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The dudes a pain in the ass

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I awoke to an intense searing pain in my ass. I wouldn't say I was completely awake as my senses was still jumbled and I didn't no where I was. Again the sharp pain, my mind may have been numb but my ass wasn't. I must have groaned out as everything immediately stopped. What I did know was that my ass was being sodomized and whoever it was had an enormous package. After a few seconds I felt his cock slowly withdraw before he shoved it back in fully. I groaned again. I couldn't move as he had a pillow under my stomach and he was sitting on top of my hips. I was pinned down on the bed. He leaned forward and grabbed the back of my hair. I assumed that he didn't want me to be able to turn around and see him. Once he had control of my head, he continued to ass fuck me. He penetrated me with long complete strokes. I thought I could hear him chuckle as my groans grew louder and louder as my senses were beginning to return. My hands were by my side and I tried to push him off me, it was a pathetic effort that didn't change a thing. In fact, if it did anything, it only drove him to fuck me even harder as it show him how absolutely powerless I was. After what seemed like forever he withdrew his thick dick out of my butt. Every muscle in my body relaxed and I signed a large amount of relief. But it wasn't over by a long shot. I felt him rub the head of his cock up and down my vaginal slit. He was preparing to fuck my pussy with his nasty cock that he had just pulled out of my asshole. "Noooo." I mumbled. He wasn't listening as he slammed his cock deep inside my cunt. He began to fuck me quickly. While this was another assault on my body this was so much better than having my ass pounded. But I now had a cock covered with ass cum stuffed up my cunt, this guy didn't care about me it was just another hole for him to pleasure himself. I protested again but to no avail. He fucked me like a common whore. But this huge cock began to feel me with a wonderful fullness that only big dicks could. It started to feel so good and my pussy betrayed me and began to respond to the fucking he gave me. I unconsciously began to moan. "You slut." he hissed. The voice sounded familiar but I just couldn't place it. He was right though, I was being sexually assaulted by an unknown person and here I was getting more and more excited. On one hand I wanted to fight back and on the other I wanted to enjoy this wonderful cock that was bringing me closer to orgasm with each stroke. My pussy choose for me. I began to wail and even tried to help him skewer my pussy even harder. His cock gave me pleasure like no other. He fucked me even faster and I came very hard. My entire body convulsed and shuddered under this exquisite orgasm and when I finally fell limp as I was completely spent. I vaguely remember him placing his dick back against my anal sphincter before he shoved it back into my asshole. I was too exhausted to even protest. He pounded my ass as he had my cunt and I knew he was going to cum very soon. He slammed me hard against the bed as hard as he could and I heard him grunting and then the warmth of his seed jetted deep into the bowels of my ass. The warm sensation spread further and further as he pumped his entire load up my butt. It took him forever as this guy could really cum. When he finished he quickly got off and I could hear him dressing and then he paused at the end of the bed for a moment presumably surveying his latest conquest. Then he left. I couldn't move and I just lay there until I felt the urge to use the toilet. I stumbled to the bathroom and sat down. My head was throbbing and I realized I was in the company hotel. It was a hotel that we contracted from time to time for clients and person related to our business. What was I doing here? My head was also spinning as well. I began peeing and it was the only thing that felt good and normal. I also could feel cum running out of my ass. It was like I was pissing out of both my orifices. His massive load finally emptied out about the same time as I finished peeing. I wiped myself down and returned to the bed. The sheets were stained with semen. My mind was trying to comprehend what had just happened. Did he cum in my pussy also. I placed a finger deep inside my cunt and sniffed it. Yeah it smelled of male seed. So he had cum in both my cunt and my ass. Who was this guy, Peter North? I licked it and it gave no further clue as to who had deposited it there. There was nothing extraordinary about it as some men have a unique taste. This cum was as ordinary as they came. I was determined to figure out how this happened and who had made this happen. But right now I needed to get home so I got dressed and left. I found everything except my panties. Did he take them as a trophy?

