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The Time

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The Time.

It is a warm May afternoon and we are enjoying an afternoon of wine tasting at some of the wineries that are part of our weekend trip away. At the third winery we visit there is a couple who are also enjoying the wine next to us at the counter. They are about our age and after a bit a friendly chat begins. He is the manager of a national hardware store and she works as an on call nurse. They are both dressed semi-casual but with a certain flair of style.

We just seem to hit it off well, maybe it was the wine, but we enjoy their company talking over just little things and doing a mutual comparison chart of the wines and how we think they fare.

After a bit, as we have made our selections of which bottles to buy and we are at the checkout register, Tim and Sally, invite us to join them outside at one of the picnic tables to share a bottle of a nice merlot they had just purchased. Sally had also picked up some light snacks to go with the wine. After an hour and two bottles, the sun was starting to set and it was time to get going. The discussions had been quite interesting and focused on the normal stuff, family, kids, and careers. One item that Tim asked that seemed a bit odd, he asked what type of friends we had, were they tame or a bit more on the wild side?

We said fairly tame, but have had some wild experiences in the past. As we waling to the parking lot, Tim asked if we were interested in joining them near their home later for a lite dinner, we both agreed right away. We got directions and agreed to meet at Italian restaurant near their house at 7 pm.

On the drive back over a nearly deserted road, you mention what a nice couple they seemed like and how pleased you were to have had the time to get out and enjoy the wine tasting and the company of Tim and Sally, and then slyly you asked what you could do to please me?..I take my right hand and gently place my forefinger on your lips, you open your mouth and gently suck on my finger, then I take my finger and run it over the top of my pants, out lining my growing cock?with that you undo your belt and adjust yourself so that your knees are now on your seat and you are unleashing my cock? have a very hungry look in eyes as you pull me out and start to stroke, slow then much faster, then you lean over and quickly take possession with your mouth?you have a skirt on so with my right hand I reach around you and start to finger your warmth and now you are getting quite wet?it has been some time and with the animal urgency you are showing, it does not take long and then a large load shots into the back of your mouth and you stay with your mouth taking me in and ensuing all of my cum is taken and not a drop wasted?.then suddenly you also cum and sigh with pleasure?..

The restaurant was called ?The Time?. Smallish place with only about ten tables.

We order the house special for the night, enjoy some nice wine, and both the food and the service is great. Sally is wearing a short dress and you are wearing a simple short black dress. Both of you have heels and nice tops. Toward the end of dinner, Sally brings up the subject of the type of friends we have again, this time she mentions that some time before they were involved with soft swinging but with kids and jobs have not had the time in years. You asked what they meant by that. Time explained that there are several variations and intensities, but for them, it meant making love to lover with the other couple either in the same room or on the same bed if the bed was large enough. While there would not be any actual swapping, there could be some light touching either intentional or unintentional They explained how much they liked the erotic charge they got form doing this and asked if we had ever done that. We said not at a private home, but that we had been to a swing club to watch before. The looked at each other with quite the surprised look on their face, and then asked if we wanted to join them for a night cap. We agree and as we leave the parking lot we follow them the four miles to their house.

Their house is in what appears to be a typical middle to upper-middle class neighborhood. The yard is nicely done and the inside is clean and well cared for. As we enter, we all take off our shoes at the front door and head to the kitchen. Sally pours us a glass of wine and gives us a quick tour of the place.

At the end of the tour we end up in the living room. There is couch and two chairs, but we all end up on the couch. Tim has turned on some nice slow dance music, love songs, and dimmed the lights. On the second song he takes Sally by the hand and they proceed to dance in front of us. She has her hands behind his neck and he has his on her cute rear. On the next song as we watch they are now kissing quite passionate and he has reached up under the back of her skirt. She is wearing a very sexy red thong and she has turned so that we can see this. She looks back and says, ?Please come join us?. So I look at you and you nod yes, and the next minute we are also enjoying a slow dance. We stay for the next one as they sit down. This time it is our turn, we are enjoying a long kiss and I am first caressing your nice rear and then your breasts. As you get more and more relaxed with the situation, it is clear that you are getting a bit horny, as you have moved your hand from my back to seek out my cock and you are smile to me feeling how hard you have made me.

At the end song we sit down and notice that Tim and Sally are kissing again. Soon she has taken his cock out and is slowing stroking it. After a bit, Sally stands up and comes over and takes your hand and places you in front of me while she then stands in front of Tim. With the music playing, she slowly starts to remove her dress, she is now facing away as she lets the dress drop leaving her with just her thong and bra on. Then she looks over at you as says ?your turn?. Slowly you do the same, but a bit quicker as you sense three sets of eyes on you. Tim asks me to undo Sally? bra strap, so as I get up to do this, Tim walks over and undoes yours. We then sit down and then the both of you drop your bras and then turn around. It is such a sexy and erotic sight.

Sally then moves to sit in front of Tim. She reaches up and starts to stroke him again, this time a bit faster. Now you have done the same. With a smile on her face, she asks you ?So, do you like the feel of a hard cock in your hands?? All you can do is just look down and smile and nod up and down. That must have given Sally an idea as the next thing did was to lower her head and brought her tongue out and was licking the head of his cock. Then she pulled back a bit and was using her hands and looked over and asked ?Would you like to touch this cock for a few strokes?? You look hard at his cock, but then shake your head and say maybe later. Sally then smiles and leans forward and takes Tim into her mouth and while using one hand as a guide, causes him to moan from time to time.

Now you are doing the same. We are sitting about two feet from each other. Tim mentions how nice your breasts, with that you get even closer and take my cock out of your mouth as you place it between your breasts, and then you look to Tim and just smile and he is truly enjoying the sight of what you are doing. Not to be outdone, Sally now does the same.

We do this for some time but you want more before I cum. You climb up onto my lap and onto my cock, taking it nice and deep. You initially wrap your arms around my head as you ride up and down?.then you lean back with your hands on my knees?.your breasts are bouncing quite nicely driving Tim a bit crazy as Sally?s are not nearly as big as yours?.this is really starting to turn you on, you are getting closer?.with you leaning back I use my thumb to rub you?which drives you even closer?Tim asks if he can touch yours just for a bit, I nod yes, as he reaches over with his left hand and cups your left breasts, you start to cum?.Tim withdraws his hand back slowly down your front and across your leg and places both of his hands on Sally?s rear, pulling her closer as they cum together. You lean forward now and start thrusting again, it does the trick as I fill you up for the second time that day??.

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