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The Stag Party

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Here's another story from the diary, I'm amazed when I read through things at some of the things I've done. I've forgotten about some and well others you just can't forget.

I've kept a diary since I was around thirteen. I kept them locked away for years. I was putting another one in the attic when I decided to page through some of the older ones. That's when I got the idea of maybe writing some of them up to post here.

Until I reread some of my postings, I didn't realize what a pattern of passivity I seem to exhibit in my experiences. I'll have to look for others where I was a bit more aggressive. If you like the stories, write and let me know and I'll continue to share them with you.

This one is about something that happened to me when I first started dating an old boyfriend named Bob. I dated him for a long time and it seems some of my wilder experiences occurred during the time I was with him. I have a reputation among my friends as being this sweet little thing.

I guess that's maybe why I'm often a passive participant in some of these experiences. I never wanted to ruin the picture that is painted of me. I like having that reputation of being this sweet, little girl, especially with my darker exhibitionist side. I only really indulge that when away from home where no one knows me.

Bob and I had been dating about 6 months or so and we still had our separate apartments. Bob had told me that he was planning to go out to a stag party with a bunch of his buddies on this particular Friday night.

I didn't really have a problem with him going, but I kinda like to have some attention after a long week. I knew that he'd be coming home after work to take a shower and change. I thought maybe I'd surprise him. I guess I thought that maybe if I showed him a good time before he went to the stag, then he wouldn't pay as much attention to the other girls.

He had told me that he'd probably stop and have a few drinks with some of the guys before heading for home, so I went over to his apartment to wait for him. I knew a way to get his attention would be to get naked and lay on the couch pretending to be sleeping when he came in. He just wouldn't be able to resist my supple form presented like a feast for him in full view of the street.

I went upstairs and took a nice hot shower. After I my shower, I went into his bedroom, dried off, put on some nice perfume and hid my clothes under his bed. I wanted to surprise him. If he came in and went right upstairs for his shower, my clothes would be a dead giveaway. If he came into the living room first, which is what I hoped, then all the better for me.

Otherwise, after his shower, I knew he'd come downstairs to catch the latest sports while he was getting ready. I also knew he wouldn't be able to resist a quickie before heading out for the night and maybe, just maybe... I could keep him home for an evening of pleasure.

I opened a bottle of wine and lay back on the couch to wait for him. I was already pretty excited and lying there nude anticipating what he'd do when he finally saw me only made me even more randy.

The curtains were all open and it was still plenty light outside and the sun was spilling into the room. I love to be naked where there is a chance to be seen, it's just one of my many quirks. It was also something that got Bob off big time. The idea of other men seeing my naked body drove him wild.

While lying back drinking the wine, I started to softly caress my pussy, keeping myself pretty worked up. I could see people walking by just outside the house and it really excited me to think of them seeing me in here like this, although I would've cringed if anyone actually stopped and looked. I guess it's more the idea of the thing that excited me than the thing itself.

I kept myself right at the edge of orgasm for what seemed like forever, but in reality was only probably less than an hour. I had pretty much finished off the bottle of wine and was lying back daydreaming when I heard Bob's car pull into the driveway. I gulped down the last of the wine and pushed the empty glass and bottle under the coffee table out of sight. I got back on the couch and positioned myself for the presentation.

While I had been waiting, I had tried a bunch of positions that I thought might be kind of erotic, but also looked like a believable sleeping position. I thought this was the winner; I put my arms up over my head behind me kind of cradling my head.

One of my legs was sort of hanging over the edge of the couch and with the other I pulled my foot up a bit bending my leg at the knee and rested it against the back cushions totally exposing my open sex. I lay back pretending to be asleep, my heart was beating a mile a minute, my swollen pussy wet and throbbing with anticipation.

I heard the back door open and then footsteps coming down the hall toward the living room. Then, I heard Bob saying to someone that they were to make themselves at home, he was going up to grab a shower and would be down in a little while. Footsteps were going quickly up the stairs and multiple footsteps heading for the living room where I was posed... naked!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

I panicked, there was nowhere for me to go, the living room was at the front of the house with only a front door leading outside, no closets... nothing. I didn't even have a blanket, towel or anything at all to cover up with. I wasted what precious few seconds I had mentally scrambling about what I could do. Then they were in the living room and all my options were gone.