The next day I thought about last night's encounter. We had a office party after work Friday and the way my head was still throbbing someone must have put something in my drink. In my purse was a receipt for the hotel room. As the office manager, the owner and I were the only ones who had access to that account. We had a code # set up so that an employee could book the room besides the two of us in case someone else had to pick up a client from the airport and the owner was a happily married man in his sixties. I ruled him out. Only three men had ever been given the code by me over the last few years. Two were single and one was married. Thomas and his wife were always friendly towards me and they seemed very happy in their relationship. She also was at the party so I dismissed him at this time. Jack and Dave were complete opposites as Jack was quiet and reserved and Dave was a big flirt and always saying sexist things. I suspected Dave but how was I too get the truth out of him. But for all the humiliation that I had endured that night, it was the best orgasm I had in almost a year. Although my work had put a serious dent in my social life, I had a good relationship with everyone at the office and I couldn't figure who would want to do me like this. My name is Beth and I am in my early thirties. I have what I consider a nice figure and more that ample breasts. I haven't had a serious relationship in over two years but I attend all the social functions related to work. I decided that when this mystery was solved that I would start up a more energetic social life but for right now I was on a mission. And that mission would began on Monday.

Soon after I arrived Dave walked by my office and stuck his head in and asked me if I had enjoyed the party Friday night. I thought that if he was the one that had sodomized me he certainly had a big set of balls to make that assertion immediately follow that night's tryst. He commented that I looked like I was having a good time at the party and it was good to see that I could enjoy myself. I wondered if I had made a spectacle of myself due to what was put into my drink. At lunch time I ran into Jack and he seemed even more subdued that normal. Was it because he was felling guilty? I thought this could be my man so I asked him if we could discuss a work related issue at lunch. He was acting very suspiciously the whole time and I thought he could be the guy so I told him that we needed to get together one evening to go over this issue further. He agreed somewhat reluctantly. Next Friday was our 'meeting' and it would be at my house, on my turf. I thought about almost nothing else the entire week.

