had to decide what to do next. We all certainly needed some recovery time.

Merrian and I went outside to talk. I asked you ok? She asked do you still love me?

I was surprised and grabbed her kissed her and said of course. I will always love you.

She relaxed a little. She told me what happened between her and Sam. I told her about Betty and I.

We agreed we both had fun, but it still felt strange. We went back on the house.

Sam and Betty had been talking as well. We all agreed that our first swing had been fun and decided to call it a night with promises to meet again soon.

Merrian and I talked more and decided we liked what had happened and would like to do it again.

We looked at all the responses we had received looking for something a little different.

One ad was different in that the ad included a comment that the woman was Bi-curious.

We looked up what that meant and understood that the woman wanted to have sex with Merrian as well as with me. Wow. I asked Merrian if she was interested in doing that.

Merrian said not sure exactly what that means. I knew what it meant and explained it to her. I had watched a couple of xxx movies that included Bi-sex action before we got married.

Merrian thought for a while before she answered. As we looked through the ads we noticed that a large number mentioned the woman was Bi-curious.

Merrian finally said well that certainly would be different. Than she surprised me by saying that she was a little curious herself what that might be like, although she had some doubt. I was turned on by the idea.

We responded to the ad wondering where it would take us.

Two weeks later I got a call from the couple and they were Donna and Dave.

They were 28 and 30. Dave and I talked and he told me they had one experience with another couple and had fun and so wanted to do it again. I asked him about the Bi-curious Comment in the ad.

He said that it was his fantasy and that Donna was curious about it as well. She had never done it, as the couple they had played with were not interested in that, although we did have a lot of fun with them. We agreed to meet for a drink the next weekend.

At the bar we sat and talked and had a few dances and the girls danced together as well.

Dave was about 6’ and Merrian being so small had to dance on her toes with him. Donna was about my height and was full figured, but not over weight. We hit it off with them. As it turned out Dave and I were both golfers and decided we would play 18 the next Saturday. The two girls decided they would go shopping together. Sex or no sex we liked these people and could sense we were going to be friends with them.

Over the next week Merrian and Donna talked nearly every day. Dave and I teed off on Saturday. On the 5th hole riding along in the cart I asked about the Bi interest. Dave said that Donna had read about it in the swingers magazine and noticed all the ads with women Bi-curious and became curious herself.

Merrian and Donna did some shopping and we all met at our house during the afternoon.

Merrian said she was going to take a shower. Donna decided to find Merrian and went back to the bedroom. Merrian was in the shower and Donna called out may I join you. There was a long pause and finally I said sure if you would like. She opened the shower door and looked at a naked me and stepped in and joined me. I have to say she has terrific boobs. We got real close in that shower. Washed each other and did some kissing and did some giggling. I got real turned on, but we that is all we did.

Us guys went out to the patio and had a beer. I asked Dave what do you think? Do you want to swap tonight?

Dave said Donna and I have talked and agreed that we would like to with you two. We really like you. I told Donna and she said great. After dinner we were sitting around and I nodded to Dave and he took Merrian by the hand and they went back to the bedroom.

I sat across from Donna and asked want to? She smiled and said yes ever since we met you two we really have been looking forward to tonight. I said would you undress yourself for me. I like to watch. She smiled again and said most men do and said sure just sit down and watch. Donna was beautiful with a full figure without being over weight. Big boobs and a great butt.

She stood in front of me and unbuttoned her top. No bra and so her boobs fell out and all I could say was wow. She lowered her shirt and revealed lace panties and removed her top. She moved over to me and looked down and said I would like for you to take my panties off it really turns me on when a man does that to me. My cock was very hard.

I reached out and slid her panties down and her pussy was in front of my face. I could see she was already wet and leaned forward and put my head between her legs while she was standing there. She gasped and through her back and pressed against my mouth and I licked and sucked on her pussy. Her legs were shaking and she grabbed my head and came in my mouth. She was very wet and her pussy was quivering as I licked her through her cum. She fell to the floor in front of me panting and smiling.

I pulled my pants down and removed them and my shorts and my cock stood straight up.

Donna looked at my cock and said nice and crawled over to me and went down on my cock and went deep. She looked up at me as she was sucking and said cum for me. I moved my cock in and out of her mouth and could feel my cum rising and I exploded in her mouth. She stayed with me and swallowed all my cum. Afterwards she said I love doing that. I laughed and said I could tell.

We stretched out on the couch kissing and me playing with her boobs and her with her hand on my cock working it to hard again. We did this for a while until I was hard again and I moved on top of her and looked down at her and made eye contact and asked you ready and she just opened her legs and I slid into her as deep as I could go. We slow fucked while keeping eye contact. Her face was flushed and her hair messed up and she was breathing hard. I could see the lust in her eyes as we fucked.

She pulled me down and we kissed passionately and I began to fuck her hard. She rapped her legs around me and we rocked back and fourth together with me deep inside her.

I moved her legs to my shoulders and fucked her hard and fast and her face changed and she said cum and cried out as she climaxed on my cock. I had to cum with her and jerked and grunted as I exploded in her pussy. We lay there for a while breathing hard and kissing as we came down from our high. Finally Donna said you were wonderful. I said you were the best. We got dressed and went out to the patio to wait for Merrian and Dave.

Merrian and Dave

Merrian said I took his hand as we walked back to the bedroom. I was already wet and ready for him. I liked him and had been looking forward to doing him. I had to look up to him as he is so tall. He leaned down and we kissed and I got lost in his kiss. He took my clothes off and I stood naked in front of him. I was so hot. He pulled me to him and I could feel his hardness through his pants.

He pressed down on my shoulders and I knew what he wanted. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and reached in and took his cock out. He was very big. I took him in my mouth and in moved back and fourth on his cock and I was so hot and wet.

He than picked me up like a doll and placed his cock in front of my pussy and lowered me down slowly. I could feel his cock fill me up and I came immediately. He lowered me deeper and reached my end and he stood there with me riding his cock. I had never done this. It was wild. I moved myself up and down on his cock riding him as he stood holding me up and on his cock. I had my arms around his neck and kissing him and moaning and gasping for breath as we fucked. It was an incredible feeling hanging in midair on his cock. I whispered in his ear I am going to cum again and he held still as I road him up and down and lost it a cried out as I climaxed. He grunted and pushed deeper and exploded inside me. I held on to him panting with him still inside me and slowly I slipped off his cock and he and he put back on the floor. I collapsed on the bed completely worn out.

I sat and listened to her story and wondered. We had come along way in a short time. I decided we needed a break from this swing scene so we could fall back and re-group and resume our married life for a while. I still wanted to be part of the swing life, just needed a short break. Donna agreed

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