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The Trapeze Club

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I was just finishing choir rehearsal. It was a Thursday evening. We were practicing for our upcoming spring concert. After leaving the rehearsal room, I walk across the parking lot and got into my BMW.

It was a long day and I had not had any dinner yet. In fact, I had nothing to eat since lunch. I know that I shouldn?t be eating this late. It was now 10pm. Fortunately there was a small neighborhood bar not far from our rehearsal location. I have eaten there once before and the food was ?better than marginal? and they had a fairly reasonable selection of wines by the glass.

I walked in and to the bar area. It was fairly empty except for a two couples and a brunet with long hair with her back to me. She looked familiar so I walked up to the stool next to her and sat down. I was correct; she was Holly a second soprano in my choir. She was new to the choir and has only been to a few rehearsals.

?Hello Holly,? I said smiling looking at her. I think I startled her as she was finishing up a glass of white wine.

?Hello?, she replied wiping her lips with a napkin.

?Who you mind if I sit here and keep you company??

?No, please. I would welcome company? she replied.

Holly was about five foot four with long light brown hair. I guess her age to be about 47. She was thin and attractive in a conservative way with lovely blue eyes. She was wearing a cream colored top and loose fitting khaki slacks.

?My name is Jack,? I was not sure if she knew my name or not. ?I am in the baritone section.?

?Yes I new that.? She said with a smile. ?Grabbing some late dinner as well??

?Yes. No time to eat before rehearsal.?

The bartender came over at that moment with Holly?s salad and ask me what I wanted to drink. I responded that I would have the steak tips medium rare and a glass of the house ?cab?.

?Can I get you another glass of wine?? I asked Holly.

?Sure, yes that would me nice. Yes thanks.? She responded. She seemed a bit nervous and shy.

I asked the bartender to bring her another glass of white wine she was drinking.

We chatted over dinner. Holly had moved from Columbus Ohio six months earlier. She was a fourth grade school teacher. She had no children was divorced for 10 years. Throughout our conversation she looked down at her salad avoiding eye contact. Her voice was quiet and it was difficult to hear her at times over the sound of the bar TV. She was finishing her third glass of wine and I had just finished my steak tips. I asked her if he would like another drink. She rolled her eyes up and looked down again at her finished salad and smiled.

?I probably shouldn?t, but OK. Thank would be nice.? This time she smiled at me and looked into my eyes for a couple seconds before looking at the back of the bar. I noticed that she really had lovely eyes.

I order the fourth glass of wine for her and another for me, my third. The bar was empty except for the two of us. It was about 11:30.

She took the first sip from her freshly refilled glass and asked quite suddenly, ?Jack are you single??

?Divorced. 8 years. I have 2 girls 17 and 20. They live with my ex back in Connecticut.?

She giggled, smiled, and some of the wine sloshed over the rim of her glass.

?What?s so funny?? I asked.

?Well, to be honest, I thought you were gay.?

I laughed. ?You know not all men who sing in the choir are gay. I fact there are at least four of us who are straight.? I paused slightly, ?I think.? I added with a broad grin.

She laughed again. She did have a very nice smile and beautiful eyes.

?An honest mistake.? She said. ?You are way too cute to be a straight baritone.?

?Well thank you. I think?? I replied with a smile.

?And you look like such a boy scout.? She added with a laugh. Her eyes twinkling.

?Hey, wait one minute. I am not a boy scout.? I said with a mock distain. ?If only you knew me better you would think differently.?

With that the conversation took a more personal turn. We were both a little buzzed by the wine and conversation flowed openly.

Holly had broken up with her last boyfriend a year prior and that was one of the reasons for her move to Florida to start a new chapter of her life. She dominated this part of the conversation and her initial shyness was melted away by the alcohol. Her husband was abusive and had many affairs. He belittled her looks and barely touched her during the course of their 17 year marriage. Her last boyfriend had not been much better. He was a workaholic and had a prostrate problem that left him basically impotent. She shared that she was very sexually frustrated but had trouble meeting ?nice men?.

?Like you.? She ended with more than a bit of a slur.

?Remember I told you that I was not THAT nice. No boy scout here.?

?Come on. I don?t believe you.? She continued.

Then I made what should have been a mistake, but the wine was taking through me. ?Well have you ever been to a nude beach??