I didn't have a concrete plan for that night but I knew I wanted get info from him. I wore something casual but flattering and even shaved my legs and pussy if I had to go that far to get what I wanted out of him. I even gave myself a douche and an anal enema just in case I might have to have my ass and pussy fucked to get to the truth. Of course this was a last resort if nothing else worked as I wasn't planning on getting laid. Or was I? During our meeting I served us both several margaritas to loosen his tongue. While we were working I did my best to tempt him. Bending over to expose more cleavage, touching or brushing up against him from time to time. I soon got into conversation about Friday's party and asked him to excuse me if I had done anything over the top as I had a little more to drink than I thought. I told him I didn't notice if he was with anyone and he said he wasn't. I coyly asked him if he had left with anyone and he said he didn't. I asked him, heaven forbid, if I had left with anyone because I didn't remember much about that night. He told me he didn't notice me leaving with anyone. Damn! I was hoping that he had seen who escorted me out that night. Then told him that I really had a wonderful time that evening to give him an opening if he was the one. Between my flirting and the margaritas I was beginning to think about how good that mystery cock felt inside my cunt. All these were affecting my judgment and that's when I noticed that bulge in his pants. It was a big one and I wanted to see it and I'm sure he saw that I was looking at it. I told him that it looked a little tight down there and I wanted to make him more comfortable. I slowly unzipped his pants and worked it out of his shorts. His cock was fully erect and standing at attention when I got it out. It was nice to know that my wily charms still had that magic effect. His cock was magnificent. It was about 8 inches and extremely thick. Yeah this could have been the dick that stretched my ass to it's limit. I wanted to touch it so I grasped it around it's base. I could barely encircle it with my hand. I stroked it gently and he moaned. I asked him again if he had seen anyone leaving with me that night and he only groaned and shook his head no. I continued stroking his cock faster and then squeegeed up his shaft. A small droplet of precum emerge at the opening of his enormous cock's head. I flicked it off with the tip of my tip and he squealed. I had his dick in my hands and I was in control. I wrapped my lips around the head and swirled my tongue all over it. He was taking short gasping breaths until I plunged my mouth down his shaft. I sucked him good. Jack began talking, he told me how wonderful it was and how beautiful I was. I pumped him as I sucked. He sure talked alot compared with the unknown anal assailant. I pulled my mouth off his cock and told him that with such nice equipment that I couldn't believe he didn't have a girlfriend. "You sure you didn't leave the party with somebody?" I asked. He moaned no again. I went back down on him and stroked him faster. He was moaning and commenting like he had never had his cock sucked before. Every once in a while I would try to get all of his shaft down my throat but there was just no way. He would let out a loud groan each time I did. I was watching him the entire time I sucked his wonderful cock. Our eyes met and they told me he was in blow job heaven. He was getting more and more excited and I wanted to ask him who had left with me at the right moment. "Did you notic.." I was a couple of seconds to late as his cock exploded and his first stream splatted against my cheek and bridge of my nose. I immediately cover his cock with my mouth and sucked him even harder. I didn't want my sofa to smell like male cum so I took it all. He grunted and continue pumping his semen down my throat. I swallowed every drop. His spunk was tart but acceptable. But it was not the cum I was looking for. This was not the guy who assaulted my ass that Friday night. "Enough!" he yelled as he jerked his sensitive cock out of my suctioning orifice. "Sorry, I'm sorry." he immediately said as he apologized for cumming so soon. He told me that it was the best blow job he ever had. He pleaded with me to let him eat me in return. My pussy was hot and wet and I did want him to eat me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom. We shed our clothes along the way. I set down on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. He dropped down and began to eat my pussy. He was all over the place. He really wasn't that good at this, more like an amateur but my cunt was on fire and it was good enough. "Eat me, eat me good." I pleaded. As I got closer I grabbed his head and guided him to my sensitive clit. "There, suck me right there." I implored and soon after I came. It was quick and sweet and it was exactly what I needed but I wanted more. As soon as I finished I pulled him up to me and kissed him deeply. As we kissed I reached down and found him stiff again. "Fuck me, fuck me now." I commanded. I lifted my legs up and he positioned himself between them. He drove his thick dick into my wanting pussy. He fucked me slowly and gently and it was really sweet but I needed to be FUCKED. I screamed for him to pound me harder. He did but kept inquiring if he was doing it all right. This was definitely not the guy who fucked me that night. "Harder!" I yelled. He lifted my legs up high and it gave him deeper access and then he began to give me the pounding of my life. We fucked hard and his cock dove deep into me, I only screamed for more. This was once thick cock inside me and I loved the way it filled my pussy with sweet joy. Yeah, I was definitely going to cum again. I beat him by a few seconds but once my convulsing pussy went off he came too and pumped me with some more of his white hot gism. When he finished we were both exhausted and lay together blissfully. It was the best fuck I'd had in a year. I woke up alone as I guess Jack left during the night. I would definitely have to hook up with him later but now I was on to my next target Dave. Yeah, I bet it was Dave, it had to be that little ass fucker.

