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The Sin Sational Massage

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The ?Sin?Sational Massage

Most of us guys are always fantasizing about how we can get our women to be sex craved, lingerie wearing, cum sucking sluts who walk around in short skirts, high heels and see through tops. We all can admit we love to see other women who will show off their wares, whether it be in public or at a party. I don?t want to brag, but for the most part I have such a wife. My goddess stands 5?8?, slim build, legs that seem to never end; but where they do, there is a perfectly heart-shaped ass, greenish sexy eye?s, medium length hair that can be worn curly or straight and is high-lighted. She possesses perfect sized breasts with nipples that could be visible through a Kevlar vest.

When we spot such love goddess?s we wonder what on earth the lucky bastard had done in order for his woman to be sporting such attire and possessing such sexual allure. I?m telling you that chivalry is not dead. Try it and hopefully you will all be rewarded such as I was. Yes, I was sucking up to the woman by performing all my honey-do chores around the house, insisting on her gathering up the girls for a girls night out, opening car doors, getting flowers for no specific reason, grocery shopping and yes, even doing a load of laundry now and then. Although I had ulterior motives, I would always say nothing when asked what I want for doing these things. I could always count on getting double reward points by giving her the one thing she absolutely loves; a gift card from her favorite salon entitling her to an hour massage. I have become quite predictable over the years by getting her massages for her birthday, Sweetest Day, Christmas and Valentines Day. Honestly, it was well worth the money. One, it keeps me from doing it and the other is that it proves very beneficial in the bedroom. We have had some very hot fuck fests talking about the masseuse?s skilled hands and how it turns my wife on. I often try to heighten our love making by whispering new ideas (fantasies) into Lor?s ears. Her sponge like brain absorbs my naughty words. This in turn starts the love juices flowing between her thighs. She returns the favor by describing how Kris, her masseuse, touches her while giving his massage. Whether true or not, she knows the idea of others looking, licking or touching her turns me on. I can always bank on a powerful orgasm by inserting my thumb in and out of her pussy vigorously while my index finger brushes her bung hole. I then lick her cunt, tracing a trail with my tongue up to her neck and ear lobes. Performing my patented move one evening I was just about to enter my wife?s swollen pussy with my throbbing cock when she murmured under her breathe, ?oh fuck me Kris.? I pretended not to hear that and began to wonder what she actually gets during that hour of relaxation. This truly turned me on even more as I pounded my wife?s pussy with my swollen love pole at a pace that would make the energizer bunny jealous.