She shook her head no.

?I have.? I added. ?Have you ever made love in a public place?

Again she shook her head.

?I have.?

?Well that is not really all THAT bad.? She added, again slurring her words.

I had to keep my voice down to keep the bartender from overhearing. Unfortunately the wine had fully control of my tongue. ?Well have you ever had sex with multiple partners at the same time? And have you ever been to a swingers club??

Now I knew I shocked her. Her mouth was open, her head steady and her eyes were fixed on mine with a serious look.

A couple seconds later she whispered, ?Really??

?I probably should not have shared that with you.? I said, at the same time I was thinking that if this got around the choir it would not be good.

?I am not judgmental.? She said in a low serious tone. How did you get involved in something like that??

Well ?in for a penny, in for a pound?, I thought. I spent the next half hour and another glass of wine each telling her about my swinging experience to date. My last serious girlfriend was an experienced swinger and it had always been a fantasy of mine, so she introduced me to it. We had gone to the Tr*peze Club in Fort Lauderdale it was well known as one of the nicest clubs in the States. Holly continued to listen in fascination; I, however, began to feel uncomfortable sharing all the details with her.

During the entire conversation her face was stoic and I couldn?t read her thoughts.

The bartender came over and indicated that he needed to close up and asked us to settle up our tab. The tab was much higher than I expected. All those drinks added up.

?I don?t think you should be driving home. Can I call you a cab?? I asked Holly as we walked out the door. She was definitely staggering.

?No need.? She said, having trouble speaking and I had a hard time understanding her. ?I live just down the block from here.? She continued.

I walked her home. She lived in a nice little condo on the fifth floor. I helped her open the door with her key.

Just before entering her apartment she said in very slurred speech, ?Jack can you take me there.?

The wine was making my mind a bit slow. ?Where?? I asked.

?You know? that Topessie Club.? And with that she pulled me to her and pressed her lips to mine and kissed me longingly. Her tongue pushed past my lips and mingled with mine. She was having trouble standing and she almost fell though the threshold.

I caught her and helped her though the doorway. ?You need to get some sleep. You have school tomorrow and I think you will not be too please with me at 5:30am when you need to get ready.

?Stay?? she whispered. She was nearly passing out.

?Not tonight. Thank you.? I said in a soft voice. I guess there was some boy scout in me after all I thought. ?Can I get a rain check??

She shook her head yes, her eyes were half closed, and I walked her into her bedroom. I got her on top of the bed and she immediately pasted out.

I locked her front door and left. Walking back to my car, I considered my options and decided that a cab would, in this case, definitely be the better approach.

20 minutes later I was in my own condo. I quickly strip off my clothes, took 4 aspirins and as much water as I could drink, and fell face first onto my bed. I had my own meetings the next morning and I was sure that I was not going to like my ?wake up call? either.


The next morning I was suffering a bit. I generally don?t drink that much and the alcohol effects me more as I am getting older. I thought about the night before and wondered how Holly was doing. It was 8am and she would hopefully be already in school. I hadn?t thought to get her phone number the night before so there would be no way to reach her. I liked Holly and hoped I hadn?t stepped across the line. What people say and do after several glasses of wine, is not always a reflection of their true personality and nature.

I would have to wait until rehearsal next week to talk with her again.


I thought about Holly and our conversation all that next week. She was really my type, sweet and innocent with a sensual side which I don?t think she had ever fully explored. And she did have those lovely eyes and a great smile.

Thursday final came around again. I came from an earlier business meeting so I was a bit late and the rehearsal had already begun. I waked in and saw Holly sitting with the other second sopranos in the third row. She looked up at me and then she immediately looked back down at her music. No smile crossed her face.

?Nuts?, I thought to myself. Sober reality has set in. I think I made a mess of this opportunity.

I sat down with my section and pulled the music out of my bag and began to sing with the rest of the choir. I occasionally looked over at Holly but I could not catch her eye during the rest of the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal ended, I looked over at Holly and she was chatting with a couple other women in her section. I decided that maybe the best course was to walk to my car and go home rather than waiting to talk with her.

I left the rehearsal room and was almost to my car when I heard ?Jack, do you have a second?? form behind me.

As I turned I saw Holly finishing her short run to catch me at my car.

