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The Swing Party

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Evenings with Kevin and Maureen were never dull. My relationship, my invitation into their lives lasted over two years until that fateful day Kevin received orders that would take them east of the Mississippi once again. Two or three times a month I would spend a Friday or Saturday evening at their condo the next block over. My invitations came whenever Kevin was completely off duty for the weekend. Luckily he was stationed aboard a ship that was never assigned to fleet duty. And that?s about as much as I should say about it.

I packed a decent bottle of Chandon under my arm when I arrived the next Saturday evening following our initial mini-orgy. After we finished off half the bottle we decided to go to a local club in Ventura where Maureen had pre-arranged to meet her girlfriend Anna. We arrived about 10pm when the place was packed. This club is the also has the reputation of being the local singles meat-market. Not being a dancer (actually I hate it) I stayed at the bar, nursing a gin and tonic as Kevin and Maureen danced a set. Maureen wore a sexy black low cut open back dress that provided the maximum view of her ample cleavage, and all male eyes were riveted upon her.

When the set was complete Maureen ducked away somewhere, while Kevin joined me at the bar for a drink. A few minutes later I noticed Maureen sitting with another gal at a table in the back of the room. Maureen pointed in our direction and the woman turned to take a look at the both of us. Kevin saw this and waved for the both of them to come over. ?Anna, this is my husband, Kevin.. and this is my boyfriend Al. Boys this is my friend Anna. I told her all about you,? said Maureen with a devilish smile. ?Maureen says you boys know how to have a good time,? Anna remarked.

Anna looked to be about five ten, busty, leggy, in her mid-thirties, black hair, with a stunning face that now reminds me of Catherine Bell, the TV actress who plays the lead on JAG. By the way the conversation went, Anna and Maureen had known each other for some time. It also seemed that they were intimate in the details of each other?s lives. After a few minutes we decided that the club was too loud to hold a conversation so we headed back to beach. As I poured Anna the last of the left-over Chandon I noticed a wedding ring on her outstretched hand holding the glass.

Anna was happily married to a local doctor. Their marriage was open such as they would swing together and apart. This evening it so happened Doc was out pounding one of his prettier female patients who came on to him, leaving Anna free to roam about this evening. Kevin was sitting on the couch, sandwiched between his sexy wife and sexy Anna. Maureen nodded for me to sit down next to Anna?it was obvious she wanted me to hook-up tonight with her friend. Anna smiled at me and patted the empty spot on the couch for me to join them. I obliged and sat down?with the four of us it was a tight squeeze. For a few moments there was an uneasy silence.

Maureen broke the ice when she started kissing Kevin. Moments later Kevin had Maureen tits out of her dress. While they kissed he rolled and massaged her erect nipples. With one deft movement Maureen had Kevin?s pants unzipped and his cock standing straight up out of the slit in his boxers. As they tongued and kissed, Maureen stoked Kevin?s nine inch long rock hard cock.

I shifted in my seat. My dick was growing hard and without warning I felt Anna?s hand massaging my crotch. She turned to face me, and suddenly we were kissing passionately. I moved my hand to the top button of her blouse and with one downward motion of my index finger popped open the buttons below her bra-line. Anna was wearing a soft lacy bra which barely contained her well rounded D cup melons. I pulled her bra down so that the tips of her tits stood up pert though the opening in her top. Anna unzipped my pants and skillfully dug my cock out of my boxers, she looked down to get an idea of what she was dealing with, ?Maureen was right, your dick is so thick.?

As we kissed, she began stroking my dick with her talented soft, strong left hand. I slid my right hand up her skirt to discover that she wasn?t wearing panties. I could feel suspenders and garters holding up her stockings, Very sexy! I put my hand on her hot pussy and gently slid my index finger along her slit. Her flesh easily parted and I could feel the moist heat of her juices. Anna sighed, pulled away slightly and looked me square in the face with anticipation as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. Hotter than ever she dove back into me, kissing even more wildly.

By now Maureen was on her knees before Kevin worshipping his towering cock She plunged her mouth down over his cock several times, deep throating his meat. His dick, now well lubricated, she began sucking and stroking. Anna took a look at this and paused, ?I want to taste your thick cock inside my mouth.? She stood, dropped her skirt then knelt before me. She pulled my pants off, and started working the base of my pole with her tongue. ?You weren?t kidding about these guys, ? commented Anna between a suck and a stroke. With that Anna deep throated my dick slowly. She came back up just as slow. Her lips broke their tight seal around the tip with a smack, and she smiled, ?you like that?! It felt so good. I could only moan.

Suddenly Maureen trotted off to the bedroom. Anna grabbed Kevin?s dick and pulled him closer so she could enjoy both of us. With both her hands she jacked us off. Her head bobbed on my dick and then traded off to bob on Kevin?s. Maureen returned with a 35mm instant flash camera and began snapping photos of Anna struggling to cope with both our erect dicks. Maureen tossed the camera aside, she knelt behind Anna and slid her hand up her thighs. Anna cooed and paused momentarily as Maureen massaged her slick clit. ?You have such a pretty, wet pussy! I want to get some photos of Al and Kevin fucking you.?

