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The Tea Party

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Rose was stunning in her platform heels, Elvira-type slinky black dress and professionally styled raven black hair. Her bright red lips and nails gave her just enough contrast to be cock-raising exciting.

?Un-zip me dearie,? she cooed and I complied and watched the Carmeuse dress fall to the floor exposing thigh-high nylons held up with a black garter belt with little red bows and a black push-up bra giving a look of eroticism to her minimal A-cup breasts. She leaned over the sink for a better look at her half-inch eyelashes and gave me a great view of her perfect ass and the t-strap panties that disappeared between her tight, luscious cheeks.

The bathroom door opened and a male voice inquired, ?Mind if I join you gurls?? Rose?s eyes lit up as she inched up to the newcomer and planted a heavy, full-mouth kiss on his lips and rubbed his stubbled cheeks. They knew each other very well. Rose looked at his hands and said, ?Pink tonight.? Not a question?rather a statement of fact?as the man?s nails were painted a shocking pink color. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a short, frilly pink maid?s uniform.

I must admit that I was feeling a familiar tingle in my crotch and my cock was straining to be let loose?I could see Rose?s was doing the same to her thong. The head of her dick was peeking out of the v-shaped panty front.

The three guys in the bathroom were there to transform themselves and each other into Sissy Maids. Ted and Veronica, a couple my wife and I had been swinging with for more than a year, had invited me to serve at one of their Formal Tea Parties. Veronica is a big beautiful lady who is also into discipline and sometimes plays (not with us) as Mistress Veronica. Ted, on the other hand, often plays as Toni, his femme alter-ego. For his birthday last year Ronnie (as Veronica is mostly known) bought Toni a perfect pair of D-cup breasts from the mastectomy supply store and he (I mean she) was anxious to model them for us. (In the cross-dressing, transsexual and transgendered world it is proper to identify a person?s sex by the way they are dressed)

The tea party was scheduled to start at 9 p.m. and it was now 5:30?three and a half hours before the start?but we had a lot to do to get ready. This was to be my debut as Kimberly?light years from the days not too long ago when I would slip on a pair of my wife?s panties or wear nylons under my business pants and crew socks.

Mistress Veronica (in her street clothes) was in charge of the sissy maids and the party was being held in her large suburban Philadelphia home. The guest of honor would be Mistress Angelica who would arrive precisely at 9 p.m. The other ?guests? were the spouses of the maids and two straight couples who are friends of Ted and Veronica. The maids were Rose and Barbara and Toni and me (Kimberly). In other circumstances we were a long-haul trucker, an elementary school principal, a civil engineer and a retired Marine?you guess the order.

The first item of business was the removal of my beard and moustache. Rose, an accomplished tonsorial practitioner, handled that like a pro. Then she slipped into a classic French Maid uniform with layered mini-skirt and 6-inch spike heels that wrapped around her lower legs and gave a pin-up shape to her thin legs. Barbara shaved the stubble and stepped into her pink maid?s outfit, affixed pink lipstick and put on pink opera slippers (she had tried heels and could not handle them). She also shaved her legs and pubic hair. Toni put a bra over her prosthetic breasts which had been pasted to her shaved chest?they were breathtaking and most realistic. She then put on a black Lycra maid?s uniform and handed me a black and white number that I could borrow as this was my first out-of-the-closet cross-dressing experience.

I added white, full, frilly panties and black thigh-high stockings with no garter belt to my ensemble. I was willing to shave my beard but not my legs so the black hose allowed me to hide my leg hair pretty well. The 5-inch heels were another matter and I had a hell of a time learning to walk in them. But one look in the mirror at my normally very nice legs and I was hooked. My legs are absolutely breathtaking in heels.

After we were all dressed, we helped each other with the makeup and the results were astounding. All four of us were everything from stunning to downright beautiful and sexy?if just a bit slutty.

Ronnie appeared in the bathroom and hustled us out and into her kitchen where we began baking scones, washing dishes, chilling wine and setting out the fine china. We also got formal serving lessons, curtsey class and were filled in on the rules for the evening. Essentially, we were the staff and we were at the absolute command of the guests. The reigning Mistress was, over-all, in charge. We were also informed that we could not cum unless we received permission from the mistress, regardless of what we were doing or having done to us.

When the scones were in the oven and the table was set we were ordered to remove our panties. In doing so our dicks hung low and could be spied as we walked or bent over or had our mini-skirts lifted. We then moved to the preparation table where we stood to fold napkins, shine silver and polish glasses. I felt someone touch my leg and slowly work up to my balls. My short skirt came up and my dick was captured by a moist, soft cavity. Someone was under the table sucking my cock. I almost swooned from the rush of blood from my head into my growing boner. The other maids had the same surprised and satisfied look and I assumed that each of our dicks was similarly encased. Our hostess Ronnie had polled the guests and found four willing to ?help? us with our pre-party prep.

For almost an hour we stood doing our chores, moaning, holding back and both enjoying and hating the position we found ourselves in since we were prohibited from having a much-desired climax. We never did find out who the volunteers were and eventually we were called to the front door where we were lined up to greet Mistress Angelica who had just arrived in the driveway. We were primped and primed and prepared and I think we all still had raging hard-ons?I know I did.