?Hello Holly.? I said. ?I wanted to say hello to you after rehearsal, but you looked like you were involved in a conversation and I didn?t want to interrupt.?

?Oh no. We were just talking about one of the concert dates coming up. I wanted to break a way and catch you before you left.? She looked around her to see if anyone was in earshot and lowered her voice. ?Jack, just wanted you to know how embarrassed I am at my behavior last week. I had a bit too much wine and wanted to let you know that I hope I did not say anything that you found?? she searched for the word. ?Inappropriate.?

?Absolutely not!? I responded with a board smile.

She immediately broke into a wide smile and her eyes twinkled in the reflection of the parking lot lights.

I continued, ?And I hope I had not stepped over the line in my conversation. I also had a lot to drink and shared some things that maybe I should have kept unsaid.?

In response she gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, ?I am very glad you?re not a boy scout.?

She remembered. I hugged her back and said, ?Would you like to have dinner with me on Saturday??

She pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes and with a wonderful grin replied, ?I would really love to.?

We exchanged phone numbers and I walked her to her car and watched her drive a way. I was really looking forward to Saturday evening.


Saturday did not come quick enough. I arrange to pick up Holly at her condo at 7:30pm. I went to her door and knocked. She opened the door gave me an immediate hug and a lingering kiss.

?You keep that up and I am not sure we will get to dinner.? I said though my broad smile. That kiss nearly made me dizzy.

As I recovered, I noticed just how absolutely beautiful she looked. She had a cream-colored sundress on with strappy high heeled light brown shoes. I don?t remember seeing her in a dress before. She had amazing legs; absolutely terrific calves.

?Wow you look great!? I said as I eyed her from head to toe. ?I am certainly a lucky guy to have such an attractive date.?

She blushed and looked down. ?Come on let?s go? she said.

She picked up very large bag which served as a purse and locked the door. As we went to my car I was a bit puzzled. The rest of her outfit was so perfect. ?Why carry such a large bag?? I wondered.


I had made reservations in a lovely little seafood restaurant just North of Fort Lauderdale near the beach. We had a wonderful meal and a bottle of wine. We talked about her childhood, music and traveling. She had not traveled as extensively as I had, but we shared a number of the same overseas destinations.

As we waited for our bill she leaned over the table and held my hand and said. ?Jack you know that club you told me about? I really want you to take me there.?

I was struck speechless for a couple seconds. I replied, ?Sure, if you want to. We can go there sometime.?

?Tonight.? She shot back quickly. ?Let?s go there tonight.?

I looked into her eyes. She was serious.

?Are you sure?? I stammered. ?It is a bit of a? for someone who has never done anything like??

She squeezed my hand and lean over to plant another of those heart stopping kisses on my lips, followed by her delicately probing tongue.

?I am VERY sure.? She said as the waiter arrived with our check. ?I need to powder my nose. I will meet you at the car OK??

I nodded and she got up and went to the ladies room which was located near the entrance. I gave the waiter my credit card to pay for the meal.

He returned with my card a few minutes later. I wrote in the tip and signed the receipt. I got up from the table and cross over to the front door. Holly was not there. I went out the door and headed to my car which was parked nearby. She was not there either. I turned around and began to head back to the restaurant. As I looked back at the front door my heart almost stopped.

There was Holly in a tight short light-brown metallic sexy dress. The hem went up revealing two-thirds of her thighs. The dress top was tied around the back of her neck and the strips of material in the front barely concealed both of her breasts, and plunged down below her belly button. She had those same sexy strappy shoes on but they looked completely different with this outfit. She was still carrying the large handbag in one hand but over her shoulder was a small evening purse on a long brass colored thin chain.

?Well how do I look?? she did a slow 360 turn modeling her new outfit.

The back of the dress was also cut down far enough to almost show the crack in her ass. She looked so hot. Very hot!

?You look fucking good. Pardon my French.? I said starring at this incredible vision.

?Good. I am glad. I wanted to look sexy for you.? She said with an impish smile on her face.

She walked up to me and embraced me and kissed me deeply. During the embrace I noticed two things. First, she was either wearing thong underwear or none at all and second, her lovely breasts I now guessed were about a ?C? cup and strained to slip out of their thin metallic strip retainers.

?Let?s go?, she said handing me the large bag which I understood now must contain the cream colored dress.