Whether or not it was our New Year?s resolution of spicing up our sex lives and taking it to the next level, or her Freudian slip using Kris?s name a week earlier while making love; I was given one hell of a surprise. One night I chose to stay home instead of meeting the guys at our favorite watering hole to watch the ball game. It worked out nicely in the end, but little did I know that I would end up watching the kids while my favorite team played. The girls put a last minute girls-night-out together. I insisted that she go and enjoy herself. Little did she know I really wasn?t in the mood to take the ribbing from my friends, knowing the outcome! My wife took this as another favor. In fact she must have given me triple rewards. It was getting rather late and I decided to hit the sack after my night cap. The combination of a long day and the mix drinks made it easy for me to fall a sleep. It is not unusual for either one of us to wake the other after being out drinking with friends. This night proved to be no different. I will admit that I was truly enjoying the nibbles, caresses, soft kisses and the stroking of my stiffening cock. I wanted to play HARD to get, so I pretended to be sound a sleep. She pulled back the comforter, removed my shorts. She began licking my balls ever so slowly. Suddenly my cock was at full attention, yet I refused to let her know that I was fully awake enjoying her warm lips over my stiff woody. She slowly circled the head of my cock with her tongue and started to lick my entire shaft downward past my balls stopping just short of my asshole. Refusing to open my eyes there was a pause in the action. I could feel her remove herself from the bed thinking she was undressing. Suddenly, I opened my eyes to find the house completely dark and wondering if I weren?t dreaming that this was happening. I covered myself back up then I heard foot steps in the hallway thus pretending to still be a sleep. I wasn?t touched for a moment, but I didn?t want to open my eyes hoping that she would continue where she left off. The blankets were once again pulled off and Lora?s love lumber once again started sprouting upward. Her lips and mouth engulfed my entire length up until the point of full erection. I was in heaven, so I thought. It wasn?t until a few minutes later that I realized I was indeed there. There was another pause in the action. I thought she might think that I was about to cum, thus stopping to postpone my orgasm. She maneuvered in such a manner to position herself above me. With her knees on each side of my head she ever so gently lowered her sweet tasting pussy onto my mouth. The anticipation made my cock appear as a 3 meter spring board, twitching up and down. The 69 position is one of our favorites. I sprang to life, wrapping my arms around her sweet ass, pulling her the rest of the way down and plunged my tongue deep inside her. Trying to bring her off I licked as fast and deep as I possibly could. I lifted her somewhat in order to tongue her ass. Normally she loves this, but she re-positioned herself so my tongue was buried in her soaking wet folds. She was sucking my cock like never before. My wife sometimes uses her hands to jack me off while sucking, but tonight she was like a jack-hammer pounding away at my swollen rod with her lips. The slurping sounds alone drove me crazy. I told her that I was about to cum. She stopped for a second and said that I was not allowed to. My cock sprang free from the warm confines of her mouth, she spun around facing me. I continued giving her a tongue bath. I reached up to play with her tits and roll her nipples with my fingers. She started bucking back and forth on my tongue telling me she was going to cum. I started sucking her juices as the love gates of her inner folds opened allowing me to suck up all the sweet nectar she could produce. I was grasping her as she shook violently with a powerful orgasm. She whispered in my ear that she loved me. With that being said my cock was being pleased once again by soft lips. I was so engrossed in pleasing my wife that it suddenly donned on me that my wife?s position on my face would not allow her to be sucking my cock. I flinched, but Lora put all her efforts in restraining me with her thighs while pushing my head back toward the pillow. My cock was being sucked hard and deep. I now realized Lora brought someone home. My legs wrapped around this woman to pull her deeper onto my cock. Lora leaned down and told me to lick her pussy and enjoy my blow job. Lora whispered to me, ?cum in her mouth.? She wanted another woman to taste my sweet seed. All of about 20 seconds had passed before I emptied my load into a stranger?s mouth. Before I could regain my composure I heard the front door close and my wife told me to stay in bed. My cock was still stiff due to total excitement. Lora knew exactly what to do with that. She lowered herself onto me and when I opened my mouth she covered it and said she loved me and that she wanted me to cum inside her now. We kissed deep and hard. I shared her own juices with her. I was able to fuck her to two more orgasms before I filled her love canal with a boat load of my hot goo! We went a sleep in each others arms. In the morning I awoke and said. ?I was granted a wish from the sex fairy.? I had a fantasy granted!! You know, no good deed goes un-noticed!

It took me weeks to think of how I could ever re-pay my lovely wife back. After more pillow talks and a few more hours of porn nothing really jumped out at me. I went to purchase her another massage with Kris. I loved to hear the fact that she was just there a few days ago. It excited her to no end each time I mentioned something of others massaging her and so on. Her stories became more interesting each time too. Maybe they were not stories at all. The last thing she had said Kris performed was oral ecstasy. She told me that he stroked her pussy three times, long and deep with his tongue, which gave her an orgasm. It wasn?t until we decided to hit a swingers club that the idea of giving my wife her pay-back hit me! I live by the saying, what?s good for the goose, is good for the gander! I could hardly keep my idea to myself, but I managed. We picked a special event weekend in hopes it would draw a large crowd.

Upon arrival at the club we were pleasantly surprised of the turn-out. Throughout the night I had secretly approached select individuals, men and women while Lor went out to smoke. Everyone I approached was very willing to help me out with my surprise. We have our typical M.O. when visiting the club; which is teasing people while playing pool and shuffle board. We have men and women both trying to sneak a peak at my wife?s assets as she leans over to make a shot. I love it when people almost make fools of themselves positioning so they can hopefully catch a glimpse of heaven. Lor usually takes 2 or 3 outfits to change into as the even progresses. Each outfit becomes more provocative. We then end up in a room with many wishing they could join us, but we usually just give everyone a great show. The time came when we usually walk around to see all the naughty activities. We caught a room that had two couples in it doing everything that you would see in a porn flick. My plan worked perfectly when two men approached us and complimented my wife on her stunning beauty. As we watched the action my wife clinched my hand which usually means she is being felt up. I watched her as she closed her eyes; this told me she had hands on her ass or fingers exploring her snatch. I decided to stay and watch the couples, knowing that my wife was getting the attention of others. I wanted to see how far the two studs could get, or just how far my wife would allow them to go. She turned such and spread her legs to allow them both better access to her bare bottom. She gasped, raised her chin and stood up very straight. She almost had an orgasm right there in the hallway. I think she came!