I figured that if I confronted Dave the same way I had Jack that it would probably lead to getting my ass pounded again. Thomas' wife Candy and I had always had a good relationship. I don't know why I didn't talk to her in the first place. She would being able to tell me what happened at the party. I called her and told her that I needed to see her. She told me sure and we could meet the next weekend and she invited me to join the both of them for dinner. This was going to be a little tricky because I didn't want to get Thomas in trouble with his wife as he was still a suspect but I figure there would be ample chances to talk to her in private. Game on. We went to an upscale restaurant/bar. Candy was her usual outgoing self. She was on a Cosmo kick and we all had several. I didn't have a chance to talk to her privately and we went right to the bar after wards and they began dancing right away. I hadn't noticed before what a good dancer she was as she gyrated to the loud music. This lady was one sexy fox out on the dance floor.After a couple of songs she motioned for me to join them. Thomas danced one more song before excusing himself to sit back down. I finally was able to tell her I had a private question that I needed to ask her but it was much too noisy here. She took my hand and off to the little girl's room we went. We finished our business and then I asked her if she had seen anyone leave with me. She told me that she noticed that I had an awful lot to drink that night but she hadn't noticed me leaving. I was disappointed. She asked why I wanted to know. I told her that I had been 'ravaged' to put it politely at the hotel after. Someone interrupted us at this point powdering her nose. When they left Candy dragged me into a stall. Then she asked me a curious thing, "Did you enjoy it?" Again the alcohol was affecting me and I told her that part of it was actually pretty exciting. I admitted to her that that I did enjoy the fullness of a huge cock in my pussy but it was difficult up my ass. "Oh the joy of having several thick cocks inside your pussy." she replied. Candy looked like she was actually getting excited and she told me, "You know, I've always wanted to ravage you." Then she leaned forward and gave me a gently delicate kiss. I didn't know what to do but I didn't resist. I felt her tongue tenderly tracing circles upon my lips. I kissed her back and opened my mouth and then she slipped her tongue inside. I kissed her like wise and we began making out in the bathroom stall. It was such an erotic and forbidden act. We made out for a few more minutes before she told me that we needed to go back to her place right away. I wanted too but what about Thomas. She told me that he knew she was bisexual and would go along as little or as much as I wanted him too. So back to their house we went. Candy and I set in the backseat on the way home. We continued to lightly neck. She even rubbed and fingered my pussy as her husband drove. Occasionally I saw Thomas' eyes in the rear view mirror checking us out. I actually like the idea of him watching us as it only turned me on even more. We arrived at their house in no time.