As the door opened the Rubenesque Mistress Angelica, in a flowing black diaphanous organza gown with a neckline that plunged all the way to her navel allowing her un-fettered massive breasts and jeweled nipples to swing and peek out at will, was standing there, barefoot. Toni had opened the door and as the mistress stepped inside the maid fell to her knees kissing each of the mistress? bare feet as her naked ass and balls hung below the now raised skirt. (Toni and Ronnie were into Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism (BDSM) as was Rose while Barbara and I were not?we learned later that this was considered and built into the evening?s plans).

With the door still open the neighbors could easily have witnessed the arrival scene.

Mistress Angelica was holding a riding crop in one gloved hand and a leash in the other. Behind her was a buff, chiseled, extremely fit slave Adonis who was naked from the waist up except for a studded collar to which the tether in her hand was attached. His pants were more than skin tight hiding nothing in his massive, uncut package and billiard-sized balls. He entered the room on his knees and lifted Rose?s skirt exposing her engorged male member for his mistress. Mistress Angelica smacked Rose smartly on her balls and her hard-on went immediately flaccid causing her to exclaim, ?Thank you mistress, can I have another?? ?Nice to see you whore,? she sneered and moved on to a very scared Barbara whose skirt was similarly raised for a view of her flaccid member. Rose whimpered lightly but smiled with appreciation at the mistress.

?Nice package Barbara, thank you for serving tonight,? she cooed to relax the shaking maid. Then her slave, still on his knees, lifted my skirt and I was also flaccid from fear and scared. The mistress looked at my hairy groin and said, ?Ooh, a natural environment, what a pleasant change.? I learned later that most of the sissy maids who made the tea party circuit were completely shaved. She turned around and smacked Toni on her exposed ass raising a welt and eliciting the required, ?Thank you mistress, can I have another??

We curtsied and the mistress walked past us telling us to get dressed before serving. She was ushered to her seat at the head of the table where her slave stood up to hold her chair then curled up on the floor next to her. She reached down, tweaked each nipple hard and smacked him with her crop and he barked the required response. ?Serve my guests first,? the mistress commanded and we appeared with our panties on to serve hot tea and scones. The rules are simple, serve from the right and remove from the left.

The guests had been told that they could fondle or hold or rub the maids as they served and we each got our share of feels and jerks and one of the ladies even pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and sucked my semi hard cock as I poured her tea and moved on.

When all of the guests had been served Rose was on the left of the mistress having served tea to a guest when the mistress barked, ?Serve me NOW.? Rose turned to her right and served tea from the mistress? left and the mistress grabbed her balls and squeezed hard to tell her that she had made a big mistake by serving from the ?wrong? side. Obviously in pain she managed to hold onto the pot of scalding hot tea and screamed the required ?Thank you, etc.? Everyone froze.

Rose and Barbara were ordered to remove their panties and continue to serve tea and scones. Toni and I were ordered under the table where I quickly learned that we were to provide service to any of the guests who exposed themselves to us. The slave crawled under the table with us and immediately began to suck his mistress? bald and wet pussy. Toni and I shared a quick kiss of support before she spotted a dick hanging out of one of the guest?s pants and immediately latched onto it with the lips I had just caressed. One of the ladies pulled her dress aside and I could see her moist, shaved cunt and a clit that was as big as a small penis. I began sucking on the magnificent clit feeling it harden and lengthen in my mouth.

I could hear my wife order Barbara to her side and I glimpsed my wife bending over sucking on her cock. Every now and again Barbara pulled away to serve a scone or remove a dish from the table and keep from feeding sperm to my lady. One of the straight couples was kissing and feeling each other up. I could hear the mistress come several times and the lady I was sucking squirted what felt like a quart of cum into my mouth and down my chin. The lady in the couple was, by now, sucking on her husband?s cock and he was moments away from cumming when I heard Barbara ask if she could cum in my wife?s mouth. The mistress said no and the man filled his wife?s mouth with his man juice. It dribbled out of her mouth onto the floor next to me. Rose was ordered to kiss the lady and lick the cum off her face?she eagerly complied. Barbara moaned and grabbed the base of her cock to stifle the rising liquid.

Having cum twice the mistress sent her slave to kiss Rose after which he pushed her, face down, onto the table, pulled down his pants exposing about 9 inches of meat which he quickly stuffed into Rose?s ass and fucked her hard. It wasn?t long until he exploded in Rose?s man-cunt and Rose spun around and caught the last few spurts in her mouth then stood up and kissed the slave hard, returning his cum to him. As rose walked I could see a trickle of white fluid exiting her ass and flowing down her leg. With every step she expelled another small load, some of it just dropping to the hardwood floor and at one time suspending a string of sticky goo all the way to below her knees and almost to the wood surface before it plopped into a mound.

With my duty performed I was pushed over to the man sitting next to the big clitted lady whose massive boner was now exposed. I clamped my lips over the pre-cum moistened head and it filled my mouth. There is no way I could suck it all the way down so I sucked as much as I could and jerked the rest with both hands. He was kissing the big-clitted lady and playing with her pussy with his left hand. His right hand was rubbing my head and my ears until my tongue was forced out of his slit with a spurt of sticky jism. I sucked as hard as I could but soon had to pull it out and he continued to spurt on my hair and down the front of my uniform.

