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The boat party

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My wife and I recently attended our first swinger?s party. It was in Florida and it was on a boat/cruiser. It was a beautiful day; sunny 80 degrees. It started at 4:00 and the boat left the dock shortly after. The boat was nothing special, but it was clean and quiet. Everyone was naked, except the captain and the bartender. For my wife and I this was kind of out of the blue. We have shared a bit, but nothing on a grand scale. We didn?t know if we would be comfortable with it. There were probably 200 people on board, mostly older. We are in our early 50?s so that was OK with us. We are both fit, my wife looks great for her age; Brunette, blue eyes 5?1? 115lb,she has nice tit?s and a killer ass; she looks 35. As we made our way to the bar I noticed a lot of guys staring at my wife, I think she did too because her eraser head nipples were quite perky. Finally we got to the bar and started talking to Ted the bartender. They were limited on choices, I grabbed a vodka & soda, and my wife had the special punch as recommended by Ted.

About this time this older gentleman around 65 named Phil came over to talk to us. He was in very good shape, probably ex military. He quickly struck up a conversation with my wife. They were talking about dogs; I was subtly left out of the conversation. Phil was about 6? tall, this gave him a very commanding position over her. I started talking to Ted, wondering what his deal was. He said he was a local bartender and he does this for a few extra bucks and for laughs. Then he told me that in a few hours this place was going to be a shit show. We laughed; I grabbed another drink for myself and another punch special for my wife. By now she was talking to a guy named Steve, a short barrel-chested guy with a real thick cock. He had already gotten her another punch, which was close to being gone so she happily took the one that I had brought her. By now the drinks were flowing for everyone and the party had really begun. In one corner this short woman was blowing this large black man, in another, two guys were double teaming a woman who was totally three sheets to the wind.

Everything was now in full bloom, my wife had Steve, Mike and Tony talking to her. Steve kept rubbing her back; the men were now sporting half hardons. I went back to the bar grabbed another drink and shot the shit with Ted for a little bit. When I made my way back to my wife she was gone. The atmosphere really didn?t do anything for me so I just people watched. It was amazing what some women can do with 3-4 cocks. I went up to the top deck looking for my wife. I finally spotted her sitting in a lounge chair talking to Phil, the first guy we met. Phil was leaning against a pole so his dong was right in my wife?s face. He said something to her; she smiled and then started to stroke his cock. Obviously she was comfortable in this setting. I stood there and watched as she slowly rose to try and put Phil?s cock into her mouth. Phil was a good 9? and she was able to get the head of his cock into her mouth but that was all. I could see that she was enjoying this. She pumped her little fist up and down Phil?s large member while her mouth sucked his head. Finally Phil arched his back and shot his load. I could see my wife struggle to swallow all his cum and I think she did, because I could not see a drop on her chin. Phil smiled and moved on.

As Phil left, two smaller guys entered her space. They couldn?t have been more than 4?10?. One was Black, the other Hispanic. There were in very good shape. Both were hairless all over and had 6-7? cocks. One had another drink for my wife. They were laughing about something and my wife spilled some of her drink on her tits. The Black bent over and licked the drink off her nipple, this really set things off for my wife. She whispered something into his ear and they all headed down stairs. I followed at a safe distance, keeping the show in front of me. By the time I got downstairs I had lost them. Then Ted gave me a wave and pointed toward the restrooms. This was really turning me on now.

For some reason no one was ever near these bathrooms, there must have been others on the boat. Silently I looked in the ladies room, but there was no one there. Then I as I made my way to the men?s room I heard noises. The door was open just enough that I could see the large mirror on the wall and from that I could see what was going on. My wife was on her knees alternately sucking the little men?s cocks. She had a dazed look, probably from the sun and punch. The black guy made his way around her back side and planted his cock in her (I can only guess) sopping wet pussy. She let out a sigh as the Black man went to town on her. The Hispanic guy now had her by the head as he drove his cock into her mouth. Both guys had shit eating grins as they pounded my hot little wife. The Black guy pulled out and lay down on the ground. He commanded my wife to sit on his cock. She did what she was told and rode his pole. As I?m sure you guessed by now that the Hispanic guy positioned his cock right at her ass and in one quick move slid his 7? up her little brown hole. She let out a little gasp but was up for the ride. They were a well oiled machine, in out-in out, till finally the Hispanic guy pulled out. He grabbed my wife by the hair and shoved his ass cock into her mouth. To my amazement she sucked him dry, ass juice and all. The Black guy shot his load into her pussy and pumped his fist.

At that moment this big drunken guy pushed by me. He must have been 6?6?. He walked by the group and pissed like a race horse. As he turned from the urinal he revealed what must have been a 10? cock. It was funny to see him next to the 4?10? Hispanic guy. My wife was not sitting and regrouping. The big guy asked what was going on. The Black said that they just got done fucking this filthy little slut and he could have her now. Sounds good he said, with that he picked up my wife like a tooth pick and held her like a child as he work his cock into her pussy. This was different for my wife; I?m only 5?8? so this is not doable for us. There she was legs wrapped around this guy, arms around his neck riding this huge cock. He was balls deep into her and she kept rocking back and forth. Then he pulled out and began forcing his baseball bat sized cock up her ass. It was quite the sight as she tried to fend him off, but as soon as he got the head of his cock into her poop shoot she was all his. Slowly she slid down his fire pole till it must have been up her stomach. Then she started to ride it. 10? went in 10? came out; it was unbelievable she kept this up for 5 minutes, till finally she exploded in pleasure. She asked him to put her down and he did, but he still had this massive hard-on. He started to jerk off over her and when he looked as if he was going to cum my wife knelt right in front of him and took the load all over face and tits, then licked his cock and balls clean.

At this point I was going to jerk off, but this woman who just came out of the ladies room offered to blow me, it worked for me. I went back to bar and talked to Ted a bit. After 30 minutes my wife, who had cleaned up the best she could, found me. I asked her how her day was, she said she had talked to a few people and had fun. I said the same and we headed up to the top deck till the boat docked. Clearly my wife likes semen. In a few weeks we are taking another little cruise, hopefully I?ll have more stories.

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