Candy and I rushed to their bedroom as we were both in lust. Bras and panties flew across the room. Candy was beautiful, buxom and clean shaven except one thin straight line of pubs directly above her vagina. We jumped in the bed and started making out again. Both of our hands dart here and there. I fingered another woman's pussy for the first time and she was very wet. Candy dropped down to my breasts and kneaded and devoured them like a free lunch. I don't know if being with a woman for the first time was the elixir that was driving me wild but it was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. She then dropped down to my nether regions and my thighs spread all by themselves. The first touch of her tongue across my aching slit sent a shock wave directly to my brain,"Aaahhh!" I shrieked. She ate me quickly and she ate me well. This sensation was the most wonderful thing in all my 30 years. I lay back on the mattress while Candy 'ravaged' my cunt. When I opened my eyes I saw Thomas standing closer to the bed and he was massaging his cock that was still inside his pants. With my eyes fluttering from being eaten so expertly I mouthed to him that I wanted to see it. He dropped his pants immediately and there was Candy's personal vibrator hard and ready. It was a nice size similar to Jack's but just not as thick. I reached for it and began to stroke it as I was close to cumming. Little ripples of fire spread out over my body as Candy began to suck and flick her tongue against my clitoris. They kept getting bigger and bigger and my ass cheeks started clinching up. She pushed my hips down as they started bucking off the bed because my pussy had a mind of it's own. I heard myself yelping like a little puppy just before the dam broke and when it did, boy did I cum. My pussy was pouring out juices and spasming like no tomorrow. My orgasm was so intense that I nearly squeezed Thomas' cock in two. I think I actually passed out for a short period of time. When I regained consciousness I saw Candy smiling down at me. She kissed me and the scent of my sex filled my nostrils. Believe it or not I still had his cock in my hand. I released it and apologized. Thomas just laughed and I turned my attentions back to Candy. I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy right now. "I thought you'd never ask." she replied. She turned over on her back and spread her legs. I knelt down before her glistening mound. I wanted to dive inside her and the anticipation was killing me. I drove my tongue into her slick slit. I lapped up every morsel from her intoxicating cunt. Now I know what woman taste like from sucking men's rods after being fucked by them. And I know that we don't taste like sweet like ice cream but Candy's cunt was so sweet. She was juicing up a storm and I loved the taste of her and drank as much as I could from her fountain. I looked up at her and she was tweaking her hard nipples and biting her lower lips. Although I had never preformed this act before, I knew what felt good to me and I ate her accordingly. She loved it. She was already turned on while she was eating me out so it didn't take her long. "Baby, suck my tits!" she yelled to her husband. He placed his mouth on the closest one and suck greedily as I suck her pussy to the same degree. She began cursing and I felt a surge of wet slimy sweet pussy juice and then she came. She continued to scream fuck, fuck, fuck over and over until she slump back down. It was under 10 seconds before she told her husband to fuck her. He mounted her and banged her hard from the get go. I heard that bisexual girls have a tremendous sex drive more so than regular woman and Candy was proving that theory correct. She was a fuck machine. She came again in under a minute. This time she yelled fuck me, fuck me, fuck me until she collapsed again. Thomas was gently fucking her still when she pushed him off and told him to save it. Then she pulled me on top of her and we began to kiss again. "You were wonderful." she whispered. We continued making out and then she asked me if I wanted to sample her husband's cock. I wasn't sure if having him fuck me would cause any issues between us. Candy knew what I was thinking and she told me not to worry. "Baby, Beth would like you to fuck her now." she told him. She turned me on my back and continued kissing me as I felt him positioning himself between my legs. She instructed him to do a good job of fucking me and he started out nice and slow. It was an epic fuck session. His cock felt so good inside me as his wife and I made out. His pace picked up exactly as my excitement grew. They had probably done this many times and they knew when and how much was needed. I was going to cum again. "Honey?" he asked. Candy then asked me if I wanted Thomas to cum in my pussy or not. I told her I did but I didn't know if that would affect her going back down on me as I wanted her to eat me some more. She smiled and said, "Don't worry baby, I'll eat your sweet pussy whether it's full of cum or not." As soon as she finished saying that I cried, "Cum, cum in me." Thomas pumped me hard and faster and I felt him explode inside me. That triggered me cumming for the 2nd time tonight. I wrapped my legs around his waist and humped him hard. We came together and our desires began one. When Thomas finally pulled out I asked him to let me suck his cock. His cum covered dick tasted normal, not that I would have cared at this point if he was the one that ravaged me that night. I wanted to be part of this threesome for a long time to come. Candy was true to her word and she ate me out male cum and all. We fucked for another hour and Thomas even ass fucked me . He came in Candy's ass before we were done. I was oh so tired but I left before falling asleep with them. My pussy ached all the way home but it was oh so satisfied too. It wasn't Thomas so it had to be Dave. That mother ass fucker.

I slept late Saturday and all I could think about was our sexual tryst of last night. I still enjoyed cock but I wanted some more of Candy's sweet pussy. My pussy stayed wet the entire afternoon. As I was going over all this in my mind, I remembered how Candy had said 'the joy of having several thick cocks'. She didn't say cock but several cocks. I thought that was a little strange and I called her and told her I wanted to see her. She told me to come right over as Thomas was playing golf that afternoon. I jumped in the car and head straight over. She greeted me at the door with a great big wet kiss and asked me if I had missed her. I told her I did and I told her how much I enjoyed fucking her. She told me she could think about nothing else except what had happened last night. She said we're all alone and led me to the bedroom. It was if I had never left as we jumped in the bed and started fucking like a pair of rabbits. We did it a little different this time as she slid her cunt next to mind as we were sitting on the bed and we proceeded to grind our pussies together. It was just like fucking a man except with no penetration. Our slick labias slid up and down against one another and it was a like a shoving match to see who pussy could press harder against the other. The sounds of two women fucking each other filled the room and we both climaxed together and it was great. When we caught our breaths I asked her about what she had said. Oh, I said several? She smiled and then got up and turned on the TV. "I want you to watch something." she said. The homemade video came on just as she got back on the bed and straddled me from behind. Her nipples were drilling holes in my back and she wrapped her arms around my waist. The first thing I saw was the carpet as someone was turning the camera on. It then was raised to show two guys standing buck naked with their back side toward the camera. Someone was sitting on the edge of the bed but was obscured by the nearest dude. The camera man moved over to a position directly opposite and between the guys standing in front of the bed. As the camera panned over you could tell it was a girl with both her hands jerking off the two dudes. Her head was bobbing back and forth as she was sucking one of them. She pulled her head off the first cock and started to go fo....