Everything was probably leading her to believe the norm was about to happen until I stopped her in the large party room during third walk a round. I told her I was going to be Kris tonight. She looked puzzled for a second. I took her hand and led her around the two couches, two love chairs and super sized group bed to the massage table. There were only a few people watching the XXX movies in this area at the time. With little coaxing she removed her knee high stiletto black boots and semi sheer tunic and climbed up on the massage table. I told her I was going to get a towel. I actually went to find my participants and gave them the thumbs up. I returned to my lovely wife and told her that I was going to give her a sensational massage. I reached under the table to grab the baby oil. I poured a handful of oil in the small of her back and started spreading it evenly on every square each of her luscious body. Several minutes had gone by. Lora was in total bliss. Her body was absorbing all the pleasure my hands could muster up. She was totally oblivious to her surroundings. Here was the moment I have been dreaming of. I motioned for Tom to start rubbing her legs. Tom was one of the studs hitting on her earlier; matter of fact, I caught him even earlier fingering her in the smoking area. While Tom was rubbing one leg I motioned for Scott to start on the other. He?s Tom?s friend and the other part of the rubbing duo. I then started kissing her neck and positioned myself at the head of the table. I started rubbing her scalp and temples. Her moans told us that she definitely was enjoying the attention her body was getting. As four hands were just inches away from her tightly shaven pussy she realized that there were more hands on her nude body than I could produce on my own. She tried to lift up to take in her surroundings. Like weeks prior with me, I pushed her head back down to the table and told her to relax and enjoy my sensational massage! Her senses heightened immediately. She knew someone was exploring her body, but she didn?t know who or how many. I to whispered thanks for my blow job, tonight it?s your turn to enjoy! She replied with a moan of ecstasy. As I stood up I gave the nod to Scott and Tom to continue. Instantly one was rubbing her inner thighs and the other was kneading her ass like a professional baker would with his dough. Her moans of pleasure became more and more obvious and vocal. Tom took this as a welcoming committee and immediately inserted his middle finger into her pussy. He spread her lips with one hand while entering her rose pedals ever so slowly with the other. She didn?t object, in matter of fact she raised her hips up so he could get a better angle to finger her glistening pussy lips. Scott allowed him full access to her shaven lips by positioning himself at the foot of the table. I saw Tom now had two fingers in her and was working her toward her first orgasm. I stripped my clothes off and told Tom to insert his thumb inside her soaked pussy and bang her like a drum. This sent her quivering over the edge with her fist orgasm. Scott started to rub her feet as he spread her legs apart for maximum penetration and exposure. Her screams had caught everyone?s attention. Joe and his gal walked into the room just as my wife?s body quaked with pleasure. Joe had been begging Angie all night to be part of this. With her own love lotion running down her thighs, Tom took a towel and dabbed her swollen pussy lips, which were now separating apart. He appeared to be preparing the area for a meal. He folded the towel very nicely and placed it beneath her hips. With the slight delay, Lor decided to take things into her own hands. She reached for my stiff dick and pulled at it as if she was in a game tug of war. She wanted to suck it, but the table was too high for me to place it through the head opening. I climbed up and straddled the table. Without missing a beat she scooted back and lifted herself onto her knees and started to engulf my cock. Little did she remember her current surroundings. By lifting her hips and kneeling she placed her swollen love hole eye level for Scott to enjoy. The view of her open rose pedal like lips caused Scott to grab her hips and pull her back to his willing tongue. She was sucking my cock leaving her saliva behind on my stiff shaft to act as a lubricant. She had such a grasp on my cock and was focusing on her task of making me cum that she didn?t move back far enough for Scott to eat her willing pussy. Halfway on the table he buried his face into my wife?s soaking wet snatch. With his tongue deep inside, Scott was lapping up every ounce of love juice he could find. Joe and Angie stepped up to the table and helped Tom with massaging her thighs, back and whatever else they could touch. As Lor arched her back even more she started to masturbate me faster than she was sucking, thus getting me close to my first explosion. I could tell she was going to have another orgasm. Joe and Angie had spread her ass cheeks as wide as they could be spread allowing Scotts tongue the deepest penetration. Tom reached under her to roll her nipples between his fingers. My wife absolutely loves this! Scott now was darting his tongue in and out her wet folds like it was cock. Angie started to finger her puckered hole between the in and outs of the darting tongue. The sight and pleasure was too much for me to handle. I released my largest load of cum ever down her throat. Lor ?s body tightened as she was going to explode very soon. After swallowing my hot goo she bowed her head between my legs to enjoy the pleasures everyone was giving her. Still locked on to my rock hard cock with her hand I was throbbing and pumping myself to unload even more drops of cum. Angie noticed the droplets, leaned over and took them onto her tongue and then pulled my wife?s head up for a moment and gave her the sexiest kiss I?ve ever seen! When separated, she softly said you forgot some. Out of nowhere she screamed ?oh fuck, I?m cumming!? She shook, bucked and came so violently I thought she may have given Scott a bloody nose. She finally released my cock from her choke hold as Scott pulled her back halfway off the table and with one quick motion buried his stiff cock into her drenched pussy. Usually we don?t fuck or kiss others, but when she looked up in shock, I saw pure desire and pleasure in her eyes. I winked and nodded with approval. Everyone was standing around naked now, except for Angie, who was milking every last drop of cum out of my wilting cock. I pulled her top off as Joe stripped her skirt. Joe knelt behind her, burying his face into her bush. Tom wasted no time in taking my spot in front of my wife?s pouty lips. She smiled at him and took his entire length down her throat in a single motion. Lor was sucking another cock, standing on her tip toes, legs spread wide apart getting another man?s cock shoved in and out of her love canal. Angie was playing with her nipples while Joe sucked Angie?s twat in hopes to have her cum for the first time. A single woman came to join us; her name was Wendy, I think. There wasn?t really a place for her and I wasn?t back in the game yet. She helped my wife out by holding Tom?s cock in perfect position while she slid up and down it with her lips. My wife was getting cock at both ends. Noticing there was yet another opening to be filled; I had thoughts of giving my wife her ultimate fantasy of having DP!! I exited the room to go get some lube out of our locker. I rifled through our goodie bag looking for lubricant; I came across some packets of white icing from of ?cinnastix? we had gotten from previous pizza orders. I found the lube and grabbed the three packs of icing and headed back with an idea in mind.

