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The start of fun experiences

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My wife and I have been married for 15 years and started in the life style a little over two years into our marriage. The discussion began about a year into our marriage, completely by accident. We lived in lower Alabama near the Florida cost. We would go to the coast on weekends I was off. One weekend in the early fall we were tossing a Frisbee when a younger couple came by and asked if they could join. My wife (Kathy) said yes (Kathy was 25 y/0and I was 26 y/o and the college couple looked to be 19 or 20). I wasn?t good and the female of the couple helped me while Kathy talked to the male. The younger couple was there at a condo with some college friends and asked if we wanted to join them for burgers and beer. I don?t drink and Kathy said no that we need to get back. I tried to convince her to go but she said no. I asked why and she said she didn?t want to ?compete? with the college girls. I told her there would be no competition she would win hands down.

On the drive back I asked her why she thought she couldn?t compete with the other women. She said look at my body- there is no way I could compete with the tight asses and firm tits. Kathy had a teenage pregnancy and did not have the support of her parents or any advice from her mother- it did take a toll on her body but she was still hot with a great body. I told her that she looked great in a bikini. I told her that the college guy was checking her out and she said that she saw girl checking me out. She asked how I felt about him checking her out, I told he that I was proud and excited. I asked her how she felt about the girl checking me. She said that she was a little jealous at first but you smile at me and I got excited. I asked if we were back at the beach would she want to join the? She said yes, I think it would be fun.

I was transferred to South Carolina to a small town that was paper mills and textile based. It was hard to make friends due to the cliques. There was one lady (Lori) that was not from the area and was experiencing the same thing. The husband, Mike, was a manager of a pizza place. At the pizza place, the husband had a lady, Ginny, that was not from the area and when we went to eat there she said that her and her husband, Vernon, had stopped trying to make friends and spent time with her family in a town 3 hours away. We actually became friends. The ladies were gorgeous and my wife said the guys were hunks. We asked Lori and Mike over for a cookout, Ginny and Vernon were heading to her sister that weekend. At the cookout Kathy said she saw Vernon a couple of days a week when he came into the bank branch she was managing. Mike said that Ginny talked about Kathy and I all the time- how nice we were and good looking we were. Kathy said they were great to look at also. I said that Lori and Mike were great on the eyes also. Lori said that Mike and her thought the same thing. As the cookout went into the evening, Kathy, Lori, and Mike were feeling the effects of the beer. We all agreed that the three couples were great on the yes. It was about 10 pm when we went inside because our neighbor kept looking out her window. Lori asked what board games we had and Kathy came out with one that had a spinner in the middle. After about thirty minutes Mike spun and the spinner landed on Kathy and Mike said- we could play spin the spinner like spin the bottle. There was nervous laughter but nobody said no or yes and we continued the game. About 12 I took Lori and Mike home, Mike asked if I thought Kathy was upset about is spin the bottle comment, I told him that I didn?t think so but he was worried. The next day Mike came by to get his car and asked Kathy if she was upset and she said it was all fun. Kathy asked Mike if Lori was upset, he said that she was more worried about Kathy being upset. Kathy called Lori and told her she wasn?t? upset.

The next weekend Kathy and I were out of town and Lori, Mike, Ginny, and Vernon got together. When we got back I talked to Lori at work and she said they had an ok time, Mike had gone a little further with the spin thing and said to do 7 minutes in heaven Lori said that it didn?t happen because it was awkward. Kathy had talked with both Mike and Vernon and they told the same story. Ginny and Vernon had an above ground pool in and had a cookout with Kathy, Lori, Mike and me. The beer was flowing and we were swimming. It was around 9:30 when Mike said let?s skinny dip. There was a full moon and the light was bright. Vernon said he was game so Mike and Vernon took off their trunks. They looked at me and I took mine off. The wives just looked at each other and Lori was the first to take her top off and she had some gorgeous tits. The bottoms came off next and she looked at the other girls and said well? Kathy dropped her to and bottom the Ginny did. All the ladies tits looked great and we knew we were checking out each other?s wife. Mike was doing the back stoke with his cock showing and I could see Kathy and Ginny checking him out. I did the same backstroke for the ladies and so did Vernon. The ladies began also. There was some touching by ?accident? going on. The mosquitos were getting bad so we went in around 10:00. The girls wouldn?t get out and dressed until we went in so we grabbed our trunks and got out naked then walked to the house naked. The ladies said what great asses. We got in and quickly went to a kitchen window and watched them get out. What an awesome sight- three gorgeous bodies naked. The girls came in and said we hope you liked the show they knew we were watching. We got our trunks on and sat around the kitchen table and they were drinking beer. Mike had an empty bottle and spun it. It landed on Kathy. Mike said it is time for 7 minutes in heaven! We all looked at each other and said sure. The sexual tension all night was heavy.