While this was going on I heard my wife ask if she could borrow the slave. By now the tea and scones had been consumed and Rose and Barbara had cleared the dishes. My wife crawled up on the table laid on her back and spread her legs to capture the slave?s dick. ?Fuck her good unless you want me to punish you,? commanded the mistress as the tool in his hand forced its way between my wife?s soggy, anxious legs. Now totally naked I could see the slave thrusting into my almost fully dressed wife above as another fleshy, deep pussy presented itself to my vision. Toni also spotted an exposed pussy and flung her face into it licking as hard as I was licking on the pussy in front of me.

The slit I was eating suddenly stood up and told me to lean back with my head on the chair?it was Ronnie. As my head rested back she sat down on my face burying me in her taint (the space between her pussy and her ass). I licked her ass and then slid into her cavernous cunt and found her clit which I began sucking like a dick. Ronnie soon spasmed squirting liquids into my mouth and all over my face. I was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck someone?anyone. Toni provided her face and I began to fuck her velvety mouth. She deep throated me munching on the hair in my crotch as I felt her ?natural? breasts caressing my nylon-encased legs. I was building to a massive explosion of cum when Toni pulled off and grabbed my balls so that I could not explode. I was extremely disappointed and almost angry until I remembered that I had not received permission to shoot. I thanked Toni with a deep, liquid kiss and a quick feel of her boobs when we were ordered out from under the table.

I could see my wife lying on the table with the slave pounding his monster into her and she was in ecstasy, and oblivious to anyone or anything other than that raw meat between her legs. She tensed all over, her lower legs came up even with the rest of her body and she went rigid and screamed as the slave made one massive thrust into her filling her up. He immediately dropped his mouth to her crotch and slurped up as much of his juice as he could hold. He kissed my wife and dribbled some into her mouth, on her dress and then immediately went to his mistress and kissed her. I could see the mistress swallow his cum that had been mixed with my wife?s juices. Damned, I wanted to cum so bad.

For the next half hour everyone was fucking and sucking everyone else in the room?on the table, on the floor, on the chairs and even on the counter. The chilled wine was used to lubricate crotches and dicks and titties?some was even sipped straight. Everyone got their fill of each other but none of the slaves had cum yet. All of the slurping and slapping and sucking and fucking was punctuated every now and again with a loud smack and a ?Thank you mistress, can I have another??

Mistress Angelica called a halt to the proceedings and passed out pencils and paper to the guests telling them to note the name of their favorite sissy maid. She then announced that each of the maids would fuck her and be allowed to cum in her pussy or her mouth or her ass. With that she moved to the living room where a mattress had been placed, ceremoniously, in the center of the room which had been littered with rose petals.

The mistress ordered Toni on her back then slowly lowered her ass onto Toni?s dick until it was firmly ensconced deep inside her bowels. She leaned back and ordered me into her pussy and then commanded Barbara to straddle her putting her dick in the mistress? mouth. Her slave knelt next to her offering his ass to Rose.

?You have permission to cum my sissy maids,? she screamed in a voice couched in ecstasy. We all began to fuck and given the previous couple of hours it didn?t take long for us to fill her with our seed. Rose pulled out of the slave and with a couple of jerks shot gallons (or so it appeared) of her jism all over the four of us on the mattress. We collapsed in a sticky pile to the cheers and hoots of the invited guests who had watched the apparently final scene as an audience.

Ronnie walked to the head of the mattress with the note paper and announced that Rose had been selected ?Sissy Maid of the Party.? Her reward was to clean up the mistress with her tongue. As she began her duties a couple of guests stood at the edge of the mattress jerking off and shooting onto the supine body before them giving Rose more work. The slave mounted Toni and Ronnie, a squirter, stood next to the mistress and diddled herself into coming all over the mistress while my wife straddled her face and let the mistress munch on her soggy, sloppy slit. One of the ladies from one of the straight couples had just been fucked by several guys and straddled the mistress to drain her collection of goo in the mistress? hair and eyes. I backed into the slave?s face as his tongue found my anal bud and reamed me into another raging hard-on.

The maids were released from their ?no cum? fetters and we were soon all hard again seeking release in numerous and varied ways.

Some left, some continued to fuck and suck on the furniture and eventually some went to the basement where the BDSM dungeon was located. I went just to watch and came in my pants (er, in my stroking hand) when Rose?s alabaster ass was turned cherry red with strokes from a paddle and I heard her yell, ?Thank you mistress, can I have another?? Ronnie was naked, strapped to a cross sucking and fucking everything that was presented to her.

I later learned that the big clitted lady was an erotic artist and within a year she had drawn me in a flowered dress with a beard, chest hair, nylons, heels and a red wig while gripping a raging hard-on with a gloved hand. It hangs proudly in my den?covered only when the kids come to visit.

Anyone planning a tea party, please call me. The name is Kimberly and I am totally shaved.

Thank you, can I have another?

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