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The halloween party

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Well firstly i am usually a good girl

My man is in the military and i work as a bar tender with my friend Anna. The bar is a little dive in the middle of nowhere that almost never gets any business but the boss John told us he wanted to have a party for halloween so we started setting it up. Anna is definately a little more uninhibited than me so i should have known better than to have her get me a costume. the day of the party we went and got everything decorated and ready and then went back to her house to change. She handed me a bag and i opened it and my jaw hit the floor!! it was a nighty like a maids outfit!! i could not wear this out in public it may have covered everything but it was way to revealing. Anna came in and she was wearing the same kind of outfit but it was read and a had more shear areas. After about 30 mins she convinced me to wear it. So i put it on and we wrapped up in a robe and we drove to the bar. the first thing i did was have a white russian to calm my nerves. About 2 hours in i was getting pretty drunk, my tipps where definately better than usuall. i was getting this guy a beer, when someone reached out and patted my ass hard. i kept my composure and finished my order. i was walking back by this guy again and he stuck his arm out and motioned me to come over so i did. he said he wanted to order but wasn't sure what to order. his friend asked me to sit down while they thought. there where no seats left so i hopped up on the table. thinking this would only take a minute. i was sitting there and the one who had patted my ass slipped his arm around my waist. i am used to guys hitting on me at work so i thought nothing of it. his friend put his hand on my knee and tried to turn me toward him but all it did was open up my leggssince his friend had me by the waist. I leaned over toward the guy who had my waist and asked if he was ready to order yet. he said how bout sex on the beach? i started to explain to him that our license only let us serve beer so we really did ont have anyhard alcohol ( thought i kepy some for me in a cooler in my car). he was asking questions about why and hinting he was not talking about a drink. i was a little drunk so i did not notice it till he tried to slide a finger in but his friend had been working his hand up my leg to my crotch!! i instantly snapped my leggs shut and tried to hopp off the table and ended up face down and ass up in the air!!. the guy stuffed a 1$ in my bottoms and leaned back. as i got up i turned around and saw anna with her top off playing pool. all six customers eyes wher on me though cause my tits had fallen out of my top i had a doller in my bottoms and i had just gotten up off the floor from what looked like under a table!! i calmly walked to the bar readjusting my self and brought the 2 guys back beers and told them this is what they get. they asked where mine was so i went and got myself a fresh one. even though i knew i was alittle to drunk as it was. as i walked back i looked for a chair i drug it other there with me and sat between the guys cause they where on a wall table on either side of it. we sat there and talked about the little stuff who they where and why i worked here. then anna brought 2 rounds to us at once. i was barely half way done with my own in hand!! she said john just bought us one and i thought these 2 would get your next. i was about to tell her to put it in the cooler for a bit when john siad and you'll get 10$ to chug it!!. So anna and i chugged our beers and she left to go to the bar. i was almost totally drunk at this point so i know i was slurring a little bit. James the one whjo had his arm around me earlier asked if i played pool? I said i did but not usually this drunk. he laughed and said he would take it easy on me. we walked over to the bar to get the sticks and i heard john and anna talking about the hot tub that john had out back of the bar/his house. Anna asked him if it still worked and how much to buy it. John told her to go get in it and see if it still worked and she could have it for 300 if it worked 200 if it didn't. So she strippd off her oputfit on the way out!! i continueed on to the pool table. james was done racking the balls up and told me to break. I took aim for my shot and it was a crappy break. james started his round and was sinking good i got to ashoot 2 more times and i got 1 in before he won. the next game went just as bad and i hate to loose. So by the third game i was really drunk and getting tired of loosing. So as he lined up to break i fleashed my breastes at himhe made a bad break and i got 3 in a row in before he got back to the stick. He put 2 in and i reached around and grabbed his crotch gently and he missed so i got another shot. This time i was leaning over and lining up and i felt him come up behind me he preesed himself against me and i could feel his hard cock through his jeans. it was hugehe pressd a little harder and i made my shot and it went in. I tried to stand up and he was leaning over me to much. dropped my stick and reached between my leggs to put a little pressure on him and found his cock was out!!! and it was huge i could barely get my hand around it. i squeezed and pushed back and he followed so i stood and let go. i walked to my next shot and leaned over and lined up he