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The Theater

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You start the evening wearing a nice simple skirt, black panties, garters and a some lacy stockings. Black, but not fishnet - too obvious! Maybe with a line up the back. You're also wearing a lacy bra. Orange is a good color, but any dark color would do. Brown, black, even a blue or red. Just as long as it is thin enough to show your nipples through the cloth. Then a button up white shirt. The thinner the better. I want to be able to see the bra through the shirt. Around your neck I have a leather collar, that would be just right to attach a rope or leash. Maybe I'll even make you wear some really dark, red lip stick. I love the sight of ruby red lips, and the thought of them as they are wrapped around my cock sends shivers down my spine.

I want to take you to the local x-rated theater. Along the way we'll stop and get out, just so I can see the reaction on the faces of the men, as they watch you, and stare at me with envy. They know why you're dressed like you are, and they know what I am going to do to you. If it's a cool night, your nipples will be hard, and showing through the shirt. Every once in a while I'll reach down and caress your ass, feeling the soft cloth of the panties. Maybe I'll even stroke your pussy, just to feel the wetness, and to see how excited you are.

Once we get to the theater, we'll go in. I imagine that they have all kinds of toys there - they usually do sell things like that there. Maybe I'll buy something for you. I think one of those remote control vibrators would fit the bill nicely. I tell you to go and put the toy in, and wait for you to get back. When you do, we go into the theater. It's obviously dark, and the movie is nothing special, but there are a number of people in the theater, both men and women. More men of course! But you notice that the men are watching the women, who are either watching the movie, or otherwise engaged.

We find a seat, and settle in to watch the movie. Every once in a while you feel the tingle of the vibrator as I turn it on and off. I'm enjoying the view as your breast are heaving the more excited you get. I can see your nipples are hard, even in the darkness. I tell you to unbutton your shirt so I can see your bra. I watch as your hands move and I notice that you can't help but caress your own nipples. How excited you must be!

I continue to play with the vibrator, turning it on and off as the movie is running. I can see you squirming as your pussy gets wetter and wetter. I watch as your lips get moist from your tongue licking them. I can tell that you are very excited. I turn the vibrator to full, and I can tell that you are on the verge of cumming. Some of the men, and one of the women in the theater have notice, as well. The woman and her friend move closer, in fact even sit next to you. You hardly seem to notice. The woman catches my eye, and looks longingly at your breast. I nod, and she reaches up, and starts to caress your breast. She then moves her hand even further into your shirt and reaches your nipple. With a deft pull, your nipple falls out of the bra, and is exposed. She quickly covers your nipple with her mouth, and eagerly sucks on it. Her companion stretches over and starts to rub your pussy, which by this time is fully wet and hot. I can see his hands pull your skirt up, and then the panties down, to expose the juicy folds of your luscious pussy, already dripping from excitement. He's surprised to feel the vibrator already there, but does not disturb it as he plays with your clit. I can see the excitement in your face and the lust that is there. I take my cock out and start to rub it up and down, as I watch you. I notice that the chair your in goes back, like a recliner and the it has now been moved so you are almost lying down. One hand is wrapped around the man's cock, and the other is stroking the hair of the woman sucking on your breast. I see that another man is slowly undoing his pants, and he pulls his cock out. He's standing at your head. He grabs your head and pulls your face toward his cock. You eagerly take him into your mouth. I can see your face and all I can see of your eyes are the whites as they roll back. My excitement grows as I see you abandon yourself to the waves of pleasure that the strangers are giving you. I can tell you are lost to the feelings of the cock in your hand, the cock in your mouth and the lips on your nipples.

Your moaning gets loader and heavier as you get closer and closer to having an orgasm. You body shakes and quivers, and I can see the waves of your building orgasm. My own orgasm is building in time to yours. I can see how excited all the people are in the theater, and how you are the center of attention. I see the one man's cock in your hand as his head gets larger and more purple, as he builds his own orgasm. I see the man who has his cock in your mouth as he starts to cum. I see the woman as she is reaching around to her own pussy, and is furiously rubbing it in time to your moans.

The man playing with your pussy and who you have in your hand starts to cum first. His load starts to jet out in an arc of semen, that lands on top of your breast. I can see as it hits your nipple, and starts to run down, in a tiny stream, right down to the woman that is sucking the other breast. It reaches her lips, and without missing a beat she licks it off of your breast and nipple. The man with his cock in your mouth see this and starts to cum. I can't see the head of his penis - it's buried in your mouth too far. I can see his balls contract, and spasm as he has your hair wrapped around his hand, forcing your onto his dick. As I watch your mouth starts to fill with his juice, and I can see it spilling out of your mouth. The amount of his cum is surprising, and I can tell that you love the feel of it as it is splattered on your face. The woman starts her own orgasm, gasping for breath as the force of her orgasm forces her to look up. Her mouth is in the shape of a perfect "O" and she rears up, like a animal. The sight of her face, and of the orgasm that you are having is enough to send me over the edge. I shoot my load on you, all over your breast, spilling to mix with the cum that is already there.

When everyone catches their breath, we take the chance to see what we've done. I tell you to clean up, and to use your panties to wipe the cum from your face. I plan on keeping those as a memento of this evening!

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