As I re-entered the room the massage table was empty. I wondered what the ?F?????? I saw that they moved over to the love bench. (a large bench-like chair with foot rests.) This thing doubles in the hospitals as a birthing chair. Speaking of double; that is exactly what was happening. She was sitting more upright working two cocks with her hands and mouth, alternating back and forth. More people gathered around to see our performance. All willing to help and join in and please my wife, but a few were just not worthy. At this moment Joe was kneeling between her legs sucking away at her pussy lips that Angie was holding wide open for him. Tom and Scott were getting the head of their lives. I rubbed Angie?s ass before I inserted a finger into her wet pussy. I reached to peel open an icing packet. I dabbed a glob of icing on the head of my cock and presented to Angie. She grabbed my cock with one hand, still massaging my wife?s clit with the other. Her man was busy taste testing the best pussy ever. Angie took the tip of her tongue and swirled it around my swollen prick. She licked up all the icing and continued giving me a sweet blow job. Joe must have felt like if I was able to fill a hole of his lovely lady he should be able to do the same to mine. He stood up and entered her luscious lips with his fat love pole. As I received my blow job someone opened the other packets of icing and poured them all over my wife?s nakedness. There must have been a lot of people who possess a sweet-tooth present. My wife became an instant smorgasbord. It looked like bees around a hive. Everyone swarmed in to lick off the sweetness. My wife was literally getting a tongue bath! Just as it seemed there was no more icing to lick, Tom was giving my wife a mouth full of his own sweet filling. She reached between his leg as he was he was pouring shot after shot down her throat. She grabbed his ass and pulled him into lock mode. His legs were weak, but she held him captive sucking all his juices from his dick. Scott couldn?t last any longer, knowing what just happened across from him. He grabbed his own cock and started jacking himself off. Seemed Scott had some decorating ideas of his own. He took his love gun and gave my wife some of his hot white icing, spewing his load all over my wife?s tits and stomach. Joe suddenly pulled out after seeing this and he too was shooting a load of white cum all over my wife?s mid-riff. The icing didn?t have time to harden as Angie pulled off my rigid member and went down and licked every ounce of cum of my wife?s body, yes, even Scott?s load.

