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The Village

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As her baby blue eyes rolled back into her head, he pushed the massive head of his super thick nine inch cock past her outer lips stretching her vaginal muscles as he inched into her wet pussy. She screamed out with the sound of his balls slapping against her ass as he pushed the final few inches in hard and fast. Who would have thought that working at a retirement village could be so interesting? I’ve been in the fire service for a number of years and have gained a good medical background. So when I found out that a local retirement village was hiring part-time help, I applied for a change of pace and I also enjoy working with the elderly. The retirement home is more of a complex for the well to do with many buildings set in a secluded area. When I went for the interview, I was pleasantly surprised that the boss was a stunning blond of forty five years old dressed in a tight red dress with ample cleavage showing from what had to be double D’s. She has the long legs of a dancer that flow to a nice firm heart shaped ass. She introduced herself as Lisa as we sat down and discussed my background and experience. Her office was well furnished with leather chairs, a large couch, pictures of various people and a bank of monitors that scanned various parts of the complex. During the interview, she stressed the importance of privacy for the residents and the village many times which I thought was odd. I told her that working in the fire department, we are trained not to discuss any details concerning patient information or problems at the fire house outside of our units. Lisa seemed pleased with my answers and said she would call when she had made her decision. After a few days, I received a call from Lisa stating that she needed me to come back in for another meeting. The next day I arrived at her office a few minutes early and was told by her secretary that Lisa was in a special meeting and to wait for her. Twenty minutes later a well dressed man in his sixties departed from her office and smiled at me as he walked by. The secretary told me I could see Lisa then, she asked the elderly man whose name turned out to be Jack, when it was her turn as he smiled back at her and said maybe later as he left. When I walked into Lisa’s office I noticed that she had that “just been fucked look” about her, her dress was wrinkled, her hair was undone and there was a wet spot on the couch where her bra had been stuffed between the cushions. I sat down and asked her if this is what she meant by keeping things private with a grin, she blushed as she knew I had her. I figured that she had more to lose than I did as I took charge and told her I would take the job. She just nodded her head without saying a word as I picked up her bra and motioned her over to one of the big leather chairs. I told her that I would make a good employee as I lifted her dress up and told her to sit down. I knelt down between her legs to find a clean shaven pussy that was still gaping open as a little cum flowed out. I slid two fingers into her as I licked up and down her inner thighs. I could tell that Jack must have been huge as her pussy was well stretched as I slid a third finger into her. She started to pant as I teased her swollen clit with my tongue tasting the mix of cum that ran down my hand. She raised her legs across my shoulders as she pushed my face deeper into her wet pussy. I gently sucked on her clit as I slid my fingers deep into her as her breathing became harder with each thrust. She started to moan and buck her hips as I swirled my tongue into her clit until she gushed more cum down my hand. When I stood up, I pushed my wet fingers into her mouth telling her that next time she would be tasting my cum. She smiled as she said I would fit in at the village and that after cleaning up she would show me around. She explained that my job was to treat any injuries that didn’t require going to the hospital, regular blood pressure checks, assisting the nursing staff and overall care that was needed for the residents. I was to work the late shifts and when not caring for any medical needs, was to help with security around the complex. I started my first shift a couple nights later, just going over the records and schedules of the residents. I came across Jack’s file and learned that he had retired from the military, had a second career with a large brokerage firm where he retired from also. Jack is sixty seven years old but looks to be in his early fifties and in better shape than most people half his age. After looking through all the files I decided to explore the grounds and learn what the different buildings contained. While walking through the recreation building, I heard the scream as Jack made good his promise to Pam, Lisa’s secretary. Pam is a fiery redhead with pale skin covering her slim thirty year figure. Her B size tits are firm and perky with a small flower tattoo on her right shoulder. I saw Jack for the first time after he gave Lisa a good hard fucking in her office and wondered just how well endowed he was. Watching him from a concealed position, I saw his massive size as he toyed with Pam’s aching pussy. They were in the hot tub where he had her bent over the side, his hands were gripping her hips as he pulled his thick cock out and then slowly pushed just the head in before pulling out again. She was begging him to give her all nine inches between gasps of breath but he continued to tease her. After teasing her for awhile, he kneeled down and thrust his tongue deep inside her, tongue fucking her to moans of submission. Then he stood up and thrust his cock hard into her, she screamed out as his balls slapped her ass in a rapid secession of full length thrusts until her cum flooded around his cock. He then spun her around and parted her lips with his cum covered cock telling her he wanted to see her swallow his cum. She opened her mouth as wide as she could but was only able to suck his massive head in. He worked his cock in, stretching her mouth, with her eyes watering from his size, she sucked his head until he started bucking his hips. Jack groaned as his cock spasmed in size while over flowing cum spurted from around her lips as she swallowed hard. Jack pulled his softening cock from her lips, leaned down and gave her a passionate kiss as he wiped the water from around her eyes. Pam quickly dressed and left as Jack stayed in the hot tub. I waited a few minutes and walked into the room. Jack looked up and we introduced ourselves as he lit a cigar and started talking. I asked him if he was enjoying himself, he said you should know, you’ve been watching me for the last twenty minutes. We both started laughing as this was the start of a great friendship. We talked for a few hours as he told me a little of his past as I told him of mine. As I left him in the hot tub, I knew that he was the one to watch. The next morning, Sina my wife, asked