Anna looked up at the two of us, our dicks still in her grasp, ?will you fuck me like you fucked Maureen last week.? Maureen spread Anna?s cheeks, she drove her face into her snatch and began licking. ?She told you about it?? I asked. Anna gasped as Maureen hit her sweet spot, ?Ohhhhh honey, that?s it? Maureen says you boys really know how to stretch a pussy.? She sucked on the tip of my cock and stroked a couple of times, then ditto to Kevin. ?Anna?s never had two men at the same time,? said Maureen with her tongue still on her friend?s clit. ?That can?t be true? a sexy gal like yourself can have all the guys they want,? I replied. ?Maureen?s right?I?ve never been fucked by two guys at once,? answered Anna as she stroked my cock, ?Doc and I had the chance a couple times before, but somehow it never worked out.? ?Then it?s your lucky night,? said Kevin. Anna smiled, sucked the tip of his cock and worked the shaft several times. A thread of semen pulled up, connected to her tongue as she looked down to examine her work. She was amazed by Kevin?s nine inch pole and at the prospect of it about to penetrate her.

I took charge of the situation, it was time. I leaned forward and kissed her. Our eyes were locked as we pulled apart. She knew what I was going to do next. I picked her up and carried Anna off to the bedroom. Maureen and Kevin followed us. I placed Anna on the edge of the tall bed, laid her back and held her legs apart wide. Kevin and Maureen jumped onto the mattress. Kevin offered his cock to Anna and she began sucking and slurping wildly. Maureen ran her fingers along Anna?s wet fleshy folds, ?doesn?t her pussy look so sweet, Al? I want to see you fuck her with your big dick.? Maureen took hold of the tip of my cock. She guided me to Anna?s opening. The throbbing tip of my pole pressed against Anna?s clit. Feeling this Anna paused to look down at my cock ready to penetrate, ?that?s it, fuck my pussy.? I pushed forward firmly. My thick cock slid into her hot pussy slowly. Anna stared at me in wide eyed amazement.

Anna was the mother of a nine year old boy. She was the read hot MILF whom I could only dream about. Such MILF?s have a gift, better put? the eager ability to take a big thick cock and enjoy it tremendously. Such women, in my experience, love the sensation of being stretched, filled and hammered in a deep penetration session. Anna was no exception. I later learned from Maureen that she had indeed had several male-female-male threesomes, but the had wound up as doggy-fuck and suck with her pussy traded off by her husband and a friend. Maureen told Anna about our sandwich session the week before while they ate lunch in the dunes at the beach. Anna got completely hot over Maureen?s description of two cocks in her at the same time so she wanted to meet Kevin and me.

Anna paused and held Kevin?s cock near her mouth. She stared down at my erect pole stretching her pussy. I pumped her several times, pulled out and layed my dick atop her stomach. Maureen stroked me, sucked the tip of my dick then kissed Anna. ?Put him back inside me,? begged Anna. Maureen worked my dick back into Anna?s slick wet pussy. I stared pumping and pounding while Anna and Maureen shared Kevin?s cock like a shark feeding frenzy. Anna?s tits began to flail as our flesh slapped. She bore down upon my dick, making herself tighter, ?fuk, fuk, me, ee!?

This was going nowhere fast. Anna had a beautiful heart shaped ass and I wanted to see my dick between her cheeks. Without warning I flipped Anna over on her knees. She knew what to do. Immediately she arched her back to rotate her hips and slick pussy upwards. Maureen slid in underneath and guided my cock inside Anna. I slid easily back inside and started off with a long series of deep slow penetrations. This got Anna?s attention. Her lips came off Kevin?s dick with a loud smack, ?that?s it, keep fucking me just like that!? I plunged deep inside her and held my position as Maureen?s tongue danced on Anna?s clit. She moaned and squirmed as I short pumped?that is? short deep penetrations. This followed by near withdrawals with the head of my cock nearly out of her pussy, then deep plunges.

Anna guided Kevin?s cock into Maureen?s pussy and started pumping his wife. Anna buried her face into the action to get her tongue on Maureen?s wet hot clit. Both women were now moaning and writhing as Kevin and I fucked them silly. Maureen came in short order, grabbing my ass as she convulsed. She slid out from under Anna and grabbed her instant camera, ?I want to see you two fuck her like you fucked me last week!? Maureen snapped a couple of photos of Anna gobbling Kevin?s cock slick with pussy juice. ?How do you want this?? I asked Maureen.

?Get on your back. Anna you ride him and Kevin will fuck your ass,? she commanded like a film director. I laid back letting my rock hard cock stand erect like a flag pole. Anna straddled me balancing herself on her toes. She took hold of my cock and stroked me wide-eyed. Traces of Maureen?s cum slicked her lips. Her hefty round breasts folded down slightly jiggling slightly whenever she moved. She guided the head of my cock expertly inside the opening between her thighs and pumped her way down. I pulled Anna down, kissed her, cupped her breasts and suckled her erect nipples. With Anna now bent over, Maureen tossed Kevin a tube of lubricant. He squirted some on her puckered tight ass and worked a bit inside her hole with his thumb. Anna gasped and tried to sit erect, but I held her in place for Kevin, pumping her with my cock several times as a distraction.

Kevin slid up behind and let Maureen guide his cock into Anna?s ass. ?Kevin, go slow. You?re so big. I?ve never done it like this before,? gasped Anna. Anna stared me straight in the eyes, holding her breath, as Kevin slowly penetrated her ass. It hurt. It hurt good. He worked himself in slowly but firmly and I could see him slowly pumping her doggy style. Knowing he was inside, I too began pumping Anna who held onto me for dear life. Maureen snapped photos as Anna struggled to cope with our cocks deep in her ass and pussy. Suddenly I could feel Anna cumming. She paused trembling slightly as Kevin plunged his dick inside her deeply. I took this cue to pick up the pace. I began pumping her as fast as I could without getting out of step with Kevin. Anna came again, this time violently. She cupped her tits for me to suck, bent over more presenting her ass better to Kevin and screamed, ?that?s it, that?s it! fuck me! fuck me!?