All sound stopped, I guess in disbelief to see me lying there as if I were the main course for some sort of twisted thanksgiving feast. There wasn't a thing I could do other than to pretend to be sleeping.

I was dying of embarrassment to be caught so exposed. I couldn't even move my body into a less revealing position because I was supposed to be sleeping and wouldn't have known about my audience.

It sounded like 3 or 4 guys were standing there in the doorway looking at me. They must've been as shocked as I was. At this point, I had no idea who they were or what they would do. Then I heard a whispered... "holy shit, are you guys seeing this"?

My heart stopped while I listened. It seemed that for a long second no one moved in the room. Then I heard them begin to whisper quietly among themselves and while they were whispering, Bob yelled from upstairs for someone to bring him a beer.

They started talking among themselves about what to do, it sounded like about 4 guys were standing there almost right on top of me.

One of them finally took charge and said, "someone take a beer up to Bobby. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm going to check her out. I can't believe this".

Someone else asked about Bob, "We'll just keep an ear out for him and when he's done with his shower, we'll head out to the kitchen and wait for him like that's where we were the whole time.

Anyone who doesn't want to take a peek at Jenn can head out to the kitchen now, but I think she's too fucking hot and this is like a gift from heaven, I'm not wasting it, you guys do whatever you want."

With that, the floor creaked as someone stepped closer to the couch. I heard footsteps go back down the hallway into the kitchen, open the fridge and grab some beers. Whoever it was brought some back to the guys in the living room and then finally brought one upstairs to Bob.

While he was going upstairs, one of the other guys whispered, "I'll be right back, I got my camera in the car, I was going to try to get some pictures at the stag, but fuck that, I'm getting some pictures of this". By the time the guy came back down from upstairs, the other one with the camera was back.

Bob must've turned on the upstairs stereo because I could hear music playing upstairs and the guys in the room with me weren't whispering as softly any more. I could tell that they must've already been drinking for awhile by the tone of their voices and the way they were talking. They sounded a little drunk.

One guy whose voice I recognized as Bob's best friend at the time, Jack, told the others that I was a really heavy sleeper and that I probably wouldn't wake up if they were careful and didn't make too much noise.

It was Jack who took charge and told the guys to make sure to listen for the shower to cut off and then they all moved into the room next to couch I was lying on. I could hear the shower running and wondered what was going to happen to me while Bob took his shower. I heard the camera begin to click away and the guys started to look me over.

"Man, I knew she had a great little body, but check out those nipples will you" someone said... "Jesus Christ, they are huge".

I have kinda puffy areolas with very large nipples, probably a 1/2" thick and maybe just a little over a 1/2" long too. I could feel them getting more and more prominent as I lay there exposed to these guys.

"I've got to get a close up of her pussy it looks like a sweet, juicy peach" another voice said and the camera clicked again.

It seemed as if every sound was magnified as I lay there under their gaze.

"What a great pussy, no muff hair at all to hide it. It's awfully nice of her to crash here on the couch like this with that nice juicy thing just sitting there waiting to be fucked", someone joked.

"Christ, I've wondered ever since I met her what she looked like bare ass, I knew she'd be a little hottie, but god, check her out, she's perfect Man. What a tight little body, I'd love to fuck the shit right out of her."

Someone else found the empty bottle of wine and wineglass and figured that I must've been waiting for Bob and got loaded while waiting. "I think she's passed out, she wiped out a whole bottle of wine". They all laughed quietly.

"Our lucky day" someone else said, "But hey let's be careful... we don't want wake her up.

Jack's voice which sounded really close to me said, "I don't think she'll wake up, Bob told me the house could blow up and it wouldn't wake her up and if she drank this wine, then she's really out. I've always wanted to check out these nipples. I've caught peeks when she wears loose shirts, but who woulda guessed that I'd get to play with them."

