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The Villa

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So we start our juorney threw the woods ... hiking upwards threw the tick bush ... we are alittle lost... we stumble unpon a camp site lfilled with people.. we thought nice maybe they could help us.. then we notice that the majoprity of the people are not wearing any clothes.. we thought thats strange but ok what eber ... so we head over to chat to one of the poeple and they said we are not welcome unless we remove all of our clothing... they told us thatthis was a nudist colony and if we were to stay we would have to play by there rules.. so we each went into seperate quarter to get undresed .. a few minutes pass by and we both come out in the buff. i look at you in disbeleive i couldn't imagine you being that perfect .. i was startint yget aroused... so i put my attention to the villa they had just behind the trees .. so you start to follow me over there and we relize that this was more then a nudist colony ... so we headed over to the villa and open the doors and we could not beleive our eyes there must have been 30 people having sex at the same time .. it was like the largest orgy we had ever seen .... so a man grab a hold of you and places you on your knees and sya you can have any man you want in here .. or if you would like you could try them all out to see what you like best ... so you were overwhellemed with such choise so you told the man i will start witrh yuo and if any one wants to join they are more then welcome too....... so you start to undoo his pants and reach your hand in to feel how much man hood he actualy had ... so you start to stroke it and it start to get bigger so you decide you would love a taste so you moisen your mouth and take him in soft and start to suck on him and he starts to grow in your mouth ... you sucked his cock for a bit and then took a good look at it and said wow can i feel that maasive cock in my tight little hole ... so he lays you on your back and places his cock on your puslating lips and pushes his very thick cock into your pussy .. as inch by inch goes in he can't help but sya my god i can feel the ripples of your pussy and then he finaly gets it all in and starts to pound your cunt like ther is no tomorow.... you look at him and ask omg how big it that and he replies my dear it is 8 thick inches ... so he continues to pound you .... so then i found myself in between a man and a woman they were kissing each other around me and her hands wer foundling my cock i started to get realy hard seeing these to kiss and then something realy strange happened she started to kiss me and so did he i didn't know what to think and she told me its ok we will be gentle with you ... so he grabs me by my cock and by this point i am so hard and he takes it into his mouth and start to give me one hell of a blow job.... she lays me on my back and places her sweet pussy ove my face and says now be a good boy and please me.. so i start to lick her pussy digging my tounge deep in her running my tounge up and down licking her tigh little ass and then she says do you like what he is doing to you .. and all i could was omg yes ... she says i wnat to sit on your hard swollen cock so she starts to heasd down there and he still has my cock in his mouth she begins to lick with him .. noe they are sharing me the pleasure is so intence and i am loving it... so then they stop sucking on me and he hold my cock nice and stilll ass she slowly lowers on to my cock and she is so tight it can bearly fit in and then my cock breaks threw her lips and i can feel the warmth ...and i almost cum with how he pussy feel but i can't i must please her .. so she starts to ride me.. and the guy come up and starts to kisss me passionately... and then it happens he takes his nice sized cock and pens my mouth and slowly slides it in ... and he has my head tilted back so that he can use my mouth like a pussy so he starts to stroke it in and out ..... mean while you are getting a good pounding by this guy and all of a sudden three othe rmen show up with their cock hanging out .. and you begin to suck on a ll of them .. and then you take all three together and push them all into you r mouth streching you lips around these beautiful cocks... so the guy decide to get you up and the on guy lays down on his back and asks you to sit on him so you were all for it you get right down there and slide his 6 inch cock into your soaked pussy as you ride him anothe rman comes up from behing and places his cock right at your ass and he says i will be gentle so he pushes his head into your tight assand he starts to pound you with his 7 inch cock in the ass he is very wide and your ass hurts a abit but its all good hurts.. so these to pound you DP the other mens circle around and start to jack off .. and then the one bends over and start to lick the others ass .. the one that is in your ass so he positions him self behind him with his 5 inch cock and slowley pushes into him and start to fuck him really hard so now it you with a cock in you r ass and inm you r pussy with another guy fucking huy doing you doggy so you have 4 way happening ... so every one is just fucking like mad you are enjoyimng everything being done and there are lot of other men around now stoking there cocks and ass you get pounded these guys start to cum all over the 4 of you's one after anothe royu are getting it all over you face and so are the guys ..... so after the guy are done cumming you say boys now it your turn and you get on your kness in front of all of them and open your mouth with your tounge stuck way out and they start to cum all over your face one after anither and then you are licking your lips tasting it all and then all 3 men come in because they want to share it with you and you all were kissing and then you guys just layed there from pure exaustion.. so as i get pounded in the mouth by this man she get off my cick and call s some other ladies over to help her make me cum and there nust have been 6 of them taking turns blowing me .. thats it i can't take any more so they stroke it and then my cum flies very hight in the air and cover about three of the women so they continue to lick it all up and all of a sudden the guy says i am going to cum!!!!! so he keeps pounding my throat and then with a final push he squirts all of his hot cum down my throat omg it was so intence .. so after awhile of sitting around chatting with them after wards .. we needed to be on our way so we got some phone number so we could do this all over again... very soon .. THE END

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