Kevin pulled his cock out of her ass. Anna whirled around and wildly pumped my cock as she straddled me. As she sucked and stroked Kevin?s cock ferociously, ?I want to taste your cum inside Maureen?s pussy. Tell me when your ready.? Anna patted the mattress and Maureen jumped back aboard positioning herself doggy style for Kevin to enter at the right time. ?I?m gonna? pop,? exclaimed Kevin trying to hold back for a few seconds. Anna guided his cock into Maureen?s waiting pussy. Kevin managed a few strokes then paused, holding his wife by her hips. I could see his balls pumping as he managed a final deep thrust. Finished Kevin pulled letting his spunk spill out of his wife?s shaved pussy. Anna completely turned-on pumped my cock faster and faster, ?Cum inside my pussy?shoot it in me!? I too was ready to pop. I held Anna?s ass, driving her down and holding her as I shot my load. She could feel my spunk gushing inside

Moments later, knowing I was done, Anna rolled off and into Maureen?s arms. Both gal?s slid into a 69 position to lick our cum out of each other?s pussy. Later I learned that this was their fantasy they had been planning for some time. Minutes later, several more entertaining orgasms later, both Anna and Maureen now completely sated, lay back on the bed with legs spread wide. Kevin, exhausted from a tough week at sea, lay next to them barely awake.

After a while I headed for the kitchen for something cool to drink. As I splashed water over my body at the sink, Anna appeared at the door way wearing one of Maureen?s robe. She left it open, exposing her ample tits and shaved pussy. I smiled as I toweled myself off, ?so that was your fantasy?? Anna moved closer as I sipped a soft drink, ?Yes, I?ve never had two men inside me at the same time.? ?Never?!? I asked. ?Well almost. My husband and I swing from time to time, and usually it winds up with me getting doggy fucked and sucking the same guys?that?s it.? ?Swing?how?! I asked. ?Every month we have a swing party at our beach house in Ventura. It?s just us and four other local couples. Maybe you and Maureen would like to come next week? I?d really like to see you again, Al.?

?What about Kevin?? I asked. ?He?d like to, but he can?t. His ship is out to sea for three weeks,? said Anna as she cuddled closer letting her tits rub against my chest. Anna took hold of my cock and began stroking it gently, ?I really love your cock?it?s just right for me. Kevin is a little too big.? Maureen moaned from the bedroom, ?that?s it, I want your cock baby.? We could hear the gentle slap, slap, slap of flesh. Kevin and Maureen were enjoying each other. After all he was out to sea the whole week then came back horny as hell. We decided to let them fuck in private.

?I could really get used to this,? she said as she stroked my dick. I was getting rock hard again as this cute five foot ten inch goddess rubbed against me. She put my cock between her legs, and with her pussy lips cradling my erect pole slide herself up and down. She ground her clit into the tip of my cock and rode it as we kissed wildly. Worked-up, hot and horny once again she breathlessly asked, ?do you want to fuck me again?? By now my dick was rock hard and ready to drive more nails, ?I want you again,? I said as I picked her up, placed her ass on the edge of the counter and spread her legs. She knew she was going to get more dick. She cupped her tits offering them out to me. I suckled her nipples and fingered her pussy deeply.

She was sitting too high for me to enter her pussy easily. Luckily there was a single platform step-stool nearby. I slid it over, hopped atop it and plunged my cock into her hot pink slit. Anna cooed as I pumped and pumped. She could easily look down and see my dick sliding in and out of her body, ?that?s it, fuck me, fuck me!? she moaned. I worked her clit with my left thumb as I plunged and plunged. Without warning she was bouncing on her ass, trembling and shivering. She was cumming again. Luckily for me on a second go around it?s not that easy to pop. It took me a while. I kept putting it in her, letting my balls slap her ass. Balancing on the stool was just to difficult. With my cock still deep inside her I picked Anna up. She wrapped her legs around me as I took her into the guest bedroom. We bounced down upon the bed and picked up where we left off in the kitchen.

This time Anna was on her back, with he legs spread invitingly wide open and my cock stretching her pink opening. She was absolutely gorgeous in the dim light. ?Keep on fucking me, keep on fucking me!? she moaned. As I plunged into again she would thrust her hips to meet me. Perfectly lubricated, perfectly connected, we fucked like this in perfect unison for several more minutes. Then she began thrusting while at the same time bearing her pussy muscles down upon me as I pumped. I was fantastic! I could feel her trying to work loose my spunk. She lay there watching my expression with a mischievous smile, ?can you feel that?? She knew I could. ?Think you can pump me full of your cum again?? she asked knowing the answer already. ?Fuck me. Fuck me!? she commanded. I was trying not to cum. The sensation of her pussy sucking on my dick was incredible.

I could hold it no longer. I drover my cock into her fast and hard. Her shocked expression revealed the fact that I hit something inside her no man had ever hit before. She could feel my balls and stomach pumping, ?That?s it, put your hot cum deep inside me.? She wrapped her legs around me again to hold me. Squirt! And then a final squirt! ?That?s it baby, that?s it,? Anna cooed. With my cock going limp it was time to roll off. Anna lay there with her legs spread wide. She reached down and fingered her pussy, ?Oh honey that feels so good.? She clicked on the night stand light, grabbed a hand mirror and angled it to get a good look at her freshly fucked cream-pied pussy, ?you are going to be so popular at our party. I can?t wait to show you off, Al.?