I put the bag in the trunk of my BMW and off we went to Sample Road.


In the car I had to explain that the Tr*peze Club was A BYOB place. Which meant I had to stop at a wine store, and I bought a couple bottles of Champaign and another bottle of red and white wine.

All the way to the club Holly kissed my neck and put her hands between my legs teasing my cock and causing it to expand in my slacks. She was slightly buzzed but certainly not drunk.

We pulled into the parking lot to valet my car and I turned to her and said, ?Are you sure? You can still back out now.?

She responded with a smile and by simply getting out of the car as the valet opened the door.

There were two Bentleys, a Rolls and a Lamborghini parked just outside the front door. It took a couple minutes to check in. My membership had elapsed several months prior and I need to renew my membership. Being a Saturday night, is was very crowded already.

The hostess at the front dress put labels with my membership number on the bottles we brought with us, they attached plastic bands wrist to our wrists, and we entered the club.


The only downside with the ?Trap? is they allow smoking unlike a regular restaurant. So there was a bit of smoke in the air. We found two seats at the back bar and gave the female bartender our two bottles of Champaign and the wine we brought.

I asked for two glasses on Champaign and we sat down and began to watch the crowd. It was a mixed group; all ages, body types and nationalities. The dance floor was full and 4 flat screen TVs around the dance floor area were displaying a porno film. A female actress (Could you really call them actresses? I wondered.) was sucking on a white guys massive 12 inch erect cock.

The TV located at the front bar had some sports station on and a couple guys were watching it as their wives talked and interacted affectionately behind them.

Holly immediately drained her first glass of Champaign and asked for another.

?Slow down.? I said, while stroking her back. ?It is no fun if you fall asleep.?

?Still just a bit nervous I guess?, was her reply.

?Let?s dance.? I suggested.

Holly put down her second glass of Champaign and followed me onto the dance floor. We worked our way to the center and found a place to dance. It was some kind of Latin song I did not recognize.

Holly was an incredible dancer. On the dance floor she told me she had taken dance for years and had considered, at one time early in her life, going into dance professionally. Her well sculptured muscular calves made sense to me now.

She turned around and put her back against my chest and we continued to danced to the music, all the time my cock grew harder against her nice firm ass. My hands moved slowly from her shoulders, delicately over her breasts, down her tummy and to each side of her belly button. She turned her head to kiss me and I heard her release a slight moan.

In front of Holly, an attractive woman with shortish gray hair in her late 40s or early 50s was dancing with a slightly overweight woman in her mid 30s. The woman with the gray hair was watching Holly with interest. At one point, when Holly and I turned to dance facing each other, the grayed hair woman brushed against Holly?s back suggestively.

We finished dancing a couple more songs and headed back to our drinks at the bar. I asked Holly if she was having a good time and she responded by taking a mouthful of Champaign, kissing me and exchanging the bubbling liquid between our two mouths. Again she surprised me.

I kissed her neck and felt up her thigh. Well, mystery solved. She was wearing a micro thong and she was already very wet.

After another couple sips of Champaign I asked, ?Have you ever been with another woman??

She reacted in surprise, ?Of course not.?

?Ever think about it?? I continued.

She looked in my eyes with a serious look which broke into that impish grin and replied, ?Of course.?

She winked at me and took another shallow of Champaign.

Just then the woman with the gray hair appeared next to us with a handsome man in early 40s with blond hair and an amazing suntan.

?G?dye? he said holding out his hand. ?I am Paul.? in what I immediately recognized as an Australian accent ?and this is my wife Barbara.? he motioned to the very attractive slightly older woman in the grey hair.

?Nice to meet you. My name is Jack and this is Holly.?

We exchanged handshakes and kisses on the cheeks. Paul and Barbara were from Sydney and were in South Florida on Holiday. He was a CFO for a medium sized firm producing some kind of medical filters. Barbara, as it turned out, was also a teacher, but for secondary school students.

Paul and I continued to chat about finance and politics. Barbara made it clear she was there to dance ?not learn about the stock market? and grabbed Holly?s hand and headed for the dance floor. Paul and I continued to talk. I kept an eye on Holly as well. She was very sexy and a great dancer. After a couple fast songs the DJ played a slower tempo song and she and Barbara danced in couple fashion. I watched as Barbara?s hands brushed down Holly?s back down to her ass.