how the night shift went. I told her about Jack and Pam describing how Jack had dominated Pam with his thick cock. Since Sina loves big cocks, I had to describe his cock in detail. I told her that he was as thick as a soda can and at least nine inches long, his cock had a large mushroomed shape with thick veins running down his shaft to his large balls that were shaved smooth. Sina smiled and said she would like to meet his cock sometime as she pulled my jeans down for a quickie before work. The next day I went to the village as we called it and started my evening by flirting with Lisa and Pam before they left for the night. Lisa said she was still waiting for the cum I had promised earlier as I smiled and told her, maybe Jack and I could give her a proper cum bath later in the hot tub. She laughed and said maybe we’ll just have an orgy and invite Pam and your wife too. I told her I was game anytime she was as I really wanted to feel her pussy around my hard cock. Later that night I noticed a strange car parked near the recreation building and heard music playing. I walked down and peaked into one of the windows to see what was going on. There was Jack, buck naked walking around the hot tub where two beautiful brunettes were waiting for him in the tub. I knew guests were not allowed this late but figured the show would be worth the trouble I would get in. I walked in and announced that since I would probably pay for his adventure, I was going to have a front row seat. Jack smiled and said that if the two ladies were able after he was through with them, maybe I could have the leftovers. I told Jack that if he had a heart attack and drowned in the hot tub, he was on his own. He laughed as he crawled between the ladies and they immediately started sharing his semi-hard cock. Both brunettes had large tits that bounced against each others as they sucked and licked his shaft. As they took turns sucking his cock, his shaft became hard and his mushroomed head swelled to full size. As much as they tried, they could only stretch their mouths wide enough to accommodate his massive head. Jack stroked his shaft as they shared his pre-cum between their dancing tongues waiting for him to fill their mouths with creamy white cum. Soon with each stroke and both tongues licking and sucking on his head, Jack groaned as thick streams of cum filled their mouths. Then Jack pushed their heads together to see them swap his cum while they kissed and sucked each others tongues clean until every drop of cum was swallowed. To reward them, he sat both ladies on the edge of the hot tub and proceeded to lick each pussy as deep as his tongue would allow. As I watched them, I couldn’t help but to pull my hard cock out. I’m nowhere near his thickness but share in his length. I was slowly stroking myself as Jack finger fucked one and tongue fucked the other. It didn’t take long before his thick cock started to swell again as he continued to toy with their wet pussies. I figured Jack had to have taken Viagra or something as he was recovering much to fast for a man of his age. I also thought it strange that no names were being used but I quickly forgot about the details as Jack soon moved them out of the tub and onto the floor. He lay down as the taller brunette straddled his face and the other straddled his hard cock. The ladies started to lustfully deep throat each other as the one straddling Jacks face ground her pussy into his face. The other one was having a hard time mounting his overly thick cock. She slowly inserted his head in but winced with pain and pulled off. She tried for some time until Jack needing to feel her tight pussy on his cock, quickly held her hips and thrust up into her. She screamed from the sudden pain and went pale as I thought she would pass out. The other brunette wrapped her arms around her and held her down as she ran her tongue deep into her mouth. After a few minutes, she slowly regained her color and tried to move her tight pussy on Jacks thick cock. She finally told the other brunette that it was to big and hurt to much to continue. She got up and slowly walked back to the hot tub. The brunette sitting on Jacks face quickly moved to his cock and mounted it, although slow at first, she pulled his cock in until his balls meet her ass. She was soon humping Jack with moans of pleasure as Jack thrust back making a slapping and sucking noise. She grunted with each stroke as she told Jack that his cock was the thickest she ever had. Jack suddenly grinned at me like a kid in a candy store, asked her if she wanted to make an extra fifty. She said sure as long as she didn’t have to give up his cock. Jack seeing my cock aching for some release motioned me over and said her ass is yours. She started to protest but Jack said he was paying for a good time and the customer is always right. She told me to grab her bag and give it to her. She pulled out some lube along with a condom and handed them to me. I quickly pulled the condom on then lubed her round ass up. She leaned forward as I pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She was tight as Jacks cock was thick enough for two cocks in the same space. It took awhile for her to relax enough to take both cocks but I finally was able to feel her ass against my balls. As we started to slowly fuck her, she moaned loudly at first until we really started to pound her. I could see the sweat running down her back as she was being stretched further than she thought possible. Her head was spinning as we held her up and thrust harder trying to out last each other. I could feel his thick head through her thin layer of skin with each stroke. The sensation of two cocks finally was more than she could take, I felt her ass tighten as she screamed out she was cumming. As she bucked us hard while having her orgasm, I felt Jacks cock pulsate against mine as he started to fill her pussy with cum. Feeling his cock against mine and her tight ass was to much for me as my legs went limp from a powerful orgasm. We retired back to the hot tub where Jack patted my shoulder and said “I guess you won’t let me drown now”. I said “that cock of yours should keep you afloat for days” as we both laughed. We soaked in the tub for a while until I had to make the nightly rounds. In talking with the brunettes I learned that they were high class ladies of the night. Jack had regular visits from the tall brunette but it was the first time for the other. I don’t think she will be back since she could hardly walk back to their car. I learned his regular lady was named Tabitha and knew I would be seeing her again. The ladies stayed another hour after I left, I’m sure Jack got his monies worth from them. When I got home Sina was waiting up, she loves to here about my nights and the activities. She really wants to meet Lisa, Pam and especially Jack. I think I’m going to like my part-time job and I can see many more adventures in the near future which I tell you about later.


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