"OMG! That's me." I yelled.

"Shhh, just keep watching and I'll explain everything." Candy whispered in my ear as she nibble on the nape of my neck.

I then began to suck the 2nd guy and I had seen that thick cock before. It was Jack's and the other guy was Thomas.

"How? Why? I don't remember this." I stated.

"They did put something in your drink but it was only to loosen you up some and I guess they over did it." Candy explained.

My eyes were half shut and you could tell that I was pretty fucked up. I tried sucking them both some more but my blow job was really sloppy and I was become more and more out of it. Jack dropped down and started to eat me. I began moaning and then I laid on my back and let him eat me out. After a short while I stopped moaning.

"Damn, she's passed out. " said Jack.

"Here let me try something." Thomas injected.

He got between my legs and slid his cock inside my cunt and gently began fucking me. The camera person moved right over us giving almost a POV shot. After a bit I began to moan again.

"This always gets the my wife going if she's had too much to drink." Thomas said.

But soon after I quit moaning and was passed out again.

"Let me try." Jack cried excitedly.

Jack took Thomas' place and he wasn't so gently. He was trying to fuck me awake but nothing was happening. The video panned to my face and my eyes were closed and my head was being rocked my the pounding that I was getting. My breasts quaked like jello with every stroke but still I didn't wake up.

"Were you filming this?" I asked Candy.

"No baby, I wasn't there." she replied and I wondered who was behind the camera..

"I need to fuck her harder." Jack stated.

He pulled my ass over the edge of the bed and pushed my legs almost to my chest. The camera person repositioned down to eye level with my pussy as Jack reinserted his thick dick. He began to plow me hard. I watched him drive all 8 inches of his massive cock into my cunt. I had never seen my pussy in action and I was mesmerized by how my pussy stretched to accommodate this huge cock. The camera angle got even closer and every ridge of his shaft was visible. He was plunging it in so deep that is balls were covering my asshole. Candy reached around and started humming as she began fingering my cunt. I have to admit that I was also getting turned on watching this epic penetration of my vagina. I never woke up and finally Jack stopped.

"She's not going to wake up." Jack announced.

There was only silence until Thomas said, "I don't know about you two but my balls are way past being blue. There damn near purple."

He rolled me over onto the middle of the bed on my stomach and elevated my backside with a couple of pillows. He got behind me and started fucking me doggie style. He wasn't gentle and measured this time. He wanted to get off. The camera caught it all as it moved to the end of the bed and continued filming. The only sounds were the squeaking of the bed and then some male grunting noises. It didn't take long as Thomas plunged one last deep stroke and then held perfectly still as he empty his load in my pussy. As soon as he pulled out Jack clamored onto the bed to take his place. Now Jack was not quiet at all. He commented the whole time he was fucking me. He too came rather quickly. One finally shove and his ass cheeks clinched up and he deposited a second load into my hammered cunt.

"Oh baby, take it, take it all." Jack cried out.

When he finished and got off the camera moved in for a close up. You saw a hand enter the scene and it pulled my legs farther apart. My pussy was a nasty mess. Then cum began to seep out and the hand tried to spread my ass apart. The white semen continue leaking out for a long time. After all it was two full loads. It ran down and formed a puddle on the sheets. The screen was filled back my backside slowly leaking cum. You could hear someone say hold this and the picture bobbled as the camera exchanged hands. It soon returned to filming my leaking cunt as someone climbed on the bed. And then the biggest cock I had ever seen appeared over my ass. Someone was lubing it up and then dropped the lube by my side. This cock was not only thicker than Jack's but it was at least an inch or two longer.