Paul winked at me and said, ?Very attractive girl. You are a lucky guy.?

?I can say the same about you. Barbara is a very attractive lady.? I replied.

We toasted those observations with a couple glass of Champaign and we watched the girls come back hand and hand to the bar.

It was now about 12:30 am and Paul looked at his watch and said. ?It is about time for us to head to the back. Will you be joining us??

Holly looked at me with a slightly puzzled expression.

?In a few minutes.? I said. ?It is up to Holly.?

Paul smiled and kissed Holly on the cheek. Barbara came up to me and kissed me full on my lips and gave me her tongue. I watched Holly?s reaction. There was no surprise; more like fascination. Barbara then went up to kiss Holly. She kissed Holly full on the lips passionately using her tongue. Holly reciprocated putting her right hand behind Barbara?s neck to hold her as they kissed. Well that is another surprise I thought.

After Paul and Barbara had left, Holly turned to me and asked, ?Where did Paul and Barbara go? What is in the ?back???

?Well that is where the private and group rooms are. That is where most of the ?activities? happen.? I explained.

?Not here?? she asked.

?There might be some limited activity in the main club room later, but not normally very much.?

Holly took the last swallow of her drink and said, ?Well let?s get to the back then.?

Holly took my hand and lead me to the back of the club were there was a double door to a back room. Where men and woman were walking around with white bath towels rapped around their bodies. I told one of the attendants we need a locker and he lead us back to an area with benches and metal lockers similar to what you might find in any gym locker room. He opened a locker door and left. We were surrounded by 5 other couples in various stages of disrobing.

?What happens next?? Holly asked as she looked around the small area.

?Well we take all our clothes off here. You can leave your shoes on if you want.? I answered. ?We put them in this locker.?

She kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear, ?Here goes.?

She reached behind her neck and untied the back of her dress. She slowly allowed the straps in front of her breasts to fall and I watched her as she pulled the tight dress bottom over her hips and ass, and down her legs. She stepped out of the dress and I stared at this very attractive woman in a cream-colored mini thong. Looking into my eyes she used both hands to pull down the thong down her hips revealing a waxed pussy with just a two inches long half inch wide tightly groomed landing strip.

?Disappointed?? she asked with a serious expression. ?I had this done today especially for you.?

I smiled broadly and said, ?You are an incredibly beautiful and very sexy lady. I am very lucky.?

She smiled back and then said, ?OK your turn. Let?s see what you got.?

I quickly stripped and put my clothes in the locker along with my shoes. When I finished she noticed my half erect cock and step close to me and took her hand and grab it gently and she whispered in my ear. ?I get that first. Agreed??

I kissed her deeply on the lips and replied, ?Yes, and I have you first. Agreed??

?Absolutely.? She moaned as I gently touched her nipples with my finger tips.

We put our towels on and locked the locker with our clothes and went into the back of the club.

In the back area of the Tr*peze there is another bar. Everyone in this area, except for the staff, were rapped in white bath towels. I guided Holly over to a stool at the bar and asked the bartender to have our two remaining bottles of wine (white and red) sent from the front bar to this bar. I gave my membership number that would identify the bottles.

In the area next to the bar there were large modern leather chairs with couples seated on them. TV monitors continued to broadcast porn.

We both watched the couple nearbywhere a half bald man in his mid thirties received a blowjob from his black girlfriend. While another man reached under her towel to play with her.

?Amazing? Holly said as she sipped from her plastic cup of water. The club wisely did not glass in this area of the club.

?The most important rule.? I said to Holly as I held both of her hands in mind. ?You do ONLY what you are comfortable with. If you don?t want to do something, simply say ?no? and let me know.?

?I will. Thanks Jack.? She leaned over and gave me a kiss.

Holly noticed a couple coming from an area behind the bar area and to the right.

?What is back there?? she asked

?That is the group room. An area for multiple couples to mingle together.? I answered cryptically.

?Can we take a look??

?Sure.? I said.

We adjusted out towels and when to the group room. In this area there were about eight large beds/mattresses laid next to each other down the room. There was a narrow space at the foot of the mattresses to walk and couches stretch parallel to the mattresses for people to sit and watch the activities in front of them. There were about six couple on the mattresses and another 10 couples on the couch watching.