And with that I felt the soft touch of a forefinger and thumb gently rolling one of my nipples. My nipples got even harder and I let out an involuntary moan. The fingers moved away quickly and everyone went quiet for a second.

Jack laughed nervously and quietly said, "that scared the shit out of me, I thought she was waking up".

"Look how puffy her nipples are now" someone else said. They were right, I could feel them swelling even as I lay there.

Fingers were back at my nipples again, very, very gently rolling one around and around. The camera clicked. I'm pretty small breasted really, so when the fingers released my nipple and then the hand cupped my breast, he had the whole thing in his hand. I let out another moan and rolled my hips without thinking and my pussy opened even more.

The hand stopped squeezing and just held onto my breast. Jack must've been watching my face for some sign of waking. I had kept myself on the edge of an orgasm for so long that any touch right now was causing almost uncontrollable sensations to course through my body.

The embarrassment was subsiding, being replaced with an illicit kind of excitement. These boys were being naughty, really naughty and I was getting off on it. I didn't know what was going to happen, but if all they did was touch, then I'd let them explore while I "slept".

The hand began to squeeze and rub my left breast again. It felt incredible. I had to use all my self-control not to make any more sounds or move. When the fingers found my other nipple, they rolled it and then gently tugged at it. I arched my back slightly again letting a small moan out, opening my mouth and rolling my head slightly.

Jack said "She is so fucking hot.... Look how pink her pussy is... she's soaking wet. God, you guys have got to feel how soft her nipples are. I fucking love em".

I could hear his breathing and it was getting heavier, he was getting excited and that fed my own building excitement. I had forgotten about Bob and the shower for now.

"How much film you got in the camera Tony?" he asked.

"About a half a roll" was the response.

"Cool, I want to see if I can get her to hold my dick, get a picture."

With that, he released my breast. I heard a belt buckle and zipper coming down. The next thing I know, I feel a hot, hard dick resting in one of my open hands. He took my hand and closed around his dick and stroked himself a couple of times. When he released my hand, I continued to loosely hold onto it.

"Whew", a shaky voice chuckled, "I'm going to blow my load if I'm not careful".

I didn't think he was kidding, his dick was pulsing in my hand. I heard the camera click and advance the film again as the picture was taken. This was getting out of control, way out of control... but I didn't really know what to do to stop it either.

If I woke up, I'd have to face them and I didn't want that. I just figured that everything would end when the shower stopped, but that could be awhile, I had no idea how long I had been in the room with these guys or how much more I could take them playing with my body, before I lost control myself.

His hand found my breast again as I continued to hold his dick. Someone sat down on the couch opposite the end I was lying on and I was taken totally by surprise when I felt a finger trace up my wet opening. My breath caught and I gripped the dick a little tighter for a second. My own breathing was starting to come a bit heavier, not quite panting, but not far from it either.

I could picture how I must look spread out on the couch with all these guys looking at and playing with me. The clicking of the camera was in the background now as I focused on the sensations of my body. I hoped it wouldn't betray me.

The finger at my pussy pulled one lip aside revealing my wet pink inner pussy. Another guy was standing above and behind the guy on the end of the couch, I guess just watching it all and commented on how hot I was.

He said "Hey Lee you should just slide your finger into her pussy".

I recognized that voice too, it was another guy named Kyle that I had known for a while and had flirted with before meeting Bobbie. A moment later a fat finger slid into my most private place.

"Man she is wicked tight and really wet". He pulled his finger slowly back out till just the tip was separating my pussy lips and then he slid it back in. I shifted my hips to open myself up more to him as he started to slide in and out of my pussy. I couldn't help it... I started to slowly pump the dick in my hand and moan quietly.

"Oh fuck, look at this, she's jerking me off" exclaimed Jack. "She must be having a hell of a wet dream right now" he laughed.

A few seconds later he said that he couldn't take it anymore and he'd blow his load if I kept on jerking him off. He pulled his dick from my hand and moved away, breathing hard.

"I've got to check this out" Kyle said and a moment later his dick was in my hand.