"Boys, I'm going to fuck her ass." he announced.

That was Dave's voice! So I was right! He straddle my butt without sitting down on me. He wiped his head up and down the crack of my ass and tried to put it in. It slipped and dove down across my pussy. He positioned it again and this time it squirted over the top of my butt. He tried again but it wouldn't go in. He dismount and picked up the lube and poured some on my brown button. He slid his index finger into my ass. He fingered my butt getting more and more lube inside me. Then he pour some more and worked his middle finger in too. After he worked his fingers in and out for a few seconds, he remounted me. He pressed his cock once more against my tight asshole and shoved, This time he hit paydirt.

"Damn, her ass is tight." Dave commented.

He tried again and then again and all he could get was only half. He shoved really hard and I let out a unconscious groan. I don't think I ever fully woke up but I groaned each time he shoved.

"Dave, she can't handle you. Let me loosen her up before you destroy her ass." Thomas said.

"My Dave is so sweet and considerate." Candy quipped.

Yeah, a regular Walter Raleigh, I thought sarcastically. Dave relented and Thomas got on top and entered my ass. At least he fuck me gently and he took his time. I never stirred as he drove his cock farther and farther up my ass.

"C'mon, hurry up. I want a piece of that tight ass." Jack implored.

It took Thomas a little longer this time but he finally came and once again Jack replaced him. Dave took a close up of Jack's thick cock fucking my ass and thank goodness that Thomas did go first. As you watched the video, you could see the girth of his cock sliding in and out of my ass. When you see a woman's tight asshole just before it takes a cock up it. You would think that there is no way its going to fit. But once the head of the cock slips by your sphincter then your ass spreads out and cover a man's cock like a snug fitting glove. And my ass was barely big enough for Jack's package. We both watched as his cock rocked my defenseless asshole until he plunged it in one last time.

"Her ass feels so fucking good." Jack cried and began squirting more gism in me.