walked up his cock in the side of my face. And i felt someone at my ass again. this time i shot quick and missed but went to stand and found hisfriend back there with his cock out too! i had never seen a black cock before it called to me. i tried to step back into the table to get away cause i am a married woman but itripped and went to my knees. he took this as an invite and a massive black cock was put into my face. I lost all hope and licked it. then i started to suck on the tip and then all the way down as far as i could go which was only about 1/2 way. James was standing there watching me suck this black cock with his cock in his hand so i reached out and took it and stroked it. I had never done anything like this before. and i was a married woman!! james lifted me up off my knees while luke kept me bent over sucking his cock. i felt james pulling down my bottoms and rubbing my pussy. I saw john drop a 20 on the pool table and say nice show as he walked back to his seat. The next thing i knew i was gagging on luke cock as James thrust all the way into me shoving me forward. I almost puked as it went down my throat. i can take a cock way down but this was insane this monster was at least 10 inches!! My gag reflex was finishing luke off and i felt him cum into my throat. james was thrusting hard and i pulled off of Luke and he finished his last squirt on my face. I had never had cum on my face before, it was so hot and thick. james was pounding harder i could tell he was almost done but i wanted more. i was lost in the sex by now so i pulled off of him and turned around and layed back on the pool table. James lined up and slid in. i wrapped my leggs so he could not go as fast. I saw luke reaching for my tits and he pulled them out and it was awsome seeing his midnight dark hand on my milky white breasts.james was busy fucking my cunt as much asa he could while i held him in place. At this point anna and the other guys walked back in. i was torn back to reality so quickly it was scary. there eyes where huge. 2 of the guys sat down at the bar and watched the one's wife was rubbing her pussy throught her skirt. the other guy walked over and started feeling my other breast. Anna climbed up on the table and sat her Pussy on my face i felt the water dripping off of her ffrom the hot tub. her pussy was onto of my face!! i had never been this close to another woamn before. I licked it and she squirmed. i felt james start to spasm and i release my legs and he gave me three good thrusts cumming in my pussy and he yanked out and squirted a little on my tummy as welli licked up toward anna clitoris and sucked it into my mouthand nibbled it this was insane i had never cheated on my husband before and now i had sucked and swallowed and let a stranger shoot his load in my pussy!!i felt someone grab my leggs and start thrusting but it was all to short and he was donemy face was burried in Anna's pussy. and i had no idea who had just screwed my love hole. i kept eating her letting the water and her hot juices flow down over my face. then i felt a cock press against my asshol ei tried to squirm and lift up but Anna sat down harder and screamed don't stop and then i felt the cock burst into my ass. The pain and pleasure where awsome. Then i felt something get put into my pussy i knew it was not a dick but i had know idea what it was. Anna let out a huge screaming orgasm and leaned back and i saw a pool cue shoved into me and the other guy from outside fucking my ass. he pulled almost out and then slid in harder and deeper and i CAME and CAME. the cum was shooting out of me i was cumming so hard. and i felt his body go rigid and he came in my ass. i had just done 4 guys and 1 girl!! i started cumming again at the thought. i started to get up onto my elbows and i saw the girl at the bar sucking off her husband and stroking john and the other guy. As i started to get dressed luke walked over and reached around and grabbed my tits and i felt his huge hardon on my ass and i leaned over and he slid it in he fucked me like an animal pulling my hair and pushing me around the room guiding me with his huge staff he had stuck in my cunt. finally he guided me over to the bar and put my face in the girls crotch. i found her husband had the skirt lifted out of the way for me. i started eating her licking her clit and nibling on her shaved lips. then someone poured a beer down her as she arched back i lapped at her pussy getting the beer and i felt luke lean forward and push deeper into me as he lapped at her tits. the i hot breath on my pussy and looked down to see Anna smile as she licked my clit while Luke was ramming me. i cam so hard i thought i was gonna push lukes cock out but he pushed harder making me cu harder and then he roared as he stiffened and let loose what must have been a gallon of cum deep inside of me. i kept eating her till she came while 2 other guys fucked me. After she finished i stood up wobbly on my legs from being bent over adn fucked and drunk. Anna helped me to get dressed cumm streaming out of my cunt and down my leggs. we got into her car and went to Denny's. the crowd there saw us walking up and started making comments. We jus smiled and walked on. that morning when i got home i snock upstairs and showered and went to sleep i dreamed of cocks anc more cocks and pussy's and more and this was just the begining

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