Kyle did as the Jack had and wrapped my hand around his dick, stroking it a few times before letting go. I held on and slowly started to pump it myself. I was lost in a haze of lust. I wasn't paying much attention to anything other than the finger slowly pumping in and out of my pussy and the dick in my hand.

I was moaning louder now and breathing quite hard. My head turned to the side. I was still trying to pretend to be sleeping, but had no idea of how well I was doing or whether the guys had figured out yet that I was actually awake. The guy in my hand pulled his dick out of my hand.

"Tony, get a picture of this, I'm going to put my dick by her mouth".

One other guys said "be careful man, she might wake up any moment."

"No go for it," someone else said "She's out of it, she's just having a intense wet dream right now" and they all laughed.

I felt the velvet softness of the head of his dick brush my open lips. I could hear the wet sounds of the finger working my pussy and I could feel my hips rolling because of what those fingers were doing to me.

At first he seemed content to just brush his dick on my lips and cheeks, but I guess my open mouth was too much of a temptation because a moment later I felt head of his dick resting on my bottom lip. I was really, really aroused by now and the temptation must have been too much for him as I lay there softly moaning and moving my body in response to the fingers down below.

The head of his dick started to incrementally slide past my lips and into my waiting mouth. When he had the head and part of the shaft in, he stopped.

"Get a picture Tony before I have to pull it out" Kyle said in a shaky voice.

It just then that I felt a hot tongue lick my clit, it was like an electric charge went through me. I cried out, sucked a deep breath and pushed my pussy into the face down below.

"Oh fuck", Kyle almost shouted as I wrapped my tongue around the head of his dick. I started to suck on the dick in my mouth. After a moment I brought my hand up to pump the shaft as I sucked on it.

With the mouth and fingers doing their magic down below, an orgasm developed quickly and I came less than a minute later.

The waves of the orgasm took control of my body and soul. I was writhing on the couch, the mouth was still on my pussy and fingers were deep inside my pussy. Hands were squeezing and playing with my breasts.

I heard a voice through the haze of my orgasm urgently whisper that the shower had just turned off. I continued to suck on the dick in mouth pumping the shaft. I was thrusting my hips against the finger down below.

I heard Kyle's strained whisper saying he was going to blow his load and as he said it, he groaned louder and I felt his salty essence splash against the back of my throat. I sucked harder swallowing everything as he continued to blow his load down my throat.

Hurry up someone said. The guy at my pussy gave it one last lick and then got off the couch.

Someone else, probably Lee sat down and said "I've got to take a quick taste before leaving".

He slid a finger into me and exclaimed, "man she is tight, her pussy is still throbbing from her orgasm!"

The next thing I felt was his tongue licking my opening. "I wish Bobby had taken a longer shower" he moaned, "I wanted to fuck her."

I would have let him.

The guy who had come in my mouth finally pulled his still throbbing dick out of my mouth. He was still breathing hard trying to get himself put away, when I heard Tony ask him to take his camera and get a couple quick pictures of him.

"You better be fast, Bobbie's going to coming down any time now" Kyle said.

A moment later a second dick slid deep into waiting mouth. I felt yet another finger sliding into my pussy while Lee continued to lick my clit. Hands were squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples as a sort of goodbye I guess. I t still drove me crazy though.

I wrapped my tongue around the head of the new dick and reached up to stroke the shaft as I started to suck. I heard the camera clicking away and then as quickly the dick was there, it was gone. Someone urgently whispered that they had to get out of here.

They must have been tip-toeing as they left the living room. Once they got to the kitchen, Gary yelled up to Bobby to hurry up, they were late.

"I'll be down in a minute, grab the beers and I meet you in the car" Bobby yelled back. A couple minutes later, I heard Bobby rush down the stairs and out the back door.

I opened my eyes and looked around the room. It was such a weird, dreamlike event. As I lay there, I saw a car back out of the driveway, followed closely by Bobby's. I could clearly see all the guys, I wondered if they could see me as well. I never did anything with any of these guys again and they never let on to me that they ever did anything with me.

I always wondered if they ever thought about that early summer evening with me before going out to the stag party.

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