Tuesday. I get an urgent call from Maureen. We have a doctor?s appointment in thirty minutes. She?ll pick me up at my front door. Appointment?! From the first weekend with Maureen and Kevin I learned to go along for the ride. On our way to Ventura I am briefed. Anna, having auditioned me, Maureen and Kevin that weekend, put us up for inclusion to their monthly swing party in Ventura Beach. The couples, all professional types, strictly limit the access. The requirements? HWP, mid-thirties to early forties, couples only, and STD free. The last requirement was the object of our mission. We were going to Doc?s office to take the blood test and to meet our host, Doc Johnson (not his real name).

As usual you get to the doctor?s office office on time, on time to wait. Anna opened the waiting room door and called us inside. She brought Maureen and I into Doc?s private office. He was with another patient but wants to meet us both. Two syringes and a sample tray are on the desk. ?Roll up your sleeve,? said Anna readying the needle for me. I balked and Anna sensed something wrong. ?Don?t worry, I?m a nurse, silly,? she said as she tied off my arm with a big rubber band. ?You married the doctor?? ?Something like that,? she said with a wicked smile. Anna drew my blood. ?This is for the others peace of mind,? she said, ?the couples who come to the party aren?t that hard-core swing club types.? ?What types are they?? Maureen asked. Anna thought a minute while she readied another syringe for Maureen, ?they?re like June and Ward Cleaver?very normal people, except they like sex.? We don?t get to meet Doc that day?he was too busy.

Saturday night. It is nine pm. I get the call from Maureen. She?s ready and will be waiting at her front door. The night is cold and she is wearing a long leather coat. Maureen jumps in the passenger seat and slams the door closed. ?Nervous?? she asks almost breathless. ?Yes?a little,? I reply. ?So am I,? she replies. ?Not you, how can that be?? ?Getting naked with you and Kevin is one thing?I know you. Getting naked in front of an audience is something I?m not used too.? I look at her, ?I feel the same way. So if we don?t like what?s going on we jump in the car, right?? ?Right! We go!?

Maureen swivels in the seat and opens her coat, ? how do I look?? She is wearing a revealing bra-less cocktail dress. A big slit reveals her ample cleavage. This dress could go either way?to an Oscar party, or a fuck party. It?s a safe choice. With a mischievous smile she slowly pulls up her hem-line revealing her freshly shaved pussy. ?Like it now?? she asked. I reach over and run my thumb up her moist slit until I hit her clit. She is wet and ready to fuck. I massage her button with my thumb. ?We could just go back to the house and play alone,? I suggest. She squirms in the seat with her legs spread wide. ?No, we?ll take a look,? she coos.

Doc and Anna have their playhouse in the Ventura Marina. We find a parking place and knock on the front door. Anna, the perfect hostess, answers dressed in a Japanese hakata. She is not wearing a stitch underneath. She has been in the hot-tub with Doc. We are fashionably late?but not too late. ?What are you drinking?? asks Doc. ?Gin and tonic,? I reply. ?Same for me,? says Maureen. . There are four other couples already there. Who?s married to whom is impossible to figure out at the moment. Two couples are somewhat clothed and sitting around the living room watching an X rated flic. ?I?m Doc, glad you can make it,? he says introducing himself and bringing us our drinks, ?let me introduce you to everyone.? Doc does the formalities, bringing us to everyone throughout the house. Maureen and I take note of everyone present then go into the kitchen to chat with Doc and Anna. From my position I am watching two couples in the living room.

Karl and Donna not married to each other, are on the couch. Donna is laying back with her skirt hiked up revealing her sweet shaved pussy. Donna spreads her legs and for everyone to see. Karl begins to gently finger her pussy. Scott (who is married to Donna), is sitting with Kim on a love seat that is facing Karl and legs wide open Donna. Kim looks at Donna?s wide open legs and Karl fingering pussy. Kim whispers something in Scott?s ear and suddenly they are kissing. Scott pops the buttons on Kim?s top and with his skillful hand pulls her large tits out. As Karl starts sucking on Donna?s pussy I get the invitation to hop in the hot-tub with Anna. The hot tub is built into an add-on off the large bathroom. Anna strips off her hakata and slips into the warm water. I strip off my clothes and climb in after her. I watch Doc and Maureen through the window chatting on the patio with Paul and a woman in her mid-thirties. ?That?s my step sister, Jane. I want you to meet her.? Anna floats over and wraps her legs around me. Her tits are practically smothering my face, ?miss me?? How could I not miss Anna. I suckle her nipples. We kiss for a while then Anna hops out to fetch another drink. A few minutes go by and I am feeling quite alone. I towel off, find a terry-cloth robe and stroll back to the bar. I arrive and find Anna still mixing the drinks while watching Karl and Donna and Scott and Kim in the living room

Kim is ridding Scott?s eight inch cock spoon style. Her huge rounds tits bounce wildly as Scott rams his dick straight up into her pussy. And on the couch? Donna has straddled Karl?s face. His tongue runs up and down her pink slit. She is sucking the head of his long nine-inch cock while stroking its shaft wildly. She has him slick and wet and her hand glides up and down easily.