Holly led me down the aisle and we stopped in front of Barbara and Paul. They were on the mattress and Barbara was on her back head toward the wall and Paul was fucking her missionary style. They did see us come in and Holly chose two seats on the couch right in front of them.

I had not noticed how ?built? Paul was. He wore a loose fitting shirt in the bar and it did not reveal is muscular upper body. Barbara also had nice legs but not as nice as Holly?s. I was pretty sure she had breast implants as she sported a couple very large breasts that were uncommonly firm for her age.

We watch them fuck for several minutes, and they changed positions. Paul was now fucking Barbara from behind doggy style. Barbara placed her palms against the wall in front of the bed as Paul pounded her from behind. During this period Holly had reach under my towel and began to stoke my increasing growing member. They had not notice us watching them yet. I at the same time was gently caressing Holly?s inner upper thigh making short temporary side trips to rub the lips of her wet soaking pussy.

Barbara and Paul changed positions again. This time Paul was on his back on the bottom head toward the wall. Barbara put her pussy on Paul?s face and began to massage is 8 inch member. She looked up and saw me and Holly across from them on the couch watching them. She smiled and beckoned us to join them with her curled pointing finger.

Holly did not need a second invitation. She let go of my cock and grabbed my hand to lead me to the spot on the mattresses next to Paul and Barbara. I pulled off our towels and laid them on top of the mattresses and laid down parallel to our new friends. Holly was between me and the Barbara and Paul in the 69 position.

Almost immediately Barbara began stroking Holly?s thighs while sucking her husband cock. I turned sideways and began kissing Holly deeply and slowly.

Paul noticed Holly next to him and said, ?Glad you two could join us.? He then began to touch Holly?s left breast with his right hand.

Holly moaned softly as Barbara began to probe Holly?s pussy with her fingers. I moved down Holly?s chest kissing her breasts and licking her nipples which were becoming very hard.

Holly got up and assumed a position similar as Barbara was on Paul. Her wet pussy hung just over my face and I greedily began to lick her juices from the outside of her lips. At the same time Holly began to lick the end of my penis. She would kiss the tip and push her lips right over the head sucking briefly, and pull back to continue the pattern. Each time she would take me a bit deeper. At the same time Barbara had taken put her hand around the bottom of my cock and was stroking it and fondling my balls. This was making me so hard and crazy that I was sure if she kept this up I would not last much longer.

I rolled Holly over to her side and pulled her up to kiss me.

?I want you now. I want to feel your pussy around my cock. Right now.? I said into her ear.

?Fuck me now. Please fuck me.? is all she said in response.

I didn?t need any more encouragement. I put Holly on her back and I positioned myself on top of her. I looked into her eyes and kissed her.

Holly?s hands were both holding my swollen organ and positioning it for entry.

?Now Jack. Take me.? She said as she pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

I slid into that wonderful wet, tight, hot pussy and slowly began to move back and forth; in and out. Holly closed her eyes and began to moan again softly. Barbara had changed positions and was now rubbing and kissing Holly?s breasts. Barbara moved up Holly?s chest and neck and began to kiss her deeply on the mouth. Holly put both of her hands around Barbara?s neck and returned the passionate kiss.

Paul was busy having his cock sucked by a female oriental twenty-something with long back hair. I assume the young woman was from the couple I saw to his left when we sat on the couch earlier.

I was concentrating on enjoying each long stroke inside Holly. Holly now had her legs over both my shoulders and this allowed me to penetrate deeply with each stroke. Her moans became a bit louder and all of a sudden her body shuddered, she shook her head back and forth several times, and gasped. I knew she climaxed.

I slowed down my pace and made a couple slow deep thrusts to extend her sensitivity.

I leaned over to kiss her on the month deeply.

?Happy?? I asked.

?Yes? she said softly as she open her eyes. ?Now it is your turn.?

?No hurry I said. Women have a least one significant advantages over men.? I waited a couple seconds and added ?multiple orgasms?.

Holly laughed and kiss me deeply again.

I withdrew my cock and I new that I could not stretch this out much longer. I turned Holly over to keel on the edge of the bed as I entered her doggy style. Barbara positioned herself in front of Holly, Barbara?s pussy on the mattress in front of Holly. As I began to take Holly from the rear, Holly bent her head down to put her head between Barbara?s legs. Holly began to lick Barbara as Barbara pulled the nipples on her own breast. Paul was now fucking the young oriental girl while she sucked the cock of her male partner.