Mike spun the bottle to see who would spin first and it landed on Kathy. She spun and it landed on me. We had 10 minutes together. We went into the guess bedroom and began making out. I was sucking her tits and fingering her pussy when I asked if she was going to let the other guys do this. She looked at me and said what do you think I said I don?t know. She said if their hands want to roam who was she to stop them. I then went down on her and asked if she would allow them to do this. She smiled and said if their mouths want to roam who was she to stop them and that her mouth may roam and do this- she began sucking my cock. They yelled time and we walked out with Kathy tying her top and me tying my trunks. They said that the rule is everything but intercourse is acceptable- couldn?t even have intercourse with your spouse. Kathy spun and it landed on Mike. Kathy told me later that she sucked his cock and he ate her pussy. Mike spun and it landed on Lori than Lori spun and I landed on Vernon. Vernon Spun and it landed on Kathy. Ginny said she was not getting any action. Kathy told me that Vernon stripped her and her stripped and he stood in back of her rubbing his cock along her at, kissing her neck, caressing her tits and fingering her. As they came out they were fixing the swim suits. Lori said that once the swimsuits are off hey stay off. We all agreed. Kathy spun and hit me. I took her swimsuit off as soon as we got in and she took mine off, she was blowing me. I asked if she was having fun and she smiled and said absolutely. We came out naked. I spun next and hit Lori, I got Lori in and stripped her immediately and what a fine body she dropped my shorts and began sucking me, I picked her up and ate her pussy and she said she wanted a 69. They yelled times up and we came out naked. I Lori spun and hit me again as soon as we got in a 69. I spun and hit Ginny, she said finally. She had DDs tights and I got her top off and went for her bottoms and she stopped me. I was caressing her tits and fingering her when she began to titty fuck me. I figured we had a shot time and stood her up and dropped to my knees and began eating her with the suit bottom pulled to the side. I said I need more access and pulled her bottoms down quickly. She grabbed my head and pressed it to her pussy. We came out and the new rule was the doors had to stay open- the house was set up so you could look down the hall and see the guest bedroom bed. Ginny spun and it landed on Vernon. Ginny dropped Vernon?s trunks and began sucking him. He lifted her on the bed a spread her pussy wide ad went down on her. I was fingering Kathy as we watched. Vernon spun and landed on Kathy. Vernon picked her up and carried her to the bedroom; he dropped her on the bed and devoured his cock. She giving a hell of a blow job when she said eat my pussy, he did. Kathy spun and landed on Mike and she devoured him. It was almost 12:30 and Kathy said this could go on all night but the guys would get blue ball. Mike said why don?t we spin and that person we land on is your partner until we all get off. Surprisingly the girls said sure but it is done in the living room. We three guys stood on one side of the table and the girls on the other. It was spun and landed on the guys. We stood around the table and Kathy spun and it landed on me- of course the guys said it was rigged. The next rule was you could not be with your spouse.

I spun and it landed on Lori, she came over with a big smile. That left Kathy with Vernon and Ginny with Mike. Kathy asked if they had to swallow the cum and the girls agreed only if they want to. Kathy would swallow my cum occasionally. Lori pushed me on the couch and began sucking- soon all the ladies we sucking. I put Lori on the floor and began to eat her and soon we were 69. Kathy was going down all the way on Vernon?s cock. He was feeling fine. Ginny had begun to titty fuck Mike. Kathy told Vernon that he needed to eat her pussy. Vernon began fingering Kathy?s asshole and she was going nuts. I did the same to Lori and she began cumming immediately. Ginny was titty fucking Mike hard and he said he wanted to eat her pussy but Ginny declined. Vernon began to grunt and Kathy was moaning. Vernon yelled he was cumming and Kathy shoved his cock down her throat drinking all his cum. Mike was moaning and Ginny was working his cock vigorously. Mike grunted and began to cum and Ginny turned her head. Lori screamed she was cumming and began to buck wildly. This set off Kathy as Vernon was going to town on her pussy. Lori pushed me off her and went down sucking. She could give a blow job. Ginny jumped up to clean herself up but the others were watching. I finally felt the cum starting and told Lori and she said cum in my mouth. I looked over and saw Mike fingering Kathy and Ginny rubbing Vernon?s cock. I exploded in Lori?s mouth and she sucked me dry.

We all just looked each other and smiled. Ginny said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed and Lori said I am sure you are just going to bed. We got dressed and the others grabbed a beer for the road. We said our goodbyes to Ginny and Vernon and left.

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