I wrap my arms around Anna, cup her tits and kiss her neck. She practically melts into me. She grinds her ass into my erect cock. ?Do you want to join them?? I ask. ?No. Not yet,? she said quietly. We go back to the hot-tub. Another couple, Joan and Jerry are inside but there is room for us also. I discover that Joan and Jerry are married and that Anna brought them into the group three months ago. Jerry enjoys watching his wife with the other men. And Joan enjoys fucking other men. She has her hand on Jerry?s cock. He is erect and she strokes him slowly. Joan is in her later thirites, but looks much younger. Auburn hair, ample D-cup breasts with quarter sized nipples, she looks like a young version of Maureen O?Hara. I notice that Anna?s hand is now on Jerry?s erect cock. Both women are taking turns jacking him off. Jerry pulls Anna into him and suckled her tits.

Joan floated back next to me and watched her husband with Anna. I could feel her hand on my thigh. She worked her way up to my crotch and took hold of my large erect member. Her eyes widened when Anna lifted herself to straddle Jerry?s cock. Anna worked her way down and began slowly riding Jerry?s fuck pole, holding his head into her bouncing tits. ?Joan, you better control your man?he?s fu-uk-uk-ing me again.? I floated Joan between my legs facing her away. I wanted to run my hands over her tight body and round tits. She wore a thin gold chain around her waist. Her pussy was shaved with only a tiny tuft of hair on her pubic mound. My fingers found her slit. They easily slid inside and she arched her back. She whirled around, straddled and kissed me. ?I want you to fuck me while my husband watches you,? she whispered in my ear. She looked down at my erect cock between her legs, took hold and began stroking it. ?Baby, I just love his big cock?do you want to watch me fuck him?? she asked of Jerry.

?Do you want me too?? replied Jerry. ?Yes?were going to go in the other room and he?s going to split my pussy wide open,? said Joan ripe with anticipation. With this Joan stood up fully revealing her incredible body. Her large tits folded down just that way I like them. Her legs were long. Her ass a round heart shape. I grabbed a towel and followed her to one of the bedrooms. Inside were two foam futons covered with sheets. A fuck swing was hung from a sturdy hook in the ceiling. ?Help me in would you honey,? asked Joan. I lifted Joan into the swing and hooked her feet into the stirrups. ?Put your cock in me,? said Joan spreading her legs revealing the long length of her shaved snatch. As I positioned my cock, pressing the head against the opening of her pussy, Jerry and Anna appeared at the door. Joan saw her husband standing there, ?Oh honey, he?s going to fuck me now. Can you see his cock?? ?Yeah baby, I?m watching,? said Jerry standing there at the door stroking his meat.

Joan looked down in wide eyed amazement as I worked my dick into her flesh. She was wet and ready to fuck and my dick slid inside her burning pussy easily. I began pumping her wildly. Her tits flailed as our flesh slapped. Jerry jacked off as I was fucking his wife before his eyes. Anna sat on one of the futons fingering her pussy while she watched the action. ?He?s fucking me so good?his cock is so big!? moaned Joan. Jerry walked over and offered his cock to his wife. She took him in her mouth and began sucking and stroking him wildly. As I pumped away Joan fingered her clit. ?He?s splitting me, baby,? moaned Joan, ?his cock is so big.?

?Baby, I want you in me?fuck me, fuck me,? screamed Joan. I pulled out of her hot pussy. Jerry whirled the swing around and drove his cock fast and hard into his wife. As I stood watching them fuck, Anna tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me out of the room into the hallway. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and planted a kiss on my lips, ?you are so sexy.? Anna took my still erect cock in her hand, ?save some of this for me tonight.? She took me by the hand, ?come on, let?s see what every body is doing.?

I find my robe and we manage to get to the main living room just as Karl?s erect throbbing cock was pulling out of Donna?s thoroughly stretched pussy. She was now laying on her back covered in sweat, her ass hanging off the edge of the couch with her thighs spread wide. Karl arched his back, his balls pumped. Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! He spunks Donna?s gapping pussy. Some of the hot cream shoot straight inside fuck hole. Most lands around the folds of her flesh and on her thighs. Sated she fingers the hot cream on her pussy and then rubs the excess on her tits.

Kim and Scott are now fucking doggy style on the floor. Kim?s ass is high and her back arched so that Scott?s cock enters her at the perfect angle. Their flesh slaps with each plunge of Scott?s cock. Anna thinks this is completely sexy. She gives me another kiss and squeezes my cock affectionately. We head for the family room at the end of the hall and find Lisa and Paul (married to each other) snuggled up in front of the television watching ?Sleepless In Seattle.? Pauls hand is down in Lisa?s panties and his fingers are in her pussy. They lay together on the couch. She on her side with her legs spread inviting Paul?s hand.

Anna leads me into the main bedroom. As I expected I find her and Doc naked on the bed. They are kneeling facing each other kissing and caressing. Doc puts his fingers into Maureen?s pussy. She takes his cock and begins stroking. They lay down and settle into a 69 position with Maureen on top. Her mouth goes around Doc erect meat and she begins sucking, slurping and stroking. Doc spreads her ass and plunges his tongue into Maureen?s dripping pussy. Anna and I stand there quietly watching. My arms are around her and one hand massages her breasts. ?Her mouth on his cock looks so good,? said Anna quietly. I couldn?t disagree. Suddenly I sense someone standing behind me. I turn and see that Anna?s stepsister Jane is watching also. Anna breaks my grips and walks to the bed where Maureen and Doc are licking and sucking. Anna takes her husband?s cock out of Maureen?s mouth and starts to suck and stroke. She offers his dick back to Maureen to sucks and strokes. As they share the cock I turn around and see Jane walking away down the hall for the kitchen. I follow her.