He pumped another load in my ass and Dave just kept on filming. I don't know if they started feeling guilty after they had spent all their pent up hormones, both Thomas and Jack high tailed in out of there pretty quickly. It looked like Dave stayed as he positioned and focused the camera at the end of the bed. Then I watched the part that woke me up as he sodomized me with that enormous cock of his. His cock did wake me up. It was almost as painful watching him wear my ass out as it was to take it that night. His cock reamed my ass good. It's a wonder that my butt isn't permanently gaped after taking that huge shaft up it. We both watched him fuck my ass and then pull out and plunge it into my cunt but you already knew that. When I was moaning as he fucked my pussy, I could tell Candy was getting turned on as she began squeezing my breasts more vigorously. After he finished that pause at the end of the bed was him picking up the camera before he left. No wonder I was pissing cum out of my ass for so long. I had three loads filling my butt. The TV screen went blank. Candy started nibbling on my earlobes and whispered about how she could tell how much I enjoyed Dave huge cock inside my pussy. I had to admit it, he's cock was wonderful. She told me that her husband was a wonderful lover but nothing feels as good as Dave's thick dick. I asked her if she had fucked Dave and she told me lots of times. We were both getting hot talking about it and began necking some more. Candy pushed me down on the bed and positioned herself in a 69 session with her on top. I'm sure Thomas and her had watched this video of me several times before fucking each others brains out and now it was our turn to play. We both licked and sucked each other ravenously. I thought I heard a door shut off in the distance. I asked Candy did she heard it too. She told me it was just Thomas returning from the golf course. Our pussies were getting wetter and wetter as we were both approaching climax. I heard the bedroom door swing open but could not see anything as my face was covered with Candy's pussy. She stopped eating me and said, "Hi baby, how was your day?" "Don't stop now!" I pleaded. I was so close and she resumed eating me out. Thomas probably couldn't tell where one of us started and the other one ended as we ate each others pussies. We shrieked and moaned and then we both came together. We lay there after as we were just a pile of dripping pussies. When Candy finally rolled off of me, I saw Thomas, Jack and Dave standing at the bedroom door. They had been watching everything. I didn't know what to do or say. Candy took my hand and asked me, "Are you game for some hard cock?" I stared at her for a second or two and then a big smile came over my face. She turned to the guys and said, "Well are you all going to stand around all day or do you want to fuck some hot babes?" Clothes were flying across the room as if a tornado had just landed. Candy orchestrated everything, she quickly asked me if I had ever been fucked by two guys at the sane time and I told her I hadn't. She had Jack lay on the bed and told me to climb on top. Jack's cock filled me and I was in an immediate state of fuck lust. She told her husband to get some lube and take me from behind. She took Dave at the end of the bed right next to us and had him fuck her missionary with that lovely cock of his, that selfish bitch. She was going hot and heavy with Dave as I was still getting accustomed to being filled with two cocks. She was already thrashing around in her orgasm as I finally got into a rhythm with two cocks deep in my cunt and ass. This was my first DP and it was so special. If only once in your life, you have to experience having two cocks fucking you at the same time. I too came rather quickly and collapsed on top of Jack's chest. As I recovered I noticed Dave and Candy both smiling at me. His dick was still embedded in her cunt. Candy then told the boys not to cum yet and Thomas pulled out and I rolled off of Jack. Candy then crawled on top of Jack and began fucking him. She turned to her husband and said, "Fuck my ass, baby." She wanted some of that DP action. The slut was insatiable. Dave scooted next to me and kissed me. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. I dropped down next to his monster cock as I just had to see it up close. It looked like it was sculptured out of marble with its bulbous head and protruding veins. I licked the sides of his shaft before taking it down my throat. I sucked him long enough to get all of Candy's juices cleaned off of it. Now his cock seemed clean and pristin and I wanted it all to myself. I laid on my back and asked him to fuck me. Dave may have been an asshole at the office but he was so tender towards me today. He kissed me deeply before entering me with his lovely cock. It filled every part of me before finally pressing deep into the back of my womb. Then he began to fuck me slowly. I absolutely loved his cock. "Faster please," I gasped. He did as I asked. I concentrated only on the fucking he was giving me but could help notice how Candy was screaming at the top of her lungs as she came with the two of them hammering her cunt and ass. They also were grunting loudly as the empty their loads deep inside her. But I only had one cock to deal with and my guy had the biggest cock that was giving me the best fucking that I had ever experienced. "Can you forgive me?" Dave asked. I wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him close to me and whispered a simple yes. He fucked me hard and fast and I knew he was going to give up his seed. He literally exploded inside me and as his cum drenched the walls of my vagina. That set me off as well and I came too. I humped him back as hard as I could and he just continued pumping white hot gism inside me. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rocked me and it seemed like I came forever. When I finished cumming he was still not finished pouring his massive load into my pussy. The man could cum. He gave me a final couple of thrust and squeezed the last couple of drops of seed from his epic load before falling on top of me. I heard nothing but silience. But this party was far from over. Candy was a freaking nympho and the games were on. I later learned that she had called the guys just before I arrived. They hadn't even completed their round before leaving the course after only playing the first nine. Well before the afternoon was over they would get a full eighteen 'holes' in. I was fucked in all three orifices and multiple times. Needless to say everyone was satified including Candy. My values changed that day as work wasn't the only thing in my life. Dave is still an obnoxious jerk sometimes at the office but he has one attribute that more than makes up for it. We've been seeing each other regularly for the past couple of months as I do with Jack, Thomas and Candy. I even let Dave ass fuck me from time to time and he's still a pain in the ass.

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