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The Vacation - Part 1

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Neil had planned this vacation for several months and I knew he needed to get away. The stress of everyday life wears on a person and he was getting more and more edgy everyday. Finally the day of our vactation arrived. We boarded the plan in San Francisco for our flight down to Cancun. Before I go anyfurther pleaase remember that I am 44 and Neil is 54 and we have been married for 20 years.

We landed in Cancun about 3:00 in the afternoon. What surprised us the most was the number of college students in the airpot and then we both realized that somehow our travel agent booked us into the Dreams Resort.

While checking into we were impressed with the number of good looking college students, both male and female. I knew Neil was hungering after some of the young hard bodies whose bikinis bearly covered their nipples let alone their shaved pussy. I must admit I was envious of the days with those hard bodies. After the long flight we went up to our room and as is typical of poeple or age, we both took a nice nap.....although I was hoping for some vacation sex.

After about two hours we got up and went down to explore the resort. The pool was fantastic and the bars were loaded with young people in various states of intoxication. The kids were kissing and feeling each other up and down..god to be young like that....

After an hour of walking around the resort we decided on dinner plans and the first night of our vacation. We settled on the Asian resturant for dinner and went down there about 8:00 PM. Dinner was nice and I was feeling fine. After dinner we went to one of the lcoal clubs for a night of dancing.

This is when it became interesting. I was dressed in a blue strapless dress that clung tight to my breasts and was short. My panties were little more then a string bikini that I would never wear out in public. Neil was dresed in white pants and a Tommy Bamhama shirt that I always loved. Black with a tan palm tree on the back. The black showed off his wonderful gray hair. When we got inot the club we felt like the oldest people in the world. The club was very good to us and we were sitted in the back at a nice table where we could see the dance floor and the people. It was not about 10:30 and Neil and I went to the dance floor. We soon learned to dirty dance just like the young people on the floor and had a great time.

After about 45 mintues of dancing we went back to have another drink and watch. Well, the table next to us contained 2 of the cutest guys I had seen all day and they had girls with them that were blond and well, neil said they werer sexy also. We began a converstation with them and discovered they were staying at the same resort as us. They werein the pyrimad buildign and we were in the tower buidlign and we began comparing rooms. Neil had booked aroom with an ocean view and actually ahd two bedrooms. Ours with the king bed and the other romm had two twin beds. There were two balconies on and well just a great room. There rooms were not as snice but that was to be expected. After awhile one of the guys, Jack, asked be to dance and I was happy to oblige.

Jack had me on the dance floor and well it did not take long but his hands were on my ass and pulling be close to him whne we danced. He was very good, and was able to dance low nd his head kept ending up at my crotch.....oh god I kept thinking. Well. not really to my surprise, Julie had taken Neil to the dance floor and was doing the same thing to Neil. I swear I could see a bludge in Neil's pants. Some times Julie would dance behind him realclose and move her hands down from his shoulders to his thighs. I know she stopped and felt his cock and I knew it was getting hard. It was now approching 1:00 AM and we said that we needed to head back. We agreed to go back togehter.

Well, the next thing was that Neil suggested they come up to our room and see the carribean from our balcony. They all agreed. Neil had ordered tequilla and beer earlier in the day and when the boys walked in asked if they could have a beer. Well, somehow it turned into to tequilla shots. and that is when thenight turned oh so fun. All six of us were on the balcony and Niel kissed em deeply and said thanks for all the fun. The next thing I knew Jack put his arms around me and kissed me for dancing with him. Julie seeing Jack kiss me walked up to Neil and kissed him. Julie then took Neils hands and placed them on her breasts. Now, I have 44 year old 34 C's, that loook pretty damn good. Julie took another shot of tequilla and pulled down her top and showed everyone here 32 Bs. Well, I pulled down my dress top and showed them all my34C's. Not to be outdone, Stacy pulled up her top and showed us all her 38 Ds. (I kew I hated that bitch). LOL.

Well we all began dancing, topless iwth our partners and before long, Jack left Julie and began dancing with me and Julie began dancing with Neil Julie kept rubbing Niels crotch and I knew he had popped some Viagra a little earlier and he was responding. Jack had no problem repsondingto my touch and Stacy and no problem arousing her boyfriend Thad. I don't know who did what first, but the next thing I knew Neil, Jack and Thad were all standing next to the rail on the balacony unzipping thier pants and pulling out their dicks. All were hardand very tempting. HEre is my 54 year old husband pulling out his cock with two 23 year old college students. Well going down the line, Neil is a good 6 1/2 inches with a small head but a nice thick base, Jack was about the same but he had more of a mushroom head and curved alot more then Neil's. That leaves Thad. Thad's had to be every bit of 8 inches and thick. His balls hung down I swear to his knees and OMG, if you like big dicks and nice balls, this mand was blessed. Before long Julie dropped her clothes was dancing in her panties, STacy did the same and not wanting to be lfet out, I did the same. Stacy was totally shaved, Julie had a neatly trimmed bush to fit her bikini, and I had a nice little landing strip.

Well, that leads to the rest of story.......

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