I found Jane standing at the bar in the shadows. Kim and Scott are still fucking. Scott?s erection knows no limits. He?s still rock hard and pounding Kim senseless who is laying on her side with one leg held high. Donna is urging her husband on, ?fuck her?fuck her, that?s it drive your cock in her pussy.? Karl is sipping a drink and watching his wife being fucked silly. Jane stood quietly with her hand in her panties fingering her pussy watching the action. I startled her when I reached for a glass. ?This your first party?? I asked her. ?Yes,? she replied with trepidation. ?You came alone?? ?I just got divorced a few weeks ago,? she said. ?Sorry.? ?No need, it?s not your fault,? she said.

?Kind of wild isn?t it,? I said nodding to the floor show. ?When Anna told me about the parties, I didn?t belive it would be like?like--?? ?Like this?! I said. ?Yeah, so open.? ?This is my first time also,? I told her. ?Really? I thought, well by the looks of you, you seem so experienced.? ?No, not experienced, just horny,? I replied. Jane laughed. This broke the ice. I mixed her a drink, the only kind I know how to mix, a gin and tonic and we walked back down the hall. We stopped at the doorway to the master bedroom. Maureen was riding Doc?s cock She pumped her hips down onto his erect shaft like a Vegas pro. Every so often she would pause, poised with the tip of his dick nearly out of her pussy. This was Anna?s cue to take her husband?s cock in her mouth. She?d suck and stroke him for a few moment then guide the dick back inside Maureen?s pussy.

Jane couldn?t believe her eyes. She turned to face me and then without warning gave me a kiss. She ran off down the hall. I followed and found her stripping of her clothes at the hot tub. Jane was stunning. Mid-thirties. Short cropped dirty blonde hair. Large 36 D-cup creamy breasts and pert nipples. About five foot seven she was a Chalise Thernon type. As she stripped off her panties, she looked up at me standing in the doorway. She smiled. I tossed aside my robe and walked to the edge of the hot-tub. She took a long look at my erect dick standing nearly straight out. I stepped into the swirling water.

Jane floated over and kissed me again. ?Anna wanted me to meet you,? said Jane, ?she told me how you and Kevin??well you know what I mean.? ?How me and Kevin did what?? I asked innocently. ?How you and Kevin sandwiched her--?I don?t know if I could do that.? ?Would you like to try?? I asked. ?I don?t know?not yet anyways,? she replied. ?What would you like?? I asked. ?I just want to be with somebody who can show me what to do tonight.?

I pulled Jane close and kissed her. I could feel her tits and erect nipples against my chest. She spread her legs, straddled me and put her arms around my neck. ?Would you like to be with me?? I asked. ?Yes, I would,? she said quietly. I stood up and took her by the hand, ?come on.? She let me lead her into the family room where Paul and Lisa are naked on couch now. They?re in the same position as before. Her leg is up in the air, but now Paul?s long hard cock is plowing her flesh. His hands are firmly grasping her tits, pulling her body down upon his erection.

Jane and I sit across from them on another couch. We are both naked and kissing. Jane spreads her legs so that my fingers can find her pussy. She is moist, burning hot and ready for penetration. She takes hold of my cock and while she watches Paul and Lisa begins stroking me. Her eyes are wide. Her body trembles with anticipation. ?What are you thinking?? I whisper in her ear. ?They don?t care if we can see them fucking,? she whispers back. ?They?re in their own world,? I reply softly. Jane looks me squarely in the eyes, give me a kiss then puts her mouth down upon my cock. This gal has learned to suck. She gets my dick wet and begins stroking my erection firmly. I let her go. Her head bobs wildly on my fuck pole.

Paul and Lisa see us and pick up the pace. Lisa is hot now. She wants to ride slick cock. She straddles Paul and lets herself down upon his dick. Paul?s hands are around her waist and she is facing us. Paul?s cock slams upwards into her pussy in a series of rapid pumps. Lisa?s tits flail up and down as her husband?s flesh slaps her own. Jane pauses and watches this. She is completely turned on. She looks up at me and asks, ?would you fuck me like that?? I give Jane the cue to stand. She backs into my cock. Her closely trimmed pussy hovers over my pulsating hard dick. I guide myself into her hot flesh. The head pierces her slightly and I take hold of her waist. Jane lowers herself easily coos and sighs in delight. Her pussy is completely soaking with hot juice and she is ready to fuck.

Jane lays back and lets me take charge of her penetration. I slam myself upwards into her slick pussy in a rapid series of pumps then let off to let her ride and enjoy the sensation. I give her another series of pumps and Jane is moaning and grinding her pussy down into me. Lisa lifts herself off Paul then pauses to watch us. I shoot my pole upwards into Jane in a series of long slow pumps. ?Honey, he looks so good inside you,? remarked Lisa as she crossed over to Jane. I could feel Lisa?s hand on my cock, then feel her stroking Jane?s clit. ?He?s soooo big,? cooed Jane.

Lisa kneels before the couch next to us and arches her back wanting Paul to enter her from behind. Paul mounts Lisa and began to drive his cock deeply into her frothy slick pussy. He pumps her hard and fast. Their flesh slaps rapidly. I realize that Lisa and Paul are trying to help me break in Jane. They know she?s a newbie to swinging. We have to go gentle. I lift Jane off my cock. She wants to know what to do next. I sit her down with her ass hanging slightly off the couch, spread her legs and hold them far apart. My cock hung above her glistening pussy. Jane takes this cue and guides my erection into her fleshy folds. As I pump her with long deep strokes she rubs her clit with her fingers to enhance the sensation. Jane shoots a glance at Lisa and at Pauls cock sliding in and out of her wet orafice Jane licks her lips and looks at me as my cock bounces off something deep inside her, ?that?s it, fuck me just like that?fuck me like that.? I repeated the motion and she cooed and moaned in delight.