Everyone seemed to be satisfied, except my lovely Lora Linn and me. I stood high and dry. Apparently Lor wasn?t completely finished or satisfied either. She stood up as if to stretch her legs she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a very warm kiss. Her mouth had a hint of semen saltiness within. She told me that she loved me very much and thanked me. I said ?thank me, you can suck me? as I showed her one of the packets that had some frosting left inside. She smiled, used her fingers to scoop out the remaining icing.

What happened next was even more unbelievable than what happened up to this point. My anticipation of getting my rocks off in front of others while Lor sucked my cock put me at full mast. With the icing on her finger tips she looked at me, smiled, licked her lips and then grabbed some guy that must have impressed her with his oral abilities earlier. I didn?t know this guy. He was above average in all aspects and he had a hearty appetite when it came to satisfying his sweet tooth. He helped lick her clean earlier. Someone adjusted the bench so it was lying flat. Just before she smeared the icing around his swollen head she looked back at me and said, ?I will enjoy tonight honey, hope you don?t mind.? I stood there dumb founded as I watched my wife lower her lips on yet another stiff cock. The icing disappeared instantly. The room was full of on lookers, so I decided to give them something to look at. I spread her legs slightly. I entered her pussy with my thumb and began masturbating her furiously. My index finger was hitting her clit every inward thrust. She came once again. I wasn?t through, I still had a raging hard on that needed some attention. Her head was bobbing up and down on this strangers cock. His cock muffled her moans and sighs of pleasure. I was somewhat amazed to his stamina. I lifted my wife up in order to have a late night snack myself. I grabbed her and got one good lick in before she proceeded more forward out of tongue reach; only to climb up on the table further and straddled this strangers cock. She positioned her hands on his chest and lowered her cunt right onto his love shaft. I witnessed the most beautiful view. I know you may think its weird that another mans cock stretching my wife?s pussy is beautiful, but I now know why she must have fantasized about it. Without hesitation I emptied a handful of lube on my cock and rubbed it thoroughly. With the remains I fingered her puckered hole to prepare her for her first true DP. I hated to stop what truly looked like poetry in motion, but I grabbed her ass and held her still for my entrance into her back-door love canal. I had to push them up so I could position myself on the table allowing the right angle for entry. I had been in her tight ass before, but with another cock in her it made entry extremely tight. I pushed inward ever so slightly. The stranger was trying to empty his load in her which made entry even harder. She fell to his chest, this allowed the perfect angle to get into her bung hole. I was in! The feeling was un-real. Her muscles relaxed which allowed her to start riding both cocks. I felt the other cock through the membrane of her inner walls. This honestly, felt very different. It probably prolonged me from cumming too soon. I wanted her first DP to last for hours. Once in and relaxed, Lor must have really enjoyed getting fucked by two cocks. Lor came twice back to back. I could hear his cock as it pounded her soaking pedals of love. Trying to hold off longer than I have ever before, I closed my eyes trying not to look at this wonderful trio of flesh. Moments later I opened them as I pulled out to empty my hot giz onto her back. I saw that Tom had resurfaced and managed to convince her to suck his cock again. The stranger yelled out, ?he was cumming,? My wife yelled back ?FUCK ME HARDER? My love gun shot it?s last load of the night. I jumped off the table, Lor shook, removed her mouth from the cock she was sucking and yelled, ?OH YES!!? She lifted off him only to cum so hard that she squirted love juice all over this stranger?s stomach and chest. This guys balls tightened as he arched his back. Angie then pushed Lor forward on his slippery stomach and took his cock in her mouth and finished him off. When Lor gained enough strength she removed herself from the drenched bodies and went to the bathroom to get dressed.

I quickly gathered things around and went to the locker. I knew that when she re-appeared we would be making our exit. As normal, we had everyone and their brother wanting us to stay, give them a call, join them in another room, let them know the next time we are coming, blah, blah, blah. We waived and blew kisses as we headed toward the door, not looking back. We drove home, fell a sleep and woke up around 9:30 enjoyed some coffee. We smiled at one another, put our cups down and dashed back into the bedroom for a Sunday morning romp! I went to enter her and she said, ?oh wait, I?m raw? with a smile ear to ear I knew that I achieved the unthinkable; I fucked her raw!!!.


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