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The Theater

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My wife and I have been married for almost 16 years. She is a grade school teacher and I am an insurance agent. She is 38, 5'3", light brown hair, and she has a nice ass and great boobs, althought after 3 children, she does have a few streach marks. She does excercises with her shaved pussy and she has great control over the muscles in that area that make it constrict when she wants to. She has always loved sex and never seems to get enough. We normally have sex every day and she would like it more. I am 5'11", 180#s, medium build, brown hair and a 6 inch cock. Like my wife, Diane, I do love sex. For the first 15 years of our marriage, we had a normal sex life, except for the high frequency. We had not even talked about having sex with others. Then one evening we watched a pay per view porn movie on cable TV. It was about a couple who joined a swinger's club. As we watched the movie, I could tell tha this was really turning Diane on. After a while, she put her hand on my lap and discovered I was rock hard. She smiled at me and said "this seems to turn you on as much as it does me." We fucked like rabbits all night that night and after that - that was all we could talk about.

We decided that we would see what happened if we went out looking for sex the very next Saturday evening - although we were not sure where we would go. That evening, Diana wore a very short skirt, a thong and a very low cut top with only thin staps holding it up. We first went to a night club. It was loud and smokey and after a short while, it was too much for either of us. Several guys were checking Diana out in the club but we were not sure how to approach any of them. We were driving down the highway, when Diana said "I just saw a sign for an xxx theater for couples". I took the next exit and doubled back and parked in the theater's very busy parking lot. We went in and purchased tickets and then went up some stairs to the theater. The place had an aroma that smelled like pure sex.

There were around 40 couples (maybe more) in the movie. Some couples were just sitting there watching the movie but most of them were involved in some type of sex. Many were just rubbing their partner's cock or pussy. Some of the men had their hands down their mates blouse. There were a few women giving their men blow jobs. Some couples were standing in back but we could not see what they were doing from where we first sit down.

Diana had a strange look on her face. The best description that comes to mind now is that she looked like a kid in a candy store. There were not very many seats left and we ended up sitting between two couples. There was an empty seat between me and the couple next to me but Diana was siting directily next to the woman in the couple to her right. I dont think we watched much of the movie because the live action was better. After we had been there a few minutes, I noticed the the couple to my left were playing. He had his hand up her dress and it looked like he was fingering her pussy. She had her legs spread fairly wide and from the look on her face, she was really enjoying it.

The woman next to Diana looked like she was in her early 30s, blonde hair and a little overweight but not bad. Her skirt was pulled way up and her pussy was totally exposed. It was obvious that she was not wearing panties. She was stroking her man's cock, which she had out of his pants.

He had his left arm around her and was rubbing her nipples under her blouse. He looked quite a bit older, salt and pepper hair - probably in his 50s. He was well groomed and could have been a busines executive or some other professional.

Diana, not wanting to be outdone, leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and started rubbing my harding cock through my slacks. I put my right arm around her and then over her right tit and started massaging her nipple. She let out a slight moan and squirmed a little in her seat. After a few minutes of this, the woman sitting next to Diana leaned over and started to suck her man's cock. Diana and I both could see his cock and it was about a long as mine (only about 6 inches) but it was very thick. I think Diana liked it because she leaned forward so she could see the blow job better.

I reached down and pulled Diana skirt all the way up so that her cunt was totally exposed. She raised up in her seat so that it would come all the way up. Then, I took her left leg and spread it out and put in on the back of the chair in front of me (it was empty) and she got the idea and spread her right leg out to the right. She was really spread eagled with her shaved pussy totally exposed. When the women to her right came up for air she looked at Diana and smiled and rubbed her hand over Diana right leg. Diana just cooed and spread her legs apart even farther. The woman then started fingering Dian's now very wet and hot pussy. Then the woman leaned all the way over Diana lap and put her mouth on my very hard cock and stared sucking.

Apparently, this turned the couple off that was sitting to the left of me because they got up and moved to the other side of the theater. After the woman took her mouth off of my cock, she leaned over and kissed Diana. I could hear her wisper, "lets trade seats." Diana got up and moved next to her man and the woman moved next to me. I could see Diana stroking the guy's thick cock while his woman went back to sucking my dick. After a few minutes of this, I could tell Diana was really getting hot and so was I. I could not hold it much longer and shot a huge rope of steaming cum in her mouth. Some of it ran down her chin and onto her boobs. Not long afterwards I could see Diana taking the guys cock in her mouth. She must have sucked him 10 minutes or more before he came. The woman next to me leaned over and told me she wanted to get fucked. I said I would love to fuck her but was not sure how to proceed here. She said that she normally just stood up and leaned over the chair in front of her. I said something stupid like, "won't that block the view of the people in back of us." She laughed and said, "I promise they won't mind." So the next thing I know she is almost totally nude and bending over the chair in front of her waiting for me to fuck her in front of everone in the theater. What could I do? So I stood up, with my pants down around my legs and fucked her from behind. It took longer then the first time but I managed to cum again with plenty of hot cum for her already very wet pussy. To my suprise, her man was standing next to me fucking a very nude Diana bending over the seat in front of her. The only problem was that there was a couple sitting in front of them. It only took a few seconds for the man to start sucking on Diana's tit and then his wife was sucking on her other tit. When Diana came, I thought anyone within a city block could hear her.

For some reason, after she came, she and I both felt the need to leave as soon as possible. She gathered up her cloths and put them on and I pulled up my pants and tucked in my shirt and hurred out. When we got to our car we both started laughing. On the way home, we talked about this adventure and decided that this was the best night of our life and we would be back next week. When we got home, we noticed that our baby sitter looked at us strangely. We got the the bedroom and started undressing, we figured out why - Diana had her blouse on backward.

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