Paul flipped Lisa onto the couch mirroring our position. He spreads his wife?s legs wide and plunges his cock deep inside. Both Paul and I are humping these gals wildly. Jane reaches over, puts her hand on Lisa?s pussy and rubs her clit. Jane is into it now. She obviously likes the sensation of watching and being watched. Jane looked at her flailing tits and then up at me, ?her pussy is so wet!? I drive myself into her body hard and deep. Jane gasps, ?My husband could never fuck me like this!?

I looked over at Paul and gave him a nod?he knew what I meant. I pulled out of Jane?s pussy, he pulled out of Lisa. Jane didn?t know what to think as we stood to traded off our women. Paul took Jane?s legs spread them wide and before she could utter a word he plunged his huge dick straight into her pussy. I took hold of pretty Lisa. She smiled as I spread her legs widely and help guide my cock into her slick stretched hole. Lisa was tall and dark, reminding me of an evil Bond girl. Her tits were cupcake sized and pert. Her pussy was tight and hot. I penetrated her with one deft movement, giving her my entire length then pausing to judge her reaction. She loved it but was tense due to my size. As I began stroking her she relaxed and let me drive into her fast and deep without reservation.

Paul was giving Jane the fucking of her life. Her tits bounced wildly as Paul slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. Lisa looked down at her husband?s cock. Jane?s tightly stretched flesh was sucking as his slick cock, ?Sweetheart, your dick looks good inside her.? ?Your man, know how to fuck a girl,? moaned Jane. I looked up at Paul. He knew I had something else in mind. He pulled his cock out of Jane?s pussy and let me take charge. I layed Jane on her side, lifted her leg and plunged my cock into Paul?s sloppy seconds. As I pumped away, Paul slid up next to Jane and positioned his cock next to her mouth. She grabbed hold and started sucking and stroking him wildly. Lisa kneeled down and as I fucked away, she licked Jane?s clitoris. Jane moaned and squirmed under our pressing flesh. She tensed and trembled with an orgasm Suddenly Paul was ready to pop, ?I?m gonna? cum!? But Jane kept sucking and stroking.

Paul tensed. I could see his balls and stomach pumping. Jane gasped for air as Paul?s cum came streaming out of her mouth. She kept stroking him. Squirt! Straight in her mouth again. Squirt! This time across her face. As Lisa goes in and starts sucking the last of her husbands cum off the of his dick I can feel myself ready to pop, ?are you protected?? I hastily ask. ?Yes, yes?I?m on the pill? fuck me, Al. Shoot your cum inside me!? I gave her the last of my licks and could hold off the inevitable no longer. I was at the edge when Jane tensed the muscles in her pussy. I exploded inside her without warning. She knew what was happening?hot spunk was being injected inside her body. I slammed myself into her deeply and held my position. My balls pumped and pumped and she laid back in breathless amazement by the fact that she had just taken on two men. ?Why did I wait so long to come here,? she panted.

Lisa kissed Jane and looked down as I pulled out my cock. My cum spilled out of Jane?s stretched pussy and flowed onto the couch. Lisa fingered Jane?s oozing snatch, ?this is nothing sweetheart, last time I got fucked like this by five horny guys.?

Jane and I lumbered back to the hot-tub. We cuddled together in the hot swirling water. ?Can we see each other again?? she asked, ?you know?away from the party?? ?I think that was Anna?s idea. You?re single, I?m single. She wants us to come back together, that?s the way I figure it. Am I right?? ?She did say something along those lines,? said Jane relaxing in my arms. Anna and Maureen returned to the hot-tub at that point. Maureen?s pussy looked stretched, flush and well fucked. As Anna climb into the tub I noticed a stream of cum oozing out of her pussy down her thigh. ?Have fun??

?Had to help my friend screw my husband tonight,? she said matter-of-factly as she settled into the water, ?how about you, Al.? She looked at Jane and then at me, ?what have you two been up too?? ?Al and Paul were all over me?it was incredible,? Jane blurted out. ?I told you to ditch that limp dick husband of yours a long time ago,? said Anna, ?there?s a lot men out there that would be lucky to have a girl like you. It?s hard to believe that he ignored you for years.?

The water was getting too hot, I excused myself and went back to the bar. An instant later Anna was there with her arms around me, ?so did you hook up with Jane?? ?Oh yeah, we hooked up. You don?t mind do you?? ?Honey, I?m a married woman, you?re both single and I thought you?d be good together.? She grabbed my cock, ?did you save some for me?? ?There?s enough left, don?t worry,? I replied. ?Just treat my sister right, that?s all I ask,? said Anna. I looked around for a place where we could get it on. The living room was full. Jerry, Joan, Kim, Scott, Karl and Donna were in a tangled sweaty heap in the middle of the floor. ?That looks good,? commented Anna. ?Not yet,? I replied unwilling to get soaked with sweat and cum. I wanted Anna all to myself for a while, ?let?s go to the bedroom.?

She followed me and we found the room deserted. Doc was off somewhere, perhaps at the bottom of the sweaty heap in the living room. ?Your husband won?t mind me with you in here will he?? ?He digs it when I fuck other men in our bedroom?especially when he?s watching.? ?Does he join in?? ?No, not that often,? she replied as she sat upon the edge of the mattress. ?What does he enjoy the most? I asked. ?He likes it when I get doggy fucked, or when I spoon a big dick facing him while he sits on the chair in the corner. He?ll just sit there video taping and jacking off.? ?Video!? I asked. ?Sure, want to see some? Replied Anna. ?Of course.