God this was great. I continued to fuck Holly doggy style for another couple minutes until Holly had another orgasm. Now it was time to finish this session off.

I with drew from Holly?s pussy and position myself on my back. I whispered to Holly. ?I want you to ride me ?reserve cowboy?.?

?What is that?? she asked with a puzzled look.

?You get on top of me facing my feet. Your ass toward my face.?

?No problem.? She smiled and positioned herself accordingly.

As we began to fuck, a handsome Hispanic man from the couple that was on our left began to play with Holly?s breasts. As Holly continued to ride me in my pleasure, the handsome Hispanic man knelt on both sides of my legs just in front of Holly?s. His erect 6 inch cock in front of Holly?s face. Holly began to stock his member and then took it in her month and began to give him a blow job as she continued to ride my throbbing cock.

Just when I thought it could get any better, Barbara positioned her pussy over my face and I began licking Barbara?s pussy as Barbara stroked and kissed Holly?s back.

Well that was it. I felt Holly?s third orgasm and seconds later I simply exploded inside Holly. I kept cuming for several seconds. I experienced some absolutely amazing after shocks.

The Hispanic man left Holly and both Holly and Barbara cleaned the cum off my cock with their tongues.

Holly snuggled against me, and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my cum in our kiss.

?Wow that was great.? I finally murmured.

?Yes it was.? Holly said her eyes twinkling in the dark room.

After a few more minutes I suggested we leave.

Holly responded, ?Do we have to go so soon??

?No. We can stay here as long as you want.? I answered, but I have to go to the men?s room. Can I get you a drink on my way back?

?Sure.? Holly replied. ?Don?t be to long.?

?Hold my spot.? I replied.

I went to the men?s room there was a bit of a wait and stopped by the bar to get a couple drinks. I made my way back to the group room, where Holly was fucking the handsome Hispanic man she was pervious sucking off earlier. Lucky I am not the jealous type. I laid down next to Holly as I watched this handsome stud in his 30s fucked her while his girlfriend fondled Holly?s breasts and kissed her.

She noticed me lying next to her and looked at me a little concerned. I smiled back and nodded my head to let her know that I was OK with this. In fact, watching Holly fuck this guy was giving me another hard on. Normally I don?t recycle this quickly.

Barbara was relaxing on the other side of me and noticed my erection. Paul must have gone to the bathroom or for drinks because he was not there.

?I can?t let that go to waste.? She said in that cute Aussie accent.

With that she went down on me sucking my rod and making me even harder. She pulled out a little bag and took a condom from a pouch and opened it.

?I hope you don?t mind. We insist on condoms.? She said and unrolled the rubber down on my cock.

?I fully understand.? I said in return.

She positioned herself above me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She was not as tight as Holly but had a great body. Actually I loved her gray hair which I find very sexy in a woman. She kissed me deeply and continued to ride me cowboy style, finally cuming a few minutes later.

?Damn your good? she said.

I watched as Holly had yet another orgasm. The Hispanic man with drew his cock and took off the condom he was also wearing. His equally sexy partner took his cock in her hands and a couple strokes later caused him to cum all over Holly?s stomach.

?I think you like this the best.? Barbara said as she reversed positions to face my feet.

?Yes.? I moaned, ?I like that position the best?.

?Good.? she responded.

Unlike Holly, Barbara sat squatting on me straight up, moving up and down with her legs. Damn that felt good.

Holly seeing this positioned her pussy on my face this time facing the wall and her back to Barbara who was moving rhythmically up and down on my cock.

Holly looked down at me and she said in a low voice, ?Give it to her. Give it to her. Give it to her.? She kept repeating this over and over to the cadence of the rhythm of Barbara up and down motion.

I licked Holly?s pussy and she had another orgasm. Just then I felt the juice move from my balls to my cock, and then explode in the plastic shield.

?That?s it.? I expelled though clinched teeth. My cock pulsed a couple more times as Barbara rode me.

?Well that is about it for me.? I said finally after Barbara lifted herself from my softening cock.

?We can go now.? Holly said kissing me deeply. Smiling she added ?When can we do this again??

I smiled and said, ?As soon as you want.?


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