Anna crossed to the TV cabinet selected a tape and plugged it into the deck. An image leapt onto the screen. Anna was laying on the bed with her tits spilling out of her bra. Her panties were off and she was wearing the garter and stocking I had become familiar with days before. Karl walked into frame wearing nothing but a tee shirt. His erect cock stood at attention. He looked into camera, actually he was looking at Doc who was directing the scene. ?I want you to fuck my wife,? said Doc, ?get up on the bed and spread her legs wide.? ?This was the first time I ever met Karl,? commented Anna. Karl hopped onto the mattress and obeyed. ?Now finger her wet pussy.? Karl ran his finger tips along Anna?s snatch, then drove them inside. ?Suck his cock while he fingers your pussy.? Anna wrapped her lips around Karl?s member, sucked until it was wetted and began stroking him. Anna looked at the lens, ?does this look good baby?? She sucked and stroked him again, ?you like this?? ?Yeah, that?s sweet, work your lips around the tip of his cock more.? Anna obeyed, sucked his knob and stroked his shaft. ?Let me get to the good part,? said Anna as she fast fowarded the tape.

?Hey wait?,? but she zipped forward any ways. Next Doc was walking around the bed with the camera. Anna was on her knees. Doc reaches into frame and arches her back down so that her hips and pussy swivel up to a visible angle, ?there, now put your cock inside her pussy.? Karl guided his dick into Anna?s flesh. ?Now start pumping her,? ordered Doc. Karl picked up the pace. I could see his dick slicken with her pussy juice. ?Oh Anna, your pussy looks so good with him fucking you,? commented Doc from behind the camera. ?His cock is so hard?he?s fucking me so deep!? moaned Anna, ?do you like it, do you like it when I fuck cock like a slut?? The angle tilted down, Doc was jacking off, ?take his cock honey?fuck him good!?

Anna put her hand on my dick. The video was getting me hard again. Anna came across better than my favorites, Nina Hartely and Niki Dial. ?You missed your calling,? I commented as I laid on my side. Anna started sucking my cock as I watched her fuck on the video. Karl kept pounding her doggy style as Doc constantly changed camera angles. Suddenly I was rock hard and ready to get it on with my new gal pal. Anna laid back on her arms and spread her legs wide?she?d already been fucked and spunked by her husband that night, but she wanted more. She wanted my cock inside her again. Suddenly she smiled as someone standing behind. I turned a saw Doc standing at the door. ?Baby, I want you to watch him fuck my slutty pussy?stay and watch him fuck me, please.? Doc stood quietly at the door nursing a drink. Somehow he suspected that his wife had a thing for me.

I drew up between Anna?s legs. She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. She was spunked and wet and I slid inside her easily. I felt perfectly at ease inside Anna?s pussy as Doc watched. My dick was hard and I plunged into his wife deep and hard. Her tits flailed as I pumped away. ?Come on sweetheart, fuck the way I taught you,? commented Doc as I rammed my cock into his wife?s pussy. Suddenly Anna was bearing down upon my cock with her muscles, thrusting into me with her hips. ?That?s it sweetheart, ride that cock.? She smiled at Doc. She actually was turned on by the fact that her husband was watching her ride my dick, ?he?s stretching my pussy all out?ohhh, yeah?I?m riding his cock honey!?

Knowing what Doc liked, I flipped Anna over on her knees and arched her back to rotate her hips and pussy up. I drove my dick into her flesh again. As I gave her a series a long hard strokes Doc took hold of his cock and began stroking himself. ?Baby, he?s fucking me so good,? moaned Anna. Doc, now rock hard, hopped onto the bed stroking his dick. Anna was somewhat surprised when he offered his cock to her, ?suck it while he fucks you.? I kept on plowing Anna?s pussy as she sucked and stroked her husbands large dick. Her tits flailed wildly as our flesh slapped. ?I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you,? moaned Anna. Suddenly Doc was flexing, his stomach pumping. He was cumming and Anna was all over his squirting knob.

She took every squirt in her mouth and when he was done kept sucking and stroking until Doc was limp. At this time Anna?s pussy was frothing with spunk and her own cum. I couldn?t hold back any longer. I rammed my dick into deep and hard one last time and squirted my cum. I held position until I began to loose my erection then pulled out. My cum oozed out of her pussy and down her thighs. Doc rolled off the bed and headed back to the bar. ?He?s mad at me?he suspects,? said Anna. ?Knows what,? I asked. ?He thinks I was with you, Kevin and Maureen.? ?You were.? ?I know, don?t tell him, he only likes me to play with others here at the party where he can watch.?

I began to fathom their relationship. Anna dominated by her husband was looking for new playmates outside the scope of their swinging world. She wanted me, Jane, Maureen and Kevin to be a part of their parties from now on. She was tired of screwing Paul, Karl, Scott and Jerry for her husband. She also wanted to play with me, Kevin and Maureen alone. I was not to tell Doc.

Jane wound up going home with me and Maureen for the rest of the weekend. Maureen was happy that I found some one with whom she and her husband could share. From that point on a lot of my time was spent at Jane?s apartment?and when I got the call we?d both go over and play with Kevin and Maureen. Anna was a part of my life also. Apart from the monthly swing parties we?d hold our own little group swings with Jane, Kevin and Maureen.

More about this in the next chapter

Al and Anna and Jane and Kevin and Maureen.

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